The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, June 30, 2005

While it lasts 144

Rounding to the nearest pound. 144@ 7AM

Notes from the day

Patrick asked about global process control table.

Written up for bad turnover.

Jane wants a code review.

Followed up with Melissa on the addendum.

Terry wants Ann Arbor News Sports page.

S and i went out to dinner at LaShish tonight. It was a celebration of our anniversary. We are going out again Friday night. J. C. watched the kids. His younger brother Z. C. is in R's class. He is the same 15 year old we took with us to Florida on our make a wish trip. L was still up when we got home and Z was asleep. The last two nights Z had to be locked in R's room at 11 PM. We also went to the American wall paper factory and bought border paper for $1 per roll. We were worried LaShish (Lebanesse food) you know hummus food, would be closed. They talked of an Ann Arbor branch but on the news they got raided in Dearborn by the FBI. Dearborn is the largest concentration of Arabs in the United States. It was open we had hummus. Also i had carrot juice.

i hesitate to mention this what happened on our trip in Chicago. On the way. Well some of my readers like gross stories.

First I mowed the grass. When i finished i saw Lois and Mike returning the steam cleaner. I said where's my beer. She said its too early. i said no it isn't. i said Lois left a part in her house. Ha ha. So i went and had a fast beer Labatt Blue in can at 11:30 AM. R said get inside for cold beer and hot lunch. There was no cold beer. So about 1 PM I quickly drank one of these Ellie's Brown ale avery brewing co.

Then we left. We went to the JCC and picked up Z. Then it was like 90 degrees. I was feeling fine. We headed back on the high past our house around 1:30 and our trip was officially underway. About an hour later Z and L started the first of four DVD's. The trip took 9 hours. I never got to start Harry Potter or grade tests. We got stuck in Dundee in a major highway accident traffic jam. Next we got more off course. I ate a huge bag of chips with vegetable herb flavor tortillas. So I ate some fruit to keep my fiber intake up. We stopped to go to the first rest break around 4:30 and it was getting hotter. Around 95 degrees. Z pee'd and we went back. Immediately I started feeling sicker. Hangover. Stomach ace, and basically had to sh*t really badly. Next rest stop. 'Z wanted to stop' really I was praying to G-d we stopped.

Z and i went to a family bathroom. It had a curtain. He was fascinated. By this point I was hot and confused. 'let me go first Z, I'll show you how to go #2 on the potty. Explosion. And I felt ready to puke. Z said i am taking too long. so satisfied i lost 2 or 3 pounds and unable to completely wipe i let him pee. I made a comment like how would you like to see me throw up or see me make myself throw up. Yes i was ready to get down on my knees and "pray to the porceiline g-d". I stuck my finger in my throat. Two fingers. Lots of gagging. He wanted to leave. I said no really this is gonna work. "let me see" no you really better stand back i was thinking here comes major splashing i swear. Eventually i did puke. Z want to see me do it again. After that he was convinced he had seen enough i guess. Now five pounds lighter we were coming out. Dirty underwear was the least of my problem. Pittsfield what took so long. L and S bought some pretzles a snack and we went. Now it was like 100 degrees. In the car i admitted how sick i was.

At the next rest stop we got gas. Z went and pee'd 3 more times. The trip was long and i was without breakfast lunch and it was getting close to dinner time. Ok this story was gross enough and i just finished my nightly brew.

So lets wrap up. Been typing for 23 minutes. S is snoring. Watched about 15 minutes of Exodus. It is heavy. Not sure its appropriate for R to watch when she gets back. She is 9. The movie has much Jewish information but its mature themed, holocaust victims in Israel was always the heaviest information i read from my Elie Wiesel Holocaust class taught by Rabbi Joe of blessed memory from my Carnegie Mellon Days. Read a little Two Towers. It is getting late too. Sure there are things i forgot to mention that i wanted to. Like we went to Home Depot after the dinner. Lets tie it together here. I am the last to know. We are painting R's room while she is away. I leave with the blog cliche more about that later.

Hebrew and handweights

While waiting for S to fall asleep did 20 minutes of Hebrew and did handweights exercise. Also finished my beer and had some soy beans. She gave me a chore to do get tall light to work.

