The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And I Implored

This was written yesterday but alas no internet.
Jonny killed some time waiting for the PC to reboot and then read some of TC. He is now up to that parsha in the subject line. At Chabbad last week they were saying something about echos in this parsha. Jonny talked to Kristina twice today. Jesse had his ultrasound. The test was OK. But later Angelina was complaining about Jesse's possible need for scoliosis treatment. She was really looking forward to going back to work and now fears those planned were scotched by any appointments she has to go to. Who can understand her logic. Jonny also read 14 page of CH last night before bed. Douglas W helped him with a difficult case opened today. Jesse has to write to his grandparents and they will send him a present. Jonny rode his bike today 6 miles in 34 minutes. He balanced the checkbook, took out the trash and those were some of his chores tonight. He asked Gabrielle for advice on that same case xxxx730. Cases really have 6 digits to them. But to maintain the anonyminity they are referred to here with only 3 digits. So Jonny is off to nasal irrigation. He is getting hungry and it is almost midnight.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

3 new characters

After this Jonny will be using Beverly Hillbilly's Movie 1993 for new characters. Jesse had a birthday party. In attendance the lovely women were with full names included: Edie Falco, Janeane Garofalo, Hope M Parrish, Felicity Huffman and the hostess of course Angelina Jolie.  The women talked about breast feeding and pre-teen daughters. Michael Rapaport, Max Ligosh and Jonny Lee Miller were the men. The children Jesse Bradford, Lorraine Bracco, Noah Emmerich, Annabella Sciorra and several other small children. No camera were in working order. Jesse go lots of cool presents and had a Thomas cake. Jonny was tired all day today and managed to take in a nap during the party and several other times during the day. Annabella stayed for barbeque chicken dinner later. Here is where Jonny is at with his reading. P 180 PC, p 567 TC and p 100 CH. At work he got a customer who tried to talk to Ricco. But the customer's sales executive agreed to pass along a message to Ricco instead. Eventually Jonny was called into Ricco's office to explain. Not much to explain there were lots of people around and Jonny was trying to get help. He of course knew nothing. Later they closed the case themselves by rebooting their SAP server. Michael is the patriach who brought his family including Janeane to Israel 3 years ago to live there happily every after with their 4 children. One is Lorraine's age, one was in Alberta's class. Those two are in Wisconsin now with Alberta in camp. See they come back every year to visit Michigan in the summer. Michael even still works for the U. Edie has a child who has played with Lorraine in softball. Janeane is going with Angelina to hold her hand tomorrow for Jesse's routine ultrasound every four months. Jonny rode his bike four times last week. He and Ray went to the Lucky Kitchen.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

That can't really be news

These subjects just pop into Jonny's head seconds before starting the blog. The last King of Afganhistan died. That can't really be news. Here is the news. Lorraine picked out a new book for Jonny to read. The new book is A Cold Heart by Jonathan Kellerman. AKA CH. Page 262 of FH. Page 164 of PC. Yeah FDR really wants to get into WWII. His advisors don't. Churchill really wants him in. Page 547 of TC. Almost done with Bamidar. Friedman does a really good job summarizing the character, flavor and identity of each book.
At work Jonny has 7 open cases. He started the day with 10. Ricco was on vacation. Olegar really wanted Jonny to close some cases. He was on the ready from 9-12 and in the CAT for part of the day. He got one case from the CAT and one new one from the ready mode. So do the math he closed 5 cases. He sorta broke Ricco's rule and instead did it Olegar's way. He contacted everyone. There is the one case for the fellow named Ram who wants to have the process send him an email with an attachment with the real name of the file as an attachment. This is case 700. Jonny rode his bike 7.22 miles for 37 minutes. He made a loop, North on Aerhart Road, West on Warren Road, North on Nixon Road, East on Pontiac Trail, East on Joy Road and back South on Aerhart Road. Big blocks in the mid west are like 1 mile. The Warren road stretch was more like 1.5 and the Pontiac Trail part was 1/5 of a mile. The Joy Road part probably 3/4 of a mile.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Jonny thought about what to write but it flew away. In PC p 160. TC 539. FH p 238. Their Israeli friends came over for dinner tonight. They had chicken legs, burgers and hot-dogs. All kosher. All the food was kosher and they used paper plate. Jesse and Jonny went to the park with Lucy and Dexter the dogs as planned during the open house. Four people came. Their friends have two children in camp with Alberta and two children played her in Ann Arbor with Lorraine and Jesse. Jonny and the kid and dogs walked about 2 miles to Gallup park and then back. They were gone for over 2 hours. Jesse was pushed in a stroller the entire distance. They had a snack at the playground. They went in the river. Last night Jonny had a dream about the blond woman who sits on the other side of the cube wall. They were floating down a river near to each other. The dream seems very symbolic now in the light of day.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

