The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Monday, May 24, 2010


Jonny fell asleep at work again today. It was supposed to be a short siesta.

This morning he arrived at 9 AM. At 9:15 he looked into emails pertaining to the VASE governor's meeting. 9:30 emails about meetings for the double entry of data into VASE and another system for record and verify. 9:45 was testing the VASE demographics automation. 10:00 found Jonny working on the same thing.

Over the weekend Jonny finished a book. He finished reading 355 pages of No Man's Dog. Also he went to Bay City for a soccer game. That was a 1 hour and 40 minute drive. Today he listened to the parsha Beha'aloscha. His compost bin is in full glory. Jonny's parents calle over the weekend. Jesse spoke with them for about 2 minutes before the phone call got yanked away by circumstances of the day. Jonny took a nap as soon as he got to Bay City. He had to drive 5 girls. They watched DVD's both ways. Jonny had a muscle spasm you don't want to know where. A lady in the car next to him slammed her door into his at 3 minutes to game time and woke him up. Jonny didn't need sun screen at the game. But he did over the weekend when the family did some planting. They planted broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, marigolds, various flowers. Last night Jonny helped Lorraine with homework. Last night Jonny watched some of the last Saturday Night Live for the season.

At 10:15 Jonny did the same thing he did at 10. At 10:30 he had had enough. So he walked down stairs to see Rob. He stayed there a brief 30 minutes. At 11 he relaxed and let go. 11:15 AM Jonny worked on his evaluation. Then he had lunch, then watered the plants and by 12:15 he was past out.

Jesse gave Jonny a book from his collection. This won't take long, it is a kid book. The Secrets of Droon Voyagers of the Silber Sand. A thrilling journey into Droon's Past by Tony Abbott.

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Friday, May 21, 2010


Jonny finished a book. He finished reading 493 pages of To Say Nothing of the Dog


Thursday, May 20, 2010

bike rally

Tomorrow is the Bike Rally. Jonny and Jesse are planning to go. First they will bike at 7:15 AM to the bike shop on 1200 Packard. From there a whole group will ride down Main Street to the Farmer's Market. Once there, there is free food and free coffee. The mayor will be giving a speech. There is prizes given out. Also the bike choir will play.

Jonny is listening to Naso parsha.

He is working on so many projects at work. In addition, the self-evaluations are due June 2.

Jonny fell asleep watching the Tigers play last night with a container of ranch flavored pita chips by his side. He wanted to wait for the commercial to eat them so the noise wouldn't be too loud. Next he woke up at 1AM when it was over. He started watching at 11:30 when it was supposed to be 10-1AM. It lived up to the schedule. The 11 oclock news man said the game was tied 0-0 in the 7th inning. Jonny tuned in and within 5 minutes the Detroit team got a Home run. Then the opponent team pulled their pitcher out. He was sick with the flu.

In the book front page 484 To Say Nothing of the Dog
page 264 No Man's Dog.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

slow computers, book club

Jonny took a nap today. His headache was so intense.

He went to the Q street book club meeting. They were discussing The Count of Monty Christo. The wine gave Jonny a hang over the next morning. He kept thinking all week the book was called The Count Monty Christo of Monte Carlo. But that wasn't really the title.

Jonny was checking if VASE was running this morning. So that meant a lot of data entry. The system was running fine then it slowed down. Jonny informed tech support. He is doing this all to help the temp who we will call Gwen Verdon. Jonny had better watch some more recent movies than Cocoon. This way he can get some other actors.

Jonny found a ring at work. It is a mesh like gray silver ring, just his size. It was just sitting there in the kitchen. The other people on his floor of Hotel Hilton said to just take it.

He rode his bike today. First he had to ride with Jesse to his elementary school. Jesse's bike had a flat tire. Angelina is going to take care of that. This made Jonny really late for work.

Jonny is up to page 452 of To Say Nothing of the Dog. It is almost over and as usual, Jonny is relieved. It was only mildly entertaining. All this searching for the bishop's bird stump in the cathedral of coventry and time traveling from Oxford was so strange. Now No Man's Dog is written by a man and just exudes testosterone. It is a nice book and turn well. Jonny is on page 253. Angelina renewed it. That means Jonny is easily into the third week.


Monday, May 17, 2010


Over the weekend Jonny gave Wendell a call. Jesse was having a swim lesson. He told his father that he was spending time with his son. Wendell liked hearing that. Really though Mr Pierce only cares about one thing. "When is Jonny coming to visit? Will he be bringing Jesse? Can he bring one of the girls too?"