Tuesday -

Z fitted for kidney shiled. L starts camp gan israel. Tried fogless mirror for shaving. 147 @ 7am. Side note rounding to nearest pound. And weighed 146 today. End of side note. Dave S asked me pointless questions about Karen's design review. Ran out of dental floss. L gave me her bag to use. It has a pink handle. Ch 8 of visual basic book. Only 60 pages to go in two towers. Halfway through movie Exodus.

Tuesday to do list didn't do - relax and let go, time tracking, grade MP4, grade MP5 grade and record tests.

Monday -

Talked to parents. Reading Harry Potter. Reading Two Towers. Drove back to Michigan 5 hours.

Sunday - Leeyat was our counselor. Z played with characters Bugs Bunny etc. L & Z played in pool. We were at Chai Lifeline 6 flags family day in Gurnee north of Chicago.

Saturday - stayed in a hotel Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night right in the outlet mall. Went to Bass pro outlet, Z loved the boats. Bed bath and beyond.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Got catching up to do

Its been a while so there is much to catch up on and not much time for emotions. S is doing laundry so i might break and write more.

Wednesday - forgot floss and fruit.

Ken complaining again about PPOM turnover.

gotta go darn.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Away for awhile

i must say good bye for now. i hope to be back soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Things are going well

Taking notes is a great idea. So here goes from my notes. V. came over to give Z to preschool starting kangaroo room from frog room. 145.8 @ 6:30.

Took a nap on the couch at 7 AM. Z got me up early. He has come into our room 4 nights at 3AM and stays in bed between us. S says he didn't come into our bed last night. So maybe his streak is ending. He still woke up earlier than I needed to wake up and I went to bed later than I needed to to get 6 hours of sleep.

Back to my notes. Feel like I got an ear infection in both ears. Monk (nick name for one of the BA's) asked me about the turnover I gave him last night. I cut major corners, and doubt it will pass tech review. Ears hurt so much I am confused about what day it is. Emailed K a woman at work about being added to the walking email list. 10:39 I have not heard from S at a ll. She gave me a card I opened this morning. Today is garbage day and cleaning lady day.

It turned out not to be cleaning lady day. The computer broke and I blamed the cleaning lady and she was not here. So that's how I found out, and the house isn't clean.

Back to my notes. From 8:30 - 12:30 say worked on design. Gave Monk more info. Good thing I followed up with him. Did some due diligence of deleting files on riffraff. S called me. Complaining about that pull ups Z is peeing in his pullups. Complaining that pull ups are expensive. Tome needed help with maestro dates on HP3000. S called me. Complaining about computer not working. She want to change over the Cincinatti trip for R's soccer schedule. alldumb.com/item/1227 and 12014 still haven't checked these links yet. Z in bed at 9:30. Cleaned toys. L in bed at 8:30. Gave kids a bath.

Well ten minutes are up. To do list is as usual dull and unimportant. Have a great day.

Monday, June 20, 2005


In a few minutes it will be our Anniversary. She is always telling me I am disgusting. Is that the way to treat the one you love.

Task List
EDI PPOM - done
Medicaid provider file - given to someone else
time tracking - done
handweights - done
wcc @ 6pm - done
blog - done
relax and let go - no
shower - done
shave - done
situps - done
brush dogs - no
walk dogs 2nd time - done
call brother Matt - done
check UM email - done

Daily Notes. 145.4@ 5:30 AM. Dropped R off at camp. Cold and my ear hurts. Forgot watch. Forgot coke. Awful runs. 14266 cancelled and replaced with 14102. Given another new project 14345 modify 837 institutional logic. Due 7/31. I think I can do it by 7/1.

Didn't see homeless man. Brought apple pie to class. Printed fax of life from last week and rabbi biggs from last week. Read one aliyah on Saturday. Watched exodus a little more. Read two towers a little more. This is the parsha where Moses is told about the golden menorah. A whole talent of gold to make one complete menorah. He is confused so G-d says throw it in the fire and out comes the completed menorah. I've many thoughts on this parsha.

Friday we are going to a chai lifeline retreat. Once again in honor of Z. It is a day trip to Chicago and we will be there for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Miserable Father's Day

I had a miserable Father's Day.