reading and working

Today after services Max came over to Jonny's house. He gave both Jesse and Jonny buzz cuts. They had bagels and lox. Jonny had Bacardi and sweetened ice tea. He got busted too by both Angelina and Max. Oh well. Then they fixed the fan in Alberta's room. It required two trips to Lowes. Onto the reading. Page 539 of TC. Into the Travels parsha. Page 190 TF. Page 160 PC. Jonny is grading homework. Last night Angelina got the new Harry Potter book for the amazing price of 12.99. Lorraine woke up around 6:30 this morning. Later they all went out for dinner to Red Robin. Jonny got a free birthday burger. Lorraine got chicken and fries. Angelina has an open house scheduled for tomorrow. So there has been alot of work to get ready for it. At work Jonny has now 10 open cases. He started the day with 13. He and Ray went to flim flam. That is the same restaurant Laurence and Jonny used to go to all the time. Jonny also got some mulch to make the front garden look nicer. He did some weeding tonight as well.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Jonny doesn't much feel like writing today. Angelina is a real pain in the ass. He can't even watch a movie. She gets to sit around and watch TV while he works night and day. He read some of matet. He likes that parsha because it is one of the words in the Hebrew nouns he was studying about 5 years ago. It means rod, staff or it means tribe. In this case it means tribe. Angelina is whining about her carpal tunnel. From what Jonny is not even sure. His parents sent him $100 for his birthday but he'll never see it. No going out for lunch at the art fair. No going to the beer festival this weekend. He did two postings for her tonight. He has about 10 for himself to apply. He is around page 130 of FH. He has 13 cases and started the day with 11. It sounds like Jonny is depressed or angry but he isn't. This is his sad pathetic life. But life is what he makes of it. Now he runs off to a double shot of nasal irrigation. There was a tornado warning at work and Jonny was on the phones from 2-5. He didn't bike but he did talk to his parents. Unlike Angelina he respects his parents and called to thank them for the gift. His mother was snotty, oh Jonny when was the last time I spoke to you and all that snotty stuff. No nap today either for Jonny he went to Quiznos for lunch no cheese. Angelina gave him a coupon. He went to Burger King for dinner double whopper, no cheese.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How it went

This is how it went back in 1978 or was it 1979? Jonny was barely not a goy. (This is called reconstructive memory). Triggered by the biblical discussion with another softball dad about Numbers. He was in hebrew school. He said whoa stop. Or however you spell that word. What is it Jonny? asked the patient young teacher. You keep talking about the five books of Moses. It is hard for me to follow along. Why is it hard for you to follow along. It is hard for me to follow along because well what are the five books of Moses? Do you mean what are they. Well yes what are they. And don't tell me they are the Torah. Well for starters can you name the five books' names. Jonny thought. Genesis he said. Oh yes that is right like that rock bank. Yes that is the first book. And the second is Exodus like the movie Ten Commandments. Angelina is calling. Oops she got sucked back into the TV. What is the third? Levitikus like the priests we have been discussing. As an aside Yom Kippur is in the next book. Ok what comes after that what that is 3 who are the 4 and 5? The last book is called Dueteronomy, he reluctantly said. But the fourth. Even more reluctantly the teacher said well (he was reluctant because in Hebrew it has nothing to do with Numbers it is really called Bamidor which means desert. Tonight at Mongolian Barbeque they had dessert. Jonny knows he never closed the parenthetical remark but oh well.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Last day of softball

