The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Last day of October

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Today is Halloween and the last day of October. Like this picture, of Nixon Road heading out of town, the Republicans will be leaving Ann Arbor and the rest of the country soon. Jonny used to ride his bike on this road. He would ride around for exercise during the day. No bike riding to work today though. Today he took the number 14 bus to Hotel California.

Jonny got a flu shot today. He also stopped and talked to Rob to discuss infomaker. He talked to Dolly Parton as well about the same sybase based product. While getting a flu shot he asked the nurse if she knew Jonny's wife. "Hey do you know Angelina Jolie the famous flu shot clerk? She is my wife." The people doing the shots were employee health not visiting nurses. They were quick.

He is up to page 34 of that hideous book Volume II Stephen Kings's The Darktower A Concordance. Jonny read chapter 16 of Jeremiah this promptly put him to sleep. The theme was mourning. Angelina called and Alberta got a C in science. She is signed up for camp that will cost $3300. Angelina, is piling on the chores today. She wants Jonny to steam clean Lorraine's room. She want Jonny with Jesse's help to put the hoses in the shed, rake leaves and clean Jonny's car. Right now Jonny is listening to parsha Noach, chanting. Apon waking from this morning's nap he proceded to read about the parsha Noach. He found out that all of Noach's relatives died before the flood. Noach's was the first person to be born after Adam's death. Yesterday Jonny spent several hours reading about Eve and the temptation in the garden of Eden. Some good songs heard on click fm while working are This is the world we live in by alcazar. Also Britney Spears fights with Madaonna by Me Against the Music. On Wednesday Jonny had to help out. Angelina was in Brighton until 8:00 PM. He had to pick up Jesse at a friend's house. Jonny had to keep asking Jesse "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" Angelina wanted him to ask this question at least once every ten minutes. He finally relented and went. Then Jonny and Jesse went to Beth Israel and picked up Lorraine and Alberta from Wednesday night religious school. Jonny was supposed to cut up two apples in two bowls and ask continuously of Jesse and Lorraine, "Do you want a piece of apple? Eat your apple Lorraine, Go to the bath room Jesse."

Oh wow they just said mavet on this chanting. Penny isn't even here today. Jonny will be back at the Hotel California on Monday. They switched his clinic days. He is now here on Monday and Friday. So this is good, because he can take the bus on Tuesday directly from the polling place to Hollywood. Jonny is just typing and stalling until the chanting is over. Then it is off to the bathroom with this hideous book. Another chore Jonny has is to break down a box, like a good little recycler or else Angelina will just throw the box away. The whole idea of a concordance isn't functional. Oh they just said toledot Shem. Oh Jonny just sneezed one of those big spraying sneezes. And then ended it with a lung cleansing luggie producing piece of flem, which he scrambled to spit into a tissue. He is drinking water. This is good, it helps to lose weight. He is trying really hard and is now down to 147. A week ago he ballooned up to 154. The first 7 pounds are easy if you really work at it. There needs to be will power. Jonny felt a lot of winter eating coming on. Ahh this parsh is almost over. No where on the internet can he find discussion of Rebekkah being 3 years old. There is mention of this in Rashi though. The only other source is sefer olam. But it isn't worth it to buy this book, just for this reference alone.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

This book sucks

Jonny has started a new book. Stephen King's The Dark Tower A Concordance Volume II. This covers books V-VII in the Dark tower series. Including Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah and The Dark Tower. But this is so boring. It is like reliving the story. If you have ever read a Harry Potter Concordance, then you get the idea. Jonny has a few of those laying around in Alberta's room, left to torture himself with at a future date. Stephen King's The Dark Tower A Concordance Volume II reads like an encyclopedia. So he felt free to skip around. He is at the page turning pace of page 24. The book has 456 pages. Not nearly as exciting as the 450 page book Jonny just finished.

Hurray a solution has been found, thanks to Lea. She told Jonny to work on Infomaker version 9.0 since Infomaker 10 keeps crashing. Now Dolly Parton is here lurking. She caught Jonny napping once. Can't let her catch him blogging too. When is supposed to be programming in...