Friday's to do list.
Scoop cat litter - done
Sweep basement - done
Brush dogs/cats teeth - done
Brush dogs hair - done
Situps - done
Handweights - done
Kids bath - done
Out for lunch - done
Nature walk - done
Mail package - done
fix watch - done
fix COBOL - done
bring home scrap paper - keep forgetting
walk dogs - done
water garden - not done
fill inkjet - done
time tracking - done
mtg witha Dave and Ken - done
water plants - done

Friday events- my calendar pages came. Bill approved design document for medicaid provider file changes can't recall the project number. It was cold out. Wow 7321 prov#'s for one IRS#. Guess which IRS# yes its the UM. S says get back on 94 on the way home. Her phone call makes no sense.

Saturday to do list
blog - done
school work - email - lab - grade MP - done
situps - done
shower - done
shave - done
walk dogs - done
wake Z from his nap - done
handweights - done

Saturday events - played with toy truck with Z. Z took a nap at 2PM. I took a nap at 1:30. R has soccer tryouts Sunday

Sunday to do list
handweights - done
wcc email - done
work at m-care - done
situps - done
shower - s just told me to go and do it.
shave - stopped to blog
time tracking - worked 2 hours ot today
edi ppom - must be completed by Monday
bring home scrap paper - forgot
blog - now
let dogs out - done
clean toys - screw it

Sunday events - really sick today. missed brunch slept till 2PM. Copied R's birth certificate at work. Loaded van with her stuff. Getting up really early, Monday.

Finished Alice movie. Started Exodus tonight. Had bad dreams about the Lord of the Rings. Called my dad at the beach. He talked about smoking a turkey breast on the grill.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Nice arguement

Back fresh from a nice arguement with my wife. The usual BS I don't help out am an embarassment. Am disgusting.

Friday I had my review with Dave and Ken. It went well. Suspiciously well. They were lieing and making things up to make me look good. Was it really the overtime I put in that made them so excited.

Friday night for dinner we had barbeque chicken. We cooked it together. Today for dinner we had tortillas in the frying pan with ground beef. Today R had soccer tryouts. Z and I played with his toy truck. I took a nap at 1:30. Somehow he took a nap at 2PM. L was laying down with him and I fell asleep in my bed only to wake up and hear them talking. R has to go back to soccer tryouts on Sunday. Sunday we have a brunch at the F family.


Lets leave my body out of it for awhile. I fell warm, tired, sick, dizzy and worn out. One honey brown before dinner. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Gotta go the boss needs me.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Leg is killing me

My regel hurts.

Here is my notes for the day. I hate forgetting. Forgot balloons. Forgot coat - its cold outside. Dave and Ken scheduled a 1-1 with me for Friday at 3:00 PM. Terry needs to change ecg.sql. Tech reviewed 12518 task 5. This was Terry's project to fix the ecg.sql.

Here is my to do list.
WCC massive school work effort - made a practice test and an answer key.
Shower - just did
Shave - right before that
Situps - around 10PM
walk dogs - at 5:30PM
graduation - L and R got home around 9:15. They called first and woke me up from a nap. L went to bed at 8:30 instead of 7:45. I couldn't watch Alice so I relaxed and let go 2 and fell asleep. Skipped dinner and lunch. Took a nap at 3:30 well I skipped lunch. Had lots and lots of pop corn at 4PM and took out my contact lenses. The Alice movie is making talk like a ruddy Australian. Foster is Australian for beer. Should be taking a motrin instead drinking a honey brown beer. The neighbor borrowed the steam cleaner. She (Lois and Mike) said I could come over anytime 11-1AM included for a pay back beer or any time for beer or wine when I am out. Since she also borrowed the rug shampoo. I said I don't need the shampoo replaced. We had an ice cream social at 2PM. Its employee appreciation week at the U and at M-CARE too. Tom says live off the land.

There were five kids here when I got home. L had her friend Sarah here. So R and S left for graduation with R's friend Z (same name as my son). I waited for Sarah's mom to pick her up. Then Z (my son) and L took a bath. And bed. Good luck. Z did alot of play doe. The house was a mess. Dinner was not a priority. I took home the third part in the M T W sandwhich trilogy today. I ate it just before R got back home in time to scream at me. Then she ran the dishwasher. She knew I was sleeping. I made the bottles for Z. She went to watch TV. I went to do school work.