Tonight was the last night of softball. Lorraine and her team went to DQ. Jonny is up to page 91 of FH. He had a pretty miserable day at work. But he got a good bike ride in. Wendell had knee surgery. Jonny has a student who coaches and participates in women's wrestling. She said she has students who are 2. So it would look promising for Jonny's three kids as a nice back up sport. She even admitted that like Jesse she only has one kidney. Jesse was really sad last night. Today Alberta went to camp in Wisconsin. Jesse slept in her bed last night and again tonight he sleeps in there. It is the top bunk but 6 is just a guideline, he isn't going to fall out. Bunk beds really depend on the individual. Especially considering that he fell out of one the first day his sisters got their bunk beds and broke his leg. Jonny is up to page 164 of PC. He also finished Phineas of TC tonight. It got kinda boring all those sacrifices at the end of the parsha. Well it had a strong start, stabbing two people in a tent together with a spear. The vision is so graphic it is hard to think about lightly. At work Jonny has 8 cases and started the day with 8 cases. He rode over 7 miles in about 40 minutes and wasn't even late coming back from lunch. He was on the ready from 9-12. Therefore no 3 relax and let go breaks this morning. Ricco was absent. So he was late because of the camp thing this morning. After a sandwich he collapsed in the nap room. The he drank coffee and did little work. At 3:30 he went out for a ride. His friend Douglas W really should be his mentor but Ricco and Olegar planned it differently. Gabrielle took Jonny's book You Only Die Twice. So he gave her a nice book review to ponder. He did read it in less than a week. Robert De Niro got promoted to Level 3. He skipped right over Level 2 straight to development. First his wife has a baby and now this. Jonny is gonna miss Douglas W over the next three working days. 

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Monday, July 16, 2007


The whole family went to Burns Park to watch Lorraine play softball. Jonny is sitting here drinking a Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Ale. In a few minutes he'll steel himself for the rain and let the dogs out. He just applied for two jobs for Angelina. Believe or not some of his old buddies from the U got jobs at the U close to where Jonny works. Fisher Stevens and Darren Lee both got jobs there. Fisher sent out an email today. On top of that one of the jobs Jonny was waiting until August 15 to apply for has suddenly disappeared. Jonny is reading XML, TC, PC and TF. At work he went for a bike ride and relaxed and let go three times. No naps but this afternoon Jonny got very light headed. Ah so what he had to bolt at five. He was on the ready mode 2-5 shift today. His buddy Ram called again. His other cases got escalated. He started the day with 8 and ended with 8. It was a nice night for a game. Jonny and Annabella's Dad were chatting most of the time. Angelina brought dinner. Alberta sulked in the corner and Jesse was unfortunately injured by Angelina in the forehead directly above the eye. She felt so bad she flagged down and off-duty physician. She said he looked fine. Jesse was doubtful in the car when Jonny explained that she was a real physician. Well off to the dogs. Angelina and Alberta are getting up early, emphasis on early. Alberta takes a bus to camp in Wisconsin. Yeah Angelina will arrive shortly after Jonny's alarm goes off at 6:52 AM.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday night

Wow Jonny got some fan mail. Well actually a comment. Unlike other bloggers, Jonny tries not to split his personality and write down there and up here. So Jonny says "Hi Lindy, wow from your profile we have alot in common. I like you already. Don't bother making a blog though. Your profile says alot about you and it is more fun to read and comment on blogs." Yes Jonny hates the politic on the job. Go back and read about Laurence and their encounters with their bosses back at the U. Oh my gosh. This is so weird. How did Lindy know Jonny hates politic of the job.  Angelina is getting ready for bed and Jonny has to tuck her in (Yes weird but she is needy). Jonny has been reading his books, TC, PC and FH AKA the fourth hand. This is a weird book too. Jonny is still in the middle of Phineas. What a weird name for a parsha. Doesn't that remind you of some weird fiction novel, the one about the the kid who fell or jumped or was pushed out of a tree? Besides most of it is about the counting of the people. The Rabbi what is his name sorry forgot his name. The one Jonny used to listen to along with Daf Yomi. Was it Grossman? He said Hashem loves the people of blessed memory aka the patriarchs. So he counts them to show his love. The only other thing of note this weekend besides the heat is that Jonny supervised Alberta mowing the lawn. He had to do the bagging part. Jonny's mother sent Angelina a long email too. Angelina misunderstood it of course. So oh well. Jonny wonders about getting fired all the time. Ray started three weeks after Jonny and they both closed the same number of cases. So Ray will pass up Jonny really quick.
Lindy back to you again. Angelina is a capricorn and Jonny is a monkey. Jonny loves tounge rings. How cool you work in non-profit. Maybe today is one of those days where you see the coinincidence in everything. Gosh Jonny is spelling atrociously tonight too.
Got to run to Angelina.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Jonny says leave Iraq now! While at work yesterday Angelina called Jonny about his dad. She said Jesse watered his plants too much. Also she wanted some website. And Jonny got really angry and told her it could wait until five oh clock. That line never works well with Angelina. Now Jonny has 8 open cases. If he has too many cases they take him out of the CAT and out of the ready. Angelina saw the new Harry Potter movie. Lorraine's friend came over to visit from Burns Park today. We are naming her Annabella Sciorra. Jesse picked a bunch of vegetables from the garden. Of note there were zucchini, red onions, garlic, and hot pepper. There is one tomatoe on the way. Lorraine picked out a book. The Fourth Hand by John Irving. It is about a fictional hand transplant operation. Funny Jonny picked it up and didn't read it earlier when he got the book Fifth Profession. If you recall Jonny did read that one about Japan and body guards earlier too. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aug 20-25