Sybase will rule the world. Just kidding. Jonny can't do a blogmeet, that would involve telling Angelina he has to meet strangers he met on the internet, but the thought is intriguing. He could just say they are yahoo friends.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

working on reports

Jonny is working on sybase and informaker. It is a real pain. It keeps crashing. The good news is there is sql you get to edit.

Finished Shadow of the Hegemon. It prompted a huge diversion of internet reading. The book was excellent. It was 451 pages, which is partly a 10 page afterword. It is more a historical fiction book. More like futuristic historical fiction. More about China taking over the world. It turns out Orson Scott Card is a fantastic writer. He writes books about the women of the bible as well. What is more interesting is that torah scholars claim Rebekkah was 3 years old when she was married. So where is that in the story? Also why not write a book about eve and noah's wife? Anyway Orson Scott Card has 3 more follow on books in the Shadow series. This weekend plans include a fun day at Burns Park. This is a kinda fund raiser. Lorraine's previous softball coach is afflicted with a disease and this is a benefit for that cause. Also he was written up in a newspaper article. To Jonny he looks pretty healthy. But then again Jesse has always looked health despite all his frequent utilization of the health care system. Alberta needs to decide what to do about the summer very soon. Camp is expensive. Watched SNL skits last night and they were really funny. McCain with his imaginary friend Joe the Plumber and Simon who sleeps in a cigar box under his bed. And then Obama apologizing to the imaginary friend in the SNL skit debate.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cold day in October

Today is Monday and Jonny decided to try a different parsha source. It all happened quite by accident. As usual he went to chabad.org to check the parsha for the week. In the Jewish tradition the parsha of the week isn't always the parsha after the parsha from the week before. Sometimes the normally flow of control is suspended for holidays. This week was almost like that. On Tuesday of last week was Simchat Torah. And therefore the end of the Torah reading. But for some reason this Saturday coming up is the second parsha reading, Noach. This is because Saturday was bereshit and the week before was vezon habracha. So it does sorta make sense. Just last week it didn't make sense to listen to bereshit before Tuesday. So here is Jonny listening to silberg, elimelech. He says there is no other month except this one. This is the only month with no holidays. It comes from bais chabad torah center here in Michigan. It is from Bloomfield. He says something about the a coarse body and the sublime. The month is chevron. Nimrod is introduced in this story. This is really the story of Noach's flexibility. Also he wasn't such a good tzadek because he cared about himself instead of the rest of the world.

In other news, UM lost to MSU this weekend in football. UM has been really bad. They lost of Penn State too. As a matter of fact they beast PSU 9 times in a row. They beat MSU 9 times in a row. And ever since Jonny has lived in Michigan, 1990, MSU has lost to UM in Ann Arbor. But don't give up wolverine fans. Barak Obama's birth certificate trial will be over turned on appeal to the US supreme court, Ann Arbor will deliver 96% of the vote to McCain, and UM will beat OSU, and Jonny will charge $20 per car to park on his lawn, including the 6 in the driveway, one along the fence side of the house, one in the garage, breaking Annabelle's dad's previous record of 14 cars, they will win their next 4 games and go to a bowl game, but will fall short of the national championship due to some bias against them from the national football computers.

Jonny is on page 226 of The Shadow of the Hegemon. He is thinking about reading the previous 5 books of the series. Jonny apologizes for the hideous grammar in this post.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Page 160 Shadow

Jonny is up to page 160 of Shadow of the Hegemon. And he still doesn't use that word in a sentence. This is a catch up post, so no time for a google map today. Jonny was in a training session. Lea was in it M-Thursday. But when Jonny went Lea thought it was too overwhelming. So poor Jonny had to sit through, EJB, faces, facelets, beans, ants, JBOSS, javascript. Wow it was so intense, xml, xhtml, jsp and cvs. Cappy can attest to the fact that Jonny isn't making up all this stuff. Angelina is really loving her flu clinic job. Again as Jonny predicted. It is easy to say as Jonny predicted. Hard to believe it is parsha Bereshit again. Since it wasn't parsha Bereshit earlier in the week, Jonny didn't listed to Rabbi Grossman's drash on it. Unfortunately October 21 was the day dairy queen closed for the summer. And on that day Jonny, Lorraine and Jesse got ice cream. The ice cream costs $7.05. Jesse was mad because Angelina gave him $7 and wanted changed. But Lorraine wanted Jonny to get a cone too. Alberta was sick from sick on Wednesday. So she rode the #5 bus for $0.50 with Jonny to his work. She was reading actual books, gmail and facebook for over 8 hours. But Angelina didn't want her home eating junk food and playing on the computer. For my friends who like gross stories, Bec, not to be confused with gross friends, which would be more abbreviated but run the risk of being less accurate, she had the runs. And that is why Alberta stayed home from school. Lea is here now in Hotel California meeting with Penny about billing blood draws. Jonny somehow broke his HIS charge program and it locked up Lea's program so off to listen to chanting and fix the program by remote desktop, before Lea come over here to check on the status, not to be confused with yell which would be more abbreviated but run the risk of being less accurate. For Jonny's other blog friend Erica. Why do you use a line to cross out things in your blog?

