The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fighting with coworkers

Today Jonny got in a fight with Penny. They were emailing back and forth.

Penny wrote this.

"download the excel spreadsheet." because this statement to me, sounds like you have put data into the spreadsheet and then will download the entire spreadsheet when done.

If you are having a problem working with me, I will be glad to meet with Rob concerning a reassignment for you.

It might have had something to do with what Jonny wrote.

But you are completely incorrect. You take data out of VASE and put it into a spreadsheet. You keep saying we are taking data in a spreadsheet and putting it into VASE. For the last year you have been telling me to extract data out of VASE and put it into a spreadsheet. All of a sudden you don't understand that concept?

Jonny is up to page 76 of The Odyssey. Today he listened to Torah Gems the current parsha is Tzav.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Last Friday Jonny's BP was down to 120 over 80. But now it is up to 130 over 90.

Today and yesterday he rode his bike to work. Yesterday to Hollywood from Burns Park. Today Jesse said go on and go, don't wait for the bell. Jonny rode from Jesse's school to Hotel California.

Once at work, Penny is on vacation. So he has the office to himself. He has been napping. He looked at the read match program. Then got ready to look at the VB .asp program and got tired. And then he woke up. He also read some of The Odyssey. He is on page 59. Marching right along on that one. Then he read a chapter 27 of Jeremiah. They are talking about the kings and who rules who. Next he went to the lost and found. But no Iron Key. Later he found out there was a carnival at 12. Free pop corn, games, snow cones (broke), cotton candy (gross). So he finally started working on the Lea program and no luck.

In Oracle Jonny is up to Declaring Variables, Oracle Data Dictionary, Controlling User Access and Other Database Objects.

He listened to parsha Vayikra on real audio. This is the parsha where a small aleph is used.

Last night he finished the last two book shelves and then did some book organizing. He also fixed the step ladder that broke when he was putting up the last of the storm windows.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

AHP ah the memories

Jonny just created an old diary entry. The link is Wednesday, June 22, 1994. He continues the theme of how bad his job was. It was so bad. He needs to introduce at least two new characters to explain that. Suffice it to say the boss, Lee Dixon, he discussed in the last blog entry was partly the source of trouble. At the time Lee was openly defiant. He lacked all energy and loyalty. He left early, showed up late, took a long lunch and did nothing all day, except tell politically incorrect jokes. His job was to hand out work. Yet that was so stupid since it was better to assign work to those based on their experience. Basically the employees and the clients went around Lee. Then Lee would assign the work and whoever really did the work did the work. AHP was a scam. They were selling water treatment systems.

Back to 2009. Jonny is bored again. He took a morning nap and an afternoon nap. He is stuck here in Hollywood, with no car. Jesse wanted to ride his bike to school. So Jonny was able to get to work a few minutes early by riding his bike. As he was parking his bike Lea Thompson showed up. She wasn't scheduled to work on Tuesday's and Thursday's. But she was there anyway. Jonny helped her a little bit today with an .aspx program. He figured out to remove the style in the .css file so the links weren't underlined. This is what they pay him for? This is ridiculous. Jonny has been reading The Odyssey and is on page 48. It was nice to ride the bike today. His blood pressure is skyrocketing, mabye this will help. While Angelina was on the phone Jonny lit two candles. She complained that they stunk. They watched TV the whole time. They watched a little Law and Order and then the Without A Trace x-mas special. And boy was it special.

This morning when dropping off the kids at school he saw Ernie Lively. This was his one small connection to Judaism. Darn still can't spell that word on the first try. Angelin worked at the school again today. Over the weekend is a soccer game and an ALS derby race. There probably is more but Jonny has no idea.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weird dream

Last night Jonny had a weird dream. This was because he watched Criminal Intent with Angelina before bed. In the dream he took 2 weeks off from work for the FBI to have a baby with his wife. But he was going to create the child and have it all in that short time. Not possible. We know it take 2-4 months to create and 9-10 months to gestate.

