The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, December 28, 2007


Jonny was sick yesterday. Now he is back at Hotel California. Jonny is taking a break from listening to Brachos 19b. He is up to page 219 of Death of a Red Heroine. Yesterday Angelina did some heavy duty shopping. Right now Jonny is working on some FTP socket programming. He feels a little better but his throat is sore. Annabella spent the night. So it had to potential to be a long and tiring night. It wasn't so bad. Annabella and Lorraine saw the movie Alvin and the Chipmonks with Annabella's dad. Later Angelina was talking to her dad Thomas Hill. Thomas suggested Jonny put some whiskey in his tea. So while she was on the phone he went out to the corner liqour store and came back with Canadian Whiskey. This cost 10.56 and he got $10 from Angelina's purse so it didn't cost too much from Jonny's allowance. He hasn't been out for lunch in a while. Oops had to edit yesterday's a while notice.

Now excerpts from page 41 of Death of a Red Heroine.

... the trail turned "deadly cold"...

...He believed that this was a correct decision...he found his mood darkening...

...was finally sent to the mortuary. And all that time Chief Inspector Chen had been celebrating

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


It doesn't feel like a Wednesday, because Jonny had Tuesday off. He ate too much snacks in the break room. If Jonny wants to get serious about losing weight he has to stop that indulgence. This blogger was used by Jonny earlier today. He was looking up the last time he read Brachos Talmud and it was 17b. So now Jonny is going to write for about 10 minutes. He did do sit ups for the first time in a while last night. Jonny had a really bad cold. So he stayed home while Angelina went out for lunch. And after doing Jonny's chores he chose to listen to Angelina and sleep for a while. Which brings up an interesting point http://www.sparknotes.com/writing/style/topic_25.html This link highlights the difference between a while and awhile. Jonny choose to bookmark this site. Here are some other links he thought interesting. http://www.grimbrothers.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/tyrannicaltwos_business.JPG this link is about changing diapers. http://www.grimbrothers.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/stevex_gstring.JPG this link was the real reason he found the link about diapers. Jonny was doing work on c sharp strings and found a comic relief cartoon above.

Jonny's tournament ranking on the stock site is 4177 and his highest ever was 134. He doesn't see how that is possible to get that high. But Jonny has gotten up to chapter 60 of Isaiah. He has progressed to chapter 16 or page 182 of The Death of a Red Heroine.

Friday, December 21, 2007

What takes so long

What takes so long for the day to go by? Jonny has been falling asleep in his chair just hoping Penny Fuller doesn't catch him. Maybe he should go upstairs and see if Rob Schneider wants to chat. Another Israeli woman who works here in Hotel California has some work for Jonny to do but. It is being held up by Penny. Lea Thompson meanwhile back at Hollywood is getting angrier and angrier that Jonny hasn't gotten back to her work. He needs to get his Data Direct working over here. Jonny has been reading a bit to pass the time. Before a late lunch he read some Dark Tower series reviews on amazon. The books were 3500 pages! He emailed a past coworker the lyrics to the black eyed peas song lets get retarded in here. He also read up to chapter 58 of Isaiah. He is up to page 87 of Death of a Red Heroine. Jonny did a bunch of work for Dolly Parton over at Hollywood all afternoon. Most of the beginning of the day was spent with a dentist appointment at 9AM. Jonny slept from 8 to 9 in the car. He had to drive Alberta to school first. Then a meeting about the Blood Bank Database again. Agh Jonny is getting sick of it. Yesterday and today he listened to the veyechi chumash lecture one hour. Then they had a pizza party over there. The rest of the day was spent working in infomaker. In the afternoon he picked up Lorraine Bracco at her friend Annabella Sciorra's house. They live right near Packard road. Then they went to BTB and got food. Two quesadillos plain $2 each, and one deluxe BTB $3 for Jonny. Not sure how to spell that particular Mexican food. Lots of other adventures in the past few days. Then they went to wait for Alberta Watson to finish her basketball practice. The girls ate their food. Lorraine screamed for Wendy's fries. They went home. Jesse Bradford was feeling sick. The night before he pooped in his pull up and traded beds with Jonny Lee Miller patriarch of the family. Jonny's new Smart Glove arrived and he is putting it to the test. Typing this blog really long. Last night he played with his candle. He made a long candle out of extra unused wax from a scented candle by using a toilet paper tube. Then he put a long metal rod through it. Next he put a wick from a Chanukah candle in it. He took a hammed and beat the wick out of the candle. He sprinkled the pieces on the other candle. The tube like candle burns awhile and then pool and the flame gets low. So Jonny blows it out and lets it get hard again.

There must have typed about 3000 characters because it was time to stretch. Not much to do here since no Data Direct installed but the yet as unnamed network characters.