Jonny has 3 blog friends, Erica, Bec and Cappy. Funny they are unique. Why can't it be all y ending names such as: Cappy, Becky and Ericy. No how about all one syllable names such as Cap, Bec, and Eric. No how about all with an a suffix: Capa, Beca and Erica? Ahh but there is a one commonality, they are all voting for McCain or as Lorraine wrote in her spelling homework Macaine. Please correct Jonny if he is wrong here. Ahh but there is one other blog, Jonny's cousin the styx who could write a dissertation on politics and is a new england democrat.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rob's third Tuesday of October meeting

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This is another view of the corner of Packard and Stadium. This is the view that Jonny has always associated with this corner, including 15 years before moving to this location. This is the South bound on Packard view. On the left is Chase. Chase was NBD then when Bank One bought them it was Bank One. When Chase bought them it was Chase. On the right was Lucky Drugs. Not lucky for them. The whole corner was leveled and is now Stadium market among other things. This corner remains though, a skinny little outpost before leaving Ann Arbor. You see, you head south on Main Street in down town. Doesn't every downtown have a main street? This stretches from Plymouth Road on the north end to an ominous sign at the corner 4 blocks later on the south end. The sign reads in white letters on a green back ground, out bound packard. Head another 1 or 2 miles and there is this corner. At this point traffic will inevitably back up for the left turn you wish to make. You see heading straight takes you straight into a speed trap. Heading left takes you to Stadium, which merges with Washtenaw and then takes you the F*** out of town on US 23 passing Arborland on the left. This used to be the last stop before a visit to downtown. The long wait for the short left green arrow would be the last straw before heading out of town. The stretch from Main to this exit from Packard was and still is covered with student apartment buildings.

VSAFE is running slow. Jonny is up to page 116 of Shadow of the Hegemon. Each chapter begins with an email. Child warrior generals have saved the earth. They now are kidnapped to allow one country to dominate the others. The reviews of the book Running out of Time on Amazon were good. 150; 5 stars, but 10 very interesting 1 stars. Oh well. Jonny liked it. Lorraine liked it. Alberta refused to help Jonny with his quest to get his parents off his back. Jonny is on chapter 16 of Jeremiah. Nothing notable happened is this chapter, except he fell asleep reading it about 16 times.

The working wife had to get to the flu clinic this morning. So Jonny was to get Lorraine and Jesse off to a friend's house early so they could walk. He finally got them there about 8:35, this was only 5 minutes after Jonny was supposed to get to the Hotel California cafeteria. Rob's team was already there. Jonny dropped the kids off and then realized he and Jesse's look alike backpacks had tripped them up. Back around the block again. 5 minutes later, the friend was getting ready to walk to Burns Park and Jonny caught them. Now Jesse had his backpack, and Lorraine treated the father daughter to the story of the look alike back packs. Then Jonny drove to Fair Oaks, 1 mile away. He parked. He ran across the Washtenaw. Then he took the #4 to Hotel California. He was only 20 minutes late.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Running out of time

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Above is a picture of the northern edge of town. Jonny had to pick Alberta up at a Bat Miztvah. It was very difficult to find the house. The streets were dark.

