The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Jonny finished reading Wicked and it was 406 pages. Now he is on page 12 of Blood is the Sky. The book is telling how to make a log cabin.

Today Jonny listened to the parsha discussion for Tzav.

His lap top died. So he bought a new one.

Jonny is working on a data warehouse. He is moving data from Sybase to Oracle. One table at a time. The goal is to get 15 tables over there so the data can be queried.

Angelina started working again. She isn't supposed to be driving for another 2 months. She had a physical therapy appointment and it ran over. It will take them 2 hours to complete the initial processing. They only had 1 hour budgeted for this.

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