The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weird dreams

Last night Jonny had some weird dreams and the night before too. His carpal tunnel is really acting up so the blog is going to be limited possibly. In the dream there were three owners of three houses living in each others houses. Owner a, owner b and owner c. C lived in a's house, b lived in c's house and a lived in b's house. The deal was it was a mystery novel to figure this out. This meant these three people were forever linked. The dream the night before was also a mystery novel to figure out. Jonny woke up at 3 in the morning and Angelina was driving. He was parked outside a Sheets like restaurant. Actually Sheets is a hot dog - gas - and other stuff chain in Pittsburg. This one was in good old Ann Arbor and wasn't open until 8:33 AM. It said so on the sign. Jonny or by proxy to Angelina owed 47 cents on about 30 dollars worth of groceries. He was supposed to go in there and settle up the bill. At 8:28 he was banging on the door due to pressure from his ever inpatient wife. He couldn't figure out that a they didn't open for another 5 more minutes and b what the reason was for his being there. Later he pieced it together because all the action happened while he was asleep and she had been shopping and driving.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Car pool again

It turns out Jonny has to pick the sisters Lorraine and Alberta at Hebrew school again today. In two more days the family moves. He listened to the parsha again today. Finally he is now listening to Brachos 48a. He sent a couple of faxes for Angelina. She has the house almost all packed. Tonight there is a shiva. Angelina picked the neighbors up from the airport. She took them to the airport over the weekend. These are the people Jonny carpools with to religious school. He has had a headache all day. He took a half hour nap from 8:30 to 9 before work. Then again at 12. This was because it takes food to get rid of a headache. He wanted to take some motrin with food to remove the headache. The muscle spasm is all but gone. The hideous cold sore is all but gone. Jonny is using firefox to download some data better than explorer. He is using it for this blog too. Guess what blogger's spell checker is on in firefox in a better manner than in explorer. The only problem is the bookmarks always get alphabetized. But that is fixable too. Jonny's headache is all but gone now too. But should he drink some more coffee? Over at religious school he had started the book Zipporah. The tale of Moses's wife.

Check out this link http://www.debbieschlussel.com/archives/2008/02/stop_donating_l.html
She is local to Detroit. Take it with a grain of Kosher salt, because she talks about Jewish groups and left wing-right wing politics.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last Day of carpool

Today was Monday. Both Lorraine and Alberta went to religious school today. Jonny doesn't know when it starts or how they get there. But on Monday he picks them up. Lorraine told Jonny it starts at 4:15. Alberta walks from Tappan. But how does Lorraine get there? Lorraine just told Jonny, Angelina takes her to Hebrew School. How don't you know that Jonny?