Well not much Jewish on the blog today. Jonny is reading Odyssey and is on page 36. Speaking of not Jewish. This is about Greeks. Later they become Romans as in Zeus becomes Jupiter. Jonny has been studying Oracle, creating views. He was earlier studying Oracle, Including Contraints. This is so boring though, he fell asleep after lunch. He ate three pita rolls filled with roast beef, sliced tomatoe and lettuce. He also had some nachos and coke. Jonny has been listening to Click FM. Penny is in her office as usual. Jonny is here in Hotel California hating this office as usual.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sleeping and studying

Jonny created an old diary entry. It is here for Tuesday June 21, 1994. In this episode he is exploring the neighborhood as he did one year ago when he moved to Q street. Only back then his dogs were much healthier. Angelina's first cat to die, was just getting her claws out, 15 years ago. Jonny also added three new characters. These were his old boss and the two new neighbors he met. The new neighbors he never spoke to again. They owned one of the four identical houses that Jonny had. He looked it up. Looks like the sold it in 2002 for $198,000. And that wasn't even the peak. But now in 2009 it is probably worth about $150,000. Since that is what Jonny sold his house for. He also talked about how bad his old job was.

Jonny feels his ability to convey language is diminishing in this post. He is not being precise enough. It seems he has been reading too much. He did just finish a book. It was 514 pages. He checked out the reviews of The Sabbathday River on line at Amazon. The book was OK. Lorraine picked him out a new book. Odyssey written by Homer. It might have been written 3000 years ago. His is still working on the introduction. Jonny also read chapter 26 of Jeremiah today. They tried to kill him. The book came from his classic book shelf. But he has never read it. Maybe in school they read excerpts. Anyone else read it? Anyone else read Jonny's old diary?

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Title what title?

Jonny is back. The Iron Key probably will never be found. Is it writer's block? Well Jonny is looking forward to writing some more from 1994. He re-read all 686 blog entries to reconstruct the character list. OK that is a lie. But he has re-read several blog entries. Jonny even emailed Leslie Cook today. And she emailed back. Jonny is going to see her today. Today is Monday and Lorraine needs to be picked up at 5:45 PM from religious school. Leslie is the librarian. The Peony book review was lost. Speaking of books, Jonny is up to page 481 of The Sabbathday River. He has been at the point where the book can't be put down for about 100 pages now. OK maybe 200 or 300 pages. In the meantime. The Jonny motivation is going down hill again. He came in to do some boring stuff and hardly got started. Then his read match program was causing all kinds of problems. Early Angelina called. She was here at the hospital to get the Eistein Brother's bagels. She has been complaining bitterly about Ernie Lively. Here is why. Ernie expects Angelina to watch Amy Golden for three days. This afternoon is the start of it. Ernie came by this morning. He dropped off food and clothes. Is Angelina unreasonable, is Ernie? Well the truth is as always somewhere in between. Speaking of inbetween. Jonny and Alberta went to Wixom two times. Two soccer games this weekend. Going back a bit on what Jonny wrote above, he is dissapointed in the lack of comments on the early 1994 blog entries. It is 2:15 PM, well past his bed time, for a nap. Jonny napped over the weekend. One of the soccer games was so early in the morning, that he got lost on the way back. He was halfway to Lansing when he realized his mistake. Jonny made some shelves over the weekend. They are inundated with books. Oh my gosh, Jonny is sitting here drinking coffee and getting sleepier and sleepier. He probably should use Twitter instead of blogger. Twitter is good for random thoughts like these. Jonny must have some serious attention issues. He watched a pathetic Cold Case last night with Angelina. The first one was really Life on Mars, deleted it, the next one was a repeat called the runner, the next one was a repeat that they didn't know was a repeat until watching most of it and it was bad about a lady jumping out of a window. Angelina never remembered it and she had seen it before. Alberta came home really late 12:30 from a Bar Mitzvah Saturday night. Annabella came over. Jesse and another kids and Lorraine and Annabelle all made a mess of the yard. Jonny put un 3 new storm windows. OK time for him to brush his teeth to wake up. He had a late lunch because he had an everything bagel at 12 as his tip for the bagels. Sunday while Angelina was grocery shopping at Hiller's he burned two of his candles. Then when she got home she said what is that smell. Today Jonny listened to this weeks Torah parsha audio, Torah Gems the parsha is Vayikra. He also talked a bit about Passover. There is a matza factory that might have had a problem.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is here

