The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life is good

Life is good but it has been 8 days since Jonny's last blog post.

Today Angelina called Jonny at work. This was no different than any other day. Jonny took notes so he could write about it in his blog.

She will be teaching a class off the main campus. Angelina explained in her latest phone call that she will be checking out how to precisely get to the satelite campus. This will happen when she gets her haircut near the off campus location.

Today Angelina is working in Brighton as a clerk. So Angelina put Jonny in charge of the kids. After work he has to buy dinner and get Jesse to do his homework.

Angelina also complained about the shower caddy. She said it isn't sticking to the wall as it is supposed to do.

As a good Jew Jonny is quite annoyed at all these church adds running around. They are on billboards and city buses too. If you seen them you would know they are the ones talking about lying.

Jonny is on page 377 of The Vendetta Defense.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Jonny spent 32 minutes talking with Kristina today. He felt guilty it had been 10 days since his last conversation with his mother. VASE is completely stuck. Jonny is up to page 144 of The Vendetta Defense. Last night he did his abs exercises. They had chicken on the grill. Jonny has been training this new employee all week. Now his back hurts. Yesterday he listened to Vzot Haberach. Moses buried himself. This is the last parsha of the year. Wendell is making stuffed cabbages for Simchat Torah. It is traditional because they look like little Torahs.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Jonny has been training Penny's new employee. He is seriously considering drowning his sorrows at a bar this afternoon. Jonny is really pretty happy now. Over the weekend he got a Yom Kippur surprise. Jonny's encounter with a stranger wielding a metal detector as any good elderly hobbyist prospector stranger turned out fortuitous. The man found Jonny's long lost wedding ring. 6 months ago he asked him if he could help find it. The man agreed to look for Jonny's "family heirloom" as soon as he could. This week he did. With a couple of back and forth emails the ring was found. Jonny is reading a new book called The Vendetta Defense. He is on page 100 now. Right now despite Jonny's late lunch and even later after lunch coffee, he is sleepy. The link above is to the losing of the ring.


Friday, September 17, 2010


Today was a messed up day at work and Jonny really wants to take a nap. He had a meeting in the morning. Penny Fuller was there representing the department, so why did he have to go to it? After the meeting he gave Rob Schneider a call. This was because he is Jonny's boss.

Yesterday Jonny finished a book. He finished The Great Divide. It was 330 pages. Lorraine picked him out a new book. Jonny is now reading The Vendetta Defense. It is by the same author of Death In A Strange Country. That book was about Venice. The author's name is Lisa Scottlin. That might not be the right spelling. Jonny is too lazy to look it up. It is taking an act of a miracle to write this blog.

The other reason to call Rob is because of the party. The meeting was about getting rid of VASE. Jonny has the backup spreasheet open. But he was too lazy to plug in the iron key. He isn't too lazy to make paragraphs. But he won't reorganize them, because he wants to keep the flow of the time line of the free flowing thoughts.

The party was a brunch outside of Death Valley. There at the party Jonny saw in passing Matthew Lillard and Fisher Stevens. Fisher was wearing his usual nascar jacket. Matthew was wearing his usual I'm 50 something and life is hard scowl. Also from the old gang Jonny got a big hug and awkward chat afterwards with Melissa Barker. She had 1 more child than Jonny did to catch up on. Her oldest is now a freshman in college. While Alberta is a freshman in high school. Jonny talked to Lea Thompson at great length about bicycle riding. His mentor was impressed with his adventures in the Bandameer Park trails and pulling Jesse the 9 year old 8 miles.

The only other thing of note is that Angelina is thinking about making Kreplach. Jonny found out about a new holiday. Something to lookup called Rabana Raba or something like that. Purim, Yom Kippur and this third holiday are the times to eat the delicacy. Angelina bought a couple of knishes for the occasion as well. They will try to get there early so as not to sit in the back of the building. Look in this blog next week for the review of the sermon given tonight.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Same stuff different day. Last night no TV was watched with Angelina and Jonny. Today has been rainy and nasty all day. Jonny took 6 motrin and his stomach hurts. His headache never went away either. He doesn't have much to do at work either. Right now he is finding missing birthdates for patients in the database. No one cares what he does really. Jonny won't be able to do the 6 minute abs exercises Friday since it is a holiday.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Not much has happened since Tuesday. Jonny is all alone in the office. Beverly Polcyn is working in a different office and has been for a month now. Perhaps she doesn't like this office in the Hotel Hilton. In the courtyard of the Hotel California they are playing loud music and have done so for the last 2 hours. It is hideous. Songs like Solid as a rock and the Cupid Shuffle. Jonny is tired of it. He isn't planning on getting fat and going to their Ice Cream Social. So now he does 6 minute abs workouts everynight, right before he and Angelina watched Criminal Minds last night. Stop in the Name of love. Another song they are playing. Before that was Chicago song without the words. Loud enough to hear 6 floors up. Jonny is up to page 220 of The Great Divide. Oh wait the song is stop for your love or something like that. Today Jonny had a sandwich with kosher salami on it. For breakfast he had the last of the honey cake. Today he rode the bus to work and took Lorraine and an neighbor kid to the middle school. Later this morning he faxed some papers for Angelina.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Way back Tuesday