Later she told me Z is playing AAYSA soccer. He is going to be wearing a kidney guard. He is one month shy of the 4 year cut off. L's friend the Japanesee family will have their little play with Z as well. R's last day of school is tomorrow. Friday is flower day. I got roses in the garden. Monday at 6AM the bus comes to her school and takes her to Camp Young Judea Midwest Wisconsin for 4 weeks.

Spencer the cat is calling me.

Here is my to do list.
Relax and let go. Did twice right before each nap.
Fill ink jet. No but I keep using it. Sold another book
Quality hospice care: Administration, organization, and model. Bought it for a dollar at a WCC book sale last Spring. Sold for 4 dollars.
Bring home scrap paper-forgot
Balloons - lost their helium. Recycle the rock into the bushes. Why clog up the land fill with concrete. Gave the three purple balloons to Z and L. Removed the ribbons. Spencer eats them and throws up. Also Lucy is paper trained now. 12 year old black lab mutt. She pees on a blue pad under the litter pans. Every night. Did today while I was at work.

OK Spencer I am coming.

ten minutes to bed

Notes from today's Franklin Planner. Napped this morning. Almost late for work. Got in around 9:04. Found annoying balloon on my chair. Z went to get a shot today. Its been 6 weeks and they are checking his urine for not being dehydrated. After his last test was so bad. He went to the dr pcp reg dr and he is in 95 % growth rate. S called me at work she found a back pack for R's camp or is it a duffel bag from my parents. I was invited to a Bat Mitzvah in Virginia near my parent. My Mom's cousin's daughter. They also live in near Arlington, VA. Received a new project number 14266. Had lunch at lucky kitchen general tsao lunch special, hot and sour soup w/no pork kitchen makes it special for me if they are not busy. Need to redo design for EDI PPOM. Need to redo coding too. Had Tuesday's sandwhich today. After class read blogs and they worked in groups. Did wind sprints. Forgot there are balloons in my trunk. We had a party at work. I brought m&m's and jelly beans and pop for the homeless man but he wasn't at his station at 5:50. He gets off exit ramp pan handling (work) at 5:45 so I just miss him, which is a good thing but then I might be late for class.

Today's to do list was modest since I was tired.

fix cobol program - done and now it needs to be redone
wcc @ 6PM - done
time tracking - done
handweights - done
situps - done
shower - done
shave - done
walk dogs - done
blog - done

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Blogus Interupts

Had to go in a hurry.

Continuing Notes from Today. Forgot to take Nasonex. Remembered to take Adavair. 148.2 @ work 144.2 @ home a new record low weight. Shashin wants 2 changes. fix .bat renamed .rpt use visual source save. Done 10863 -76 trov - 1.

Oops now that I am reading this I did my time tracking wrong. Sick of arguing with S today. Well I gotta run and not to have fun. Need to print a book packing slip for a book I sold.

R mowed the grass


Here are my notes from Monday. Tom asked me about continuous enroll function. All the old emails came through. 837 activity due May 27, did I meet the deadline? Ken says proof of schedule can go in turnover. Moved 10863 task 76 to production. Tom told me he is quitting. Ken writes "based on this information attached below which I was not aware of until this morning" quetion will I get in trouble for this later? Jim asked about abovehealth turnover. Ken asked about 12550 done by 6-17 only thing I am working on. alldumb.com/item/12014 a link from Tom supposedly a video about the owner of a lonely heart - the band yes. 14276 I helped Shital with her Crystal reports.

Here are my notes from today. Dave asked me about who users were for the 837 activity report. Feel falling behind in more fun activities. Spent time with genealogy chat room (Monday night). Could have biked to work today - my bike sucks. Asked sec to order me a new stapler and a Franklin Planner refill.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Tired of being depressed

Yes I am getting tired of being depressed. Its work and school and my parents and my brother and Aunt.

Today Tom told me he is looking for another job within the University of Michigan. Or maybe even outside.

No softball Thursday because at R's school there is a graduation ceremony at night and S doesn't want to take the little kids. Tonight L had tee ball and pictures. I talked to my parents on the way home from school. I didn't tell him about work though. He only cares about blintzes and the beach and visiting. And Father's Day.

