The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A little more sleep

Maybe I'm a little less cranky because I got a little more sleep. Last night I tried really hard to get to bed before 12. I really can't stand working in this place. Here at work I've been selected to be a part of the Tidal Committee.
"You have all been selected to form a committee to document all different types of processing scenarios we expect the Tidal application to perform.  What will be expected from you:  A couple of meetings later in February, and some documenting of ideas.
I will be sending out some meeting requests in the near future and look forward to working with all of you."
This morning I performed a check in verify. Yesterday I did a tech review.
I'm past page 500 in HP and past page 100 in SK. I hope you don't mind the abbreviations. I finished the movie The Amazing Howard Hughes. it was good. I also did a little school work. I got all the Excel unit ready. I need to grade Word Project 1 since it is due this week and half the students turned it in already. S bought me UT Rattle and Hum DVD. I picked L up at ballet. Then I was reading Friedman and I met another Jew for the first named Ben at the ballet pick up waiting area. He heard of the book and has read it. We talked about Chabad's website for the parsha and the from the sages section for the parsha as well.
Lately the circulation in my hands has been bothering me. My hands and fingers feel cold and numb. S wants me to call Pfizer to check to see if there are any more drug studies where they need patients also called volunteers. I also got my finger hurt and almost lost the finger nail. It is really the only hot part of my hand. I can't wear my wedding ring or my watch.

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Monday, January 30, 2006


Wow, today is another long, painful Monday. I read a couple pages of Friedman's midrash on vayera over the weekend. I need to catch up if I am to read the proper parsha for this week. R had a soccer game and she played goalie she did pretty good, she let in 4 goals. After the second half another girl was goalie. We tied the game 5-5. L had her last gymnastics class. She still has religious school Sundays and Wednesdays. L has ballet on Mondays. I've got to pick her up this afternoon. Z is sick he slept in our bed and I slept in his, the last two nights. At the soccer practice I called My Aunt Sylvia and my Dad. My Aunt really rebuked me for my wife's attitude about the family. My Dad did briefly when I called Thursday night. I only can call them on weekends or after 9 PM. My class ends around 8:30 so I am usually really busy at 9. They tend to go to sleep early. My code review on Friday went fairly well. Now I need to finish up the work. We are behind schedule. Today Z went to his urologist and everything is fine. My Dad said now its time to start nagging your wife about going to the beach with them with the kids and the wife. Of course S wants no part of this. Our friend DP hasn't yet fixed the ceiling problem in the garage. It seems to be dry now. I always have a ton of homework to do for school. I started a movie. I'm watching the Amazing Howard Hughes. It is the original to the movie Aviator. I doubt I can sell it for very much. We had one of our old babysitters over for dinner. The kids liked seeing her again. We also went to the JCC Shabbat dinner this week. It was fun. I was a little late because I went home first and walked the dogs. Z stayed the whole day and the rest of the family met him there before the event started. It was fun dancing with Jake the guitar guy. He also comes to religious school, so L knows all the songs. R is somthing of a reculse and Z didn't feel like dancing. Also Z had his friend Dana with him. She is in his class at his other pre-school. Z goes to speech therapy now only once a month. My poor dog Lucy had surgery. She had a cancerous growth removed from her leg. And she is having a tough recovery.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Upcoming wedding and other news

I don't have much to write about. SO this time I made a sketch of some ideas. When I get a need for it I pull from the bag.
I feel the need to tell the tale of my parents. I told my Mom in the car on the cell phone about my plans for my brother's wedding in San Diego. I said just get a ticket for me. I said I am the only one from my family going. I expected to be rebuked. I was rebuked. She said I was a dissapointment and pathetic or some words to the same effects. I'll probably get the identical treatment from my Dad.
This dreadful phone call was over the weekend. The rest of my news seems unimportant. The last time I spoke to my brother was over the weekend. We spoke for 10 minutes. I was in the garage hiding until my wife would declare I need to do something for her. We didn't discuss the wedding. I can't recall what we talked about. Maybe it was the weather.
For dinner I had sesame noodles. Later when I got home I had some cooked vegetables from produce station. It is midnight now. Tonight's class went surprisingly well. Also the schedule came out and I've got a copy so I can see when it collides with my brother's wedding. I see here May 8 is the start of the sememster and the wedding is May 11. Yes it is on a Saturday, during the mid afternoon,  how unJewish. I hear the rabbi has a website. Tom and I might fix my dry wall problem in the garage. R flooded the tub and it leaked onto S's big s mini-van. I got new glasses today and wearing them right now.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another day