Two night ago Jonny began working on applying for jobs for Angelina. But then he had to do some emergency grading for school. He is still working on grading. He then took Alberta to a soccer practice.

OK Angelina just called and she is feeling sick. So thus ends another well started out story. Much work to do over the weekend.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bored again

Yep, Jonny is bored again. Angelina says that is the nature of Hotel California - meetings. Too many meetings. Well today Jonny has no meetings. He is up to page 45 of Death of a Red Heroine and up to chapter 54 of Isaiah. He played with his candle again and stayed up too late last night. Lorraine wrote a poem about shopping with Angelina for school. Jesse loves to chase his cat Grazer. And Alberta has soccer practice tonight. The religious school is over until the end of winter break. Jonny's dogs keep crapping in the house. There was a big snow storm over the weekend. Religious school was cancelled Sunday and regular school on Monday. The department here in Hotel California gave Jonny a gift card for $75 at a store called Meijer. Jonny was feeling lazy and didn't do sit ups last night. There is absolutely no work to do yet he doesn't want to surf the internet, he wants to look busy. Because there was a big snow storm Jonny had to use his huge snow blower. The news paper got stuck inside of it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It is after 4pm and Jonny is bored out of his mind. He finished a book last night Motherless Brooklyn. Had trouble turning off the underlining. Oh no here comes another one. Well Jonny got a new monitor too. Here in Hotel California. The new book is Death of a Red Heroine by Qui Xiaolong. Why won't this underline turn off. The fonts are all messed up. What is going on??? He is up to page 30 of this one. He is also up to chapter 51 of Isaiah. It must be this monitor. Well enough of this. The monitor is driving Jonny crazy for blogging. The letters keep moving around. The letters keep moving around. Now they stopped moving around and then will they start again. Who know this is ridiculous. The weirdness seems to have stopped. But not after making Jonny look like a complete fool.


Monday, December 17, 2007

waiting for program

Right now Jonny is having his program reviewed by Lea. She and he ate at their desks today. The Hollywood conference was being used for a video conference. Jonny had enough boredom for one morning. He was falling asleep in the 10:30 meeting. That meeting occurs every Monday at 10:30. The leader decided to make it less of a snooze fest today. But it didn't work. Jonny was seeing people not in the room. He saw oranges and was generally dreaming and falling deep asleep. Lea doesn't sound like she is looking at the program anyway. Angelina called a couple of times and she is now asleep. She had a difficult dentist appointment followed by a difficult day. The description of the weekend's event usually are difficult to describe because they well just are. The kids: Alberta, Jesse and Lorraine fought and played. The played in snow and played board games and played board games with Jesse cheating and they played bored games with Jonny winning and losing. And he was falling asleep too. And he keeps coughing, more like choking a hair ball. But Jonny isn't a cat. From the book he is reading Motherless Brooklyn it sounds more like an involuntary tic. Jonny should be done by now but instead he rests on page 274 because he played with his lighter and played with his candle all weekend. Boys will be boys. He has Rabbi Grossman's chumash all queued up vayechi. But he hasn't listened to it. It has been too much of an interactive day to quietly reflect on the teachings of a Brooklyn sounding Rabbi cast off into California. Saturday's services were great. Jonny was wandering in thought reading the chumash, the very same one Alberta has as an early present from the temple. Here is why Esau is so evil. He wants you to pour food into his mouth. But why is this evil. Because he says hurry up I'll day. The reason he says this is because he wants to commit sins because he will die. Esau thanks to blogger spell checker says there is no reason to perform mitzvahs because we are all going to die. This is kinda like no need to make the bed because you are going to lie in it. After services, everyone but Angelina went to Lorraine's friend's house to pick her up. The friend isn't an actress just yet. But the mom came over after the play date. She is a real estate agent apparently. She offered advice. Guess what she told Angelina to buy carpeting. Jonny spent about 17 minutes talking to Wendell while Alberta had soccer practice. Kristina called later to wish Alberta a happy birthday. Jonny listened to the message on the voice mail this morning when he got to work. Might as well use the blogger labels capability. If the labels are of interest to the reader read the blog, skip otherwise. Jonny talked to Elizabeth. She is going on a cruise this week to the Caribbean.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Waiting for a call