It is time for another way back post here. Jonny did relax and let go back then too. Today at work he had to carefully handle the breasts again. Ha ha. That was a funny joke. Last night Jonny fell asleep on the couch watching football. There was so much hype too. This was because the game was delayed by 15 minutes for lightning. Jonny is on page 158 of The Great Divide. Tonight is Jesse's back to school night. Last night Angelina met Alberta's teachers. Earlier today Jonny had a muscle spasm and that was in the you know where area. It seems to have faded away partly and been replaced by a bad backache. Perhaps Jonny needs to try relax and let go. He rode his bike to work today.

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Monday, September 13, 2010


This weekend coming up is Yom Kippur. So there is no chumash to study again this week. It is almost Sim Chat Torah. That is the holiday to celebrate the end of the Torah reading cycle. Today Jonny took some honey cake with him for breakfast to work. He is now up to page 100of a very exciting book that Lorraine picked out. Alberta had a three game, two day tournament for soccer in Lansing. Jesse is still fighting reading. Angelina hurt her toe on all the hoarded stuff on the stairs. And therefore she called in sick and didn't work for the flu clinic over the weekend. Jonny is reading The Great Divide by Frank M. Robinson and John F. Levin. Some of the grass that Jesse and Jonny planted a week ago started to grow this weekend. The reason Jonny had honey cake is because it is a sweet new year. The book is about civil war in the United States. The war is caused between the West and the East fighting over oil. It has the same style of horror and politics as Deception Point. For lunch today Jonny had a cornbeef sandwich on rye. Angelina and Jonny watched an episode of Criminal Minds last night that they hadn't seen before. They also watched and episode they had seen before.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Happy New year

tonight is the Jewish new year.

Jonny finished a book. Appropriately it is a Jewish book. He finished Exodus by Leon Uris and it was 599 pages. Very interesting part about the Yemen people being sent to Israel.


Friday, September 03, 2010


Labor day weekend is coming up. That means Margo Winkler's Bat Mitzvah is tomorrow.

Jonny's up to page 522 of Exodus. He is kinda dragging his feet on finishing it. He and Jesse were sitting on the couch reading their respective books.

Yesterday Alberta went to the airport for her trip. Luckily hurricane Earl wasn't a factor. If Angelina had her way she would have canceled the trip. So Jonny had to leave work early and bike home in the rain to take her.

Angelina just called to remind Jonny that the Friday before a holiday weekend he is supposed to leave early.

Earlier today he listened to Torah chanting of the two parsha's Nitzavim and Vayelech. He found the name of really cool song they play on gglz called Yolanda be cool and D CUP We no longer speak Americano. It has a catchy beat and the video is cute.

Lorraine promises to pick out Jonny a new book from his library tonight.

Today when Jonny was walking his dog he saw Steve Guttenberg. Now it is time to update the names post to include Steve. In case that doesn't happen until Tuesday, Steve is Zsa Zsa's husband. Jonny was walking past the dry cleaner's and Steve was walking into it with a laundry basket of stuff.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Today Jonny listened to Nitzavim parsha.

Tomorrow Alberta is going to visit Kristina and Wendell. Hopefully Angelina will swallow her pride and take her to the airport. She is a little bit upset with her teenage behavior.

Last night there was seldom a short break in the complaining about Alberta. Angelina took a break from her yelling at Alberta to watch Criminal Minds with Jonny.

Jonny and Jesse grew grass over the weekend. They did a little tree trimming prior to the grass planting. This was accomplished via the long handled expandable trimmer. It was done only until the compost bin was filled to capacity. Also over the weekend father and son went to Lowes to buy a belt for the mower. They begged Angelina to let them buy a fire pit. But alas the allocation of funds was forbidden. Lowes was letting the fire pit go for a pittance $79.

Jonny is closing in on the end of Exodus. He is on page 484. He wanted to finish watching the movie with Alberta last night but there wasn't enough time to do everything.

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