The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Monday, November 17, 2008


Not much going on here. Jonny has been drifting in and out of conscious at his desk in Hotel California. He is up to page 291 of SK. As promised here is the weight log.

Date Weight Time
10-Nov 149.2 9:50 PM
11-Nov 145.6 7:04 AM
147.2 6:00 PM
145.2 11:56 PM
12-Nov 145 7:07 AM
148.4 5:20 PM
13-Nov 146 1:15 AM
147 10:15 PM
14-Nov 146.8 7:07 AM
145.6 5:22 PM
15-Nov 149.6 8:00 PM
147.4 10:30 PM
16-Nov 144.8 8:00 AM
143.4 8:06 AM
149.2 7:29 PM
149.2 11:13 PM
17-Nov 145 12:45 AM
147 7:33 AM

He listened to Torah Gems today. And then he went onto a scavenger hunt on the internet. Once again looking for the answer to the question how old was Yitzak's wife when he married her? Some scholars say she was 3. But this is ludicrous. What is the Torah trying to teach us?

Jonny will now go up and talk to Rob.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Today is Friday. Jonny has been keeping a log of his weight. Hold on he has to cut his fingernails now. Penny went to a meeting and he is at Hotel California where he keeps his nail clippers. Ahh there much better. Jonny is up to page 362 of SK. He was listening to this week's parsha. They were talking on chabad.org's audio learning sites about myserious nefesh. Or something like that, for Abraham. How we was very caring of all people. Here is another google map.

View Larger Map

This of course reminds Jonny of his idea for Google maps and this is to be concise, dates. The long story is this picture is of the YMCA on William. As is clear from the map it is on William. What isn't clear from the map is this is the former site of the downtown Ann Arbor YMCA. You see this block of William between 4th and 5th avenues was leveled. It is now a parking lot. If google obtained enough programmers and data, they could put together a time series version of street view. This picture was probably taken 2 years ago. Jonny knows this because he remembers when they demolished the YMCA.

As he was mentioning earlier. He has been keeping a weight log. It has fluctuated between 152 and 147. But he hasn't been checking it 5-7 times a day. It has been more like 2-3 times a day. The log is at Jonny's house. He will bring it in next week and upload the data. It will not be recorded on the Sabbath.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Jonny is up to page 231 of SK. Angelina called and she is busy trying to get Alberta's leg brace covered by insurance. She looked at the kids Vanguard accounts, way down. She was complaining about the cat knocking things over. She isn't working today. She is looking for stuff under the bed. Alberta's clothes don't fit her. Angelina emptied out two boxes. So Jonny has to break them down. Over the weekend he needs to clean the gutters. Jonny has started a weight log. Same notebook he used for bicycle riding log is now sitting by the scale. Angelina plans to go shopping with Lorraine or Alberta after school instead of at night since she thinks Jonny can't get Jesse to bed. He can't. She found some sweaters for Jonny to wear. The camp that the kids went to over the summer is still looking for their money. Angelina doesn't have it. Instead she diverted the funds from the camp that Alberta didn't go to the chabad day camp. Unfortunately for the director the funds never got there. Angelina feels it isn't her job to track down the money.

View Larger Map

This is the number 5 bus that Jonny took this morning. This is the bus stop. He timed it perfectly. He walked past it at 7:37 AM with his dog and then later got on the bus at 8:07 AM. It is quite cold out today.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

bad headache

Over the weekend Jonny had a ridiculous migraine. He woke up at 8AM and couldn't get back to sleep. His head hurt so much. Below is a picture of where Jonny parks his car on Hotel California days.

View Larger Map

The black car there almost looks like a nissan altima, but it isn't. This is about a mile from the hospital and the only free parking around. Then you take a number 4 bus from there about a 10 minute or less ride.

Jonny is up to page 211 of SK. He read chapter 19 of Jeremiah and it was still about pottery and the town of Topheth.

The Friday night dinner was fun. Jesse and Jonny walked to Jonny's car parked in the spot on the picture above. Angelina, Lorraine and Alberta met them at home about 20 minutes later. Also over the weekend Jonny cleaned the car. He borrowed a leaf blower and made a tremendous leaf pile. Jesse talked to Jonny's mother on Jonny's cell phone for about 20 minutes. Angelina told Jonny that she will let Alberta go with Kristina to St John for a week. But Jonny isn't about to tell his mom that.

So they are all driving off to PA for a week in two weeks.


Friday, November 07, 2008

weekend plans

This weekend Alberta is playing futsol. This is like soccer. Jesse bagged his plans for a late fall soccer. This morning Jonny had to do the home parent duties. Angelina had to do another flu clinic. She is making about 100 bucks a week. But she drives a lot. The 100 bucks includes the taxes taken out and the driving payments made. Penny is consulting with one of her peons. Oops busted again. Also this weekend Jonny will be raking leaves. Lots of leaves fall these days. He was planning to listen to the parsha chanting today but didn't. Tonight is a Friday night service and dinner. Probably Jonny will wash the floor with the shark. He has done absolutely nothing at work because the workload has all but diminished. Ahh that lady is back. Jonny is up to page 175 of SK. For lunch he went up to the Hotel California cafeteria and got a pizza for $4.23. Jonny has been watching his weight. It fluctuates between 147 and 153. He wants it to go down. Now he is obsessed with checking it 5-7 times a day. There is one more infomaker report to do but it is getting bogged down. The problem is the data wasn't migrated properly from one area of sybase to another. So in the new record and verify system the data is in a different place. So the report can't be replicated as it was in the old system. Jonny is supposed to meet with Andrew the gardener to with the circular saw on the weed whacker. This is so they can pull up some dead grass. Lorraine has homework that Jonny will have to help with over the weekend. Angelina has a flu clinic to run over the weekend.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Too excited with work to blog

Jonny is too excited tracking down missing date of birth records to take time out to blog.

