The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, February 26, 2010

out for lunch

Jonny has a slight cold. He drank four cups of tea.

Angelina has increase his allowance so he can go out for lunch. He went to Einstein Bros. He ordered a freshly made Chipolte salad. This was because of the cheese. Normally this reach in cooler salad would cost about $7. But Angelina insisted on keeping Jonny from a much needed nap. He bought a regular cup of "Darn Good Coffee". His lunch at $8.63 was under $10. She said he could go out to lunch 3 times a week for $20 but not if he always went to the $10 places.

Lorraine decided to pick out a book for Jonny to read. He is reading Hollywood Crows by Joseph Wambaugh. This book is starting to be a bit like Blue Blood. Jonny just finished chapter 1 and is now up to page 25. He is also up to the middle of CD 6 of Nerve Damage.

Last night around 11:30 after Angelina went to bed, Jonny started watching some DVR. The football game (71' Nebraska-Oklahoma) was gone. He finished the history of the AFL. He started watching SNL from 1/6. But the football game (2004 Rose Bowl with McChicken in it) was gone too. Then Charles Barkley was in the SNL episode. But 30 minutes of the episode was cut out because a Saturday Night football game went late. So he was about 45 minutes into and then boom. Alberta wanted to watch. Also Lorraine woke up. Since Jonny works he decided to cut his losses. The show wasn't appropriate for the psychotic - insomniac Lorriane. He had enough of the bickering between the sister that was sure to erupt. Plus he did not want to wake up the Sponge Bob Square Pants like Sandy the Squirrel hibernating version of Angelina. Of course this meant a cut in Lucy's quality dog care. She peed and pooped in her bed again last night.

Earlier today Beverly and Jonny listened to the chanting of the parsha. She can't speak much English anyway so she had no real comments. Excel is still broke on Jonny's computer for encryption purposes. And we wait. It is now 2 O Clock and Jonny returns to documenting VASE drop down lists and not sleeping. The snow keeps falling.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

getting hardly anything done

Today Jonny has the office all to himself. Lea was here and left. She is Jonny's mentor. Branden R. Morgan doesn't work at the Hilton Hotel on Thursday and Friday. Jonny was very helpful. His other officemate Beverly Polcyn doesn't speak English very well. She also didn't know how to use the voicemail. The solution was to call AT&T. They have a special help line setup just for ACHO. Recall ACHO stands for Ann Arbor California Hotel.

Jonny finished a book today. The Hunting Wind, by Steve Hamilton. It was 331 pages. He started checking out AMAZON reviews. There are approximately 30 reviews of that book. Last night he wanted to savor the book a little longer. So instead of reading that book he read reviews. He finished all The Throat reviews. Also read all The Cat Who Sniffed Glue reviews. This mozilla firefox is a pain. This is because to underline, you have to edit html and then put in the less than, u, greater than, u at the beginning of the book title you want to underline. Then at the end of the book title you want to underline you need to put less than, slash, u and greater than, to close the html tag. Then switch back to compose mode in blogger.

Perhaps Jonny will continue the nap he interrupted to meet with Lea. She had to show him some programs she was working on. Jonny is her back up after all. She will be in Florida on March 10. And at that time some WBI type program will need to be tested, via a conference call.

Earlier today Jonny got bagels for Angelina. She came to the Hilton Hotel to pick them up. But Jonny hadn't even bought them yet. He had to shave and by that time she had arrived. She brought Jesse and his friend, Edie Falco's daughter.

Ahh the names again. Believe it or not Jonny tried out the excel file on another computer and it opened. This computer is corrupted. Jonny is still waiting for the help desk to fix that excel issue. So now he will have to corroborate the multiple versions of the names spreadsheet to get all the information back in psych. And also to have a good archiving system. Anyway that is the burden of a good systematizer.

According to the scheduling software, Rob is in his office for a little while longer. Jonny will have to make his daily pilgrimage to see him. Either way it is time to stop the blog for the day. From a philosophical point of view it is too vague and too detailed at the same time.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today Jonny was cleaning the bathroom of the Hilton Hotel. He looked in the mirror and decided it was time to get out the Gleam. He had just finished shaving.