Work was truly difficult trying to stay serious all day. Tom saw Office Space over the weekend. So we were cracking jokes about it all day. Gotta shower, shave, hand weights and situps. Can't do hand weights at work anymore. I will probably finish my PPOM EDI program for the provider pick logic by tomorrow. It is not even due until the 25th. I had them change the due date until June 17.

S can't believe the money they wasted trying to get Michael Jackson. I think he was guilty. She thinks he was set up and is innocent. Unfortunately my boss is like my wife. I bet Dave thinks Michael Jackson is innocent too.

Z pooped in his potty 4 times today.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

One way ticket to forget

I had a whole post in my head but now I started my last red tulip beer. It is a one way ticket to forget. I went to work for three hours. The email system was down and riffraff couldn't email me at work. I was redoing a turnover I finished on Friday. I sent Ken and email saying it was completed and stuffed it into my drafts folder. I sent it tonight at 10PM. Hard to believe at 7:30 PM in just 12 hours there would be free breakfast. You see at 7:30 AM is the start of employee appreciation week. I don't feel appreciated. Feel appreciated right out of a job. Not serious is what they said I am among other things.

Planted more grass today. Moved some of the hay from the other areas that were growing well. Its been on and off major humid and rain here. S is watching the end of her 10-11 show. She didn't care I was gone. Packing up to send R to camp for 4 weeks starting the 20th. No school because its Shavout on Monday. Amazing the three kids let us sleep in until we got up at 8:47. I could not sleep but it was nice. I woke up at 6:24 as usual. Also the cat woke me around 5 or 6 and then fed her.

When in doubt post about dinner. Today was the usual london broil on the grill. Last night was red robin. I got the red rice bowl. S wanted me to work at 12-5 just to see if Tom really shows up then. This post is long and going no where. R is a little troublesome and is seeing a psych on July 18 only she doesn't know it. I really hated being back at work. Think I might have a nervous breakdown. Think of all the urgent work I'll get done tomorrow not participating in the employee appreciation festivities.

R went to a bowling birthday party. Took Z, L and R to the gas station before hand. Met her friend Tomer there. And dumped off R with Tomer and didn't get to the bowling alley until it was time to pick her up.

Tried to contact my parents all weekend. Talked to my brother for seven minutes on the way to work. Very non-descript. He knows I am out for the BP. Gotta post before S checks her email.


We got ants in our microwave. Today's brunch was really nice. Its late and I talked to my Aunt today. Mostly Z talked to here then I walked the dogs. My parents line was busy at the beach. I was kinda curious if they read the email from my father in law. After we got home I watch bugs bunny dvd with Z and slept. He watched. I kept waking up to make sure he didn't nap.

No need to mow the lawn today and it rained on and off too. So saves money on watering the vegetable garden. Finished reading this weeks parsha too. Showered and shaved before bed so I would look nice. The man of the family wanted to take a nap but they have four kids. One boy is in R's class. They went out in the rain and got soaked for fun. The dad says no they won't change just stay wet. Funny I got to take a nap and he didn't. Z get wanting ballons and S doesn't want him to have them. They were water baloons. Might go to the office to get ahead on Sunday. S needs to pack R up for summer camp.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Lovin Shabbat

What a bad day at work. But back to the beginning. Its almost Shabbat and I need this therapy.

Thursday night was softball, then headed home at 7:30. Watched Alice, read two towers, went to bed at 12:15. Today forgot my lunch because I wanted to go out after my hideous meeting with Dave and Ken. It was worse. They want to demote or terminate. Hopefully I can turn it around.

Almost finished the chores. All I have left is water the plants. Also tommorrow we are having brunch at a Jewish families house.

Shabbat Shalom

Below is the email my father in law sent to my parents.

Hi L & E
> Lets try to co-ordinate a schedule so that when the girls come
> East in August, we can have them visit each of us for a few days.
> The plan at present is for them to visit the week of August 6-13.
> Either I will fly out and fly back with them or we will meet in
> Pittsburgh. The return trip will be the reverse. Flying is not
> cheap.
> We thought that the girls would be with us over the weekend, get
> to see their cousins, and then on Tuesday, we could meet you somewhere
> in Maryland. We would do the same on Friday to prepare the girls for
> the return trip.
> Let us know how this fits your schedule. You can reply to either
> address. The above address is our home computer.
> Best regards, B & H

Thursday, June 09, 2005


I am home now. I took a nap at 8:30 and another at 10:30. Got stuck in a traffic jam. Pizza house pizza gives me the runs, but I think I am fine now. Z pooped in his potty at his speech therapists house. S just called me and woke me up.