Those were the dates Angelina gave Jonny to give to Wendell. Wendell rejected it and Thomas will have to share Alberta and Lorraine with Wanda Lee and Mitchell. But he won't have to worry about Jonny's parents. Wendell wants any of the Miller family to visit during any season. But alas it will never happen. So Jonny thinks Wendell should quit fanatasizing. Today was a busy day at work, a busy day at night and a busy time grading papers. Jonny applied for 7 jobs for Angelina. He is starting Phineas. He is up to page 120 of PC. He still hasn't gotten a new book from Lorraine. It was painful to talk with Wendell for 25 minutes tonight. But it had to be done. They just got back from a vacation to Seattle. Jonny has 7 open cases. He closed 2 today and started with 6. There was a long painful seminar on performance. It is the kind of performance as in how to make the computer program they support work properly and not blow up from lack of memory. He also had a salami sandwich for lunch. Jonny rode 6.36 miles in about 35 minutes.

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Missed a day

Sorry Jonny couldn't blog yesterday. The internet wasn't working. Now it is midnight and this day has passed too. So Jonny applied for another UM job tonight. He has 8 more to do for Angelina but not now. He graded papers - yuck. Ricco pulled him out of the CAT today and off the ready mode. But he went on briefly to take one call. He opened the case and shut it. He also bike rode about 6 miles. Angelina was complaining about the meat money for the sandwich club. Olegar and Harvey abolished the club. Angelina wanted a bookmark added to her favorites. She also wanted Jonny to clean the toys today. Case 01 he filed. Case 00 was a new case from Ram. He wanted SMTP and needs MIME. A different case 01 was a RMI case from Spain and it got taken away. For case 91 he needed the input file and was still working on it late into the 5 PM hour. He found a piece of documentation that might be useful. For case 65 he sent out an email. For another case 01 he closed it. For case 65 he did a remote into Charles's system. For case 78 Joni said close the case. For case 31 Alan sent the file and Jonny escalated the case right out of his hands - good ridance. For case 17 he needed to set permissions for various users. Closed that case too. For case 91 needed another data file turned out he had it already. For case 31 he had 9 notes on it already oops that one was escalated. For case 00 he told Ram to call him. But Ram is in another state. For case 59 the one he jumped on the phones.
Yesterday he got case 01 the RMI and lost it 2 minutes later but didn't realize that until 24 hours later after studying RMI. He did close case 20. He opened and closed a case on the ready mode number 48. He was trying to fix the permissions case on the ready mode number 17. Yes he got overwhelmed but he was not about to tell Ricco that. No way.
Now down to 6 cases. Will he be in the ready mode tomorrow? Will he be in the CAT. Will he make sandwiches? Angelina bought some kosher pastrami Glatt Kosher from Israel. Gosh look at the time 12:12.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Israeli Scouts

