The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today Jonny has a back ache from dealing with Penny Fuller. He talked to Lea on the phone. Jonny said Lea is lucky she doesn't deal with politics. His mentor said to get thicker skin. She isn't worried about her job. Jonny is.

Jonny is up to page 387 of Blue Blood. Ironically all they talk about is politics on the job. The seargent did this. The Captain ripped up his warrant and the seargent, was probably in on it.

Today Jonny had a slow start.

8:40 dropped off Jesse at school
8:50 dropped off some papers for Alberta at school
8:55 missed the bus
9:20 walked to work
9:30 school email
9:40 print handouts for school
9:50 bathroom, shave, brush and floss

Jonny forgot the buritto part of his lunch today too.

Wanda is still in the hospital.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today is busy. Yesterday was busy. Thus the blog entries are short and few between. Hopefully the twitter updates are useful.

Jonny has a meeting at the Bee Hive today. Angelina has suggested that when it is over Jonny come home and take a nap. What a fantastic idea. The meeting is a Techno Talk. It sounds super boring and it probably will be. The talk begins at 2PM. Jonny has to take the bus to his car and eat lunch.

All day he has been battling with Penny Fuller. Here comes another email from her. Rob doesn't seem to mind. He is really Jonny's boss so it's all good.

Last night Jonny got the chance to hang with Jesse. Jonny rode his bike and got home in time to play up in Jesse's room. They started on money changing homework at 5:30 PM and around 6 ish finally finished. Then they went to the Circle K and got some new Propane for around $23.99. Then Jonny grilled chicken and walked the dog. Angelina helped. Lorraine and Jesse walked too. Then Jonny had some Jack Daniels.

Later he cleaned the grill and the kitchen. Next he listened to Lorraine play the violin. He supervised Alberta on the facebook. She was supposed to be doing real homework. Later Angelina and Jonny watched Without A Trace. Sunday they watched Cold Case.

Jonny just ate lunch and finished a book. Winter of the Wolf Moon was 296 pages. The next in the series if The Hunting Wind


Monday, October 26, 2009


Been a long time since the last blog. Have you readers noticed, that Jonny has added a twitter? Yes the twitter is down the right side margin. It is just past the archives. The intent was in case there are no blogs, Jonny will update what he is doing. Right now he is listening to Lech Lecha parsha discussion. In a few minutes he will brush, floss and put on the music. He listens to gglz. That is some Israeli station. Galga Galga Zed. The play that Black Eyed Peas song, Meet me halfway. Jonny is kinda bored and lonely here in his job and office. He made the rounds and talked to a few people. Then he ate lunch. He just got off the phone with Dabney Coleman and the got around to discussing hard alcohol. Jonny picked up a bottle of Jack Daniels over the weekend. Dabney mentioned he keep a bottle of brandy behind his fire pit. Jonny is up to page 360 of Blue Blood. He is up to page 185 of Winter of the Wolf Moon. He has been focusing on that police book so he can turn it over to his neighbor. He is also still on the 4th CD of the Philosphy of Power. It is so pitifully boring he only half listens to it. In other news Wanda Lee Evans got really sick. Angelina was crying about it. Jesse and Jonny accidentally discovered she was in the hospital. They were fooling around calling people. Jonny thought he called the home number. She never answers the cell. So she said "the're giving me these drugs that slur my speech". Jesse couldn't understand her. She was on speaker and neither father nor son could make it out. 4 hours later Mitchell Nguyen-McCormich called Angelina. He went from Philadelphia to the state capital. He found her in the hospital. Mitchell spent the night with Thomas Hill and Sanrda Bullock. They were all shocked that Angelina didn't know her own mother was in the hospital. But Jonny told her, your mom sounds really sick. Only Jonny didn't know she was in the hospital. The call only lasted 5 minutes. Jesse was trying to do some kind of homework where you call older relatives to ask what life was like. There was no Bar Mitzvah over the weekend.


Friday, October 16, 2009


Jonny just wrote an old diary entry. The link to it is here.

After reading that Jonny is ready for happy hour.

Jonny is reading page 70 Winter of the Wolf Man by Steve Hamilton. Since he has started chapter 6 he decided to read page 164 of Blue Blood by Edward Conlon. He is only on chapter 5 and thus the desire to catch up in this book over the other book. He is still on CD 2 of Machiavelli.

Also at work Robert Schneider told Jonny that Penny Fuller felt that Jonny was letting the Research Department's needs go ignored.