It isn't quite true that Jonny finished a book. But almost. He help Lorraine with a book report. He had to finish reading the book called Running out of time. In the meantime he is up to page 76 of reading the book Shadow of the Hegemon. It is quite exciting about using children to become military genius generals. Jonny has just finished reading chapter 15 of Jeremiah. And it is more of the same. Chapter 14 was about droughts. Chapter 15 is about how even if Moses and Samuel stood before G-d to plead Israel's case, it wouldn't be enough. This week is Simchat Torah. The Jews finish reading the Torah and start it up again with the parsha of Bereshit. Jesse had a Torah consecration ceremony at Beth Israel over the weekend. The mentioned that the last word in the Torah is Israel. What wasn't mentioned is that the last letter of the last word of the Torah is lamed plus the first letter of the first word of the Torah is bet. Put these together and you have lev the Hebrew word for heart. The Torah is the heart of the Jewish people. Jonny and Alberta made it back to Beth Israel in the afternoon for the 5 PM Minyan. As a matter of fact, they rode their bikes.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Bike to work 6th time in October

Below is a picture of the eastern edge of Ann Arbor. This is a view of 23. On the right is the CVS. A little farther down Packard Street is the Speedway Gas Station. Jonny went to that gas station last night on the way home from school. Angelina wanted Jonny to get a little cheaper gas than is available in Ann Arbor. As you can see once you go outside the city, even though Jonny and Street view rarely go that far from home the gas prices drop tremendously. Earlier today Jonny listened to the parsha chanting. Over the weekend the plan is for Alberta and Jonny to go to a Bat Mitzvah. Jonny is hoping to get a storm windo fixed this weekend. Jonny rode his for the 6th time to work this month. It was really cold this morning while he was walking Lucy. Angelina is pretty ticked at Alberta, for good reason. She broke her glasses. There seems to be some confusion about the right usage of the feminine personal protection pads. Angelina according to Jonny has a stockpile of them and won't use them because they are the wrong kind. Angelina says Alberta is using the good pads when she is supposed to be using panty liners? It is all a bit confusing for Jonny's male brain.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flu shots

Everyone is talking about flu shots. Jonny had a strange dream about flu shots. Jonny had a lunch staff meeting at Hotel California. He just got back from there. Angelina picked him up on the way back from a flu shot clinic, where she was working. Last night Jonny helped Jesse with homework right after dinner. Then he swept the floor. Then he helped Lorraine with homework too. Then he helped Alberta print on the color printer. Jonny is up to page 21 of Shadow of the Hegemon. He was too busy doing lesson plans to watch the debate last night. He hasn't watched enough scrubs episode recently. He was too busy Monday night watching the Browns humiliate the team that was supposed to win, the Giants.

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The picture above is of the Radiation Oncology area where Jonny went to the lunch meeting. Today he is at Hollywood. Tomorrow G-d willing it will be warm enough to bike to Hotel California. Jonny listened to Vezos Ha Bracha one more time yesterday. Not much is sinking in. He usually falls asleep. He better go get some more coffee. Last night he had a couple of hot taities. That is lemon juice, honey whiskey and hot tea. This time Jonny used Ten High Kentucky Bourbon. He also ran out of lemon juice on the second hot taitie. This was for the cold sickness he had. He is feeling a little bit better today.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Got a cold

Jonny wants to keep this entry short. Yesterday Jonny went to Penny's staff meeting. Monday night he called Kristina. They had a good chat about politics and general chit chat. She mentioned that she hasn't talked to Jesse since before his birthday.

Jonny started a new book. Lorraine helped him pick it out. This is by Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon, Book 6 of the Ender series. It is a science fiction genre about children warriors. Jonny has book 1 of the series, which is about fighting aliens. Book 6 should stand alone so he'll read that one and is on page 10. It took a while since he had to read the hype at the beginning. Jonny did call channel 7 news about the home warranty. They have a legal team Jonny can call on Thursday. Jonny is contemplating legal action.

Jonny rode his bike today and yesterday for the 4th and 5th times in the month of October. Angelina has her usual list of companies she is fighting with. Jonny hasn't talked to or seen Laurence in a long time. Below is a picture of well it relates to Laurence.