There was a noise downstairs. It was the pizza I just turned on. The cats just got fed too. It was one of my chores I am to do before Z and S get here from the speech therapist. Yes the pizza is from somewhere other than pizza house. Feel free to check out their website. This pizza is from pittsfield pizza, and no this is not made up either.

More noises down stairs, the dog Dexter was trying to steal some cereal. Everything is bothering me today. This computer makes a crackling sound because the sound is messed up and is off. More noises, must be the ice maker. Alone in an empty house is not so quiet when you here all the noises. I slept easily in the car for 30 minutes before the appointment on a shady street. I was a few minutes late my teeth are fine.

Yesterday I stayed up till past 1 am and didn't even enter in this blog. Had school. Formed groups for the students and then reformed the groups based on their preferences. Its ok its all good. Today is softball. Last night I did some condition sprinting. My leg is killing me. I took zostrix. It is the hot pepper cream. If it gets wet it burns. Read portions 4, 5, and 6 last night of Naso. Rashi had zero to say about portion 6. Had a meeting from 9-1 and thats where I got the pizza house pizza. The boil water was lifted around 1 also yesterday.

Too much stress. Gotta run. My wife's father is going to email my father today. Or very soon. The good thing about pizza house pizza is my weight goes down. So I am not a bulimic or anorexix just a something else.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I hate to forget stuff. I forgot my notes. Here are the highlights of the day from memory anyway. I don't usually take my Franklin Planner home anyway. Thought my wife was coming upstairs and had to shut down quick. There was a boil water advisory in Ann Arbor. Pittsfield Township was ok. But not neighboring Ann Arbor. Today I mowed the lawn. I also weed whacked. Last night was class. Today we had chicken for dinner. At work I got a note that Ken and Dave want to meet me Friday at 11 to 12 for my Quarterly Review. I am so nervous. Hoping I don't get demoted.

Back again. Wife had to send an email. I had to pretend or actually work on school. So here's my schedule.8:30 arrive. 9:30 Relax. 10 snack. 11 lunch. 1:30 relax. 2 hand weights and time tracking. 3 snack. 4 glasses and relax. 5:10 leave. I got to work promptly at 8:25. By 8:36 I had accepted the invitation to the devastating news. No water, no coffee. If I do Terry's tech review wrong I get demoted. I was out of disk space too on riffraff. So I got the space, finished the tech review and met with Ken. He admonished me about Abovehealth taking so long. They are here for two days and Melissa is busy with them. Wednesday I get to meet Laura and the other Abovehealth programmers. I love flirting with women.

I reluctantly relaxed. Then I talked to Terry who was in big trouble last year and is fine. But she works for Carol now anyway. I reluctantly ate lunch and read Parsha. Caught up to portion number 4. Rashi was making a big deal about some word I can't remember which. So I couldn't brush my teeth or floss. We were given one bottle of water. I had some left over at my desk from the day before and some in my water bottle too hot to leave in the car.

Katie a nurse and BA business analyst said the coffee she made was fine. I had half a cup. Too busy to drink a whole one. OK too long winded here. Then she made fresh with the bottled water. I complained to facilities, no recycling, needs to be there per the president re my breakfast with the president three months ago. Then they did clean the bugers off the wall and install more soap.

Tom encounter. He made me feel better he also has a 1 hour quarterly review with both Ken and Dave. Also Friday. Then later at 12:15 he asks me to go to lunch. I was tech reviewing and said I ate. Then later I couldn't find Melissa for my afternoon coffee. Tom and I took my A&W coupon and they didn't even have coffee. I walked to Wendy's. It took us an hour. Tom still left at 4PM. Ken and Dave smiled at me so maybe its ok.