Jonny is up to page 198 of The Sabbathday River. It is a real page turner. Oops Jonny just got an email. It was just from Dolly Parton. She thanked him for his work today with Infomaker. Oops just got a phone call. Angelina called cell phone to cell phone. Leo the cat threw up. She also got cheated out of substituting today. There was a computer glitch. At issue is $40. No time for a nap today. Penny is here in Hotel California. She sits in her office like a ghost. Why are they even paying her? She does nothing. This morning Jonny fell asleep watch the TV program Franklin. Today he listened to Torah Gems the current parsha is vayak'hel pekudei. Somehow he twisted it around into a lecture on Sabbath prohibitions. Oops Penny has a visitor. Jonny will see you later. He is back now. He went to the break room and had an orange. The weather is awesome in Ann Arbor. Jesse and Jonny went for a bike ride. They used that contraption that Zsa Zsa Gabor gave them. Well it doesn't erase the misery. Let us make no mistake about it. This job is fine. The working condition are awful. The fact of having two offices, one in Hotel California and one in Hollywood is bad. Jonny blames everything bad on it. He hates this break room. It is disgusting. He had an orange and there are no napkins. No forks. No knives. No plates. Just disgusting paper towels on a disgusting paper towel roll dispenser. While eating, people come in and use their ID to get into the break room. Hollywood doesn't even have a break room and it is nicer. Jonny took his old toaster over over there. This sink has a foreman grill on it and about 3 square feet of counter space. The place is just gross. There are lockers in there. There is always stuff on the tables.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Angelina said last night that Jonny could probably start riding his bike next week. That is great because that coincided with his plans anyway. He is up to page 97 of The Sabbathday River. As luck would have it he is not pleased with the book after all. Today Jonny is unhappy. Yes he is happy that he is at Hotel California. But he doesn't like this office. He wants the move to happen. Jonny sent an email to Kristina. He wants to go to Dallas for the wedding for 24 hours. This weekend he has a ton of chores to do. There are postings to apply for Angelina. There is a shelf to fix and a hook to put up. Also there is a window sash lock to buy and put up. There is 3 new storm windows to pick up and put up. Plus there is a Bat Mitzvah. Last night Jesse wet his bed. Lucy wet her bed, she is a dog. Jonny just made a prostate data extract that was too big for Access. Two tables had 142 fields each. That was because some people have up to 142 PSA exams. They want each exam and the date to be their own column in the table. This would require 284 columns just for the PSA values. Why is there this trend to make the database short and flat instead of long and narrow. Notice it isn't politically correct to say, fat or skinny. Today Jonny began listening to Real Audio chanting of this week's parsha, but he didn't finish. He'll probably finish listening to it this afternoon. Last night Jonny and Angelina watched an ER episode. They usually watch one TV episode a night from 10 to 11 and then the news.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Jonny is back again at Hollywood. He had meetings with the people over at Death Valley. Then when he got back here he ate lunch. Then Lea showed up and she was a real pain. She made Jonny run down some completely weird occurrence in her stored procedure. So he took a nap instead. Then he cranked out the two diary entries. But he had to edit a bunch of stuff in this blog and now almost an hour has passed by when he was supposed to be working. He added a bunch of new characters for those entries. All the new characters come from the movie Angel and the Badman. Hmm who will be lucky enough to be John Wayne? Probably Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband. No final call on that one yet. As soon as Lea is out of here, Jonny is too for the day. She wasn't even supposed to be here today but she changed her schedule for today. The link is June 19, 1994 and as promised the other link is June 20, 1994. Now that there are old links to old diary entries, there is now theoretically a new first post. And therefore, bec, who was kind enough to post on Jonny's first post has mathematically been moved from posting on the first post. Jonny then took the opportunity to visit her blog. Today's entry is about death. But you have to read it to know more. Speaking of reading to know more, Jonny fulfilled his other promise. He checked out Amazon for the book Peony. The reviews were favorable. Jonny wrote his own review following the four sentence format. He will give it to Leslie Cook when he returns the book to the temple. And speaking of books, he is throughly enjoying the scary, thriller, crime novel, law novel, The Sabbathday River. But it is time to go home, almost.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today Jonny is as unmotivated as usual. He forgot his Iron Key drive so he doesn't have the spreadsheet with the names. Most of the names are etched in his brain anyway. This morning he had a meeting with Penny and Rob. This was a waste of time and contributed to his dismal mood the rest of the .. cell phone ringing .. who can it be other than Angelina? It was her. What was the point of that phone call. It was like trying to win a contest on the radio. He kept calling her. She kept calling him He wants to talk to her cell phone to cell phone because it is air time free that way. Yesterday Penny asked Jonny to do something, that he completed a year ago. So he said yes he will do that. Today Rob told her that Jonny will be able to do something for Penny's doctor/researcher in VASE and not in Excel. Jonny told her it couldn't be done in Excel Monday. Today she was fine with it.

