The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, July 31, 2009


Right now Jonny is listening to the parsha on Real Audio chanting. It is very nice. It is sunny up here in the Hilton. Buddy hasn't arrived yet. Jonny has switched back to Rabbi Grossman. His soft spoken manner when discussing Torah with a Brooklyn accent while living with the heathens in Los Angelos, is amazing. Jonny had part of the week off. But he managed to listen to Va'etchanan twice. Moshe begged for admittance into the holy land 513 times. If he had prayed one more time he would have been let in. This sounds familiar. Perhaps this was mentioned in this blog a couple of years ago at this same time. As we know the parsha comes around every year. So it is a circle of life. Back then Jonny was in 2005 amist the turmoil of Oracle and the evil Michael Gaston trying to fire him. Speaking of the past and bad jobs. Wow how about the for a roll into one. Job hunting is the link to the latest old diary entry. Back in 1994 Angelina was pushing him hard to look for another job. In the early summer months in his young 2 year marriage Jonny was writing about it most of the time. Speaking of recording things down, Jonny watched a movie. The movie was Century of War. You've Been Warned got horribly deserved reviews. Jonny also finished a book. Lorraine forced him to read a children's book. The book was a quick read at 87 pages. It was doing its job. It entertained during the week long absence of the wife and children. Lorraine has picked a strange book. The Passage is set in a hospital about near death experiences. Jonny is on page 3.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

books, reviews, debugging code

Jonny has neglected to mention that before vacation he finished a book. Currently he is reading Active Server Pages For Dummies and is on page 270. He is also on the 6th and final CD of James Patterson's fiction You've Been Warned. That book is definitely spooky, but not great, actually pretty silly. The book he finished on 7/15/09 was called A Darkening Stain and it was 287 pages. Definitely this was a fiction novel. The reviews for this Bruce Medway mystery were excellent.

Speaking of reviews. Jonny's biggest problem according to Penny and Rob was his communication skills. They were too abrasive - his communications that is. So he will get the 1% bonus and be told it was a good year. His sense of foreboding and dread caused and all day headache on Friday night. He slept 11 hours that night. So did Krisitina, Wendell and Jesse. The dread was confirmed by the HIS charges program. It wasn't closing the file. So the file got truncated. And therefore portions of the data file wasn't written. Does that make sense?


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

performance evaluation

Coming up on Thursday at 1 PM. Jonny has his performance evaluation. He is all pumped up over it. But anyway it is gonna be weird, because not only will Rob Schneider be evaluating Jonny Lee Miller, but so will Penny Fuller. Yes, the dreaded one and only. Who know which way she will go.

Right now Jonny is listening to music. Sorry Lea just stopped by. They worked a little together. So much for the blog post. Also Jonny got an email from Krisitina. She sent her picasso pictures of Canada and Hawaii.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another old journal entry. This was for Tuesday June 28, 1994. The long visit from Sandra Bullock and Thomas Hill was coming to a close. Question, are these boring?

Jonny is up to page 142 A Darkening Stain. A Final Appeal got mixed reviews on Amazon. It was Lisa Scottoline's first novel. The award given to a first novel that is good is called the Edgar Allen Poe award or Edgar for short. Believe it or not Jonny hasn't read any Poe. Jonny is up to chapter 10 page 211 of Active Server Pages for Dummies. His motivation to work on ASP.NET machine log program went out the window. Jonny is up to the 5th CD of 6 of James Patterson's You've Been Warned. Not sure yet what is warning anybody about and the book isn't fantastic.

Yesterday Jonny and Buddy listened to the parsha discussion. Buddy is probably a Catholic but Jonny rules the office so they listened. This a different rabbi this time, but also Bloomfield. Same temple as the Torah Gems guy. It was an amazing coinincidence. This was the Matot parsha. It was Rabbi Martin Goldman. Not as inspiring as the other guy but much less well republican.

Speaking of Jewish stuff. Earlier Alberta went off to sleep away camp. Also Jonny went to the Hotel Hilton chapel. His rabbi told him there was a rabbi working at the hotel. So he went to talk to her even though she is part-time. It is a step in the right direction.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Jonny is getting ready to leave for the day. His motivation is pretty low. In one more week he visits his parents. Just a few minutes ago he added another diary entry here. Today he took a double hit of this week's parsha by listening to Torah gems twice. Once again Lucy the dog pooped in her bed. So he had to clean that up this morning. The ASP.NET project is an endless full-time webpage. Nothing seems to change here in the Hilton Hotel. Tomorrow his plan is to see Lea at Hollywood. But he wants to grease the bathroom door and transplant a cutting. Hard to do these things without a car. There is no parking here. Another here is no raises. Almost. The powers that be have decreed, those of deserving status will receive a lump sum in leu of a pay raise. Jonny just had a burito. He fixed the towel bars that fell. Over the weekend he painted the bathroom. Angelina is working diligently on the loan modification through Chase. Also Jonny is up to page 54, chapter 7 of A Darkening Stain this book is about Africa and private investigators. The other book is a book on CD. He is up to chapter 63 or CD 4 of You've Been Warned. It is a really scary book. Not really it is more astonishing how much special effects can be brought up in one book. So it is a lot like Stephen King's A View From A Buick in that regard. Speaking of books, Jonny forgot to look up A Final Appeal in amazon. OK time to go.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Jonny is drinking coffee. He needs it. He was up late. Lorraine wouldn't go to sleep. And the dog peed and pooped in her dog bed three nights in a row. Jonny finished a book. The book was called Final Appeal by Lisa Scottline. Now it is time to look up the reviews in Amazon. Oh surprise. Buddy just walked in and Jonny jumped three feet in the air. Jonny decided to prop the Hilton Hotel door room open. The hot male secretary hasn't called yet about Jonny's doorstop order. The weird janitor, told Jonny he better get in by next week or else. The book was 316 pages long. Jonny hasn't written here in awhile, but he did write here 15 years ago, he he. Click here for a link to June 26, 1994 on a sunday night. Stayed tuned to find out more about a leak, 2 hot water heaters ago in the Jonny household. Last week Jonny did his Jewish duty and listened to the Torah Gems, twice for the current parsha of Chuka. He also listened to the real audio of the chanting. Right now Jonny is feeling bad, he has the worlds worst cold sore. He feels nagging guilt. The nagging guilt is a constant. There is no way to make the flow stop. Jonny bought a metel detector, last monday, 9 days ago. He needs to return it. Back to ASP.NET with VB in SQL-SERVER.

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