The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, January 28, 2010


On Monday Jonny went to the doctor to get his ears treated. They were impacted with wax. He had been putting in ear wax removal drops. She inspected his ears. She said they were clean. So the thing she said to do was to take decongestant and anti-histamine. This is because his ears had fluid behind the ear drums. His nose was clear too. Jonny's diligence with the nasal flush with salt water has been helping.

He is putting his book The Throat aside for two days. The book is scary. It is exciting. It goes from short story to short story. Each story focuses on one character. They are all connected. The first story was about the author. The book is written in first person. The names of all the chapters are in the front cover. The second story was about someone the first character met. The third story is about a criminal who is caught. At the start of the third story the book switched lock step with the detective genre. It still maintains its horror characteristics, lying beneath the surface. Jonny is on page 200. Only 400+ pages to go.

On Sunday Jonny and his 8 year old son walked 1 mile each way to the temple. They went for a 25 minute walk each way for a 25 minute service. Prior to that they walked the dog Lucy together. That walk took 25 minutes round trip for two blocks round trip. It is hard to say because the street is 3 blocks long. It is definitely shorter than 3 blocks. It has no cross streets just the numbers turns from 1400, to 1300 to 1200. At the 1200's the street curves 90 degrees.

On Monday and Wednesday Jonny listened to RGBESHALACH. Bilam is present in the story. The question is did they get permission or no permission from paro to leave? They sing the praises of Hashem. Also Plishdin was close. Not everyone jumped in the splitting sea -- right away.


Friday, January 22, 2010


Today Jonny is listening to parsha Bo chanting.

He is very tired. Over the weekend Alberta has a soccer game in Wixom at 6:30 AM. Just thinking about that is making him very sleepy.

He is also out of instant coffee. Jonny left his boots at work last night by mistake. They were at the Hilton Hotel when he got there in the morning.

Jonny has been reading The Throat. It has switch over to a murder mystery genre instantly. This is very weird. He is up to page 106.

There was no fall out from the Penny experience yesterday. Rob was on jury duty and he didn't complain to Jonny about any feedback from Penny.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Jonny's ear hurts. His loving wife Angelina has the same problem. She had the same problem. Then she went to the doctor. And the doctor pulled this huge chunk of wax from her ear. So now Jonny is thinking about doing the same thing.

3:00 PM sleep
3:15 Angelina called
3:30 unknown cancer
3:45 breast db people said that Jonny got the right data


8:15AM drive
8:30 bus
8:45 unpack
9:00 booted computer
9:15 read bus schedule
9:30 bathroom
9:45 coffee
10:00 talk to Angelina
10:15 register patients in VASE
10:30 volunteered to help test the VASE DB getting lab data from another source
10:45 got yelled at by Penny
11:00 make lunch
11:15 eat lunch
11:30 fix birthdays in VASE
11:45 prostate db extract
12:00 schedule conference call
12:15 check on standard deviations
12:30 missing consults
12:45 talk to Angelina
1:00 relax and let go
1:15 stretch

Jonny is up to page 94 of The Throat. It is a creepy book. The author grips your attention but he grosses you out.

Last night Jonny watched about 10 minutes of the GMAC bowl. It is CMU not Carnegie Mellon University but Central Michigan University versus Troy. Jonny finally finished the BCS bowl game. That was exciting. It is hard for Jonny to watch a football game if he is not rooting for one side or the other. He isn't really a sports fan.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


On Tuesday Jonny had a meeting at 2PM and didn't get a nap at all the whole day.

8:30 Walk
8:45 hugs his ride
9:00 take off snow pants
9:15 water plants
10:00 got coffee
10:45 file emails

8:30 drop off Jesse at Edie's house
8:45 crowded bus ride
9:00 Brita filter
9:15 email
9:30 unknown cancer
9:45 Parsha Bo with Grossman
10:00 liver codes
10:15 relax and let go
10:30 pestering VASE support about duplicate records
10:45 playing with mirrors
11:00 make lunch
11:15 eat lunch
11:30 Breast DB
11:45 bathroom
12:00 called parent's cell
12:15 unknown cancer data from billing
12:15 breast db
12:30 Angelina called school nurse for Jesse about bully who kicked him in the area where he has only one kidney
12:45 Extraction tool broken for form names: called VASE support
1:00 Hemangiosarcoma
1:15 stretch
1:30 VASE Help desk wrote back about error
1:45 peeps
2:00 more peeps. Rob has jury duty. His underlings complain to Jonny about the new FIG tablet PC project
2:15 back up the stairs
2:30 DBArtisan
2:45 now

get some sleep

Jonny is up to page 66 of The Throat. It is written by Peter Straub in 1994.