The Israeli scouts came to the JCC today. Jonny and Alberta went. He got home in time to finish up Jesse's bath. Over there a strange woman came up to him and started talked. She wore a yellow tee shirt and blue jeans. She had long black hair and dark colored framed glasses. She said are you moving. Jonny looked at her. Because he is a man but trying to not flirt so much. And besides he moved over a seat to give her room and she moved over a seat closer to him. He then looked at her again and said what and she said what. But they were starting so he waited a minute and said the house hasn't been bought yet. Two minutes later and feeling kinda smug he looked at her and she got up and said she had to talk to somone. So the mystery woman is probably someone Jonny talked to before and surely Angelina would know her. Alberta had no clue who Jonny was talking about. Lets face it that was pretty much all Jonny's free time so he was kinda glum and feeling sorry for himself anyway.  All day he had a scratchy throat. Last night he read chapter 34 of Yeshayhu. Tomorrow he has about 1.5 hours of vacation to get the kids to camp. Alberta is getting 6 teeth pulled. He read briefly at work and biked. He added another half mile to his loop. The book Jonny read was called Plain English at Work. He read chapter 27 Giving Your Presentation. A few minutes ago he read Bec's blog for inspiration. She hasn't moved yet. Here is Jonny's interpretation of her latest entry. He knows exactly how she feels about feeling nowhere. Everytime Jonny goes on vacation he feels a little lost because he doesn't have to go to work that day. It is usually most pronounced right after work. It is a sense of loss of routine. It is the bitterness biting into the pleasure of the break. It happened just this week July 4. It almost sent him into a depressive spiral.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

The pool

Today Jonny went to the pool. Oops here comes Angelina. No privacy around here. Jonny is up to Balam parsha. This is important because it is the basis of the Ma Tovooh prayer. Also it is page 505 of TC is where he is at. Hashem knows who Angelina is talking to. Jonny found a Burns Park efficiency for her for $500. Will she call about it. Jonny unfortunately stayed up too late looking at rings online. It is always something. He did finish up to page 68 of PC. Lorraine was pretty badly behaved at the pool. She didn't get a snack. Then she had a fit and screamed. This made it hard for Jonny to drive with Jesse and Alberta in the car too. Four kids is a tight squeeze for an Altima. He has to go do his nasal irrigation now. He slept a bit at Fuller pool. Probably got too much sun. It was pretty hot today. Jonny went to Wendy's and ordered four dollar fries and four dollar nuggets. Then Lorraine screamed so he said forget it and drove away.

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Finished books

It was a good enough 4 day week. Jonny finished some books. He finished Sea Without a Shore or whatever it was 498 page and then Lorraine picked out You Only Die Twice and he finished that tonight. 352 pages. Most of the day Jesse, Jonny, Angelina and Alberta were at Birch Run shopping. Jonny is still 2 parsha behind. He is on the part where Moses is condemend to death because of striking the rock etc. Jonny did get jeans at Vanity Fair and Levi outlet. Angelina said Levi fit you better. They tried to get Jesse to sleep on the way there and on the way back but no luck. Lorraine was at a friend's house. Jonny picked her up at around 10:30 PM. No luck with the Wild Turkey drink recipes either. Instead he made a Kentucky screwdriver. He closed 3 cases at work and has 5 open cases now. Ray had less during the week so he was in the CAT and Ricco didn't put Jonny in the CAT. Now they both are. But it was such a slow week. Jonny is making some progress on PC about page 50. And he is on page 375 of XML. He is planning to install that Oracle testing software on his ABL laptop and start working on that certificate. Next he applied for three UM jobs and will do another 3 or more on Monday night.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Angelina was right

Jonny isn't sure what she was right about but it was probably true. He spent most of his free time tonight looking for apartment for rent. Perhaps she and the kids can live in an apartment while Jonny lives in the house. This was she can live closer to Ann Arbor while they try to sell this house. Crazy idea? Today at Ricco questioned Jonny about coming in late for the third day in a row. Earlier in the week Jonny got a perfect survey and Ricco said you got it right even when you got it wrong. Ricco put Ray in the case allocation tool but not Jonny. Tonight Jonny was reading some TC. He caught up to the parsh entitled Law. Earlier in the night he had some wild turkey. He closed two cases today. He applied for 3 more jobs last night. That party in Burns Park was wild. They had black and toad beer and it was just so awesome. Also Jonny emailed his friend Laurence at work. Jonny bought Harvey a sandwhich from Quiznos because he had to meet Angelina and the banker and the realtor for a meeting to discuss what to do. They had a showing today so maybe it sold.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Feels like the fourth of July