VASE is running slow. The new temp just emailed Jonny and asked if he was experiencing slowness too. But Jonny has been busy programming in ASP.NET.

Also over the weekend he put some varnish on the railing. It required two coats. This weekend he will probably put on a third coat.

Jonny is still reading his two books. Page 424 of To Say Nothing of the Dog. Page 236 of No Man's Dog.

Wendell was telling Jonny about his vacation. They went to a super huge bar. They had an actual bull riding area. So Jonny volunteered that in his book, there is a bull dog.

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Friday, May 14, 2010


Once again, Jonny is too tired to call this blog post anything other than Friday. He didn't do a blast in the past log either.

Jonny is on page 218 of No Man's Dog and page 400 of To Say Nothig of the Dog.

Right now he is trying to format the Event Log program. He wants it to show the Login Service menu bar nicely. So he is problem solving, debugging and formatting.

Today someone retired. So Jonny went to the party around 11:30. He didn't really need a lunch.

Because of all the rain there is a good chance the grass that Jesse and Jonny planted will grow.

Jonny is listening to Bamidar chanting. He had to pause it for a minute. The cleaning people came here to give Jonny some cleaning supplies. And then the woman decided to be nice and clean the whole bathroom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Jonny hasn't been too productive. So he figured might as well blog. He created a new character today. This is the character of Don Ameche. Easy to spell. He is from the movie Cocoon 1985. But in this story Don works with Jonny. He sets up the networks. The fake names page has been updated to include, Rob, Lea and Don. Instead of working directly for the Hotel California they work for the IT department. So technically they work for CHIT. The hospital is ACHO, you know Ann Arbor California Hotel. Ahh too much CHIT CHAT. HA HA.

Jonny contacted his mento Lea for help with ASP.NET. But her advice isn't working.

Today and Monday Jonny listened to the parsha Bamidar.

On Monday
8:30 email
8:45 mopped floor
9:00 making a list
9:15 calling about a trip to Jackson for work
9:30 fixing duplicate primarys
9:45 same
10:00 same
10:15 Angelina complaining about internet money. Work pays $75 if you use your computer internet connection to do some work. They pay $25 per month every 3 months. She wanted to know where is her internet money. It gets deposited automatically in a separate transaction from the paycheck.
10:30 fixing duplicate primarys
10:45 internet money
11:00 went to the bathroom
11:00 found out that the temp who works for Penny can't help link consults to treatments. Penny balled up the piece of paper and threw it on the floor. Can you say mature? Oh a ryhme.
11:15 reserved a car for Jackson the company car
11:30 talked to Don
11:45 emailed Angelina about internet money
12:00 fixing duplicate primarys
12:15 looking for someone to donate the D-day DVD to.

Tuesday crazy day

8:30 coffee
8:45 sharpened pencils
9:00 went to the bathroom
9:15 cleaned the bathroom
9:30 worked on the login service
9:45 found the machine log program sub pages don't have the login service on any of them
10:00 emailed Lea about this
10:15 debugging
10:30 found it
10:45 fax cover sheet for Angelina
11:00 fire alarm not a test
11:15 sent the fax
11:30 talked to Rob
11:45 made copies


Friday, May 07, 2010


Wow Jonny just talked to a woman who is dumber than Angelina. She was having trouble logging into VASE. Well he just got her straightened out. And now he is listening to classical music.

Jonny is on page 203 of No Man's Dog and
page 298 of To Say Nothing of the Dog.

Angelina called and just started yelling for no reason.

Last night Jonny watched SNL.

Today he was bored and looked up TV shows on the internet. Scrubs is done. Cold Case done. Without A Trace done too.

Last night Jonny and Jesse mowed the grass. He got the weed whacker working properly.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Today at work they had cinco de mayo celebration. So Jonny didn't have to bring a lunch. He had a couple of tacos, ground meat, beans, rice, chips, salsa and weird green juice in a slushy form. It was an attempt to make a virgin Margarita.

Jonny is up to page 294 of To Say Nothing Of the Dog. He is up to page 170 f No Man's Dog. This book just took a weird turn. The character's goose was cooked and he got out..

Jonny is tired. And he is doing everything he can to fight the need for sleep.

He is listening to the parsha again. His officemate has stepped out. The headphones were giving him a muscle spasm in his ear. Jonny doesn't want to subject her to listening to the parsha. On Friday's he plays the chanting version of the Torah and doesn't feel bad about that.

Jonny feels pretty good. His grass is really starting to grow.

The network guys want him to make a SQL-SERVER database using Visual Studio .NET. Right now he is deleting some duplicate records and filing emails.

He rode his bike today. There is construction so he has to take some kind of detour.