S and I argued by phone about my parents. Her dad is gonna call my dad. Ha ha ha. Last night watched some of the Alice movie and read some of Two Towers. Wed. S is getting my oil changed. Every 4K as she promised the day we met. Ah soul mates.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Events of the day from my Daily Notes:
Found muffins and chips in lunchroom. Dentist appointment cancelled due to power failure. Forgot glasses. Watch stopped. Unplugged computer by mistake. Forgot to take advair. Forgot phone clip. Read Parsha Sun & Mon's this morning at home. S called me at work. She scheduled oil change for my car so we will have to swap cars. S went through the toys to donate pile. Weight was 156.6 goal is 147 @ work. Studied Hebrew for twenty minutes.

Spent the whole day tech reviewing Terry's packet. When I left today I left her a note like I did on Friday. Mostly I didn't find anything wrong. Its just if I missed something and Carol catches it, then I get demoted from PA II to PA I. Finished reading my 2002 MCS alumni mag. Mailed 14 videos to my parents. Cleaned up all my old emails on my personal account. Read the last of the Bachelor Party emails. My brother must be pissed off since I am not listed as one of the 15 who want to go to the Bachelor Party. For dinner S bought spicy chicken fingers from Hiller's. Also she got some weird noodles with big cheese chunks and sun dried tomatoes. I ate the cheese first so I was ok with the milk and meat. As a matter of fact every day I have a turkey sandwhich with cheese. I separate them with a layer of lettuce. Ok I am not kosher I admit it.

I hate forgetting stuff. So little in my life is in my control the least I can do is remember my head if it wasn't attached. I forgot my rye bread, but I met S where she was dropping off L. She left the bread on the van and I took it to work. Tom left at 4:18. By 4:22 I was out in my car relaxing and letting go #3. At 4:27 I said the 6 word shmah a prayer I say before I sleeping or napping. I was sleeping with the windows open and the key in the ignition. The wind woke me up at 4:41. Dave left at 4:55 and Ken my other boss was there when I left to go to my other job after eating dinner at 5:20.

My brother left me a message at 7PM Sunday. And again today at 8:32. I called at 9PM and again at 9:42 when I was walking the dogs. The second time I left a message. S and I fought about my parents again. Then she went to sleep. I am tired of writing now, its only depressing me more.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Leg hurts ants in the House

Yes somehow ants are getting in the house. S can't figure out how. My leg is killing me. I will keep taking motrin for it. I have a big scar left over from the burn on my hand. I bet Tuesday the grass will be a jungle. Just finished grading my tests. I had a bad dream about the students complaining about their grade. Haven't even done any situps today. At around 7PM I had to take R's from lets call him J home. I met his mother part of the way at a shopping center, near here. Our neighbor was visiting and we gave her some of the meat. D we gave him dinner earlier for helping with the hair and the miniblinds. Our neighbor Susan brought over her own bacardi cooler and was in the middle of painting. They are moving away to Milan. Weep weep. I had drunk half of my red tulip ale when I found out I had to run this errand. I even had to take S's new van. So with four kids in the car and breathmints away I went. Very slowly didn't want to hurt her new van. The little boy J is Jewish too. Its very complicated. Z is too small for the dance recital. J and R's other friend E who is also Jewish were at a soccer game. J's mom agreed to watch Z. Then later J came over to our house for dinner. There it wasn't so complicated. I took the ballerina to the dance recital and S met me over there later. Oh yeah and R was playing at J's house. R has almost no girlfriends, just boyfriends.

I was so embarrased at dinner when L asked R why she had no girlfriends. We all agreed it was true. Gotta run S wants to show me something on the news.

Dance Recital

Today was the dance recital. What a long day. We didn't get much done today. Had our usual london broil on the grill. Just had a huge rain storm. I planted grass over the weekend this will help. We have two toads in the garden. S is talking to her father. I talked to my parents this morning while I walked the dogs. A friend came over to cut my hair and Z's hair today. Lets call him D. Gotta run.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Up late again

I am already up 25 minutes later than I planned. I was hoping for 11:30. Still have half a commentary left on the last aliyah of this weeks Parash. I love this weeks Parsha that just passed, called Bamidar. It means desert. The Greeks named this book Numbers. We Jews call it the same name as this book. This first parsha in each book is the name of the book. Probably won't finish this commentary. I started having my fantasy's again about making up my own commentary or even my own drash. Notice in the site bible.ort.org I go to to listen to the chanting they have the original Torah script. Notice there is a big blotch. Maybe this means something or maybe its just a blotch. Weirder stuff has happened. I think there is a hugh Aleph in one parsha. In this weeks parsha there is dots over the name of Aaron. This signifies he is not counted among the Levites. This is very unusual because the Torah is written without ninkundoot or vowels. It also is written with out trope marks or chanting marks also known as cantilliations.