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Monday, January 18, 2010


Today is Martin Luther King Day. Jonny knows that Wendell and Kristina are home from work today. He won't call them. He had a dream that his mother kept hangin up on him.

Lorraine picked out Jonny a new book. Jonny is up to page 25 of The Throat. It turns out that The Eight had a sequel written in 2008 called The Fire and was written 20 years after. This new book was written by Steve Straub. It will be a change of pace to read a book written by a man. Does it make a difference? Some same the gender of the author doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, but men and women are different. Jonny left the book at home because he had too much to carry today. He forgot the mustard. He forgot the eye drops, britta filter and toothbrush. As you can see life is hard for Jonny.

Right now he wants to fall asleep. But Branden is out to lunch. So it would be better to wait for Branden to get back from lunch. Then while he is working on his side of the wall, Jonny will close his eyes on this side of the wall. Beverly only works until 11 am every day. So now the office is quiet.

Today is Monday so Jonny listened to Bo Grossman parsha.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Tonight is Friday night service at the temple. Jesse's class is leading the Adone Olam. Also there is a dinner.

For lunch today Jonny had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, Vernor's, and coleslaw. He spent the morning on vacation. He was helping Angelina with her class.

Jonny finished the book The Eight. It was 598 pages. Now he needs Lorraine to pick out a new book. Maybe go back to watching TV. Jonny still has 8 bowl games recorded he wants to watch/fall asleep watching.

Yesterday Jonny went for a bus ride to the bee hive. It is a 35 minute shuttle ride from Hotel Hilton. He left Hotel Hilton at 12:30 for the 12:40 bus. It arrived at 12:45. It arrived at the Bee Hive at 1:20. The project management group put on a presentation for 50 minutes on project kickoff/closeouts. They called it PK/C. But it looks good on the ole annual performance review. Besides, Rob said it was fine to go. But it took 1:35 travel time for a 50 minute meeting. The bus wizzed by the Bee Hive at 2:20. Jonny sprinted a 100 yards and flagged down the driver. So that was how he was able to read 15 pages each way. The bus took a detour to Death Valley. It only takes passengers there if they call ahead for pick up, or tell the driver when they get on the bus.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Another sleepy Tuesday.

Branden just went out for lunch. Jonny turned up the heat.

Wendell gave Jonny a whole bunch of grief. He wants Jonny to visit at the beach. Same old stuff. Then he got in a big fight with Angelina.

Over the weekend they went to Palm Palace for dinner.

Jonny and Alberta went to the UM basketball game. UM lost to Northwestern. Then they went to Sunday minyan.

Angelina is teaching three classes now. Lorraine helped dress up her power point presentation.

Jonny gave Jesse an old 486 computer. Some guys at work said they might have a sound card. This is because it isn't working very well.

Well Jonny is getting back to Sybase and VB.NET.

As soon as Branden gets back Jonny is going to pass out. He needs to sleep while Branden is over on his side of the partition.

Jonny is up to page 528 now of The Eight.

He listened to Torah gems Va'eira yesterday. Also yesterday he watched some BCS bowl games, pre-recorded. But he fell asleep at midnight in front of the TV.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

LASIK eye surgery

Jonny had LASIK eye surgery on Tuesday. It was a complete success. Goodbye, contacts and glasses forever. He only worked half days Thursday and Friday, thus the spotty blog coverage. Reading is also not such a good idea so at this time Jonny is up to page 487 of The Eight. He has watched a lot of Bowl game football. Jonny and Angelina are both ready for school next week. Jonny hasn't done a whole lot of programming today. He mainly was talking to Rob and Penny. Lea is out this week. Jonny listened to the parsha on Grossman yesterday. He listened to the chanting of Shemot on Real Audio today as is his Friday tradition. Jonny went to Minyan on Sunday and will probably go again this Sunday. He talked to Dolly today. She asked about the surgery and then told him about some death report she wants for the Lansing people right away. Jonny plans to catch the 14 bus and stop at Kroger's and get his wife some flowers. This was Lorraine's idea. Jesse no longer sleeps in pull-ups and drinks a juice cup in the morning instead of a baby bottle. On Saturday, Alberta went to services and didn't return again until 4:30 PM. This is not something that Angelina would have condoned but for the moment Jonny was in charge because Wanda was sick in Harrisburg and Lorraine, Angelina and Jesse were out of state visiting the sick mother-in-law.
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