The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, October 29, 2010

afternoon Friday

Jonny is up to page 121 of Wikinomics. He is up to page 93 of Rachel & Leah. Orson Scott Card wrote that book and he is a Mormon. So Jonny is suspicious of how his religious origin will send the book in a non-Jewish direction. So far it isn't much different in style from Marek Halter's Ziporrah Moses's Wife. Jonny discovered that Orson Scott Card wrote a book called Stone Tablets that incorporates the Mormon book of Moses.

Jonny has been extremely sleepy lately. He fell asleep at 9:45 AM today for a short nap.

Angelina was supposed to replace the gas meter today. Unfortunately the gas company who's idea it was to replace it decided oh no that is November 29th.

Jonny tried to call Krisitina and Wendell. He left a voice mail on their cell phone. They are very into Halloween.

Last night Jonny went to a charity event. It was a fundraiser. There was pumpkin carving and a haunted house. Jonny took Jesse, Lorraine and Annabelle. Today Jesse's class is having a Halloween parade. Angelina just called and she is on her way there.

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Angelina is still having problems with Windows 7 messing up her class.

In this week's chumash, why did Sara die from this mitzvah? Why did Abram not cry that much? Abram was too old to go and get a wife for Yitzak.

Angelina went to temple on 10/27/2010 to finalize some of the kiddush meal for the Bat Mitzvah for Lorraine. Angelina says she has spent $2000 so far.

Also on 10/27/2010 Angelina called Jonny and reminded him that she was going to help out in Jesse's classroom sometime this week. She says that Babs the dog was waddling.

Later on 10/28/2010 Angelina called Jonny and she was at Trader Joe's buying some food. She got some beer. It was $2 more than the usual beer she bought. Plus she bought some dried fruit for Jonny's oatmeal. She got frozen Mango. All this was just basics for around $100.

There was a robbery at a credit union.

Jonny heard a song on the radio called Shalom Hasdim. Or maybe it was v'lo hasdim.

Today he forgot eye drops. He put hair gel in his hair but his dream is to bring some hair gel to work. He will need some new mustard to put in the work refridgerator.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Angelina called on 10/25/2010. And here is what she said. "The bank is slow." Jonny wrote down that he forgot his chapstick. Later on he wrote down "mortgage". Apparently Angelina was asking about the mortgage and the bank was slow to give her an answer about the mortgage. Then she said "cats are fighting" and she went on to tell Jonny that "dog digging".

Earlier that day Jonny and Angelina went to the credit union. Jonny signed the papers for the new loan. It is $397 per month for 5 years. It will pay off $21,000 in debt.

This week is the parsha chaya sara. Some people say that the akada killed sara. Other questions from this week's reading are, "Why did Eliazer swear instead of yitzak?

Later on Jonny realized that Angelina told him there is wind and trees are falling.

On 10/26/2010 Jonny cleaned his bathroom of Hotel Hilton. But he forgot to put hair gel in his hair before heading to work. Then he realized he needed cleaning supplies. So he wrote a note to the janitor to give him more cleaning supplies.

Also on that day he missed Lorraine's doctor appointment. The appointment was at the Hotel California, so Jonny could have easily gone to it. But the night before Lorraine was crying, "Dad you simply can't go to my appointment, I don't need two moms."

Later that day Angelina called the help desk for the school. The computers for her class were all messed up. The culprit it turns out is Windows 7.

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Friday, October 22, 2010


Last night Jonny was supposed to meet Ryan Williams. But Ryan went to the wrong bar. Or you could say Jonny went to the wrong bar. Either way Jonny stayed and waited from 4:15 to 4:45 for Ryan to show up. He read a few pages of Wikinomics.

When Jonny got home he found Lorraine with a hair brush stuck in her hair. Annabella Sciorra and Annabella's mother were there too. They couldn't unstuck the hair. Jonny did it quickly with a screwdriver.

Next Jonny screwed around on the computer. So poor Babs the dog didn't get walked. Then Lorraine worked really hard on making the dinner around when Angelina arrived. She was home late because she was working.

Earlier this morning Kristina Krofft left a message on Jonny's work voice mail. She was reminiscing about the birth of Richard Ziman.

All day Jonny's head has hurt. It is feeling light headed because of lack of sleep.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


Jonny listened to the parsha again this week. Vayer Vale Hashem. How do we know Hashem appeared to Avram? Hashem after alov. Hashem gave Avram the Schena. Avram was sick. How did he run out? Arabs why? Any guest is a good guest. Who is lunt? Sara denied laughing. Why did Hashem tell Avram that he was going to destroy Sedom? Amidis Hadin is judgement. Dust and ashes. Ashes because of Nimrod. Dust was never anything. Ashes was once something.