Anyway he stayed at Hollywood until 5:10 PM. He cut across town to get the sisters. Today his car was parked on the South side of William. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday parking is allowed on the North side of William for more than 2 hours with a resident pass. Jonny parked between 2nd and 3rd streets. Hollywood is between 3rd and 4th street on the South side of William. He went East on William past 2nd street, 1st street, Ashley and Main. Ashley is on a hill and 1st is parallel to a set of railroad tracks. 1st is a one way street, so is Ashley. Ashley has a creamery on Ashley and Madison or is it Monroe or Jefferson, hmm Jonny isn't sure. The BP gas is at the corner of Main and William on the south side. Going another block East takes him to 4th avenue. Wow why doesn't Ann Arbor have a 3rd, 2nd or 1st avenue? 4th avenue is one way. On the right side of William is a very old and very small beer store. They did construction on the beer store. It used to be a drive through, so they closed it in and got more space. On the left side is a parking garage. 4th avenue has the AATA bus station which encompasses the entire block., across the street is the library. The vacant building of the YMCA faces William. Next is 5th avenue which goes one way the opposite way of 4th avenue and the other side of the bus station.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Only 4 more days left until Jonny Lee Miller moves out of Pittsfield Township. Angelina, Lorraine, Alberta and Jesse are going with him of course. Today Jonny has a massive headache. he just checked out some blogs: bec, erica and styx. Today was a meeting at 9 and another at 11. All the while Jonny just had to go to the bathroom so badly. He was falling asleep and cold. In addition his head was pounding. All the while he is listening to this boring presentation and drinking water to further fill his bladder. Angelina called and she is getting free checks because her mortgage is through their bank or something like that. Jonny doesn't feel much like typing because of carpal tunnel. Or it feels like it. His fingers are starting to feel numb. There is lots of programming to be done too. The mayor of Detroit finds out today if he will be indicted for perjury, for lying under oath about an affair. Believe or not Jonny still has this muscle spasm in his groin, driving him crazy. Feels like he has to pee all the time. He listened to shemini parsha today and is listening to Brachos 45a now. Last night right before bed Jonny took down the topper for the window in the master bedroom. He also took down the cat window bed. It is a hammock for cats that sits in the window sill. Their big butts hang out past the windo sill and a pair of l shapped 1 foot long braces hold them up. One time all three cats were in it. It is velcrowed to the window sill. So that left a big mark. There was a lot of mold behind it and that will be Jonny's job tonight to clean it up. Today enough with XML and back to sybase and c# pronounced see sharp. The c# program will have some embedded sql to pull demographics data and send that into an oracle database.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


Jonny is feeling depressed. He really should be thinking how happy he is there was no basketball or soccer games this weekend. Today Angelina bought a tallis. Actually she ordered one. No actually she asked another person in the Judaic store at the temple to order one. This is fun, actually she asked someone to call her next week ab out ordering a tallis. The store was kinda funny because the short tallis fit better than the long tallis. So that is the story. Jonny isn't going to spell it out for you. Today is packing news, Jonny put the master bedroom entertainment center in a box. He also put the family room entertainment center in a box. This is fun he also put the hallway entertainment center in a box. The big news in today's Ann Arbor News, Jonny gets the Sunday. That was not the big news. The big news was all week (you actually get just as much news if you read the Sunday) that UM lets athletes slide on their education. Ha ha Jonny had to spell check athletes. And he spelled athletes twice incorrectly and incorrectly but he caught himself. Even after reading editorial after editorial about it. As a matter of fact he was in the middle of one that he feels he must get back to now. But it is so boring like everything else in life.

No actually it is boring because it is the one the news writes from a We point of view and then it summarizes everything the other real people write in. This has been quite therapeutic. Nailed it. Jonny won't even let you guess which word that was in question. As to a good strategy, since Jonny is dnoe spellchecking as he missspeels done, spell checking and misspell. Read the articles in the middle first and then instead of reading the long boring obsession craved first article read it last, makes more sense that way. (In terms of comprehension). Oops got obession wrong. OK. the strategy here is write what pops into your head.

From a religious perspective, Jonny, Angelina, Alberta, Lorraine and Jesse. Ooops almost forgot Lorraine the middle child. Went to the Friday night dinner comedy skit and services. The skits were funny. Jonny especially liked the answering machine bit. These were bits not skits. Ha ha that rhymes. Last night on TV was the end of a movie with an all black cast from the 40's. Something about heaven, hell, lucifer and a bad dream. It was kinda cool. Tough how these great actors never went any where in their careers because of segregation era segregation. Yes nailed it twice. Well the same word spelled right twice counts.