Hello again. Welcome to see you. Sitting here taking a break from reading to bring you this enjoyable blog entry. Today I read Rabbi Biggs message of the Shemot Parsha. I can't recall exactly how to paraphrase what he said. Its about exile and galute etc. Maybe tomorrow I'll read fain's and compare the two. Come to think of it I already read Fain's and forgot what it said. My excuse for lack of recall is due to the time since I read it. Shemot parsha ended a week ago. Speaking of reading upto a week ago I am upto page 50 of SK and upto page 300 of HP. I think I might be using too many upto's. My excuse is I am a little cramped. My knee gets a little poppy when I get worked up and cramped too and its late. The dog Lucy is down here the desk below me. She had surgery a week ago or less and its right after she has taken some pain medication. Lucy gets kinda shaky. I brushed the dogs today too. At Target my DW S or DWS got me a virating razor blade. What a combination of two technologies. Wow there is so much to tell and so little time. I know we'll chat again soon. My only problem is without going back and reading I am doubtful to recall excatly what I have typed. I have a good memory and since my word choice in today's assignment is so limited I have (there it goes again) a good shot to recall today's entry. Wow I feel I am on the phone with a relative and have one last minute to say something and different topics are competing for the number one slot. Tomorrow's dinner is sesame noodles from Hiller's my DWS picked up for me.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Feels like work

Sometimes it feels like work to write in a blog. Here I am working again. The book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling, sits just inches from my face. Dare I gather the energy to submit to you the reader the contents of the page at which I am? Well here goes. I know its near 202. Any guess higher? What chapter is it? Am I in the middle of a chapter. Well first lets take a sip of my beer. Ah. Now a most pathetic sip if I ever saw one. Well as you know my tounge gets geographic so sometimes I have to take it easy. With what kind of brew you might ask? Well itsbarely readable Newcastle Brown Ale. Ok the book. I am proudly up to page 215. In the middle of a chapter I believe. I didn't get very many emails. On this email address I sent an email to sailor. She hasn't written to me. Once a week I get an email from someplace called sitemeter. Also I got a promotional email from the owner of http://www.bible-quiz.co.il/. It is a damn shame more people don't know about emails from from this site? What did I just write? I meant it is a damn shame more people don't know about web site beginning no I mean ending in co.il. Well it feels like work trying to explain how the web works. OK? Ahh more beer. Better drink up. It feels like time has stopped. Sometimes it does. You know when a watch stops and you keep looking at it. Nope a minute just passed. Well during one of these last few sentences not like I wrote all this in a minute LOL. He is promoting a new site called http://www.hebrew-verb.co.il/ Here is my review. Pittsfield Jew went to this site. It didn't contain the one verb Pittsfield Jew has been working on for over 18 months. Close. The closest thing in his mind was complain. Then it felt too much like work. Great web site has over 300 other verbs, like complain. It starts on a default aquire. Has male, male female, or just male. You could print out and cut out the web page and make flash cards. Great for self learning. I love it. Didn't finish my beer yet and its getting warm. Been nurse it some more. What what are you saying? On another note I did the bible quiz for shemot twice I got 7 out of 10. Very good the website says. And the questions are multiple choice. Good Night and Laila Tov.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The big fall...