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This picture is the corner of State and Liberty. The hanging street sign says Liberty, even though the google doesn't reflect it. On the right on the first red awning is where Jonny went for lunch today. He walked about 1 mile each way to get there. He spent $6.10 at the Earle of Sandwich. He ordered a roast beef. Jonny forgot to pick up a menu. He sat with a cup of water and deliberately chose to read most of the A section of USA today. Jonny loves right wing media such as FOX, USA today and right wing talk radio such as WAAM 1600 AM radio. The catastrophe here was that this was the former site of Einstein brothers bagel on State. Now they are inside of Hotel California.

Jonny read chapter 18 of Jeremiah and it was about potters making clay. Very relevant to the medical pot law that just passed. Jonny is up to page 157 of SK concordance. As mentioned before he read the AMAZON reviews already. This being volume II it only had 4 reviews. Volume I isn't the same comparison, since it was out when books 5-7 were not out yet, so any concordance can only predict how the other 5-7 books would turn out. It would be like Rashi commenting on Bereshit, without reading Lech Lecha first. Volume I had about 20 reviews.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


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At this point in the day Jonny can barely put together a few sentences. His brain just comes to a dead stop. So to kick start it he put together a google map picture.

Above is the picture of the area where Jonny dropped of Angelina for work yesterday. The white building in the distance is where she was working. Of note is the one block street named after a Democrat. Based on Jonny's interpretation of the book Presidential Courage's interpretation this famous president wasn't actually responsible for the Voting Right Act and other Civil Rights issues. He was resistant, and ungrateful for the work that Martin Luther King did for him in getting elected. JFK died a martyr for the cause that he is most remembered for.

Speaking of King, Jonny is up to page 150 of the book about Stephen King's book. He listened to Torah Gems, bereshit and lech lecha today.

Angelina called as always happens. She broke her cell phone and took Alberta's. She is on her way to Jesse's school conference. As predicted by Jonny she is now complaining that the school is overzealous in their pursuit of Jesse's education. He is admittedly no farther along than his sisters were when they were in 1st grade. Can you blame the No Child Left Behind Act for this one?

Jonny feels the election of Obama will help the economy. And here is why. Before that is explained, imagine this, even conservative Angelina voted for him. She also voted for both state proposals and the WCC millage. (That was the tax that wasn't really a tax its proponents state). Obama will do three things to the economy, but overall it is the psychological effect that will help the most. 1) tax breaks to those poorer than Joe the Plumber who makes over $300K per year. 2) restrict foreign trade to keep jobs from going overseas 3) improve the health care system. Guaranteed, 100% McCain would not have done these things.

Earlier today Lea and Jonny deconstructed the election results.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

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The picture above is the entrance to Ann Arbor. On the right is Arbor Land Mall. For those in the know, there is more to the welcome to Ann Arbor sign. There is listed all the 6 sister cities, and their dates of inception to sisterhood. The sign is unreadable, but it lists cities from countries that are hardly much larger than the cities themselves.

Today was election day. Jonny began the day by driving Angelina to a flu clinic. Then he drove home. Alberta, Jesse and Lorraine had no school and were thus watching themselves. Jonny parked the car and dropped off the keys. Then he walked to the polling place. He waited in line from 8:45 to 10:15. This was a complete waste of time, if there was internet voting. If you had arrived at 7:40 as one of Jonny's neighbors did you would wait longer. The guy's family drove past Jonny at 7:40 while he was walking Lucy the dog. They waited in line for longer than the 1.5 hours that Jonny waited. So those who arrived at 7AM were punished the most.

Jonny abstained from voting in protest. He put the minimum number of black circles in order to vote. He voted straight party ticket, that was one circle. He voted on two state proposals that was two and three circles. He voted on one tax bill that "wasn't really a tax bill." that was circle number 4. So for the Republican readers that explanation of the tax bill vote was just for you.

Jonny is listening to Gems of the Torah, bereshit parsha. He is up to page 113 of VOL II, SK, DT concordance. It is still boring. Jonny is discovering that books 5-7 of the series probably were his least favorites. It goes, 4, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 6. Book 4 was the best. But there was far too much vampires, ghosts and crosses in books 5-7, which this concordance was about anyway. Well back to my it labs for school and back to infomaker for work.


Monday, November 03, 2008

How can this hospital be losing money?

Jonny wonders how is that Hotel California is losing any money at all. Penny just closed her door. Her hail to the victors cell phone chime went off. She is talking to her daughter. Angelina sent Jonny onto an Einstein Brothers Bagels mission. He got the bagels in the hospital cafeteria. They replace Wendy's five years ago with the bagel place. He then brought the bagels to pediatric urology. There Angelina was coming in later for an appointment from 12 to 1. So once again Jonny wonders how is that Hotel California is losing money. He had to go through so many halls and wings to get to the final destination. The place is more crowded then the Cleveland Airport. Jonny raked leaves over the weekend.

View Larger Map

It is quite clear from this picture, that the speed limit is 35. Since this picture was take the speed limit was raised to 45. Jonny got his speeding ticket right at the spot of this picture about 3 years ago, maybe it was longer ago. But at the time it was 35 mph. He was leaving the temple and heading West to eventually head South on US 23 to speedily head back to Pittsfield Township. This was back in the days when Jonny would drop the kids off on Sunday morning. He was going too fast and got a speeding ticket, about 1 minute after getting into the car. Now the police reduced the ticket to 5 mph over. Which meant 40 mph. Since the limit is now 45 mph it would have meant at 50 mph he would have gotten the same ticket, but now, as then no one would pull you over for going 5 mph over.
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