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This is another border of Ann Arbor. To the right is a street called Huron Service Drive. Laurence's parents live on that street. Straight ahead is the city limit. This is the route Jonny takes to go to teach at the college. He crosses under US 23 and is then about a mile from school. This is the farthest outside of town Jonny usually ever goes.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Weird dream

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Above is a picture of the restaurant called BTB. It is only a block south of Jonny's home. They ate there over the weekend. Earlier today Jonny went to his car and took a nap. He woke up from a strange dream. More on the dream later. Jonny has been trying to listen to Vezo Habracha. This is the last parasha of the Torah before Simchat Torah. Jonny was falling asleep listening to it. What does Rashi mean why did Moshe only give the bracha to leaders. He didn't have time for the whole shayved to get the blessing. Later he speaks of a black fire on top of a white fire. That fire provides warmth and causes destruction. Jonny just remembered he was supposed to call the the news channel to complain about the refridgerator. He met his coworkers at Caribou Coffee today. So he was able to walk Lorraine and Jesse to school this morning. He has had a headache all day yesterday. In the dream he woke up but couldn't open his eyes. Does that happen to anyone else. Then he started driving. Of course that is dangerous. He kept starting and stopping the car. Eventually he killed the generator, so the brakes didn't even work. He was rolling down a hill. The caused him to shake his body extremely and he started praying. Jonny was worried little children were in the street playing and his car driven by a blind man was going to kill someone. Then he finally woke up. His REM was very fast. The body was shaking. He finally woke up and the dream was so vivid.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Google Street View

No one seemed to notice the nice google street view picture that Jonny posted last week. He plans to post many more. In services this week the Rabbi mentioned google street view in his sermon. Right now Jonny is listening to the week's parsha chanting, in between dozing off. He knew he would doze off so he turned the chanting off. Penny is in the next room so he didn't want to get waken from a start, like "huh what happened oh yeah I was asleep". So he forced himself to get up and run to the kitchen to get some coffee. Only he had to brew it. The bathroom is too crowded to use right now. The door doesn't lock very well either. The Yom Kippur fast went exactly as Jonny predicted. By 4:15 Alberta was screaming, she wanted food. Jonny unfortunately stayed up too late 1 AM. He needs to get back on the stick. But with all the chores it is so late after they are done. Tonight he has to do nasal irrigation for the first time in a few days, stretching, sit ups, hand weights. He needs to brush Lucy's hair, gauze Lucy and brush Leo and Lucy's teeth. Then there are the plants indoors and the litter pan area downstairs. This weekend he might add back exercies to the regiment because Jesse comes into his bed every night and all day his back hurts. That will take even more time. He wants to watch TV more but is so obsessed with politics. OK Jonny is back now. He had to run to the bathroom.

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This is the southern most tip of google street view headed south on US 23. This is the exit to get off at to turn around and go back to Ann Arbor. Jonny has searched for the sign that says welcome to pittsfield township but was unable to find it. More google street view later.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yom Kippur

Tonight is erev Yom Kippur. Hopfully everyone has an easy and meaningful fast. Jonny and Alberta will both be able to partly fulfil this Mitzvah. Alberta needs it. Here are her latest transgressions. She wanted to put up the pictures from her class zoo trip. She borrowed Jonny's camera and deleted all the pictures. Then she asked Jonny for help copying them to her facebook account. Some of her '14 friends as Alberta is graduating from high school in 2014 are called are calling themselves '10's. Outrageous, Angelina and Jonny agree on something. This morning she broke a butter dish. Yes don't sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff. Those were pictures form the summer, including video of Jesse playing soccer, Lorraine's birthday party, Jesse's birthday party. Gone. The rules are a quick dinner and then possibly a walk to kol nidre service. Afterwards, no water, no snacks. Maybe a shower and teeth brushing. In the morning showers and teeth brushing. No snacks, no water, no breakfast. There is no child care service for Kol Nidre. So Jonny and Alberta will go alone. Lorraine is 10 and doesn't want to go anyway. Hard to make her when Angelina and Jesse will be home doing homework. By 1 PM Jonny and Alberta will be famished. Almost there for a short 23 hour fast. Fast ends at 4:15 or whenever dinner is served whichever comes later. Jonny has class at 5:30 so after Lucy is walked it will be another Yom Kippur in the history books, just like last night's debate. It was quite a dissapointment. The debate was a tie. But a tie like a 3-3 score in a football game. Lots of good defense. Not lots of good offense. No high balls. No 300 yards passing. And no fumbles, no interceptions. No penalties. Come one admit it, it was pretty boring. Same old stuff on both sides. The key was no one got their mind changed. Come on Ohio, Barak Obama needs your vote. Jonny read the political platforms of both parties. They seem pretty even. Both want a two state solution with Israel. But McCain is the party that: lied to get the US into war, couldn't get Bin Laden, gave up on Afganistan, let people die in Darfor, didn't help in Katrina, deregulated the press to the point where there is no liberal bias, there is a huge right wing press monopoly, spied on the american people, tortured prisoners, encouraged illegal immigration, tax breaks to the wealthy, shipped jobs overseas, got a corrupt monopoly for the expenses of the war in Iraq, wants raped women to have their babies, wants republican style health insurance. All Jonny wants is internet voting. he doesn't really care about the rest of that stuff above. But in the meantime those are good enough reasons to let the democrats have a shot at the white house. Besides, McCain pulled out of Michigan. Angelina will vote for McCain anyway. Jonny has about 1000 reasons not to vote. Thank Hashem he has a job, that doesn't care if you're late for work to vote, has a job in the same town where he works.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Not much