Well I had a big fall. There I was on a cold, windy, icy morning on Shabbat. I was walking the dogs. I was at the corner of Oakengates and Rothbury. I was kinda skating on the ice on the sidewalk then suddenly I lost my balance. As I was flying through the air, completely lost in my inbalance, gripping the dogs' leashes tightly, many thoughts raced threw my head. What would be yours? Will the dogs run away. No never, I won't let go of these leashes. Will I write about this in my blog? If I live. I was nearly knocked out. My breathing was labored. I fell down hard on the ice. The pain seeped through my back and into my neck quickly. My throat was tight and I had a scarf wrapped tighly over both of the breathing instrument on my face. I loosened my scarf and caught a quick breath of the cold, cold wind. I was definitely winded. Oh no I thought after struggling for several minutes from the as yet untapped energy needed to arise from the prone position this would have killed an older man. Luckily I am alive to tell of this adventure into my blog. My back feels a little bruised. My chest and neck feel constricted at times. It is hard to explain how a fall can trigger something similar to cold symptoms. The shock seems to have induced a chest cold. I am sure I have no cracked ribs. I plan to do some walking at work. Taking out the garbage was my exercise for tonight. My situps for the last two night have been a heavy breathing struggle, sharp pains in my chest. Lately my rheumitoid arthritis aches so much I feel an urgent need to continue my two pound purple hand weight exercises. Yet it is so boring. It can only help the elboows and they still crack. I still have the strength and steadiness to carry a heavy pot or bowl of soup without spilling the contents. On a side note my grandmother would splash a heavy soup bowl on you almost as the condition worsened for her. This could be me some day. Will viox, or celebrex help me or their descendants? I keep looking on the internet and find only quack meds. OK I finished the Drawing of the Three. It was great. Also nearing page 100 of HP 6. So I finished the JAVA trainging manual. Yeah I finished and started my evaluation of self today. I worked on it from 9:40 to 10:10. Almost 30 minutes of self promotion.
Pittsfield Jew is self-motivated to read PL/SQL manuals to improve his skills in his spare time. Or something like it from memory. I wrote it down so I could carry it around all day. It was too emotionally draining to do any other real work.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday Jan 12, 2006

I went home at lunch time. I think I left Dexter out of his dog bed. Oh well S will find him at 4:30. She is going to work at the JCC. While she is there Z gets to sleep for free. I read a little of my book (sk). I also read a little of the other book (hp) in the bathroom when I got back to work. Now I am not feeling very motivated. Z slept in our room three nights in a row. Last night I slept in his bed. He came into our room about 5 minutes after I went to bed around midnight. On the way home I went to Burger King. I got a coupon buy one whopper junior get one free. They were having trouble with their broiler. So I went to McDonald's and had a buy one quarter pounder get one free coupon. Then I ate one of them on the way home, a mile from my house. Now my elbow is hurting. I have been doing my 60 situps daily. The people in the hall are talking about Napolean movie. As usual we were cleaning up the toys. Also last night we wrapped gifts. We got S presents for her birthday. I got a DVD organizer, also two packs of the new hershey kisses, two big chocolate bars, an oven mitt and a nightlight. Also a card. Also my finger hurts. It has had a splinter for two weeks. Last night or the night before I read fain's parsha blog. It is heavy on the chassadic so and is still quite good. Every night I ask S is there anything good on TV and every night she says no. Still she watches anyway. Tomorrow I have half a day off. I filled out my time sheet for the month of January today. I finished The Order of the Phoenix and started the new book this morning in the HP series. Today we had a meeting about the claims payable process. In the meeting DS showed up to tell us the progress made in the Tidal program. It is a special kind of scheduling software. I am past page 300 in The Drawing of the Three. I am up to page 99 in the JAVA handout.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wed Jan 11, 2006

I am on page 848 of The Order of the Phoenix. I am also on page 254 of The Drawing of the Three. Today I was listening to democracy.org and they were talking about the Supreme Court nomination hearing going on in the Senate. Last night was the first night of class. I think the class is called JNK 101. Unfortunately I didn't teach much and then gave a homework assignment on peripherals. Amazing I spelled peripheral correctly. I also listened to the last two parsha of bereshit. All R wants to talk about is Harry Potter. So I have to hurry up and finish The Half-Blood Prince so we can discuss it. I like the Stephen King book Dark Tower series much better than the Harry Potter series.

