The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Today I am tired. I had two 16 ounce cups of coffee and finally woke up a bit. I forgot to take my folder I use to cover my Harry Potter book. It has my name on it and its a simple manilla folder.

My back hurts. Last night I took two 600 mg of motrin about 3 hours a part. I did this again today. I can take four in one 24 hour period. So no more motrin until after 9 PM. I will try and remember to do back exercises. This is the non-medicine way to fix it.

Every couple of days I feel like my life has a new theme. I can only recall the old theme, there were others. Then one day the theme ends and a new theme takes its place. Right now the theme is I am a midwesterner. I have lived here for 15 years. I guess this makes me a midwesterner.

Last night we went to חנוכה on ice. This was at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube. And the event was put on by Chabad of Ann Arbor. It was very nice to be around so many Jewish people.

This morning I forgot to drink the orange juice I left here at work. I had my usual breakfast two nutragrain bars. For lunch kosher salami sandwhich. For dinner it will be tortillas.

I really like reading. I am also reading Gunslinger. The book is very exciting. Haven't watched any movies for awhile. Up to page 64 of the JAVA training book. It is a quick read. It is mostly power point. I also read the introduction to Torah Commentary. His philosphy is to ask the unasked questions. Who tells Pharaoh about the dream in this weeks parsha. Friedman asks its unclear is it G-d or is it the dream. To me its both no problem here. I love unsolved problems. Rashi mentions them all the time. Once in a math class we did presentations on unsolved math problems.

Over the weekend played with the kids, and did the kids schoolwork. L reads. R has a science project. Z makes messes and does puzzles. S yells and I try to relax. Stressing out over my brother's wedding.

Friday, December 23, 2005


I am so happy I got the linux working on R's computer. Wednesday was the Chanukah festival for R's school. I am around page 200 of Gunslinger. Started reading KO's Java materials and his meticulous notes. I found a really cool web page. Its got a chasidic bent to it and a blog for parsha materials. I read this weeks parsha commentary on it. I haven't played fantasy football in weeks. Last night I did my 60 situps and my hand weights.

Ahh I found it

http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-K4YTeu08fq.ocfoO5AOqCqw- is the blog the dash is part of it

is her web page


I plan to add it to my links

Lately been planning a trip to San Diego for a weekend. My brother is getting married. The details can be tricky. Here is an example of a heated email exchange between me and S.

Question #1) You want to know how were getting from the airport.
Answer pixies carry us to the airport maybe the pixies can carry us from the airport

Question #2) Is the wedding at a hotel
Answer you need to know this so you can throw up and stay at another hotel instead of your first hotel

Question #3) You need to find out from your ding bat brother is there a dinner before or any other activities
Answer this is the last supper like Jesus Christ Himself had, and my brother is not a ding bat

Question #4) Where are we staying
Answer in a tent of course this is an event from my side of the family

Question #5) How dressing
Answer Italian maybe Ceaser

OK you got your answers now buy the tickets

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


It is Tuesday already and I've not posted since Thursday or Friday. I am up to around page 120 in Gunslinger. I started reading the introduction to Torah Commentary. It sounds to be quite promising. Tonight I take R to basketball practice. I'm having a bit of trouble at work with testing this report. The development environment is not set up the same as the production environment. It made me so upset I ate all these chips. Now I feel even sicker and then I plan to drink all this old stale coffee I have sitting here. R has been spening lots of time asking me about Harry Potter. I am up to around page 300 in the Order of the Phoenix. My boss went to a JAVA training so I plan to read some of his materials from the training. I really wanted to leave early. The problem is I can't seem to get my work finished. Done is another one of those words I try to avoid. Completed or finished sounds so much more professional. My soccer mom friend wasn't there for the soccer practice. She is the one who loaned me the book Gunslinger. She is the only Jewish person besides our family on the soccer team. The IS DBA told me to give them 1/2 an hour to get the tables copied over. Since Susan wasn't there for me to talk to I called my parents and talked to them the entire time I was at the soccer practice. She sat by me at the game though. Only for a little while though. She must have had other people she needed to talk to also. I have been working with L on her reading. She is a really good reader. Z went to see his Urologist today. I won't mention the name again I mentioned in a much earlier post. I find my posts show up in google searches. Hopefully these blog entries are entertaining enough for my beloved audience.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Test Day

