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Monday, December 20, 2010


Jonny has been feeling sick.

Today at work he was cleaning the database in VASE. Also at work there was no water in Hotel Hilton.

Right now he is listening to some labor music. Wendell and Kristina went to a museum over the weekend. On Sunday Jonny and Jesse called them. They said they bought this labor music and wanted to send it to Jonny. So using his expertise he said you had to send only 3 songs at a time.

Angelina bought tickets to the Chinese dinner at the temple.

Jonny just got back from seeing some of his peeps in the department. They were all too busy with the sugar cookie party. So Jonny took a cookie and went back to the Hotel Hilton. The water is on again. So he brushed and flossed and the irrigated his nose.

Jonny is on page 152 of Patriot Games. He needs to spend more time reading his book and less time playing on the internet. Playing on the internet is kinda like reading, nawh not really.

Lorraine through a fit over the weekend. Angelina and Alberta went shopping.She was babysitting and they left her behind. She is the real beauty queen and felt very slighted.

Jesses and Jonny got haircuts yesterday. Lorraine got bang trim just because.

Last night he barely ate dinner since he was so sick.


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