Earlier it was snowing. It didn't take long for the first sirens to go off this morning. Jonny was walking Lucy. The sidewalks were icy and the ice was covered by snow. If he forgot where the frozen puddles were then he might slip.

Last night he and Angelina were unable to watch TV. None of the shows were recorded. Two nights ago they watched the last Cold Case episode. Over the weekend they watched the other Cold Case episode. They also so Without A Trace. Criminal Minds is a repeat tonight. They have the DVR set for Sunday and Monday night for more old runs of Without A Trace.

This week's parsha was Tezaveh. Jonny listened to the RG version two days in a row. The scholars say this is the first parsha without Moshe. This happens because Moshe says take me out of your book. What happened was that G-d was upset with the Israelites because of the incident with the Golden Calf. Moshe said if you will punish them then I don't want to be a part of your Torah. Since Moshe was only a little bit joking about that, this parsha is the pay back for that empty gesture. It is like ok here is what it feels like to not be a part of the Torah. Moshe's name is mentioned in every single section of the Torah from Moshe's birth to his death.

Jonny is up to page 258 of The Hunting Wind. Last night while helping Angelina with preparation for her class she is teaching, he was playing with his candle. He is still trying to recycle that last little bit of red spicy ?flavor? A candle has a scent not a flavor but that is how it goes.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Jonny has a headache. OK not an original theme. But anyway. Thanks to Cappy for reading this blog. The link to the old fake names is there on the main page, but not if you go to old links, then the side margin changes.

Jonny woke up at 4 in the morning. His head was pounding. He wanted to get some acetaminophen. But Angelina keeps that stuff in the kitchen. So Jonny waited until 6:45 to get up and take some. Around 11 AM the meds wore off. He took an ibuprofen a few minutes after lunch today. Perhaps that will help.

He worked on a referral report for you guessed it, Dolly Parton. Of course the report wouldn't open for her and it opened for Jonny. This is because of the way infomaker makes initialization files.

Jonny put in a remedy ticket request. His Excel 2007 wasn't working properly. It eats files. Cell phone, ... (2pm)

Angelina called to say that Alberta's ortho appointment at Death Valley is over already. The kids have no school this whole week.

Jonny finished The Cat Who Sniffed Glue, 278 pages. He needs to check on those AMAZON reviews. He also wants to read some more of the AMAZON reviews of The Throat. It was an amazing book, and Jonny wants to relive it a little bit more. He sometimes likes to savor a book. That is how he was feeling with The Cat Who Sniffed Glue. Right now Jonny is past page 200 of The Hunting Wind. It is amazing. It is by Steve Hamilton. He writes all about Michigan under the detective genre. Jonny wants to savor the book. In his non-reading spare time he has finally finished watching Colorado-Michigan 1994 football. And he was watching a little history of NFL show that Alberta recorded. This blog was just interrupted by a long chat with Branden about all kinds of stuff. So now it is almost time to go home.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


What a happy day? Jonny got his ironkey back. All the old files were on there. He even found some things for this blog that careful reader will remember were lost. For example. What does VASE stand for? What does ACHO stand for? This blog entry will refresh that memory. Very Adverse Serious Events. Ann Arbor California Hotel. These names are all spoofs on the real buildings and agencies in which Jonny works with. There is Death Valley. There is the Bee Hive. Lea works in Hollywood. Most of the IT folks work away from ACHO in the Bee Hive. A minor branch of the research at this esteemed hospital occurs at Death Valley. Rent is high there and soon the will be moving. The move is to a newly acquired area of land and buildings. Another company moved out of town and the owner's of the hospital purchased it for the research branch.

Today Jonny has a hang over headache. He had a Seagrams wine cooler and a Coors Light beer in a bottle. Last night. Today he is up to page 216 of The Cat Who Sniffed Glue. Earlier today he was programming in VB.NET, ASP.NET and SQL-SERVER. Lea was delegated the task of adding a check box to yeah or nay send email when the physics staff respond to a problem. This was designed to cut down on the emails.

Yesterday Jonny listened to the RG Teruma. Incidentally on his iron key he several downloads of the famous Rabbi's drash. What for, he does not know. The drive holds 4GB so why not. He also had the two Jewish book reviews he did.

