The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Tomorrow my parents will be here. I am so excited. So are my kids. I am trying to get back into the routine. I did nasal irrigation last night and this morning. I am still hacking away a big luggy right now and annoying my coworkers with it. Some people manage their cholesterol, some people manage their diabetes or weight. Some people even manage their blood pressure. I just manage my diarrhea. Oh wow another word to add to my commonly misspelled words list in my Franklin Planner.The 835 needed another fix to strip the UBC codes. I fixed it. Now my work load consists of waiting for Bill to plan the final fixes of the Negative Balance Report. I finished the Jackie Chan movie Snake and Crain. Sold two books yesterday and another one today. The Strategic Middle Manager, Office XP and Abnormal Psychology. I did hand weights, situps and stretching all for the first time in a couple of weeks. I plan to pick up my late birthday present a rear view mirror for the bike.

I sent Tom a limerick I found on haaretz talk back online and he sent one back he made up.

There once was a bunch called Hezbollahs
Who shot from behind baby strollers
Since they had no balls
They packed up their shawls
And picked the blonde hash from their molars

There is a brave thug called Nasrallah,
Who`s got amost unhealthy pallor.
He`d started a rumpus,
Then ran to Damascus,
To hide for a month in a cellar.

Also here is a link to a comedian who does a bit on the nuclear bombs and how the US isn't giving them to the Arabs.


Here is a link to a funny parody of Sponge Bob.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Today is Tuesday. I felt sick again this morning and took two of those magical pills. Yesterday forgot lettuce and meat.  Ring Ring. Cell phone. S called. She worked toady and L helped her make lunches. Tonight is a zap zone party. I listened to shoftim yesterday on my computer with my headphones. It has the eye for an eye part. I recogzined regel regel or leg leg in the chanting. Cough cough. Can't get this luggy out. Switching gears from crystal report back to check in reviews and technical reviews. Tonight have to steam clean. S's father has gone back to PA. Yeah, he is a pain IMO.Today remembered my meat, lettuce and bread. Finished the movie Benny and Joon. Started Jackie Chan movie. Funny lines from the news. The president of Iran challenged the president of the United States to a debate. The president of Israel says to the president of Heeza bow la la that he has to come out of his bunker to declare victory.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Sick again

Yesterday I was really sick again. I barely made it home. It was like being pregnant, the contractions were 5 minutes a part. And that is why I didn't get a chance to write yesterday around 4:30 I was super busy and sick.  At least I didn't have to watch Z while S went to the dentist. But when I got home she was laying on the couch and I was stuck with him. He wanted to play with the electric drill. He finally got the chance after 2 hours of begging. He even went to bed close to 9PM. I called my father to wish him a happy birthday. I found out the soccer game is in Troy Saturday 8:30 am and Sunday 8:30 am on Labor Day weekend. Today S called me and said it changed again to Sunday and Monday at 7:30 am. S got me a hotel in Troy for Sunday night at the Embassy Suites. I wonder how my parents will react. I finished the movie outsiders and started the movie benny and june. I though I was all out of 80's movies. My doctor visit was fine and I don't have to take bp medicine. Z and S went with me. Then we went to the common grill in Chelsea. I had pan fried walleye and she had jerk salmon. This was Wednesday. I had the left overs for lunch. I walked with Bill. Yesterday I walked to a yard sale. I sold another book. S got some lamasil for her foot. Finished the XL PUB late claim encounter program Wed and had the negative balance design meeting today. I gave a nutri-grain bar to the homeless guy yesterday. I lost my contact lenses and have been wearing glasses for two days. Finished the movie For richer, for poorer. I took two anti-diarheal at 5:30 pm yesterday. I showed Z how to throw up last summer so this summer I showed him what black, smelly, liquid poop looks like. He didn't think it would flush. This was only because he was bugging me about the drill. Later he and the neighbor girl touched the hot drill bit, I hope she didn't get burned too badly. Unfortunately I got a lot of work to do this weekend. S called me and said no tv tonight, do your chores and go to bed early she said. But I am still happy and upbeat, maybe because it is the weekend.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I was really sick Monday and Tuesday. Very bad diarrhea. I lost nearly 6 pounds. But I gained it all back later that day. We had company Monday night. My brother cancelled and my wife was upset about that. I had cramps the whole day. Then when our friends left I was cleaning up the toys and the cramps hit hard. I ran to the bathroom. Later I went to bed and S woke me up at 12:15 to tell me it was time to go to bed. It took me over an hour to fall back asleep. Then I slept for 15 minutes and ran to the bathroom. Another 1 hour to fall back asleep. Run to the bathroom again. Here I was sitting at 3 Am thinking wow, I must be faking it.  Most people at work probably thought I was faking it too. I was too sick to find the anti-diarheal medication. In the morning the cleaning lady cancelled. She didn't want to catch anything. I walked the dogs at 7:30 am. Next I went back to sleep till 11:30 am. I got up and prepared lesson plans. Later I went to recycle some batteries and pick up allergy medication samples at a hospital near the recycling center. I sold three books and found 2 more. I started the movie For Richer or For Poorer. My brother took a cab to our house. He got here while S and Z were out. I couldn't eat anything and couldn't drink any alcohol. My brother and I had left over baked potatoes. He helped me wrap book packages and list new books. I started the movie after I took him back to his hotel. He told me I deserved better than S. I predict he'll be divorced in 3 years. He was very rude to cancel on us Monday. We made him a hot dog and soybeans. His new job gave him a black berry and he is going to return it. My dad is turning 60 soon. I sent him a birthday card on the internet.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Brother cancelled