Jonny took notes again of his day. Late again. Forgot dental floss. No work tomorrow. Bike ride ? Grade paper. In the ready mode from 9-12. Then it got quiet. So quiet. Ray wanted a sandwhich to break to boredom at 10:10. Douglas W showed Jonny the Koran. Jonny showed Douglas W the chabad web site. Then he searched for Koran. There was no library listing. There were some essays. Later Jonny got a call from a dollar store. They said they were down. Jonny said they weren't down. No sense arguing with the customer even though they were wrong. Lots of fireworks outside. Jonny got to leave work early about 30 whole minutes. He took a nap instead. Then he read a book. Now he is on page 92 of You Only Die Twice. He received an email from Laurence today. Laurence bought a new car an audi and is letting his wife drive the F150. She is a little Chinese immigrant barely vocal in English and just learning to drive in her 30's. But Laurence said to send his resume to Olegar absolutely. Jonny accidentally forgot to include Richard and Nancy in his Bat Mitzvah list. He called Elizabeth this morning on the way to work. Angelina just said the whole house needs to be vacuumed again. He sent the list to Wendell. So he called and left another voice mail.

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Monday, July 02, 2007


Today was the first day Jonny had no Franklin Planner. He took notes. Good news no customers calling today. Forgot dental floss. Left badge at desk. Another coworker let him in. Ricco said to check the do not support list. Case 39 need file from another computer to test with. Case 78 on vacation. Case 66 not on vacation but another worker is. Case 31 waiting for files from customer sent a reminder email. Case 81 waiting for a response. He asked Anglinea if Bat Mitzvah includes kids. It does. So he made a list with 34 relatives and friends of his parents. His computer was slow. At 9:54 he was choking and gagging too much. Hadn't heard from Angelina at all. He left a vm for case 39. Then he rode 5.5 miles in 32 minutes. He got a case on the ready mode case 57. But this guy has a firewall issue and left the case open. Jonny is still on page 251 of XML. He got some new email about a spark programmer's meeting outside of work some kind of computer club. He emailed click fm because he can't chat on their website. He emailed Wendell about the Bat Mitzvah and got no reply. He called Elizabeth on the way to work. He made Harvey a sandwhich. Olegar and Ray are on vacation. Angelina wants to meet with a banker about buying a house before selling the one their in now. His customer from case 66 called about someone else's case 58. Jonny talked to him for 1.5 hours and closed the case. It was one of the Ohio guys whos case he closed for him. Tonight was a three hour softball game for Lorraine. Jonny had a work sample interview. After that he got to the game and saw most of it. 

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Conjoined twins

Jonny was watching conjoined twins on tv tonight. It was so weird. The girls had two head right near each other. Any way this has been a usual weekend. Angelina hid all Jonny's books. They went to the pool Lorraine, Jonny, Jesse and Lorraine's friend. It was not that hot so Jonny was shivering most of the time. He is on page 35 of the Edna book and the PC book. But about 35 pages behind the rest of the jews in the world. He just had a shot of wild turkey. Angelina finally bought a 12-pack of Samuel Adams Summer Ale combo but that means Jonny just put one beer in the downstairs fridge an hour ago and it is quite cool yet. The combo has two Summer ale which are just fine and 5 other pairs of weird Samuel Adams Summer ales. He plans to get up early for the first time going to work at 8 AM. He was reading in the paper today about all the suffering in the world. So sad the degradation of women. The arabs with their honor killing of their own family members. Then in Africa the fetish priests where kids are donated into sex slavery for their whole lives. It just makes Jonny sick.

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It is exactly midnight. Today was a usual Saturday. Angelina went shopping. Alberta went to a friend's house. Lorraine and Jesse went with Angelina. Jonny stayed home and mowed the grass. At work he finally finished the novel SWS. Now it is midnight and the moon is full. Jonny is about two parshas behind in TC. He is up to page 30 of Presidential Courage a non-fiction PC for short. At work he got his first P1 call from Holland. He also started a new book called you You Only Die Twice by Edna somebody. Also called YODT for short. Everyone is asleep now. Jonny has been snacking all night. The neighbors are lighting off really loud fireworks. One customer wants to manually do a functional acknowledgement. But then later she said she wanted to manually acknowledge a functional acknowledgement. Everyone else at work seems to know exactly what to do but Jonny he is clueless. He wrote 4 thank you letter tonight for the people who interviewed him for a job he didn't get on a Monday interview.

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