The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Monday, August 31, 2009


This week's parsha is Ki Savo. Jonny wanted to tell you how much it meant. But he was listening and working at the same time. That is one reason he will listen again on Wednesday.

He is feeling near death today. He drank too much and stayed up too late. He forced himself to eat lunch. Jonny practiced his usual kosher dietary rules with his lunch. Jonny took a slice of cheese first. Then he ate a wedge of apple. Then he made a turkey sandwich. This was done so as not break the Jewish prohibition of mixing milk and meat.

He starts teaching again this week. So it is always interesting to listen to the parsha speeches. It gives motivation for how to teach the class.

Angelina just called and she hasn't contacted anyone yet about the trailer hitch.

Jonny is really enjoying the book Passage. He is up to page 460. But he is really sleepy right now. Maybe a nap is in order. Over the weekend Jonny watched the movie Cocoon. It was really good. But that set him back a ways on sleep. Also he started listening to the CD book, Man Walking His Dog. He is on CD number 2.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Jonny was reading Passage. He is up to page 414.

He was also watching a movie. He started the movie Cocoon.

Tomorrow is Sam Douglass's Bar Mitzvah. The last time someone in his family had a Bar Mitzvah the Miller family dog got bitten by another dog. Lucy the dog had to spend the night at an animal hospital. She was picked up around midnight after the Bar Mitzvah party.

Also today Jonny listened to this week's parsha on real player.

Today Jonny and Jesse rode their bikes. They rode to Jesse's art camp. It was about two miles. Then Jonny rode to his Hilton hotel room. There he shaved, ate breakfast and brushed his teeth. Jonny stretches when the computer tells him to. But he wants to get back into stretching at home, plus situps and hand weights. He started using a nedi pot instead of the other nasal irrigation method.

Jonny went to Nicola book store and picked up a free book. On the way he listened to the book on CD that Lorraine had picked out. This was called Walking the Dog. The book he got was called North Of Nowhere. This was the same author of Cold Day In Paradise. Both are books written by Steve Hamilton.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

weekend activities

Today Jonny had a meeting at Death Valley. So he go to the meeting at 10 AM when it starts. He drove there. Then he drove home. At noon he had lunch. Jonny was greeted at the door by Lorraine. Jonny rode his bike to work at 12:30.

There are two bar/bat mitzvahs this weekend. Sam Douglass's bar mitzvah is Saturday and the party is at night. Sunday there is another party for another girl that is the same age as Alberta. As you will recall dear blog readers that Alberta, had her bat mitzvah celebration in June of 2008, a little earlier than her classmates.

Also Lorraine is having a slumber party for her birthday. Of course Annabella Sciorra will be at the sleepover. So Angelina is stressed about all the logistics of the upcoming weekend. \

Jonny is up to page 400 of Passage. He also started a book on CD that Lorraine got at the library. Jesse meets with his teacher there. So to entertain the kids, they get to browse the shelves.

Jesse couldn't sleep so he came into Jonny's bed. He slept between Angelina and Jesse. At around 7 AM, Jonny got up and went into Jesse's bed. At around 8:15 the adults got up. Lucy was let out earlier by Lorraine. But Lucy still wet her dog bed. Ahh Jonny was quite sleepy at around 2 PM, but now that he has blogged this off his chest he feels more awake.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

was a miserable day at first

This afternoon is better than most. Jonny listened to the parsha this morning. There was also many fire alarms today. They were really loud. Jonny sent his father a birthday card on the internet. Angelina got a new ID badge today in the first floor of the Hilton. So she came and collected the pop cans. She also brought Alberta and Lorraine along for the ride. Hold on Jonny has to stretch. Jonny is up to page 363 of Passage. It is like a baseball game, 300 pages without a single hit and then a bunch of home runs. That was a simile, correct? What would a sports metaphor be then? The book is still in the 3rd quarter there is plenty of time left on the clock. This week's parsha is about finding a nice lady in the field. That was in reference to when the Israelites were attacking. Then, if they found a nice lady in the field. Today Jonny forgot his cell phone. He has been pretty busy at work. Fortunately he was able to delegate work to his mentor, Lea. Jesse has been in art camp this week. He was taken out early to go to the dentist. So far no nap for Jonny. Jonny found Alberta's cell phone charger. Jonny needs to go to the bookstore and pick up this free book.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday wishes on the cell phone

Today is Tuesday and Jonny just woke up from a nap. He had a weird dream.

Jonny is still suffering from a bad cold. His headache is starting to go away. The nap helped. But the sleep felt so good, he kept on sleeping.

He forgot to send Wendell a birthday card. He and Lorraine were walking Lucy and talking to Wendell on the cell phone. Speaking of cell phone, Alberta still hasn't found her charger. Lorraine has been a bit manic. So she would only let Jonny talk for part of the walk, and made him hang up.

Jonny's book has been good. He is up to page 345.

Last night Jonny called Richard Ziman. He was able to call while picking Alberta up at soccer practice.

Jonny rode his bike to the Hilton today.