This is a good time to escape. So Jonny finished a book. Peony was 312 pages and there was an additional 20 page afterward. The book was mostly pretty bad. Now Jonny needs to look it up on Amazon to see the reviews. He doesn't recommend reading any more books by Pearl Buck. But he read in the back cover some book she wrote in 1940 became a movie so maybe that one. He is up to page 23 of The Sabbathday River and it is quite good. The author describes the scenes well. She tells what the main character is thinking. It probably is just another murder mystery series. Oh yuck. But Jonny does intent to read something like that from the temple library called the Rabbi Small series. This way it will be fresh in his mind to write a book review.

Ah before Jonny forgets. The house. Yes it is important to document what is going on. Since Jonny is trying to document what was going on in 1994. In 1994 Alberta had been conceived and the pregnancy was or wasn't discovered yet, hard to remember back almost 15 years ago. In the mean time. Jonny slept most of the morning while listening to Torah Gems current parsha KiTisa. This is also the time of Purim. And that is why Jonny wanted the Iron Key and possibly to add more names. Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband for example. He needs a name. Jonny and Alberta went to the Meggilah reading Monday night. Her family gave Alberta's family a gift as is the custom on that holiday. The reading was done with a play interspered between the chapters in a Batman theme.

OK back to the house. Angelina has been working more. On Monday she had to leave early and Jonny had to get her charges off to school. She of course woke him up ten hours too early. So he took a nap immediately after she left and before getting Lorraine and Jesse off to school. While he was sleeping the kids were startled and found and awoke their Dad. He was a clever hider, sleeping in Jesse's bed while they made shamrock and foot matts. A loud noise was the culprit. Later that afternoon Angelina independently discovered the source of the noise. A shelf containing hundreds of italian products had fallen. This was only one or two days after that closet door incident. This was the shelf Jonny had put up. Angelina had brought this actually a cupboard with doors from the old house.

OK back to Oracle training.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Jonny is here in Hollywood. He started working on an entry in his old diary. But he got confused and started on the June 20 and thought it was June 19. He had to invent some new characters too. James Edward Grant, the director of the movie Jonny recently saw entitle Angel and the Badman will kick off a source of new characters. There was boy he babysat back then, a neighbor who was an Economist professor at EMU and his adviser at EMU. James Edward Grant was the adviser. Darn Jonny can't seem to spell anything correctly today.