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Friday, March 21, 2008


Chag Samech. Today is the day the Jews celebrate Purium. Well tonight actually. Jonny is meeting his family at temple after work. The children Lorraine, Alberta and Jesse have no school today due to a Catholic holiday called Good Friday. On Monday they have the day off too. Jonny hasn't been feeling too well. Lately the groin problem hasn't disappeared yet. Now he has a coffee sleepy kinda headache. Last week he blogged four times this week, today is the second time. Yeah one week to go till the big move. Jonny has been taking motrin 3 pills at a time up to 3 times a day so he can get over the pain or muscle spasm. Very weird. He listened to the parsha tzav today. He is listening to Brachos 45a now. It is supposed to snow big time today. There are boxes everywhere in Jonny's house. Jonny tried to call his father about the Sunday Bat Mitzvah brunch menu, but no reply to his email and no reply to his voice mail. They probably went to the beach for the weekend. The dogs: Lucy and Dexter went to the groomers yesterday courtesy of Angelina. She does all the running around. She got the sold sign and Jonny put that up a couple of days ago too. The house on Oakengates sold, the house two houses away from Angelina is still for sale.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Today is Monday. Alberta lost Jonny's phone over the weekend. Also over the weekend Jonny, Lorraine and one of Lorraine's friends went to see Music Man. Some of the same players were in services on Saturday too. Jonny recognized the voice of the player when he went up to read from the Torah. There was a Bar Mitzvah and the Bar Mitzvah boy gave a really good speech. Alberta had a basketball game and a soccer game over the weekend. Angelina sent her with friends to drive her since she and Jonny had way too much packing to do.

Today at work Jonny has listened to the parsha twice now. He has been having a problem of a severe nature - a muscle spasm in his groin. So many meetings this week. Angelina still wants to fire the mortgage company. The boss of their mortgage company man took over their account. Angelina called him three times in one day to touch base. He took over because the loan was too complicated for the first man. On Friday Angelina told Jonny the first man no longer works at that company.

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Today is Friday. Jonny finally got his XML working. There was yet again problems with Oracle 10 g versus Oracle 9i. His friend over in the database area gave him access. Now he can run the query and script over there. Now he still needs someone to run it because he doesn't have update capability.

In the meantime he has been listening to the parsha twice today. Now he plans to go upstairs and talk to his boss.

Jonny found and interesting website so[remove this part]uthDakotagov.info

Anyway this weekend Jonny is going to Saturday morning services. Also this weekend he is taking the kids to see the play music man.

The house sale is still on. The loan is going up by 9,500 to pay for the sewer and asbestos removal.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yeah Jonny finished playing with XMLDOM today. That stands for extendable markup language document object model, in case anyone was curious. He wrote some Oracle code to modify an XMLTYPE field. The problem was the text value of the field was NULL so he tried to use insertchildxml, xmlforest with updatexml and update set in Oracle. It worked in one version of Oracle and not another. So he converted it to XMLDOM.

Angelina called. In summary, she is spending money. The new house the cell phone. It never ends. She is a great shopper. She is going to need to buy bike locks for the kids, when they bike to school. Angelina went over on the cell phone and got an emergency 1000 minutes by extending the contract 2 years.

The sellers refused the offer to pay $10,500 to replace the sewer line, remove the asbestos and repair the chimney. Funny chimney is spelled correct, but spell checking thinks extendable as in XML isn't a word, it wants extend able instead. So Angelina is financing $9,500 of repairs. The selling price goes up by that amount and then the seller writes a check to the sewer company and writes a check to the asbestos removal company. Those checks sit in a vault until Angelina is ready to make the repairs. She will need extra money to cover those repairs since it is off by at least $1000.

Jonny spent several minutes warming up to studying XMLDOM on the web yesterday by reading about the aleph in vayikra. In the process of burning out his eyes until 9:30 yesterday he found a cool website called The Watchman or approximately bet emunah dot org. Anyway this guy does a fantastic job of explaining many Jewish topics, including big Hebrew letters, and little Hebrew letters found in the original Torah scrolls. Also there are dots above letters. There are gaps between words. There are backward nuns too. Not the Catholic kind the Jewish kind. There are extra long daleds as well. All very interesting.

