The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There is a link to an old diary entry. It is about more on the scam and a dream Jonny had about it.

Earlier today Jonny had lunch. He is up to page 202 of The Odyssey. Today's lunch is a roast beef sandwich on Jewish Rye bread. He doesn't know why they call it Jewish Rye bread, there is nothing Jewish about it actually. In addition, he has lettuce. He also has a slice of swiss cheese. He also has a can of coke, an apple and some pretzel sticks. He also has his apple slicer. All day he is watching the substitute teaching website for Angelina. She says if he finds her a job she will get to be more cuddly. She is lying. While he iss working he was listening to this Torah lecture. It is like being in a class, you just listen to the guy talking about the Torah. He does a new section of it each week. Jonny couldn't sleep and got up a little earlier than usual. Jonny was walking his dog Lucy right when the #5 came down Packard at around 7 AM. It swerved around a garbage truck and floored it to make the light. Good thing he didn't try to cross the road. Jonny went to Hollywood around 8 AM. Then Jonny discovered he can't find his black hand brace. Penny bought it for him. They cost about $10 mail order. Jonny is so forgetful. Jonny walked to the bus station and caught the 8:18 #2 to Hotel California Jonny almost missed it but he ran. He had to fax something for Angelina too but that had to wait. Not enough time. He made it to the cafeteria in time for Rob's staff meeting at 8:30. Then he went into that bathroom by the chapel. While he was in there someone knocked and then when Jonny was done he let this girl use it, because the women's one was occupied. She said thank you. Some lady asked Jonny if he was lost. Jonny thinks he said he was just looking around. But then he ran to the 9:46 #2 back to Hollywood. He made it. He faxed Angelina's stuff. Jonny worked a little bit, not discovering Jonny's missing black hand brace. Then he called Angelina and in less than 18 seconds told her the fax was sent. That included the ring time. Jonny thinks she was asleep. She is working this afternoon he thinks. She told him she loved him and asked if there was anything else. Jonny told her he loved her too and no there was nothing else. Then Jonny broke the connection. Jonny worked somemore on Jonny's VASE form. He is up to 128 fields.

Around 1 PM he got tired and took a nap. Now back to the forms.


Monday, April 20, 2009

better than last Monday

Today is Monday, and the day is going far better than last week. Monday is the worst day for working people. Last week on Monday Jonny had a honey do list a mile long. He got home and Angelina needed a coffee pot lid removed. Jonny stabbed himself in the hand with a fork trying to get the lid removed. Today Jonny and Rob went to Arborland Starbucks. They had a Bio Resource meeting with 3 people from the VASE software. They discussed many things and it was a good meeting. Rob and Jonny then parked their cars on Fair Oaks. They were way too early for the #4. The #4 hits South University and Washtenaw around 10:29. So they walked. They still got to the bus stop with 7 minutes to spare. They talked. It was raining. They had umbrellas. Then some weird people came across from diagonally to give them coffee. Rob thought there was a string attached. Jonny figured they were x-tian worshippers trying to get converts. Over the weekend the gardener called Jonny. Not much else happened this weekend. Alberta got sick and threw up into her trash can in her room. She slept from 12-4 in her bed on Sunday. Jonny also napped a bit. He slept from 11 to 12 and from 8 to 10. He went to sleep last night at around 12:30. And then he didn't have to get to the coffee shop until 9. But Angelina gave him a $5 to spend. Speaking of money Angelina transferred 16K from one credit card to another credit card to get a better rate. It was 12% and is now 4%. Jonny is up to page 193 of The Odyssey. Work is majorly boring but all time consuming.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Passover is over

Yeah, Passover is over. Welcome back to blogging.

cell goes off. It was Angelina. She says that Jesse's room is a mess, the yard is a mess. The bike chain on Jesse's bike fell off again. Also the toilet needs to be hot glued down to the floor. And finally the shower curtain needs to be replaced.

Today Jonny installed Excel 2007 on a doctor's computer. Obviously that is not his job. But hey he is glad to have one.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Crystal reports

That is giving Jonny a headache. He isn't feeling to up to writing emails. So here is one he just got from Wendell. Remember Richard Ziman is Jonny's brother. Wendell Pierce is his dad.

Dear Jonny,

It was great to see you on Sunday. I really enjoyed the hike.

It was a nice wedding; x and y seem to be a good match.

I hope you enjoy the two Passover cakes that I baked for you and Richard Ziman
last Friday night. One is a banana walnut cake (your favorite). The
second is called "wine and spice" cake. It is a sponge cake with
various ingredients added for flavor: kosher grape wine, cinnamon,
orange juice and 1/3 cup of ground almonds. To enhance the recipe, I
tripled the ground almonds to one full cup. I guess you can call it an
almond sponge cake with pizzazz.

Try and visit this summer.

Happy Passover,




Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New headache

Today is a new headache for Jonny. This treatment summary form has been nothing but a major headache.

Today Angelina suggested he bring in flowers for Penny. Penny took the flowers and didn't even say thank you.

Rob came down here to get Penny but he never said anything. So it looks like Jonny is off the hook.

Now he is heading back to working remotely with Lea on the aspx forms. This is for a machine log program.

Jonny is on page 94 of The Odyssey. Yesterday he read chapter 29 of Jeremiah. Only 19 more chapters to go.

Lorraine and Jesse made a rope swing in the yard.

Alberta was up late every night working on a Chinese soccer report. Then the printer broke. She couldn't use the computer because Angelina needed it to look for jobs.

Today Jonny took the number 4 bus from the bus stop. He drove to Fair Oaks and parked Angelina's van there. He accidentally couldn't start his car this morning. It was because it wasn't fully into park. On the way to work yesterday he forgot his lunch. He went to Hollywood and dealt some more with the treatment summary form. Then he went home and got his lunch.
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