On this tape he talks about...Is the Mitzvah of Shabbs to rest because we are tired...No. Rabbi Akiva wrote the Zohar. 24,00 Tamiden died. Also this is the Behar portion. The Pesach Shayne is discussed. La B'mer always happens around this time. The Pesach Shayne is first discussed in portion Bamidar. You can never sell land in Israel.

Last night Angelina and Jonny watched Criminal Minds. It was a new episode. Later Jonny watched SNL.

Jonny managed to struggle through his wakefulessness to make this entry about his Master's thesis back in 1994.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Jonny took a pre-lunch nap. At this moment his officemate has gone off to a meeting. He is busy trying to get his ASP.NET program to go up a level. Everything else in his work an personal life is in turmoil. Last night Angelina was tired so she retired early. Of course Jonny used the opportunity to relax and stay up late. He did work on school work last night so the break was deserved. He is getting sleepy just now thinking of it. Jonny was awakened at noon to Angelina's cell phone call. She got the Black Nissan Altima out of bondage for a mere $882. Jonny was afraid last night that his favorite Scrubs episode would be erased soon. This was justified because AT&T U-verse said it was about to be erased. So he watched SNL which was in the same situation. He stopped at 11 and didn't finish. He did do stretching, hand weights and situps at the first act. Then he realized it was the song Tick Tock. After that he turned off the TV. So he is three days in a row of doing stretching, hand weights and situps while watching TV. That is impressive. After work he had part 2 of the 6 part bud-lite lime outrageously priced $7.99 beer. The family prepared hamburgers on the gas grill. Jonny listened to the parsha today. Jesse had his appointment and everything is fine. He needs to up his miralax. Angelina lowered it and his system got all backed up.

Jonny listened to the parsha of Bechukotai and then listened for the second time this week to the parsha of Behar. His program is giving him fits so he turned it off at the halfway point. He learned that some people repent on Yom Kippur and then commit the same sin later in the year. There are 5 places where Yacov is written with a vov. Safer Vayigrash is it's own book. Some people have that theory.

Jonny is on page 278 of To Say Nohing of The Dog, and on page 169 of No Man's Dog.

The network people are bugging him for a .NET solution to their forms based authentication problem of sharepoint. Jonny has no idea how to do that. He has a plan to get them to do it and to stop bugging him to do something that only they know how to do.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

too tired Tuesday

Jonny was too tired to blog today. So he took a nap instead. He should be using twitter but he forgot his password. Angelina is bringing him down. They watched the Cold Case season finale last night together. She is complaining about the lack of health insurance coverage. They have coverage but not for a well visit lab test. The cost will be $275. Also sick things costing money is going to be the cost of fixing Jonny's car. It needs a whole bunch of work. Angelina got a loaner car.

Jonny has to start working on the new semester already.

He is up to page 276 of To Say Nothing of the Dog. He is up to page 134 of No Man's Dog.

Angelina is going to get Jesse an x-ray for his stomach. He is full of shit. But it is better to verify that then to not know.


Monday, May 03, 2010

boring Monday in the mid-west

A lot has happened in the boring Mid-west world of Jonny Lee Miller since Thursday. On Friday he rode his bicyle about 15 miles. Over the weekend he bicycled with Jesse to Jesse's swim lessons. Also over the weekend he watched Alberta's soccer game. Jonny took a short nap in the car right before the game started. He has been reading his books. He is on page 115 of No Man's Dog. The just said the title of the book in conversation on page 115. Jonny is up to page 252 of To Say Nothing of the Dog. Jesse had science olympics over the weekend too. Alberta had two soccer games. Lorraine did some babysitting. Angelina grilled fish on the gas grill. Jonny didn't go to services. Jesse didn't go to his soccer game, it was cancelled on account of a super thunder storm. Angelina and Jonny watched Criminal Minds and Cold Case over the weekend.

This week's parsha is a double. The parsha is Behar and Bchukotai. Jonny listened to Behar. Lag B'Omer is coming up is what he got out of that. People couldn't bring the carbon pesach today because they had a mace. They complained to Moshe. They are supposed to rest after the 7th year of planting.

Angelina called about the car. She is gonna get her Daddy to pay for it. Something close to $1000 for brakes, tires, oil change and a rachet out of place on the under body. The hitch might have to wait as that is another expenditure.

Lorraine went to a birthday party at the bowling alley which is now smoke free. It is a miracle from Hashem. Jonny never would have believed that the bowling alley would be smoke-free.

It is almost 2 PM and Jonny was very sleepy. So he took a break and wrote this blog today. He rode his bicyle to work today too.

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