Jonny is just sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. Meanwhile why does this blogger look different on the Hotel California computer than it does on the Hollywood computer? Probably the monitor is smaller here and therefore the screen letters look bigger. OK next problem. Yesterday Jonny took Alberta and Sam to Sam's house. Then Alberta and Jonny drove to their house. Tonight Alberta has a fun night from 6 to 8. Angelina has called a few times to say the least. Jonny has visited with Rob. Later he visited with Jim. Well Jonny just lost his train of thought. No at least Angelina didn't call with another interruption. She of course is no interruption. She just laughs and says oh Jonny you are just so sweet. This afternoon she has to take Lorraine to the allergist appointment and has to drag Alberta and Jesse along. Angelina was complaining about Jennifer Badger. She is the mom of the neighbors that the Miller family carpools with to Sunday school and Wednesday's and Monday's too. Today's complaint is Jennifer complained that her and her husband Bill Maul do more than their fair share of the driving. But counters Angelina I watched your bratty kids Margo Winkler and her loud mouthed brother William De Meo. Jonny is waiting for lunch time. It is 12:13 all ready. The distraction was someone came in and accidentally locked Penny's door. Then he came back with the key. Rather than give him and the other research administrators pseudo names right now Jonny has a complaint to explain. He does this stretching exercise and it always makes his left elbow pop.

Hold your left arm just above your elbow with your right hand.

As you look over your left shoulder, gently pull your elbow toward the opposite shoulder until a stretch is felt.

Hold 10 seconds.

Do both sides.

Stretches sides or shoulders, back of upper arms, and neck.

Jonny does this on the left side and then switches arms to the looking over the right shoulder and boom the left elbow cracks. Give the guy some anti arthritic medications. Finally Angelina called and now Jonny is getting hungry. Penny came and went. He told her the whole story about the locked door and she listened and left. She said her purse was in there but she had the key. So her purse wasn't really locked up after all.

Jonny is up to chapter 50 of Isaiah and upto page 190 of Motherless Brooklyn.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

figured it out

Yeah Jonny finally figured it out. The program needed to have an ansi set null in it. It had that in the initialization string but that wasn't good enough. Hmmm first time using blogger on the Hollywood computer. It is almost 5 now. Time to go pick up Alberta at school. Her and her friend Sam Douglass. Yesterday at religious school Alberta had a fit and the director happened to run into Jonny because he was there in the library reading a book waiting to pick her up. The fit was over an assignment that Alberta thought she didn't want to do. Of course everyone has a side to it. The undisputed facts are that the assignment involved picking inventions that changed the world for example the wheel. The names of the inventions were in Hebrew and Alberta could do that part of the assignment due to her extensive Hebrew training quite easily. Hmm could Jonny crank out a 50,000 word novel just for the heck of it to see if he could do it back in November? Hmmm could cause carpal tunnel. Read a post about drinking in bars on the styx blog. And well Jonny would agree why pay three times the price to drink in public? Well there are some pros to it. Instead of staying home and reading Motherless Brooklyn, page 177. Jonny has read and even witnessed people reading books in bars and another point of view. Jonny went to the ZIngermans road house for lunch. He had Chanukah brisket. But onto the point of the story is that he posed this question of the other workers there. See the head doctor bought the whole group lunch. And Jonny's lunch was easily 25 dollars. A paultry figure for NY but this is MI not New York. Finally the consensus is you can go to a bar have fun eat free food, and drink caffenated beverages. Jonny would be cheap enough to drink water and then tip a quarter. Well who knows. He was pretty sleepy today. He forgot to sell short on Merck. Just fantasy not real stock trading. Also Jonny has read chapters 48 and 49 of Isaiah when he was really bored at Hotel California.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


There were some free pickles in the lounge today of Hotel California. Jonny has a meeting to go to at 2:30. But this will be the highlight of his day for sure. Wow the last night of Hanukah has come and gone already. Lorraine and Alberta received a shared pair of DVD's Jungle book 40th edition and hold on a second there. How can that be has fourty years passed by already? The other DVD is that rat one, you are sure to have heard of it. Jonny is up to page 120 of his book. It is progressing in typical murder mystery fashion. Kinda funny how they progress that way, it was just never a genre that he felt compelled to read to a point of compulsion. Jonny's favorite authors are still Hiaasen, King and Russell. Also Richard-North Patterson with his politic books are kinda interesting. So is Grishim. They both fall into that patternism though. Angelina will be happy about the pickles for Jesse. Jesse got another little people set. He walked by it almost every day for about three months. Well the reminder for the meeting just came up. Jonny didn't even get time to open up the Excel spreadsheet with the ficitional characters names in it. He has been doing way too much internet usuage in the last 24 hours. He read some Jewish blogs too. He found out about a fight on a subway that was posted to utube. He found out about a national writers month too. Oh to write that novel about the ticket? But for what purpose? Will he be able to quit his job and become a novelist? Not likely.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Candle

Jonny was playing with his candle one too many times for Angelina's liking. She threw the thing out. He rescued it yet again. Earlier this morning by phone they had a shouting match about it. Fortunately in Hotel California Penny didn't hear it. Monday at Hollywood he was working with Lea and trying really hard to work and not blog or any other non-work related activities.