I didn't drive anywhere today. R's friend's family is Shomer Shabbus, so S picked him up for soccer. S says soccer kills the whole day. Sunday is the dance recital and S says that kills the whole day too.

I'm trying bloglines. Blogrolling doesn't seem to work. I emailed them twice about the show recently updated feature. I work with computers and no one better *&^% with me because I don't *&^% around. Of course its free so you get what you pay for. Since its free you can't complain. There is a pay upgrade but I don't plan on spending money, just time in this hobby.

Laila Tov

Friday, June 03, 2005

Even later

Now its even later than last night. I will drink this beer and post. But I drank half of it before I even got here, so maybe just stick with the 10 minute rule. Still have to shower and shave before bed. Ha that's a laugh save time in the morning. Sip. More about Tom I guess. He arrived at 1:40 and left at 4:03. I forgot he had to take his Chinese (half) son to the dentist (4 years) and is a real dentist problem and has major work. Dave was yelling at him about not telling him he was gonna be gone. There was no email. This was clearly not 4 hours of work. Half day my ass. Sip. Now I remember my train of thought. My wife said your stressed drink a beer. I left early too. Because soccer tonight, ugh instead of t-ball. I was ten minutes late on posting because I was reading and posting to http://makabit.blogspot.com/ Not sure why. Ok back to the 5PM hour. So I get home eat a snack. I really left 10-15 minutes early. Turned out I left around 6PM not the 5:30 the wife lied about. So I played with Z and L on the playground for ten minutes. At least I got to see them. Then off with R and her two "boy friends".

Wow I got to drive the new minivan. The new car smell (sip) half sip. beer is gone. And so is the smell. A pointless pun. Hot outside freezing at soccer. Not surprised. R's other "boy friend's" parents were there eating sushi. These three menchaloch are all Jewish too. It was a double header. First practice and then a game. Now I remember we were late because mom made them stay half hour to finish homework. What a good woman S really is. Well after 5 minutes of reading Twin Towers. S said read during practice. I got confused and thought I had another hour to kill. Men really are stupid. I went to the minivan and relaxed and let go #3, which I missed at work or I never would have gotten outta there by 5PM, read and then slept.

I missed most of the first half. Oy its late.

Real quick. Tonight I did family tree for R. Walked the dogs. Called brother - left message. Balanced the check book. Off by 3.87 this month. Dealt with students emails. And here we are. 13 min. Not bad. Battling with blogrolling.com sitemeter.com is good mail.yahoo.com is medium blogspot.com is good enough. yahoo chat is awesome.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Another typical day

Ugh its so late. Walked the dogs earlier. Have you heard about deep throat? Tonight for dinner I had store bought Hiller's food. Roasted vegetables. In the other container sesame noodles with beef. L had tee ball practice the first one. She was asleep when I got home at 10PM. So I will find out how it went another time. L told S she doesn't want to do ballet in the Fall. Its been 4 years she has done ballet. This weekend is the dance recital. I'll type whatever I can in 10 minutes. My hands are creamy from neosporem. I still have that nasty burn from my toad experience a week ago. My leg hurts from running to first base in last week's softball game. Then I reactivated the injury last night running away from a dirty diaper. Tom at work is gonna be careful about his internet usage. Ha he work late today 4:43. I should talk my nap grew to 8:25 to 9:00. Tom didn't even wake me. I looked and he arrived sometime before I woke back up. Dave the boss sent out an email saying to work your 40 hours yada yada yada. Tomorrow I get to skip softball becase R has a soccer practice and a soccer game. Tonight I gave the students a test. I reviewed from 6:10 t0 6:45 then from 7:05 to 7:30. Then I took a book and read while I made the copies. 8 took the option of taking it later in the testing center. They get attendance points if they showed up for me review. By 9:04 my appointed class time dismissal most were done. I didn't clear the house until around 10PM. Actually Dave's email is going to encourage internet usuage not discourage it. People who usually sneak out early will stick around and play. Take Yuri for example.
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