Strike another blow for happy hour.

Alberta has a soccer game. Jonny will need to wear long john underwear. Thanks for sharing.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

forgetting stuff

Jesse and Jonny were vacuuming the basement. Jonny found another one of those recycled gray pencils, that no one likes. He forgot to take it to work today. Angelina wanted Jonny to fax her timesheet. Jonny would have to go to Rob Schneider's office to do that. Doesn't matter he forgot to bring it to work. In addition, Jonny felt it was time to get a new toothbrush for his Hilton Hotel office. But he forgot that too. Jonny did shave today at his Hilton Hotel bathroom. But the blade is getting dull. He is out of blades and forgot to bring more to work. Lastly he found out the square footage of their house. It is 1900 square feet, per Angelina. Jonny posted on Zillow a question about the zestimate. He wants to know how come the price hasn't been going up like all the other houses on the street. There Jonny just did the stretching exercises from his computer's reminder program.

Just for fun Jonny has been keeping a log of what he has been doing at work.

9:12 turning on heat
9:26 set clock
9:34 picked a scab
9:43 drinking water
9:46 sneezed
9:53 shaved
12:05 coffee


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

nightmare about tech support

Jonny is very tired today. This is because, Jesse wet the bed. Jonny let him sleep between Angelina and Jonny. After a few hours, Jonny suffered from extreme cold sweat induced panic dreams which were clostrophic induced from the extra bed fellow. He got up at around 5 am to pee and air dry. As his eyes adjusted to the light he cleared the bottom bunk in Jesse's room. It was coated with Angelina's small boy size 7 child clothing warehouse. And it also had Alberta's former electronics collection. Jesse inherited his big sister's discarded stuff over 2 years ago. It moved with the furniture to the new house.

He is listening to the parsha Bereshis while blogging. Today he learned about the aleph. This letter complained about the choice of first letter in the Torah. The aleph was paid back by being the first letter in the 10 commandments. As you know the 10 commandments is called the Aseres Hadibros. This doesn't start with an Aleph. No the first one starts with the word Anochi. As you know the word in Hebrew Anee means I. But sometimes the word Anochi also means I?
Despite all lack of feedback, he decided to write another old diary entry. The link is here for a job interview posting from Thursday June 1994. Among the job interview account is an interesting new character, Mickey Jones. Of course he is captured from the secondary cast in the 1993 Beverly Hillbillies. Ahh to relive old memories of job hunting and small claims court.

Speaking of memories, Jonny's dream is on a course to become a new 20 year nightmare. He basically dreamt he was back at the ABL. Only this time he was working for the airlines techsupport. It was just as frustrating as it was between April and September of 2007. In the dream, he went crazy. He threw rubber bands. And his coworkers said, "He's really pissed look at Jonny he just told us all where to go and threw rubber bands and walked out to get fresh air." One coworker was clearly Olegar Fedoro and the other was clearly Harvey Keitel. But also the character from Cold Case (the captain) and the character from Criminal Minds (the young genius) was there too. The case had something to do with Angelina and other clueless customer service callers, calling about a free camera. There was some kind of built in credit card machine. When Jonny said slide in your card now, the caller said which card. At this point Jonny felt he completely misunderstood the content of the call. This was after keeping the caller on hold from 1:30 PM to 2:10 PM just to find the special credit card.

Jonny is up to page 48 of Winter of the Wolf Moon. He is up to page 137 of Blue Blood. He is listening, while driving, not while blogging, to Machiavelli CD 2. He picked up the new stuff at the library over the weekend. WW is the sequel to A Cold Day In Paradise. This was transferred using your tax dollars from Monroe County Library to the Ann Arbor Library. The CD well, lets just see what all the fuss is about. Hopefully Jonny doesn't fall asleep while driving.

Jonny is ready for a nap. But he must catch a bus soon. Then he has to pick up Lorraine and Jesse at Hebrew school.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Wow 735 posts already. Ever get the feeling you want to blog and then when you finally get to -- nothing?

Well today Jonny broke his flosser. He also ran out of tooth paste.

It is about 50 degrees and sunny outside, but it feels more like 40. Fortunately Jonny caught the bus this morning rather quickly. He missed one. But by the time he crossed the street he was just in time for another one. The number 4 bus is similar to the Sponge Bob episode when the main character SB is waiting for a bus. When he goes across the street to buy a candy bar they all come.