Yesterday I had the morning off. I went to my exercise experiment intake meeting. In a couple of days I meet with a new eye doctor. I have the afternoon off for the eye appointment on Jan 13. Did anyone you know fast for the 10 of tevet? I can't even remember what its for. I haven't ever gone back and checked my fantasy football outcome.

Over the weekened we got some Art Van furniture. There was a miserable ice storm and it made driving treacherous. R's soccer practice was cancelled. We were driving around for almost an hour anyway. We got stuck on the highway and the lanes kept being closed and then opened.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Gosipping and Isaiah

I expect my time would be better spent reading Isaiah instead of gosipping. Here at work the man we call Monk as his nickname was taken to the hospital. Also I have self medicated and self diagnosed an infection. If it is an upper respiratory infection, ear infection or sinus infection the cure is the same. I have to be careful this window might suddenly close. So I am taking some anti-biotic to help. The medicine is helping.

I have been arguing with S about the wedding. My parents are giving me 1700 to cover five plane tickets, three night hotel and car rental. S says it is not enough and plans to show me how. She says the plane tickets are 1600. And she says it costs 1000 for clothes. Also there is pet sitting. I am supposed to call my parents and tell them this. I don't really want to. They already told me the wedding amount they are going to give me and the price is final. My mother says I will have to do some cost sharing.

KO says the design went well.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

EFT Design

At work I have been working on the EFT design. We have a design document review of it on Friday at 10 AM. L is learning how to knit. She wants to teach me how to also. I am at around page 200 of The Drawing of The Three. I am at around page 600 of The Order of the Phoenix. R dared me to go a week without reading my Steven King book. She said I was obsessed. She managed to pass me and is now reading The Half Blood Prince. Z has gone back to dresses. He was playing with a box cutter for awhile, with my supervision of course. He is a very good knife'sman. My opinion is a very humble since I am not really into guns, knives and tools.

Oh good my boss KO, just walked by. He said I had a pretty big flow chart going there. So I feel renewed in my efforts here. Yesterday I managed to finish off the last parsha and start on the current one. I am reading Friedman's book. Mostly the translations are what is of note. He deliberately skips all the Rashi commentaries we know about. They escape me at the moment, they come rushing back as soon as I start reading the Torah as translated by any translator.

Things are progressing ever so slightly on the Matt's wedding travel plans front.

Oops, boss KO came by again. Wanted me to invite two more people. This resulted in changing the time of the meeting. The meeting is now scheduled for 1 to 2. A whole hour. I am tring to write in more complete sentences.

We were really tired since the Penn State football game. I wanted to go through all the toys last night. Instead I simply read HP. I also managed to get a jump on the introduction to computers class I will be teaching. Over the weekend I did most of the work. I only did some last night and the night before. Some of the days get kinda foggy. We need a code word for the class I am teaching. I will call it Ick101.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Neck Hurts


My neck hurts. Probably slept funny. I am sure it has to do with my brother getting married in May. S and I discussed this topic last night for 30 minutes. The discussion was very late from 12 to 12:30. Next thing I knew she said you better get your sleep. So today I was tired and took a rest. I had a weird dream. I woke and slept, woke and slept. By the fifth turn of the cycle I feel into a deep drift where I woke up in the dream and couldn't get out of the dream. I have these kind of dreams sometimes. Maybe there is a novel inside of me waiting to come out. I am really enjoying this Steven King book, The Drawing of The Three. It was written in 1987 and is part of a series. I am sure the series never ends. This author is so clever he can write anything anywhere. I figured out his skill from the book misery. His writing makes a person want to become a writer too. Well at least I have this blog to write to. I listened to the parsha mikotz last week online. R is still on break and doesn't chant the parsha in the car. As a matter of fact she has turned into a book reading recluse. Its fine by me, S isn't too happy about it. It gets kinda tedious you know, "well R did this and L did this and Z did this". I love all my children its the truth. I find it difficult to give a full report on all three of them everytime. Terry has a problem with the value options work I did. So I have to go and fix it now. Endless.

Oops I am back. I hit the edit post button. As soon as I hit the publish post button I remembered my train of thought. S is on to the Fifth Book of the Harry Potter series. She started book 1 a couple of weeks ago. OK so I am bragging.
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