There are more than ten minutes left until class starts. I already passed out the test 15 minutes early to the 5 people already here. I am almost completed with the book Quiddictch through the ages. 4 more pages to go. I even made some progress in Linux last night. All I need now is the dial program. It is something like pppd no it is not. Maybe it is dial. No wait I'll figure it out. At work I got a support issue to deal with. Do you like how I just go on and on in one long paragraph, never stopping. Made some progress in Gunslinger. At home for lunch I was on page 45 in both books. Later during the exam I'll read a couple of chapter of Harry Potter. The girl in the front row said the typing is anoying. I am getting psyched for the new class Intro to Computers. The real title is something else, I like this title Intro to Computer, what it used to be called. It is really difficult for me to write. Almost a bizare sense of challenge. I try to avoid the word but, that and other words. Now I am trying to sound positive and upbeat. I brought in orange juice and cookies for the 9:30 meeting. I am looking forward to doing more volunteer work for the School R goes to. They have articles to type up and photos to scan in. Been typing six minutes and my well is drying up. There is always more to tell. I forgot to bring my watch to school. Do I really need it. Oops another student walked in. Did not read any good blogs today. I went home for lunch and this was enough screwing around. Tomorrow we have a gift exchange. I love it. Many people are out for this JAVA training. I am glad. Its quiet and I feel needed at work. We had a nice hot dog dinner. There was a bit of screaming. Isn't there always. Later I was reading with L and we never quite got settled. I am so thirsty the water is just out of reach. I had to snow blow the snow when I got home. I saw R. She disappeared when I got home. She went sledding and I had to go and pick her up. S was was pretty mad with her. Then Z got hit by the door because L wanted me to sit in a particular spot. Eventually R went back to her homework and L had to read with S. I was looking forward to quizing L on the chapter. S said once a week I can come home and see Z at lunch time like today. Z and I were dancing around to Aerosmith and other songs on the radio. There was 5 inches of snow. No school cancellations. OK my ten minutes are up. I am also trying to skip the word should. Replace should with expect. Avoid the word that and rewrite sentences like those with but in them. Use of the word but takes away the positive emphasis of a sentence. OK now everyone is here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holiday Party

Our whole company is having a holiday party in 90 minutes. I do have a few things I have to take care of before then. Tomorrow, I have to stay home for lunch for an hour so the dogs don't get lonely. Here at work I am working on a member materials report. I woke up at 5:30 from a bad dream. I was taking all the popular girls out to a movie on a Sunday and Tom was taking them out on a Friday. Then this morning I wanted to buy breakfast for our weekly meeting. I found out the meeting is on Thursday's and the meeting is tomorrow. Ha ha. I got chocolate chip cookies at Kroger's and brought Tropicana Orange Juice from home. Tom is so lucky he gets to review DS for his performance. Hopefully this means DS won't do my review. On the way to work R chanted the Torah. Two nights ago I was working on linux on R's computer. I am trying to get this pctel program to work. It worked before and its not working now. I have been trying to get this Evolution Benefits program to get moved to prodution with the fix I made. Also the partnership health data is kinda stuck. Tonight I give a window operating system test on chapters 11 and 12.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Well I spent the last 10 minutes reading some blogs. I like reading who reads me. Look at the sitemeter at the bottom and it tells some information. I was reading http://ecined.blogspot.com/ the ditsy chick. I don't know if they read me or not. All I know is they read the ditsy site then read mine. Today I went to the dentist. I also went to a saline study. It will help with my post nasal drip. S called me a couple of times already. I called her back and said she way bothering me too much at work. And now look at me. R chanted Torah to me in the car. Then I napped at the dentist office. Tonight Michael comes back from Bay City and S is making stiry fry chicken with double vegetables since we have more people, 6 instead of 5. You never know how much some people will eat. There I just got some coffee. My first cup of the day, this late. I walked with the ladies. Before walking I had lunch. A roast beef sandwich with the lettuce as my milk and meat barrier. I try not to screw around at work except, taking a break with Tom to watch him smoke tobacco.

Wow I just discovered the spell checker. Sandwich and tobacco just got fixed and I am spelling them correctly now. Other ways to screw around, come in late, leave early, talk on the phone, get a drink of water, bring a book to read in the bathroom, make a second trip back to the other end of the building to brush my teeth. I am listening to radi-yo.co.il the Israeli hip hop radio station.

Bernie called again about the partnership health data. Its really dead here since so many people are out for training. I think I'll drink this coffee and take a nap, just kidding. Other ways to screw around are walking around talking to people or reading internet sites. I almost never play fantasy football. I don't even know who is on my team. The quiditch book is getting interesting the jokes are really funny.

Tonight is the last class before the test in the programming C++ class. Michael is spending the night at our house. Tonight is the first night of R's new basketball league and she is on the Burns Park team.

