The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Jonny is having trouble connecting to the k2601f table in the a2q1 database. He is trying to test the 835 NPI JVHL. Jonny had an interview Friday and it went well. He sent them an email thanking for the interview and they wrote back your welcome and you'll here back soon. The cheese Jonny had with lunch was disgusting so he threw it out. Jonny purchased a lap top among other things at staples yesterday for a $700 plus shopping spree, including a printer, ink, paper, usb flash drive, lap top case, photo paper, electric pencil sharpener, a mouse, and padded envelopes. The kids had great fun opening and playing with all the packages. There are about $105 worth of rebates too. There was an even cheaper laptop at Office Depot but it sold out in 30 minutes Sunday morning. Theirs was $349.
In reading Jonny is up to page 42 of Union Prayer Book herein known as UP. Ha like Upper Peninsula. Page 138 in BV. Also finished listening to Brachos 17b by Grossman. The kids went to see Oliver over the weekend while Jonny stayed home and looked for a job.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

new version of blogger

What's up with the new version of blogger. Yesterday Jonny sent letters to Stout and MCIT thanking them for the phone interviews. Today he is working on finalizing the claim check input file. Also he did some testing with the NPI 835 for JVHL. Jonny has revised his resume and cover letter so many times. The phone interview went so well yesterday. First he applied for this position on Friday. Then he heard on Monday that they wanted him for the phone interview on Wednesday. Then a couple of hours after the phone interview, they let him know they want him for an in person interview on Friday. In two weeks Jonny's family is going to Florida for spring break. Boy is it cold here in Michigan. Minus 10 below with the wind chill.

He listened to Grossman Chumash Mishpatim and Yithrow both this week, trying to catch up. Jonny took another nap today. Yesterday there was no school and they got the opportunity to use the snow blower. Also Angelina loaned it out to the neighbor. She said, Jonny started after me and finished before me, so his equipment must be good. Believe me it is a rocking snow blower. It should be Angelina paid over $600 for it. Jonny put some fuel stabilizer in it and finally got it working. Both he and the snow blower needed a nap. He was up until 1:30 AM working on the resume and cover letter. Then he got up and walked the dogs. Then at 8:30 he snuck into bed and the rest of the family couldn't find him. About 9:30 Angelina and Alberta found him sleeping in Jesse's bed. Then he went outside and worked on the driveway.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Dog ate my lunch

Earlier Dexter the dog ate Jonny's lunch. Then when he got to work he found out his favorite pen was gone. Later he found it in the conference room where he had a meeting on Friday. The meeting was with Cathy, Jesse, Gary and John. John was a stand in for Renoly who had another meeting to go to. Last week Right management gave some employees training on how to find the right job and gear up their resumes to further their objectives. In attendance were Fisher and Darren. Darren went with Jonny to the Evergreen on Thursday. On Tuesday Jonny went to the Lucky Kitchen. Both places he had General Tso's chicken. The class was nice only 5 people. One female sales staff from the Southfield office and one female sales staff from the Ann Arbor office. In addition 3 IS folks. It was only natural for Jonny to have a crush on the teacher. But it was probably helped by an affinity generated by professional courtesy, since Jonny is a teacher too. And now he has a really great resume. Friday he got a call from All Media. As it turns out the hiring manager used to be Jonny' s boss about 15 years ago. Makes Jonny feel old. About 24 years ago Jonny used to work with his own father too. A bunch of people went into Renoly's office to ask about the wisdom of buying a car. Walter is one of those people. Over the weekend Jonny made his usual three family calls. Last night Alberta called Jonny's parents for her family history project. Alberta and Jonny went to the UM basketball game this weekend too. In other news Jonny is up to page 231 of Torah Commentary. From now on referred to as TC. Jonny still can't believe Dexter ate $4.99 worth of Turkey. He had to take Alberta to school and then take Lorraine to her friend Marc's house. Then he took a nap. He was so tired he took another nap at 1:30. Lorraine convinced him to start a new book. He picked it out with her help. It is in the Fantasy genre. Written by Sean Russell up to page 40 Beneath the Vaulted Hills book one of the River into Darkness series. From now on referred to as BV.

Monday, February 05, 2007

been awhile

Sorry been awhile since the last blog entry. Jonny has got a major headache this morning. It is so cold here about -7 degrees Fahrenheit. Tomorrow there is reemployment training for a few people. Here is who might be in it: Wendy Gazelle, Kristin Moreu, Kimbra Standish, Laurence Mason, Fisher Stevens, Darren Lee, Ethan Brown and finally Jonny Lee Miller.

Sunday was TuBeshevat seder and then McDonalds and then Charolette's Web at the Michgan Theater. Lorraine and Margo went with Jonny. Lorraine scared Jonny when she ran right in front of a city bus. Jonny's dogs don't like the cold weather either. Dexter always barks to go out and then won't do anything once he is out. Lucy mainly sleeps and both dogs get their paws frozen and hobble along. Today Lucy tried to hobble on two legs one back and one front.

Both Renoly and Michael aren't here yet. It is 8:56 and Jonny has to brush his teeth. He found some Peoplesoft training and was doing that over the weekend. Also the reemployment trainingis Tuesday through Thursday. Last week he listened to Beshelach, chanting, chumash discussion and read the section in the commentary book about the same topic. Last week Jonny saw two movies: the rock and the last castle.

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