Yesterday Jonny listened to the Breshis. Rabbi Grossman was talking about Carbons. That is a Hebrew work for sacrifices. In this parsha Cain kills Abel. The foreshadowing of this even is the sacrifices the brothers brought to G-D. This parsha is of course the first one of the Torah. That is because last week Simchat Torah was celebrated. Jonny's family didn't go to the celebration Saturday night. They barely had time for dinner.

Alberta hurt her knee over the weekend from too much soccer. And Angelina is complaining about getting a therapy appointment for her.

Jonny finally finished watching the Minnesota Viking - Green Bay Packers Monday Night Football game. Brett Farve, not only led his team to victory he also got another record. He is the only player to have beaten, all 32 teams in the NFL. This wasn't possible until he left the Packers.

Today Angelina was working in the flu clinic. Jonny took Alberta, Lorraine and two other neighbor kids on the 1/2 mile drive to middle school. Later he took Jesse on the 1/2 mile drive to elementary school. Then he parked his car and caught the bus.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Simchat Torah

Today it is raining.

This morning Angelina said to Jonny "you are so fvcking lazy." He was siting on the couch in the living room with Jesse. They were watching The Fairly Odd Parents on TV. Jonny's crime was to laugh a little to loudly. To help let off steam, last night he watched Futurama. It was funny. One of the main characters Bender a robot thought he was pregnant. He and the other characters fed into that story. Bender has a large stomach and they made beer in there. While they waited for the yeast to ferment he knit sweaters. It was quite silly yet funny. He watched another show called Scrubs after he took a shower and before bed. In this Scrubs episode, the whole cast was out of the hospital. They all went to the Caribbean to celebrate the janitor getting married. This was an episode from the last season. The new season will take place in the same hospital but with almost an entirely new cast.

Tomorrow is Simchat Torah. Angelina reminded Jonny they're going to the temple to celebrate this holiday.

Yesterday Jonny called his parents. Kristina answered the phone hurriedly. Wendell and her were both scrambling to work that morning. Jonny was outside at 8 AM waiting for the bus. He was trying to confirm that they were still coming to Michigan on the weekend of November 7. Krisitina said that she was sending emails back and forth to Lorraine. She hasn't seen the girls since Alberta's bat mitvah celebration back in June of 2008.

Alberta went to a soccer game at Pioneer. So last night Jonny had to pick her up.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Yesterday Jonny went to the consult appointment for LASIK surgery. The surgery will cost $1900 per eye. Jonny is a candidate. They already paid $95 for the consult and that will be applied to the cost. The surgery is scheduled already for Monday January 4 at 1 PM.

Last week ago the city came out and ground out the stump on the front lawn by the sidewalk. Earlier this week the city came and removed the pile of mulch they left behind. Lorraine and Jesse are still scared of the mean next door neighbor. He is the one who said that Angelina was unconscionable in her actions. Even Jesse can say that word now.

Today Jonny took Jesse to school. They were about two minutes late and rode their bikes. That is much faster than walking. Today was really cold. Today was walk to school day. Alberta and her friends have been complaining about walking to the middle school in the cold. Lorraine has no problem with it. The two of them are home already. This is because there is no school this afternoon.

Last night Jonny watched part of the second quarter of the Monday Night Football game. He is up to the second quarter. In the first quarter it was tied 7-7. It was tied 0-0 most of the first quarter. Now it is tied 14-14 and is almost half time. But Jonny was getting sleepy.

Jonny is up to page 87 of Blue Blood.

He got a new britta filter for his britta pictcher at work.

Monday, October 05, 2009

wet dog

Jonny has got a bad headache and feels really sleepy. Last night he went to bed at 11:30 and Saturday night he went to bed at 1:30. Both days Jonny got up around 7AM. And both days Jonny had to clean Lucy his dog's bed. She seemed to poop in there. Jonny put down blue pads and Jonny duct taped the pads to her bed. This is because Lorraine and Jonny like to put soft blankets in her crate. But they get wet from dog pee so this way she gets a soft surface to lay on and the blankets stay dry.

Also over the weekend, Lorraine and Jonny took Lucy to the dog-o-mat. It is a really small store. This place, lets you wash the dog yourself. They also cut Lucy's nails. This was because Lorraine and Jonny figured Lucy's nails needed to be cut, very badly. They had a $1 coupon. So in the end the whole bill was $21. Somehow it always seems like the bill isn't correct. But who are they to question it.


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