My brother was supposed to come over for dinner, but he cancelled. I watched the movies A wing and a prayer and Grace from my Heart. Fell asleep watching a movie. Went for a long bike ride past a prison. Bought a peach tree. Sold a music book Music in our world. Found worms in the trash can. Page 276 windows programming. Listened to Re'eh today and heard the word evyone, which means the poor pauper.

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Friday, August 18, 2006


Today I have a lot of chores to do. Want me to list them all? I am making more up as I go. Up to page 252 of Windows Programmin. Not finished yet with the movie A Wing And A Prayer. Finished tazra ôøùä. It was easy because I didn't do any chanting. It is going to take me a while to work back up to that one. I did handweights, situps, nasal irrigation and stretching last night. This morning the nasal irrigation didn't go so well and I go to work about 45 minutes late. My nose was clogged or so said the nasal irrigation device, because no water came out the other nostril. Been following the news in Israel. Girls are going to Pittsburgh tonight and on to Harrisburg tomorrow. My finger hurts again today. I did a couple of tech reviews. Working on a negative balance design document. Went to the Syrian Bakery for lunch a late lunch. Had the Gyros. Also the thing about yogurt is I hate it but this Syrian yogurt is really good.
Chores: run dishwasher, set vcr clocks, clean blue bag, straighten toys, buy fruits, make Z's bed, bring home food at work, wash kit floor, check bp, fix printer, print soccer sched, check email, work on fall semester, clean in box, charity work, walk dogs, movie a wing and a prayer, another movie, brush pets teeth, gauze dogs, steam clean basement, water plants, brush cats, brush dogs, hand weights, situps, nasal irrigation, stretch, shave (its been a couple of days), motrin, sudafed and advair too why not. Motrin for the finger, sudafed for the nose and advair for the coughing.
S and Z will be back tomorrow so my movie quota goes up from 1/2 to 1 per night. I emailed my parents and they are staying in the Sheraton in Ann Arbor and renting a car. Well I better go if I plan to leave by 5:10.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

busy at work

Today I am very busy at work. I managed to close my eyes for a few minutes before I got really busy. We had a claims payable workgroup meeting. I have to finish the late claim filing project. Also there is the check in for the member span region status fix. Also I have to redo Romeo's work. He was a contractor with a cool name. Now he is gone and I was tech reviewing his project on the um mrn cpi table load. It was simply a conversion to new standards. Now I have to do it and someone else will tech review it. I am up to page 242 of windows programming. I started the tazra ôøùä. I have more charity work to do. I went to the Syrian bakery for lunch yesterday. Today management bought us taco bell food. We had barbeque chicken for dinner. I went to Lowes after picking up R at soccer practice. The soccer mom who turned me on to the Dark Tower series is now back in our circle of connection because her daughter is on my daughter's soccer team. Good because I read book 5 Wolves of the Calla from the library and book 6 and 7 I don't think are there. S busted me for not balancing the checkbook for 3 months so now I have to do it. Back to the movies. I finished the big red one another war movie. I have one more a wing and a prayer and that will be the last war movie.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Moving along