Monday, December 12, 2005


I figured out how to get the time to show up while I am typing. There is a button at the bottom. It says Post and Comment Options. Other bloggers using blogger.com will know what I am talking about. I am now reading three books at once, not counting Visual Basic, since its non-fiction. One is a comic relief fundraiser called quiditch. This is a Harry Potter add on book. Its got the same author under a funny pen name. All proceeds go to charity so I highly recommend it, of course to Harry Potter fans. There is another book in the series called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. I have it also. The other two books I am reading are Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix. It is book 5 in the series. Finally I started a Steven King series called Gunslinger. He is suck a great author, only the books get me too scared. This one is Steven King's answer to the Lord of the Rings. Yesterday S's brother Michael came to visit for R's birthday party. He is in Michigan on business. Last night he drove to his hotel in Bay City after dinner we went to Red Robin. I walked with the ladies again at lunch time today. We sold the book Working with Emotional Intelligence. I took it to the post office. No bosses today and no Tom. Haven't gotten much accomplished. I fell asleep in my car at 8:30. Today there was a design meeting for a project I designed. Over the weekend R had soccer practice at 9, a basketball game at 9:45, a basketball game end of season combined with girl scouts bowling outing from 11 to 2 and a soccer game at 2. She had to skip the soccer game, cut the party short and arrive late to the basketball game. Unfortunately there was a misscommunication and R and I thought the game was at 11. So we deliberately went slow and then found out by many cell phone conversations the game was long over. We didn't even get the medal since the coach wasn't yet at the party. R had to go home and work on her Milton Hershey report. Her birthday party was a gym party with the gym teacher running it. R was mad at me since I didn't work on her linux box. I was up till 1 getting a test ready, wrapping a package (sold book) and cleaning up the toys since R never does it. R does chant the Torah to me in the car. Ok 15 minutes are up. Someone came to ask me a question too.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday afternoon

Not much happening here. I'm working on ten different things at work and getting nothing accomplished. Earlier I walked around the block. It was difficult because there is so much snow. It wasn't difficult to get to work. I feel tired all the time. Sometimes my postnasal drip is bothering me. I worked with Bill some of the day on the EFT electronic funds transfer requirements document. I finished my time tracking. I finished a design document so we can have a meeting about it Monday at 9:30. I was reading an interesting blog yesterday. The person is not Jewish. They are Catholic and suffered through two bad marriages. http://sakeofsanity.blogspot.com/

S just called she wants to know what I want from Applebee's. This will be dinner tonight. Later I have to snowblow the driveway. So I'm trying to find the menu. I am up to page 199 of Harry Potter book 5. Of course I found it under the food nearby. Only I am getting the food at the one near the house instead of the one near the office. Now I have to choose and item. Also I need to check a program into production. I have to grant rights to a role for the table I made in Oracle for the partnership health project. I had to go to Busch's to get S some grapes and strawberry's. Also that costs $8, wow that was a lot. I sold three books this week and mailed all the package. One was Sleeping Beauty the VHS, which S bought about ten years ago before we even had kids. We now have the DVD. Earlier this week my back was hurting. And I was having a problem with too much static cling. On Monday I was rushed and forgot my vitamins. The kids didn't have school today. Z went to daycare anyway. I have written enough for one day.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Walk around the block

For the fourth day in a row, I went for a walk around the block. And today Karen and I were the only ones to walk. She is not the same Karen as in the IS department. Karen is a pretty common name. For lunch I had left over Chinese food. After the basketball game I went to this restaurant called Szechuan West. We got take out food. I got the leftovers for lunch. Last night I had the last of the gelfilte fish. My boss is going to be gone for the next 6 days. Yeah so tonight L has a friendship concert. I have to start class late so I can see the concert. The students won't mind. Last night I was reading the Vayitzei parsha. This is very important because Jacob invents the evening service, finds his first cousin's as a possible wife, and discovers the future site of the temple and Jerusalem. R is almost finished with her Milton Hershey report and soon we have to get cracking on this science experiment. It has been really cold here. I think I am finally completed with all @bovehealth projects for work. At work we had our weekly claims payable amisys advance meeting. Next week with so many people in the IS department gone its going to be interesting. They are going to a JAVA training. Now I need to email Bernie from the data warehouse and tell her some important information about the Partnership Health Drug data program. In school I got an email sent to blackboard so they can give me an account so I can set up all my students for the Winter Semester.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Gelfilte Fish

Sorry I haven't written in so long. I made a Jewish delicacy on Monday night -- Gelfilte Fish. I used one tenth of a pound of walleye, one tenth of a pound of red snapper and three tenths of a pound of whitefish. The store Hiller's will grind the fish for you. They were a little taken aback because of the small quantity. It costs me $6 and when it was complete the man said only one third of a pound of fish was left. The manager told me the grinder eats up part of the fish.

Where is the post at time? This used to be at the bottom of the posting options. I try to write for ten minutes and this gives me an indicator of when ten minutes are up.

I finished the books Ultimatum and French Connection. Now I am past page 100 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. At work I was getting really sleepy. As a matter of fact I was falling asleep and the phone woke me up. For the last three days I have gone for a walk at lunch time. Last night for dinner I was so hungry. S was making her usual stir fry chicken with cashews. Every time I went near the stove I took a handful of the nuts and put them into my mouth.
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