Not much going on here in Hotel California. As usual Jonny goes up to Rob's office. They talk about their kids. Rob has a son the same as as Jesse and a daughter the same as as Lorraine. A 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. Tonight is the presidential debate and Jonny is psyched up for that. He rode his bike to work today. This is just a stream of conscious. He has ridden to work 2 times this month. Only 5 more times and he ties his record again of 7 times per month. He has a little work to do. The painting needs to be redone, because Angelina wanted some hooks taken down. Then he has to put up new different hooks near the same spot. So that will require drilling. The wall is a material that predates dry wall. Jonny has used dry wall to patch this non-dry wall material fairly successfully. He has also used a little painter's caulk. Last night Jonny watch half of the monday night football game. He recorded it and watched the first half from 10:30 to 12 with breaks. So it takes about 2 hours. Angelina just called. Hmm what was the point of that phone call. Yes it takes about 2 hours to watch a 3 hour football game, if you have 2 hours to spend. Jonny would have been too tired to watch the rest. Maybe the game went into overtime. New Orleans was supposed to win but Minnesota was getting really lucky on defense. Why do the saints have a city and the vikings have a state? There is no answer. Jonny has to go and make a form in VASE. It is pretty boring not real programming, but none of the non-programmers know how to do it. Last night was tiring like every night for the last 10 days. Jesse wakes up at 4 AM. He says Daddy I want you to come sleep with me. So Jonny gets up and moves to Jesse's bunk bed, which is really small for one adult and one child. Jesse sleeps on the top bunk which is a pain to climb up to. The bottom bunk usually is loaded with -- stuff. So Jonny has to clear it off at four in the morning so he can sleep. Then they get the right pillow, the right blankets. Angelina wakes Jonny at 7 AM and Jesse, well a bomb won't wake him up for another 45 more minutes. Angelina has today, and tomorrow off from work. They would have her every day except Sunday. But she has to see Jesse's teacher, take Jesse for a hearing test. There is always work outside work for her to do. Alberta goes to physical therapy two times a week.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Not much

Jonny did not much today. He was at Hollywood for 2 hours and then went home. He did some work for Penny, some work for Lea, faxed some paper for Angelina, sold some Sally Foster, checked school email, did some school work, called my it lab customer support. And then he went home. At home he let out Lucy the dog. In the meantime, he ran to the bathroom. Then he called Ann Arbor Recycle. Why? Because they left his recycling. Today they decided not to take it away. Jonny put in some #2 plastic bags. But that wasn't the problem. In their zeal they left it all. They took the compost, the garbage and the cardboard. But the green bin with the wine bottle, vodka bottle and other #2 plastic was untouched. They also didn't take the loan battery. It is looking dismal for the recycling prospects of that battery. If Angelina gets her hands on it, it will be garbage bound. She really hates it when recycling is separated from the mother garbage and then rejected and held over for the next weekend. Jonny might have been the one to pitch the loan spent tripple aaa battery. They left a short pink piece of paper indicating #2 plastic is only taken or #1 plastic if it is a bottle, like shampoo, wine, vodka, salad dressing. So Jonny called. They don't take strawberry containers. But they have been for the last 2 months. The lady on the phone had no idea why. But today the routes got all switched around.