Just moving along doing nothing. Here at work. Got up late today. Past page 213 in Window Programming. Watched 90 minutes of movie the big red one. Monday night saw Airport 75. Haven't been doing any exercise or other stuff. Got a few more bunks listed for sale. Did some charity work. Z wouldn't go to bed until 11:30 and it gave me a major head ache. It was good to see the wife and kids after so long. Finished Sheminai this morning and started the next ôøùä. Listened to this week's ôøùä on the head phones at work on Monday. Can't believe there is a cease fire in Israel. Been checking Haaretz headlines every day. Finished chapter 14 of Oracle PL/SQL O'Reilly. It is a chapter on cursor expressions. I need to go out for lunch today. My hope is to go to the Lucky Kitchen. I need to return the hot hands and the dremel sharpener to Lowe's. I also need to watch a half a movie a night. Gotta get back into the hand weights, exercise, stretching, nasal irrigation, house clean up, kitchen cleanup (that's a cleaning product besides being a chore), and the situps. I want L to read for 20 minutes a day. R is the opposite she would read 20 hours a day. Soccer practice is tonight at 5PM. Anyway I just took a break with Tom. I forgot to mention I organized / cleaned the inside. Not physically cleaned but pulled out and restacked. This cuboard under the TV. It is where all these VHS's I have been watching were stored. The Airport 1975, Sound of Music and True Lies all went downstairs to my cardboard box of Movie classics. The other three: In Country, The Associate and Flying Tigers are going to my parents. The movies were put in the basement with the books for sale. There is tons more space now under the TV for kids movies that were on top of the furniture the TV is encased in. If you know what I mean. Now back to tech review. I have a few books to take over to the other building and I missed my morning relax and let go.

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Monday, August 14, 2006


The computers are tired and don't feel much like working any more. I too was too lazy to bring my bike to work. I didn't ride it over the weekend either. Over the weekend I spoke to my parents about their choice of hotel. S wants them to stay at the Comfort Inn or Days Inn or some hotel on Carpenter. I also talked to my Aunt Sylvia and my brother Matt and my wife's mother. I went to the storage unit and put the easel in there. I vacuumed the whole house twice. First before steam cleaning and then again after steam cleaning. I didn't finish the vacuuming upstairs. I might do it tonight. The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow so it seems like a waste. I watched three movies. The Associate. The Flying Tigers. In Country. I am up to page 170 of Windows Programming. I bought a Dremel sharpener and now I need to return it. I listened to the ôøùä of the week this morning. S, L, R, and Z are on the ferry boat across Lake Michigan right now. Tidal is running really slow right now.

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Friday, August 11, 2006


I get to go home soon. Soon as I finish this and read the daily headlines in Israel. I expanded my Sheminai reading to this morning. Otherwise I won't finish this ôøùä this week. S called me and the weather is cold in Wisconsin. I finished the Return of the King movie. Up to page 140 in Windows Programming. I washed the bathroom. I did some laundry and cleaned the garage. I have to put my bike on to the bike rack and take it home. I also have to clean the house some more. Also weed the garden, steam clean, mow, weed whack and edge the lawn. Take out the garbage and fix the lint sock. In addition I need to do other chores and now I can't remember them. I went with Tom to a place near the Stone School Road and Ellsworth to have a Gyro. This is lamb in a pita roll. I did a tech review too. Also I fixed up my work for a design document. As usual I went for a bike ride at 2PM.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Got the screws

I can't remember if I wrote yesterday or not. I watched half of the movie Return of the King. My wife and kids are now in Wisconsin. My parents are visiting Labor Day weekend. I went with a coworker to the Evergreen for Chinese carry out. I also went to Carpenter Brothers and got some screws. Two days ago I read only commentary on the Torah, no Torah and no Hebrew. The reason is because I read a whole page of commentary. It was about tame and tahor. We don't really know what it was they thought it was since it was so long ago. It is like the constitution can be interpreted by judges our Torah can be interpreted by rabbis. I am up to page 130 in Windows 3.1 Programming for Mere Mortals. As usual I rode my bike around the block. I didn't have to Shlep the bike to work, I left it here in the shipping and receiving area. Hopefully my neighbor can fix my string trimmer since it leaked all over my shed. The fuel tank is completely empty. My new favorite website is haaretz flash news http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/ShTickers.html  I am still reading it. Gotta run and take care of the pets.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

hear o Israel

I listened to veetchan today. It surprised me in the end. This is the ôøùä where the shma comes from. The last book is called deuteronamy in English. Actually it is probably a greek word. Any way I think it is called Shemot in Hebrew. The Jewish symbol called a mezuzah gets its derivative from this passage. Most jews recognize the prayer called the shma. Some will recognize another prayer linked to it called veahafta. The next three paragraphs are contained inside of a mezuzah. I am reading a self help book. Who Moved My Cheese. The book promises to be a short read about 1 hour. There is 30 minutes of hype prior to the short read. I am now up to page 49. The book hit me like a ton of bricks. Shed your fears. What I am afraid of isn't my wife yelling at me about my parents it is my parents yelling at me about my wife. And right now I can't finalize my parent's trip here. They have the gist of it. They can fly here Labor Day weekend. They can stay in a hotel. There is four soccer games in Troy. Both girls have Friday off. My mom wasn't anything to be afraid of when I talked to her last night anyway. I finished Wolves of the Calla. S will return the library book today. I mailed the package today priority mail and it was only $4.05. I should have taken the book to read since the post office was so crowded. I took my bike to work so I could ride during the day. L, S and Z called me several times. They are going crazy getting ready for Wednesday's trip to Waupaca. I bet you don't see that word show up much on the internet. Well it's there now. I did a bunch of technical reviews. I also met with KO and DS about the XL. AKA the late claim filing program. It is kinda complicated and maybe an explaination for another day. I leave with the knowledge that a late claim gets an explain code of 50. Phone call.