Speaking of spelling. Jonny finished a book. Yes that is correct he finished the book Man Without a Face. Good riddance. Now he has to look it up in Amazon to see the glorious review. Basically his motivation is at the bottom now. He did some Oracle practice testing. Jonny is up to Multiple-Column Subqueries. Next is Producing Readable Output with SQL*Plus. Jonny is up to page 250 of Peony. The other book was 389 pages including an epilogue. Still waiting for the new office. In good custom, Lorraine picked out a new book. It is called The Sabbathday River by Jean Hanff Korelitz. A Jewish sounding name but about a not very Jewish type name for a river, Sabbathday? That is like Jonny's favorite rock band Black Sabbath. Also a not very Jewish sounding name for a rock band. He is up to page 10 of that book. Time to hit the bathroom and read a few more pages.

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Friday, March 06, 2009


At last it is Friday. Jonny is still negotiating with Wendell about the trip to Dallas for the wedding.

Angelina is still sick. She went to bed at 8 PM last night. Ernie invited them (Angelina, Jonny, Alberta, Jesse and Lorraine) over for dinner. But it is conditional on Angelina feeling better.

Jonny went upstairs and talked to Rob. The coworkers said not to get your hopes up on the mortgage plan from the government. Jonny did call Chase last night and they seemed pretty promising.

Jonny listened to Real Audio parsha chanting this week's parsha of Tetzavah. Right now he is listening to Click FM. They play (in Hebrew) stand up comedian skits in between the music. He went to Wendy's, spicy chicken fillet sandwich combination, with a $1 off coupon. He took the number 2 bus and read. He is up to page 218 of Peony and up to page 354 of Man Without A Face.

This weekend promises to be a very busy one. There a Bat Mitzvah and party. Plus soccer games and basketball games. Who knows? Jonny is never told anything by Angelina.

Finally Jonny would like to mention this one fact to Erica of Erica's blog. She often writes about underarm fart sounds. Coincidentally Jesse always asks Jonny to make those underarm fart sounds when Jonny gives Jesse a bath. Due to carpal tunnel, weak joints, arthritis Jonny hates doing those. He hates clapping for that same reason. OK that was TMI, but that is what blogs are for: TMI and complaining about your wife.


Thursday, March 05, 2009


Jonny has added an old diary post. The link is June 18, 1994. It was for the first entry in his old diary. He found that empty diary on the ground when walking the dogs. It looks like he wasn't much more observant of the sabbath then as he is now.

Speaking of rest. Jonny fell asleep at his desk. He was up late reading last night. Jonny is up to page 158 of Peony and he is up to page 340 of Man Without A Face.

He just finished listening to the Torah Gems parsha Tetzaveh.

Last night Jonny was having a late night snack. All of sudden Angelina called him and said come here quick. It turned out that the closet door was falling off the track. It was a two track closet door system. The front track was allowing the door to fall. The door weight a lot. Now the track is all bent up. The door was fixed but it doesn't slide very well.

This morning Angelina decided she didn't feel well. So Jonny had to take Jesse and Lorraine to school. When he got there he saw his friend Ernie. Ernie said that he was inviting Angelina and her family to his house for dinner tomorrow. A good question is will the family walk there or will they drive. Ernie usually drives over to Angelina's house so Angelina will probably do the same. It is ridiculous since the two houses are about 4 blocks a part.

It is Thursday and Jonny is still here in Hollywood on Tuesday's and on Thursday's. Apparently the move hasn't happened as fast as they said it would.