Over the weekend Jonny did painting. Angelina worked at the flu clinic. Jonny had to yell at Alberta, since he had to be the mom. Jonny sat and watched his computer boot up for 5 minutes. Then he worked for 5 minutes, while Lucy the dog chomped and munched cat food at 10 PM. While Alberta, didn't empty the dishwasher, but did watch TV. He went up there tore the dog away from the now empty cat food. Put her outside. And then screamed at Alberta. She jumped up and turned off the TV all by herself. Wow Jonny you are now graduated to first class screamer. Angelina and Thomas on the phone in Pennsylvania heard it all the way upstairs.

Jonny managed to squeeze in a call to Kristina and Wendell. Perhaps Jonny should create some more labels. He added painting. Although this has nothing to do with cancer, Jesse isn't doing so well in school. Tuesday Angelina will get the low down on the 1st grade. Will the situation require a private school. Oh no spare the expense. This might require another label. This will be called working wife. That covers Jonny yelling at the kids, because he has a working wife. That covers Jesse maybe going to a private school because he has a working wife. Angelina is at another flu clinic today.

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Friday, October 03, 2008


Jonny rode his bike to work 7 times in October and 7 times in September. If he recorded every time in his log. Today Angelina went to work for the flu clinic in Brighton. It was amazing she probably worked for 5 hours and got paid $50 minus taxes so $30. Jonny sold a book on Amazon for $30 a few days ago. Today was left over Chinese for lunch. Class was OK. The students griping over the level of work, the lessons in line with homework, my it lab program word simulator not working. Jonny sent the following stern email to VASE support. (@1:37 pm)

I created and tried running Keloid Dx query in Adhoc query in VASE. It ran for two hours and timed out. I tried it at least twice. It looks at RO Primary Dx and Site Code field for value equal to C44.2. In Oracle this returns 365 rows in about 15 seconds. In addition, the query I really wanted linking demographics, with this form and another form returns 150 rows sorted in less than 2 minutes in Oracle. I wouldn't even attempt it in Adhoc query because of the false start I've gotten so far. This is the absolute last time I try an adhoc query.

He started some painting this week. Over the weekend he plans to take in one storm window for repair. Sales are good for the Sally Foster wrapping paper fund raiser. Lea will pay on Monday when Jonny sees her again. Penny left early. Another person agreed to an order and will pay on Tuesday when Jonny is back at Hotel California. He has to do some brain mets query today. He wanted to study Oracle certs but been too busy, for once. He will head upstairs to see Rob and hit him for some Sally Foster. Angelina is flu shot clinic in a different location this weekend. Jesse has a soccer game. Rosh Hoshana was fine, but Jonny didn't have to post about it. He is also working on a ASP .NET to change an oracle password for VASE data warehouse. But it has been riddled with problems. Lea wants more work on the HIS charges program. This is .NET, VB, FTP and Sybase all mixed together. She will probably want SMTP when it is over. He took the FTP out and put it into its own class, per her request. Good enough less clutter. Now the program is a lean 100 lines instead of 2500.

>>> On 10/3/2008 at 1:21 PM, in message <48e61c4a.7399.00f0.0@x.y.edu>, Lea Thompson wrote:
Your program isn't combining the Sim contrast charges.

>>> Jonny Lee Miller 10/3/2008 12:42 PM >>>

Yes, the file is 441 records I think. I moved it to the Y:\development\his charges\output and i moved the log files to the log folder.

>>> On 10/3/2008 at 10:57 AM, in message
<48E5FAAD.7399.00F0.0@x.y.edu> <48E5FAAD.7399.00F0.0@x.y.edu>, Lea Thompson wrote:
Did your program make an HIS Charge file today ? Can I see it ?

She wasn't satisfied with that critique.

>>> On 10/3/2008 at 1:30 PM, in message <48e61e65.7399.00f0.0@x.y.edu>, Lea Thompson wrote:
also on the research charge reg number name insertion: put a zero before the reg number.

Sorry this pasting made Jonny lose his train of thought. Oh yeah VASE wrote back already.