Speaking of interesting websites, Jonny discovered that google maps street view. He has yet to find the Saturday Night Live 3 AM commercial parody talked about in the news. Jonny says just give me a reason not to like Hillary. Because he supports her more than Barak. Anyway these google websites allow a person to actually look down a street. Supported cities among others are Orlando (just went there for vacation), NYC (including Brooklyn), Detroit, Chicago and Pittsburgh (where Jonny went to college). Missing is DC and Ann Arbor.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today is Tuesday. Jonny just finished listening to the parsha discussion by Rabbi Grossman of Vayikra. This is the one where the first word has a small aleph. Lately he has been trying to get XML to work with Oracle. Also there is the issue of the bio resource with velos. Jonny is so sleepy. He is at Hotel California. His boss Rob won't let him work from home. His parents are visiting his brother in sunny California. An about the house. Ring. Angelina just called. A really new update. The house doesn't have a radon or natural gas leak. On the weekend Jonny and Angelina asked the seller for $10,500 to fix repairs. But Angelina says they said no. Which is what Jonny predicted they would say. It needs a new sewer line. It needs asbestos removal. And it needs a working fireplace. Now Jonny and Angelina can walk away from the deal. The deal feels like it is falling apart. In the meantime Jonny and Angelina have been packing like crazy. What happens now? They have a house to sell and one to buy. Do the kids know about this? Well it has been a whole week. Move in is in two weeks and three days. Clinton and Obama are still tied. The mayor of Detroit is about to be ousted on numerous scandals. Also the Governor of New York. G-D bless the spell checker working again, Governor is a hard word. Ok done spell checking. This guy was caught in a prostitution ring. Funny Jonny has no problem spelling that word. That was easy it ut ion. But nor or ner is trickier. Well back to work or enough blog take your pick.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Jonny is feeling bloated again. This is such a strange feeling. He is on page 186 of The Shadow Roads. Despite the reviews of The Blade Itself, Jonny highly recommends that book. It makes you think about the psychology of crime itself. His technique of naming the chapter after something small that happens in the end of the chapter is intriguing. Right now Jonny is listening to click FM. Guess what the spell checker is working. Guess what 3 weeks and 1 day until Jonny moves. No more chips in a corner cabinet. No more scrambling to get the dogs out before they poop in the house. The new house has besides: radon, gas leak, chimney broken, sewer clogged and asbestos, it has a fenced in yard. It will have so many new cabinets Angelina can stored 50 Hunts cans of tomatoe paste if she so desires. Jonny is kinda annoyed that the basement windows are not able to open. He will fix that. The inspector said the landscaping is bad. It seems no one who builds a house knows to make the land angle away so water doesn't leak into the basement. This happened to Wendell back in 1976 in Jonny's childhood home and it looks like Jonny's 1941 vintage home has the same problem. Jonny is back on track and listened to Pikudei again today and once yesterday. He has a meeting in Death Valley at 10 am tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It has been almost two weeks since the last post. Choices so many choices. Jonny could work, sleep, email Kristina, write in his blog, read a book or read non-work related web pages. As it turned it when Jonny got here late today, he found out the guy across the cube from him was let go. Suddenly Jonny feels really full. This morning his weight was down to 150. It fluctuates a lot though. Partly it depends on how much clothes he is wearing. Jonny and Kristina have been emailing a bit over the past few days. Speaking of labels, Jonny has been on vacation and finished a book. He was reading The Shadow Roads but Angelina wanted that which is a library book to remain in pittsfield township. So he is now resumed reading it and is up to page 172. But on vacation he started and completed The Blade Itself 306 pages. Very highly recommended. It is a violent book at times. Speaking of violent books, Jonny is on CD 5 of 10 of Prior Bad Acts. He sold a book on AMAZON. Which is what he is thinking about now. He could read their review of The Blade Itself. On Sunday Alberta had a soccer game in Wixom. When they got back she got very ill. Jonny did a lot of steam cleaning. Angelina did a lot of yelling. This week Angelina and her packing worker from Flint have done a lot of box packing.

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