Jonny's other hobby is playing with his candle. Angelina complains though. He ruined a dish towel with the wax. And last night he got more on the marble in the kitchen. He is trying to melt an old candle into a new mold.

Yesterday Jonny listened to the parsha so he will listen to it again on Wednesday.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from Vacation

Jonny is back from vacation and committed to posting 5 times a week. Ha big laugh.

He wants to play with his candle some more.

Today Jonny listened to Ki Teitzei. He used headphones because Grossman starts out very soft-spoken. Jonny missed Shoftim because that was last week's parsha. This week's parsha talks about how we get credit for the miracles HaShem performs. It also talks about how we are to forgive the Mitzriyam but not the Midians, who attacked the Jews on their march out of Eygypt.

Alberta lost her cell phone charger.

Wendell's birthday is coming up. Jonny tried to call today. He added Kristina and her husband to Jonny's friend's and family. This means he can call on Verizon anytime. There was no answer on either the cell or home numbers. He left a message.

Jonny is up to page 312 of Passage.

Over the weekend he was sorting perler beads. He also put down weed-killer. Jonny played a card game with his kids called apple to apple. Jonny rode with Jesse on the trailer bike over the weekend.

Jonny rode his bike to work today.

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Friday, August 14, 2009


Earlier this afternoon, Angelina called Jonny. She was having a problem with the printer. So later tonight Jonny will have to fix that. Or perhaps over the weekend. The reason for that is because tonight is Shabbat on the lake. Jesse's camp is having a special end of the summer day. This morning Jonny dropped him off at camp. Then he went to his meeting at the bee hive. Then he went home. At home Angelina, Lorraine and Jonny went to the body shop. They picked up the minivan. Or as Jesse called it the vinivan was in the beauty shop. Instead of calling it the minivan was in the body shop. So next they went to the dealership. This was to drop off the car for a 90,000 mile check up. This will cost roughly $600. Next Angelina dropped Jonny off at work. Jonny made a burrito. He found out Buddy is leaving next week. Since Jonny is going on vacation, today is the last day he will see him. Buddy will be watering the 7 plants in here next week at the Hilton. Jonny is getting really sleepy. He was working on extract information about the breast databases. He also was extracting patient counts for the prostate database. Last night Jonny and Angelina watched without a trace. Jonny is up to page 198 of Passage. He got a neti pot in the mail for free. Jonny tried it out last night. He will try this again tonight.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Riding Buses

Once again, here is a tale of a bus ride. Jonny got up at 7AM. He let Lucy the dog out. He rode his bike to work. It was 2 miles.

Ah the story is interrupted by Angelina's call to Jonny's cell. Jonny had called to tell her he sent her fax. Angelina called to say that Jonny needs to thank her. She just coordinated their synagogue bill. There now this blog is about Judaism again.

Jonny feels he is a terrible writer.

He looked up the bus route. They have a magic bus website. There you can see the buses moving on the map. It didn't help. Jonny ran to catch a bus at 9:15. He had a VSAFE governor's meeting scheduled for 10 at Death Valley. Now only if you live in Manhattan would you appreciate this story. The distance from the Hilton Hotel to Death Valley is 5 miles. The schedule says it takes 45 minutes to get to the bee hive from the Hilton. The Bee Hive is about 1 mile from Death Valley.

Therefore Jonny had enough time to get to the meeting. He got on the wrong bus. This bus that he sprinted to catch rode around for a half an hour. Then it went back to the Hotel California. Jonny finally got off the bus at the Cancer Center. There he waited for the Intercampus. This finally showed up. He asked the driver of three buses in a row, "are you going to the East Ann Arbor". This driver said yes. Last time Jonny took this bus he told the driver before they got to the bee hive to keep going. You see this 45 minute ride, doesn't include the optional on-request trip to death valley.

When Jonny did that, the driver got really snarly. He said the procedure is to tell the driver when you get on the bus. Jonny assumed the driver like most drivers in real life would want to know right before the turn, not 45 minutes in advance. Then another passenger said, she was going to building A in death valley. Jonny was going to building L. Then he got off at A. Then the driver said, you can go to building H. This was because "didn't you hear the radio". So he stayed on the bus. He went to building H. Then the driver let him depart with the fifth lecture in about 15 minutes span.

Jonny went into Death Valley. Only to find out the meeting wasn't happening. So he excused himself. Then he called the university to get a bus. You have to call to get a bus to pick you up. They only come to buildings M, H or A. He waited in the hot sun outside building H for a few minutes. Then at 11:15 he was back up in the 6th floor of the Hilton.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today Jonny is having a bit of writer's block.

He is up to page 160 of Passage.

Angelina had him doing some more flower planting.

They watched TV last night. They saw the show Criminal Minds. It was about a religious cult.

Today at work Jonny's employer bought everyone ice cream.

Earlier in the day Jonny went for a health walk. The walks are always 1 mile.

Angelina confirmed there is no bar/bat mitzvahs this weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There probably aren't any Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to attend this week.

Alberta is out of town visiting Thomas Hill and Sanrda Bullock. It isn't fair.