>>> On 10/3/2008 at 2:29 PM
I'll put Keloid Dx with the Missing T Stage query for VASE to look at when they finish the grid-split testing of the memory issue. This is apparently a good way to demonstrate it, as we've had the web service restarted at 12:45 and 2:15 today.
I'm also going to recreate it in v8 and see how it works.
>>> Jonny Lee Miller 10/3/2008 1:37 PM >>> wrote blah blah blah

Jonny has been real busy following politics. So back to work and then on the bike home. He started off the month with a bike today. The usual 15 minutes, 2 miles. It was about 40 degrees. He wore fleece jacket with, a hat and gloves in addition to regular clothes.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

How Jonny wasted time

Yep Jonny wasted away most of the day again. He is at Hollywood today. He found out about how Chabad house has an agreement with the city for people who park there for services. Recall that Jonny's family went there for a Saturday lunch after the morning service. This was because they are connected to the camp that Chabad runs. But the event ends around 2 PM. Angelina got a ticket and below is a link to a google picture of what the street looks like.

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The third car back is about where Angelina parked the Nissan Quest Minivan. She put no money in the meters. So of course she got a ticket. In the picture is Chabad house. It is on the corner of Oakland Avenue.

Angelina has asked Jonny to sell Sally Foster. He sold one piece of the wrapping paper fundraiser to Lea. But she only had a twenty. So Jonny will collect from her on Monday. It sure is a pain how he won't be back to Hollywood until Monday. Friday is a Hotel California day. The big question is will it be a warm enough for bike riding day. Jonny got his bike fixed again. The front wheel was not turning so well. The pair of wheels were trued up for a mere $32.

Earlier this morning Jonny did security compliance training on the web. Then he failed the test 3 times. He really skipped the lesson part. So later he had a bad dream about it. Jonny told this dream to a coworker today. She said it seemed so vivid and full of action. As luck would have it the dream is fading from memory quickly. As dreams are written down, various interpretations come to mind. The new insights just seem so obvious after writting dreams down.

He met a woman he had met before. She held his hand. He didn't remember her name or how he knew her. Then she led him to two men. They came over to an office where Rob Schneider, Jonny's boss was working. He wasn't there. No one was there. Spouse and other friend were there. All the computers were sitting idle. People were getting ready to bed down. No one was working. The men Jonny met began to work on the computers. The men were really installing hardware, playing games, putting on viruses. Jonny got mad. He said fix these computers. They refused. He said get out. He said these computers must be put back the way they were. The men the woman had introduced Jonny to were unsympathetic. They kept making the computers worse and worse. More unrecognizable. Jonny's blog couldn't even be brought up. Internet Explorer was diverted to another usage of computer resources traffic control program that had never been seen by most people before. Then Jonny said out, out, everyone out. He went to get a policeman. Nobody move he said. They fled. The computers were "broken". He said police come here. But two policeman
(Oops Rob snuck up on Jonny. Gone now so Jonny will continue ...)
refused to help. Jonny was a block away from two policeman on either side. They were within seeing distance and they didn't help at all. Later it all went away. Then a strange man brought Jonny in for questioning about the incident. They walked through many cooridors and doors. Finally after Jonny spit toothpaste drool on this man's back, he introduced him to his boss Rob. The man said yep your worst nightmare is true, your boss. ThenRob appeared. Rob said we are working hard to fix this computer. There was mayhem. There were 12 people running around like chickens with their head cut off working on the PC. Then one pulled out a large clear disc about 3 feet in diameter and started smashing it. They said we got it we got it. The parts were getting broken and smashed up. The workers were thrilled. These were apparently, obvious to them and not Jonny were the rouge parts. Rob gave Jonny a silent look that said what happened? Jonny said he tried to call the police. He refused to admit how the men got here. Not oh yeah a woman he didn't know introduced him to men he didn't know and they played games while everyone slept. Of course the boss offered his boss like wisdom, that only the boss would think of instead of Jonny a mere staff worker. Did you say hey we got an infestation here. Wouldn't they help if you said that. Of course they would have Rob. Jonny only said hey police help we need police over here help. Next Jonny finds himself on a University designed survey website asking about time wasted. Only they referred to it in typical vauge terms as, how much do you think this incident cost. It asked the same question on a web screen in about 11 different ways. So Jonny did the manly thing. He woke up.

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