Last night Angelina and Jonny watched an episode of Criminal Intent. It was about the California/Nevada remote area. And then Jonny had a weird dream that he was in Las Vegas.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The new mortgage

Angelina has been waiting for this day. Today the government is supposed to release the details about the new mortgage system they plan to put in place. It could help people like Jonny who have a loan at around 93% of what the house is worth. In the old days if you had a loan at around 75% of what a house is worth then you could refinance. This meant say for instance your house is worth $200,000 and you owe $150,000. In this case you could refinance a new debt of $158,500. $3,500 would go towards closing costs, $150,000 would go to cover the old loan and the other $5,000 could be used to pay your Kohl's credit card.

Jonny is up to page 133 of Peony and he is up to page 321 of Man Without A Face.

Jonny is still in his old office in Hotel California. He anxiously awaits the move to the Med Inn Building. Now he is going to head upstairs to talk to Rob Schneider.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The brunch

The all star committee decided to buy brunch for the employees. It really messed up Jonny's schedule. Yes Jonny is getting seriously hungry now. He emailed Lea and told her she is missing out on the brunch and that there was 1 more hour to go. He stuffed himself too.

Angelina called for a half an hour prior to the brunch. She wanted to talk about the refinance again.

Then he worked on his read match charges program because of her email explanation that it was not working correctly. He works on it for an hour. His eyes glaze over. He has to sleep do divulge the solution from his subconscious. This always happens. He had to take an 11:30 nap this time. Jonny awoke. The answer was discovered. He has finally fixed the program and then gotten back to the head and neck form that is being created in VASE.

OK back to Chumash. Today Jonny followed his routine and listened to half of Torah Gems the Tetzaveh parsha. The cohen and the cohen gadol wear special garments to represent the different sins that a person could be seeking forgiveness for. They wear a backwards apron, a hat, a breast plate, special knickers. All these are a symbol for some character error the guilty person might have. This is the parsha where Moshe's name isn't mentioned.

Yesterday Jesse had his ultrasound. Zsa Zsa Gabor went with Angelina to hold her hand. This was because her husband had two meetings in Death Valley yesterday.

Jonny was so busy last night he didn't have time to play with his candle.

Over the weekend he walked and talked to his parents. He walked Lucy to the end of the block in 10 degree weather. He now is over the guilt of not talking to them in a month. Wendell went on and on about Jesse talking to him possibly on a web cam in skype. Then he admitted that Kristina didn't really like Skype because they got too much junk email.

Jonny is up to page 126 of Peony and he is up to page 309 of Man Without A Face. He talked to Leslie Cook about the book yesterday.

Monday he picked up Lorraine at the temple. He parked at the temple and went to work on the bus. After work the bus left him off at the temple. It was time to pick her up from religious school. Alberta doesn't go Monday's and Jesse is too young for Monday's. Leslie's husband David L Crowley was there too, helping to place books on the shelves. She is the temple librarian. Her young son was there because he was too young for religious school. Jonny gets them mixed up so he will report back which is the younger one: Michael Cassidy or David Byrd. He made a notation in the spreadsheet just now.

Leslie asked Jonny if he would do the library newsletter. Jonny said nothing. Now she wants to put Jonny's 4 sentence book review of Zipporah onto a website. She seems to have forgotten he wanted that to be anonymous if was on the internet. Name is fine if it is in a newsletter. Also she said maybe Peony isn't the book for you.

Jonny finally broke the ice with Penny. Yesterday as Penny was leaving Jonny told her that he noticed her hair had changed. Women like it when you notice their hair has changed. She said yes the blonde is gone and so is the white. But she called it gray.

Last night Jonny and Angelina watched an episode of cold case.

Jonny is still considering bringing in the old diary. If he does it will have to be edited. Of course no one know that anyway. In addition, he will use the real dates, add the fake names, censor out some stuff, use code words for certain acts and add a link. Jonny doesn't like using links in his blog. In this case he will link to the old blog entry. He will add a label, like early blog or something and a link to the new entry. Sounds like a lot of work. Finally the old diary is about 3 inches wide so Jonny used different color ink to separate the entry. Like he used green ink then blue ink, red ink, black ink. But how to do that in html?