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Monday, August 07, 2006


Another Monday. Friday we picked up the car. It was $795. Saturday we cleaned the garage. Later S went to Hiller's. Sunday was the camp Gan Israel picnic. Later I mowed the lawn. I have these cuts at the start of my fingernails. Sunday I called my Aunt Sylvia. Sunday L had a friend sleep over. Page 600 of Wolves of the Calla. Nothing to here at work. Girls are leaving August 18 returning August 26 to go visit my wife's father and step mother. Forgot fruit today. Charity work last night. My cousin who are brother's and very religious, both of their wives are expecting. Weird dream. Back in college. Army reserve. Prom night. Cell phones. Girls bathroom at the dance. Up to chapter 14 in PL/SQL 21 days. Checked in project 16083-1 and sold a posix book.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

crazy days

These days are crazy days. My routine is messed up. The Altima is getting a 60K check up. I took the car in after my training. We had a really pointless training for an hour at 8AM. This also messed up my routine. Right now my 835 program won't run in tidal. I got a great quote. Tidal the king of Goyim Genesis 14:1. Ha ha. I hard coded the go live cut off date and now they want it changed. They wanted me to make it a table and a procedure to get the value from the table. Wow that's a lot of work. So we convinced them to make it a Tidal variable. And then the Tidal passes the value to the shell script. The shell script passes the value to the sql and the sql sets the date. The car was going to cost $600. S wants it cleaned too. Now it's going to cost more and hopefully it will be ready today. I am up to page 420 in my book Wolves of the Calla. I read my usual one page of Torah in English, Torah commentary and Torah in Hebrew. I am in the Sheminai ôøùä . A funny thing happened to my reading of Isaiah. I thought I was reading chapters 6, 7, 8 and 9. But I was really reading chapter 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Joshua. How funny. Assume the impossible and wonder why it is so. I kept thinking, wow this isn't following the same plot as chapter 5. This has much less commentary as chapter 5. This sounds a lot like what I read 2 years ago, why are they recapping the events in the book of Joshua. Well mystery solved I was reading the wrong book. I know my thoughts are all scattered. As usual I can pick up a few words of the Hebrew. Like the word Otam which means something like near. And leafnay which means something like in front of. The point is to think in Hebrew and skip the translation all together. I am not sure since I never was good at languages. I do computer programming so I think in PL/SQL and it is intuitive to think that way as opposed to translating each English word into PL/SQL. My wife wants my parents to come Labor Day weekend. I talked to my brother Monday and my parents Wednesday. I let them say hello to Z also.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Israel News

The news in Israel. Israel attacked the enemy in a hospital in a town called baalbek. The enemy fired 300 rockets injuring 168 people in the holy land. I am up to page 340 in Wolves of the Calla. This is a fantastic book. My check number program is not correct. Prabha is going to fix it. Z got glow in the dark magnetics. S says the $100 my parents gave him is all spent. She belittles everything my parents do. She says we bought him dinner out, that is tonight's plan. Hopefully she lets me call them before 8:30 when he is still awake. Fight, fight, fight it's all we seem to do. S says the money for his present paid for driving him around, food he wanted at Krogers (a grocery store), dinner out and the magnetics toy. I am waiting to spend my wife's father's money at Wheels in Motion. I called them and they have all four of the accesories I wanted for my bike. I opened my new CD HighFidelity. This was purchased when we went to Birch Run Barnes and Noble on July 3, 2006. I read one page of Sheminai, the Torah in English, the commentary and then chanted the Hebrew quietly to myself. We fought about how difficult and uneffective I am at getting the kids to bed. She yells and they have no choice but to listen to her. I don't like yelling at children. I don't like making idle threats, cavalier remarks and causal aggresive comments with no intention of backing them up with action. Tonight I hope to get Scott the neighbor help me install the new tank on the string trimmer. The directions say you need a T#25 screwdriver, which I don't have. Does Lowes sell it? I have a $145 Lowes gift card in my wallet. Last night I made $25 for tasting hot sauces for some company. Also sold a photoshop book, so no need to lower any prices. I also read the enemy of Israel fired rockets into the West Bank, oops hitting the wrong people they must be thinking.

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