So over the weekend Jonny went with Alberta to soccer practice. She changed her clothes in the car while Jonny bought her some popcorn from the sports arena. There much better spelling of the word arena. Jonny has got to put a shout out to the blogger and the stretch ware which is due soon. It always comes up in the middle of blogging. Yes the blogger spell checker kicks yahoo's spell checker. The sermon was about this week's parsha and a little bit about Kennedy. Now who did Jonny tell this story to? Hold on time to stretch. There much better. On Sunday while waiting for Jesse to come home from Sunday school Wendell called. Jonny didn't have much to say to him. Then he asked about Jonny's job. He went on and on about the blood bank. Next he talked to Richard Ziman. Jonny's brother had a business trip near their parents. Next he talked to Kristina. On the way to soccer he called his Aunt Elizabeth Regen.

Jonny told her about Jesse's latest two CT scans. Later when Jesse talked to her he was inquiring how she knew about his health conditions. Jonny stared reading a new book recommended by Lea. It is called Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem. He is up to page 98 of this book. Today Jonny walked about a mile from the bus stop to the Hotel California. Three busses passed him but he chose the exercise over the chance to get out of the rain. Also over the weekend the family went to Mongolian Barbeque to celebrate Alberta's birthday, big number 12. It was Lorraine's choice too. Yes you don't hear much about her, ah the plight of the middle child. One of the non-work Jonny did was check his wall street stock survivor status. He watched his rating go down, down. He bought short on North West Air and Disney. He also bought short on Pulte building. Wow time to strech again. Was that 1500 characters since the last stretch? Hmmm.

Friday, December 07, 2007


The construction on the road nearby to Jonny's home is completed. The plan for tomorrow is for Jonny and Alberta to go to soccer practice and then services. Alberta will change her clothes after practice. Jonny just woke up from a nap in the lounge at Hotel California. Unbelievable. So unbelievable. That the word unbelievable looks misspelled. Jonny finished left over Chinese and was in the lounge for over an hour eating, what a pig. Then he got sleepy. Now he is going to stretch. Yesterday he played a little in wall street surviver. He also put together a garbage truck lego for Jesse. It was his Chanukah present. Angelina wants to use the money from Chanukah presents for bills. There is the soccer bills and the summer camp bills. Also the Bat Mitzvah is going to be expensive. Jonny has completed reading a book at lunch time. Looks like Jonny has to go back to work now no time to play around. At least for the moment there isn't time to screw around. Jonny lost his train of thought. The construction was supposed to close Carpenter Road south bound for 13 months. It wasn't supposed to be opened again until June. But it is now open and two lanes in both directions with a turning lane as well as a bike lane north bound. It is strange what they work on around here. The road looked finished two weeks ago. They picked the coldest time to finish. Yesterday afternoon they must have painted the lines. In the morning ah time to stretch again. There much better. In the morning the lines weren't there and the southbound was closed. All of a sudden every barrel was gone. This was incredible. Usually barrel for construction sit around out of the way for a month. They also put hay down and grass seed under it in the middle of a cold snap. Time will tell if this grass grows like the peace process over in Annapolis. Meanwhile since Jonny is writing literally it is only because he finished a 406 page book called The Compass of the Soul. Actually this blogger way of entering blogs is kinda nice. Sean Russell is a good author. This was book two of a two book series. It prequels another three book series which Jonny read already. Plus he has read two books of another three book series. So that makes, 7 books by this author. Next is a book about a murder mystery.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Yesterday Jonny did some blog maintenance. He updated the blog entry where the fake names are stored. Also he put the fake names list on his computer at work so he can start using those names more. Today Jonny has relaxed and let twice and stretch ware three times. The setting is down low so it might go off again on this entry. Earlier today he went and chatted with Jim Varney. Look him up. They discussed the upcoming religious holiday. This is because today Jonny is in Hotel California. It was so cold yesterday. He tried to call Wendell Pierce and Kristina Kroft last night to wish them a happy 40th anniversary. He also left a message for Richard Ziman. He spent a lot of time playing with his candle and reading his book. Right now Penny Fuller is on the phone with her door closed. There seems to be a lot of that lately. Tomorrow Penny, Rob and Jonny will be discussing his job. It has been 82 days. And now it is time to stretch again. Way too soon? First this quick update, Page 326 of The Compass of the Soul. Also Jonny listened to this weeks parsha lecture on line. His rabbi says his own midrash is Joseph wanted the brothers to come near to him so he could smell them. He also learned of how Joseph performed a chet and therefore he had to stay in the bor for two years. Finally Joseph was freed on Rosh Hashana.

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