Over the weekend he took Lorraine to the Saturday morning service. Jonny isn't sure if he mentioned this or not. But Max Ligosh was there too.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well after that disappointing day Tuesday with the excel spreadsheet it is hard to want to blog ever again. Plus Jonny fixed a bunch of errors on this blog. Also it was hard to think of anything to write about. At this moment, Jonny has just emerged from a nap. Branden R is coughing and clearing his throat over on the other side of the partition. He probably was wondering, why Jonny was so quiet. Angelina always gets a laugh out of that joke. Other than the fact that Jonny has listened to Terumah RG again today nothing much has happened. No but wait.

Today Jonny was sitting in the lunch room at around 11 AM. Actually he was standing, holding a Gulden's mustard. The thing flew out of his hand. Mustard went everyone. Or so he thought. Apon further inspection he discovered the 2007 expired condiment had lost its top. So it didn't crack on the base. It just cracked on the lid. So what to do. Jonny cleaned up some of the spill. Then he noticied in the refridgerator his back up mustard. It was an unpleasant looking French's mustard. So he also noticed that is was mostly empty. He proceed to pour his mustard into that container. Next he wrote in permanent marker on the container. No longer contains French's mustard, now contains Gulden's mustard plus today is 2-17-10 and my name is Miller.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Jonny's head feels like a watermellon ready to be split open. He was yelling at Jesse all morning to get ready for school. Great and now Jonny can't open the excel spreadsheet of all the fake names. It was modified on January 8, 2010 but for some reason today it won't open. It opened yesterday?

In the rush to figure out what was lost, Jonny has been trying to recover the file. He discovered a mistake in this blog. He used the character Mickey Jones incorrectly. He was once hired by Angelina for some construction work. Also Ron Howard is a former boss of Jonny's back in 1994. So Jonny apologizes to those who got the two Mikey's confused. To top it off, Jonny had spelled Mickey as Mikey by mistake. These errors have been fixed.

Ironically enough Jonny is about to find his old Iron Key. He will try and remember the password to that thing. The lab techs at school have found it. Angelina was gonna take it for him out of the supply room, but she couldn't find it.

Now Jonny figured out he spelled his own name wrong 5 times in this blog. That has been fixed.

Not much work is getting done today. Because Jonny is having too much fun fixing his blog.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Jonny is taking a break from working to write this blog. He was working on some documentation for Rob. This is a new project called the race and county person record enhancement. The data flows from the treatment database to the VASE db. But it doesn't flow for the race and county. In retrospect it would have been flexible to write the program to handle that data even if it was blank.

He completed reading The Throat. It was 697 pages. He read some reviews on AMAZON of that book after completing it. Jonny is up to CD number 3 of nerve damage. He started reading a cozy mystery called The Cat Who Sniffed Glue. He started that on the #14 on the way to work. Jesse, Lorriane and Alberta have off from school. Angelina didn't get up right away. So it made it difficult for Jonny to get up as early as usual. Therefore he caught the last bus the #14 makes. That run is at 8:47. This means Jonny was late for work. So he is feeling less and less like taking a nap at this moment.

Over the weekend Jesse's futsol was cancelled. Angelina got the dates mixed up.

Right now Branden R. and Beverly are sitting so quietly that Jonny hardly noticed they were there at all.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Yesterday Jonny was busy. He went to Jesse's school. Monday was parent involvement day. The people also called in NAPIT day. That is probably some kind of acronym for parent involvement day. They had an assembly. Jonny took the 1:26 #4 bus. He got off at Ferdon. Then he walked South 2 blocks from Washtenaw. The first block was Norway. The second block was Wells. He went the only way possible on Wells. This was another 3 long blocks to the school. Jesse opened the back door and let him in. He arrived at 1:43 pm.

Last night Lorraine couldn't sleep. She was upset about the upcoming Bat Mitzvah in Spring of 2011.

Jonny listned to the Chumash intereprations from Grossman. There was two parts. One part was part one of Mishpatim. The other part was part two of Mishpatim.

In other news, Jonny has passed page 500 of The Throat.