Last night Jesse's bed was not made. But Jonny slept in it anyway. He had to because Jesse ot scared in the middle of the night. Then at 4 AM Jonny had to let the dog out and feed her.

Jonny is on page 45 of Wikinomics.

Tuesday night he had to pick Alberta up at a soccer game.

Today Jonny is going to the Red Hawk for some beer. He will leave early for this privilege.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Angelina is still negotiating with the credit union for the debt consolidation loan. The terms are 5.75%, 5 years and 429 per month payments. The rate varies and two debts will be paid off.

Yesterday Jonny listend to the parsha discussion of the week. This week's parsha is vayera. It has to do with and Hashem appeared. In the story Avram is visited by angels while he is recovering from the brit milah. This happened on the third day. His house has four doors. Sara was able to have a baby and so was other children started having the ability to have children.

Jonny pitched the book Drowning Ruth. Now he is on page 15 of Wikinomics. Last night Angelina and Jonny watched Criminal Minds. Earlier Jonny was on the couch falling asleep watching MNF. And the Alberta called. The number shows up on the TV screen. Then Jonny went back to sleep. 20 minutes later, will you go pick her up. She was at the HS watching a varsity soccer game.

Right now Jonny is feeling really sleepy. Babs keeps waking up at 3AM. Jesse wet his bed and that means tons of laundry and making the bed later on tonight.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Way back Tuesday

Jonny posted the following Thursday old diary entry.

Back in 2010 Jonny went to the library. He got three books. One of those books was called Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz. What was he thinking? 15 pages into it he decided to bag it. Someone dies and their name begins with the letter R. And even if that isn't what happens. Who cares. So he decided to start another book. Jonny is on page 5. This included the 5 page introduction. He is reading Wikinomics How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott Bestselling Author of The Digital Economy and Anthony D. Williams. Now he is on the short subtitles chapter. They asked people to name the subtitle.

There were no unseen Criminal Minds episodes. Last night Jonny and Angelina watched Cold Case instead.

Babs slept in until 7 AM as she was supposed to do.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

more loans

This week Jonny has been listening to parsha Lech Lecha.

Angelina wants to pursue a loan through the credit Union. They might be able to offer a refinance loan and a debt consolidation loan.

Jonny's stomach is killing him.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Mondays aren't the best days for working people.

Jonny is taking a break from the madness.

Earlier today he had Rob's staff meeting. Lea wasn't there. Jonny had to look it up too. He forgot his iron key, but the blog helped recall who she was. Lea wasn't in the more recent fake names post but she was in the 2007 one. Interesting...

Last week Jonny listened to Noach again for the parsha of the week. Here is what he learned the second time around in the same week. Something put the decison for a flood punishment over the top. It was the gisel of stealing. This was because it was the opposite of being good and righteous to people. For some reason Noach was born cirumcised. Even Kosher animals came on the arc. Why is this possible. 7 pairs of the kosher animals were brought and 2 of the not kosher animals. The Torah makes a big distinction between kosher and not kosher. In Hebrew the word for kosher is Tor or literally clean. For not kosher it is Tomay. Yet in this particular parsha the Torah uses the opposite of kosher instead of just saying Tomay or literally dirty. So it is as if the Torah says you will eat clean animals and not eat dirty animals. And in this parsha the Torah says you will save 7 pairs of clean animals and 1 pair of not clean animals. The rabbis attribute this to the harsher version of dirty is saved for Parsha Emor and the less harsh version for instructions to Noach. The harsher version would have been to say you will save 7 pairs of clean animals and 1 pair of dirty animals. Why does it say it that way?

In other news, Michigan lost to Michigan State in a big football game.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

No loan for you

Jonny finished a book. Last night he finished The Vendetta Defense. It was 518 pages including acknowledgements at the end.

Jonny and Angelina were just denied a loan this morning. They have too high of a debt to income ration, something like 51 to 28.

Jonny must go to a meeting now.


Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Jonny is on page 488 of The Vendetta Defense.

This was probably written last year here it is again. This week is the parsha of Noach. Really Noach should have had the mable on him too. What did Noach do wrong to nme the mable after him? Noach didn't pray for his generation. Compared to other generations he was nothing. Taking care of the animals was Noach's punishment. One time Noach didn't feed the lions at the right time.

Angelina's biggest concern right now is that she isn't spending money on costumes for the kids.

She got Jonny a free oil change. So now the Altima doesn't need an oil change until 103,000 or 12/3. They put 2 months on the sticker or 3750 miles. So realistically the car has about 99,250 miles on it.


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