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Monday, March 02, 2009


Another Monday. Jonny just woke up. He was dozing here in Hotel California. Today he felt like trying out oracle self test practice. He got 13 out of 15. Over the weekend Jonny took Alberta to a Bat Mitzvah. It was another girl in her Hebrew Day School class that went from K-5. Something odd happened. On the way Jonny asked. "Are we sitting together?"

Alberta replied "no".

"where should I sit?"

"with Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband".

But when they got there Zsa Zsa was no where to be found. Neither was her husband, her son Patrick Cranshaw, or her daughter Lisa Haley. Lisa is the same age as Lorraine Bracco, but she goes to the Hebrew Day School. So Jonny ran over to Alberta. "where should I sit?"

"With anyone you know."

He looked around, but for some reason didn't see his old neighbors: Bill Maul, Jennefier Badger, Margo Winkler, or William De Meo. Margo is one year older than Lorraine and goes to the elementary school that Angelina didn't want her kids to go to an that is why they moved. William is a year older than Jesse. So Jonny did see Cloris Leachman. She has several children and a husband, none of which were there. The daughter looks like the actress in Scary Movie 2, but is only a grade older than Alberta.

Wow Penny just walked out of her office. She was so quiet, maybe she was sleeping too. She dyed her hair red. It looks so gross. It was white or gray before. She never ever talks to Jonny anymore.

So Jonny asked Cloris if this seat was taken. She said no but she had to Gabie soon. For those who don't know. That means she helps read the Torah. The person assigned to chant the Torah, might make a mistake. Her job is to whisper in the person's ear no say the word this way. A thankless job, similar to Jonny's programming.

Later on it is revealed to Jonny why he didn't see Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband or her or the rest of her family. The reason is so obvious. As late as Jonny and Alberta were around 10 AM. The other family was even later. Jonny looked up and saw them walk in. Now Patrick is a full head taller than Alberta. Alberta leaned up to his cheek and what appeared to kiss him. Cloris was like wow did you see that. Jonny was like yeah that was amazing. Really though she was whispering in his ear hey the alumni members of the Hebrew Day School have to come up and lead the "oshray". For those of you who don't know that is a prayer. The first word of the prayer is "oshray". So not spread Loshen Hora, but Jonny did have to tell Angelina about this. So at dinner, the whole family was laughing and teasing Alberta about the "kiss".

Jonny has to take a break now.

Amazing Jonny took a bathroom break an no emails. They always seem to arrive when he is off at the bathroom. He did get a chance to read a little in the bathroom. Jonny is up to page 114 of Peony and he is up to page 309 of Man Without A Face.

Jonny has gotta go get a drink of water.

Penny is probably not back from wherever she went. After Jonny got water he went to check on Dabney Coleman. Dabney is a data clerk and works four ten hour days. Penny is his boss. She complains that he calls in sick a lot. Today seems to be no exception. Her staff complain she doesn't send emails "hey so and so is sick today. Phone call. It was the cancer center. Jonny thought he heard noises in the office behind him. Just when he was vigorously typing about Penny. Now it is quiet again. When does she do back in there?

Earlier today Jonny froze to death. Then he went to Death Valley. This was for some meetings that were planned in advance. They were a waste of time. Jesse had his meeting with his urologist today. So Angelina has been anxious about that all day, for days now. The two of them have been over eating. They watched an episode of Cold Case. In the meantime Jonny was playing with his candle. She got up early and actually let Jonny sleep in a bit. Suddenly Alberta felt too sick to go to school. They had a week long break. The plan was for Jonny to drive Lorraine to school and then go to his meeting. But Alberta recovered. She was dropped off first at around 8:30. Next Lorraine was dropped off closer to 8:45. Jonny spent several minutes straightening Alberta's hair with a machine. His back was hurting from the old mattress. He arrived in Death Valley closer to 9 AM. So he settled in for a short nap.

Sorry this post has gotten way too long. Time to end it for today.

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