Jonny had a successful visit to the Doctor. He got both of the medications that he desired. Plus there was a big lecture on how awful those medications are.

Jonny is enjoying the book Passage. He is up to page 141 on that particular novel. Yesterday Jonny did landscaping. Two houses are now for sale on Q street. One is for sale by owner. This is by a Doctor. Jonny saw that doctor in the hall way today. He was up on the 6th floor of the Hilton. So Jonny decided to run down to the cafeteria to get a couple of plastic knives. This was needed to cut the tomatoe he brought to work for lunch.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today is Monday. So Jonny listened to a new parsha of the week. This was Rabbi Grossman talking about Re'eh. Chabbad's website says it is the 10th grape. Oddly enough the parsha starts with you should see. Yet it talks all about listening. So that is an interesting question.

Alberta has returned from her sleep away camp for Jews in Wisconsin.

Next week the family is going on vacation. They are going to stay in a cabin in Jellystone. This is near Grand Haven and Holland. They plan to go to Holland to buy some tulip bulbs. That is what the town is famous for. Also they will be camping in a sorta, not so rustic way.

Over the weekend Jonny got into it with his mean neighbor. The neighbor told Jonny to "quit the two-faced bull shit". This got Jonny very upset. This happened Friday afternoon. Jonny was inquiring about some landscaping that they were doing. There is some hastas and peonies on Jonny's side of the lawn.

Jonny is up to page 128 of Passage.

Today he plans to bike to his doctor appointment. He is on a mission to score some desoximetasone. This is also known as topicort. Jonny found it is available on the internet. There is a website that will allow you to buy drugs, without a prescription. Here is the route he will take, since Angelina vetoed that plan. Ann Street for 1 block, Zina Pitcher 1, Catherine 9, 1st 4, Libert 18 and finally Stadium for 4 blocks. He will head the 4 miles home down stadium after the appointment.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Carpool tunnel

Today Jonny's carpool tunnel is really acting up.

Alberta came home last night. And she and Angelina were fighting a lot.

Jonny and Angelina watched the show Law and Order.

Today Jonny and Jesse rode their bikes to Jesse's sports camp.

Jesse had a doctor appointment yesterday with his primary care. The primary care does nothing for you. Earlier in the week he had an appointment with a scoliosis doctor. That is scary, Jonny knows how to spell that word.

Today Jonny listened to the parsha Eikev on real audio.

He has been programming in ASP.NET. Here is a unique problem he encountered, besides not know what to title this blog.

LT!--Use the next three lines in production-->
LT!--add assembly = "DDTek.Sybase, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = C84CD5C63851E072" /-->
LT!--Use the next three lines in development-->
LTadd assembly="DDTek.Sybase, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = C84CD5C63851E072">

Thursday, August 06, 2009

body shop Thursday

Last night Jonny Lee Miller went to bed at 1 AM. Pretty late, but better than Tuesday night.

Today is the first day that Angelina Jolie will be without her minivan. As you recall it was hit by a tree. So today her husband accompanied her to the body shop. The vehicle will remain there until next weekend. It better be ready. The reason for the urgency is that the Miller family will be going West. Their vacation starts next week. A family of five needs a minivan to travel to the west side of the state of Michigan.

Buddy Ebsen hasn't returned all this week. Is he on vacation? That is why Jonny had that strange dream yesterday during work while napping.

Today he listened to Rabbi Grossman tell the story of his early days in rabbinic school. Weird Jonny sneezed as he was writing that part.

Alberta Watson is returning from her Jewish camp in Wisconsin tonight.

Jonny is up to page 76 of Passage. It is a novel.

There is still no interest in the past journal entries?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sleepy day and strange dream

The last post was supposed to be about the Lugnuts. This was because Lorraine and Jonny went to a Lugnuts game over the weekend.

But he never got to that part.

Jonny is going to try and be more diligent about blogging.

But he went to bed around 2 AM last night. So today he was tired. And he just woke up from a nap here at Hotel Hilton.

If he sits and blogs all day he will never get home.

This week is the parsha for Eikev. Rabbi Grossman says something about the easy mitzvah.

Jonny had a weird dream about Buddy his officemate. This was today. He fell asleep in the chair sitting up for an hour. Then he slept on his pillow under the desk. He had one of those dreams where you feel like you are tired and want to go to sleep. Right now he is drinking coffee. In Jonny's dream he and Buddy were roomates. They always crossed the Huron River on the way home from work. Jonny was tired and took a different route home. Then he fell out of the car and Buddy offered to drive the rest of the way. When they got home Jonny realized he needed to do some laundry. Buddy was happy though with Jonny no matter what a screw-up he ways. The last thing Jonny remembers was Buddy saying he didn't like crossing that big ocean. Then Jonny realized that was why they were going zig zagging around town on Geddes Road. It was through a swamp. And the motiviation for this weird route change was to avoid the bridge over the Huron River on US 23. (Jonny supposes) That is what Buddy meant by the big ocean. Some people have a fear of heights and stuff like that.

OK Jonny just finished his coffee so almost time to go home.

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