Friday, February 05, 2010


Today Jonny is tired. He has been coughing a lot. He is doing the usual VASE data clean up. Jonny is waiting for the administrators to run his programs. He wrote another program for them to clean up more data. It is time for Jonny's nap. Angelina got the internet working. She fixed the laptop. The computer store is ordering a new plug. They recommend using a UPS to protect the plus from now on. This can probably be purchased at Staples, relatively cheap. Jonny checked on Jesse's foo pets. Lorraine couldn't sleep last night. Lucy the dog is hanging in there. She is 16 years and 10 months old. Jonny is on page 356 of The Throat. He is on CD 2 of Nerve Damage. He still needs to look up the reviews on AMAZON of The Eight. Alberta has a soccer game over the weekend. But Angelina would rather no one in the family drive all the way to Wixom to attend this game. Oh yeah that is why Jonny is so tired. He just ate lunch and needs to make some instant coffee. It is hot in here and the officemates have left. Branden R. only seems to work M-W. The other girl works up till 11. Beverly is a very quiet Asian woman. She is a volunteer.


Thursday, February 04, 2010


Today Jonny has a hangover headache. Too much Jim Beam. Last night the lap top died. Today Angelina is having problems with the three part: internet, tv and phone courtesy of AT&T U-Verse. Jonny has all his access to the VASE db removed. So now he writes code for the development server and begs them to run it. Jonny has started a book on CD. The book is called Nerve Damage. It is by Peter Abrams. Apparently Jonny doesn't like the main character. The character is a rough person who is afraid to show his emotions.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Today is Tuesday and it is a new month. Well today is Ground Hog Day and really the second day in the month. It is really hot in Jonny's office. He is on page 308 of The Throat. He spends every waking moment helping Angelina with her class. Oh no Jonny just remembered he has to check on Jesse's pet in foopets dot com. Last night Lorraine pulled Alberta's hair. They were all teasing her about her bad grades. A, D grade in Spanish and D's on three mid-term tests. Over the weekend Jonny and Alberta watched the UM play IOWA in basketball. Alberta had a game at 8:30 PM in Wixom. While the little ones were in religious school, Jonny helped Angelina with her class. Jonny's ear is getting better. Last night Lorraine and Jonny made their lunches together. They cut up and onion that had been in the refridgerator since Wendell was in Michigan. He had purchased a three-pack, one white, one yellow, and one red. All that was left was either the white or the yellow one. Jonny was unable to restore his access to the Oracle database. He is effectively cut off. There is no real point in doing anything any more. He is a programmer who has been reduced to entering data. He identifies data that needs to be fixed and then goes in an fixes it on the GUI.


Monday, February 01, 2010


Jonny almost forgot to post a blog entry today. He was drifting in and out of consciousness all day. He elisted Angelina's help with some troublesome student emails. They were long, angry emails. She now has practice with her own students. Everyday is a waste. Today Jonny is blogging and going home. What a waste. Just go home. Thursday he slept and left. Just leave. Aside from that life for Jonny is just fantastic.

The VASE people took away his access to the database. He will get it back. He has DBA access. All he has to do is create another user and grant access to the database to that new user. Then log in as that new user. Then grant access to Jonny's account from the new user account. Then he deletes the new account. Maybe he will wait on that one. There is a duplicate patient registration meeting on Monday.

Here are some notes from the RGYISRO listening today. These are all in the form of questions. Finding the answers are left to the student. What did Yisro hear? Why did Yisro get a new title? Why is the first son called Gershom and the second son Eliazer and not the other way around? Who bowed down to who Moses or Yisro? Why did Mosha have to tell the story over again to Yisro?

Over the weekend it was a busy one. Jonny and Jesse washed Lucy at the dogomat. Also they went to Minyan. This time they drove to both places. It is bitterly cold. There were only 6 people so at 5:10 the group was dispersed. Jesse didn't count toward the total, he is 8 years old. Angelina is the problem child who would have counted toward the total, she is 14 years old. Then Jonny and Jesse went to the liqour store. Jonny got the "17 dollar" bottle of Jim Beam. He also went to Kroger's grocer. There they were on a mission to find the 20 pack of Coors Long Neck bottles. The 12 long necks and 24 packs cans were around. They weren't on sale. Angelina is a good shopper. So eventually they found the 20 pack. It was in a huge display in the bread aisle. They were going to get a rain check and they were told where to go to find the beer.

Jonny is up to page 300 of The Throat. That means he is on part 5. He left the book at home so he could catch the 7:40 bus instead of the 8:10 bus #14.

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