The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bike riding

Today I brought my bike to work so I can ride at lunch time. Here it is almost 10 and hardly feel as if anything was accomplished. Oh well I am trying. Last night I tried to remain calm for my students. Even though I lose my temper with them. I tend to feel the students shirk their responsibilities. I was the same way. The teachers would give me ever chance and yet I would still screw around. Now its pay back time. What goes around comes around. Last night I read some visual basic while I was waiting for the computer to turn on. I also read some PL/SQL at work to have a change of pace. No Hebrew studying yet. I can't let myself get overwhelmed. Its enough to remember to blog every M-F. Blog at home is too difficult. There is too much to do. I did the following last night: class, finished Loon Lake, petted the dog Lucy who needs attention. Dexter the other dog needs attention too. Read a couple of parsha pages. Still reading about how holy the priests are. Everything they touch becomes holy. It is contagious. I feel this way too sometimes, when I see a Chabad person etc. It is hard to explain. The book The Fifth Estate was written by the same guy who The French Connection. Already after 5 pages I formed an opinion. My stomach hurts and its only 5 pages. It starts like Ultimatium the main character was in Beirut, is in London and flying to New York. Am I to be impressed by the worldly and knowledgeable main character? Well I like books about the White House politics and the mafia. Z slept in our bed again. He comes in the middle of the night and I don't realize it until around 6 AM a half hour or so before time to wake up. L was well behaved and was given the right to watch TV again. R was late for school again. Tonight I don't know what to do maybe Access Project 4 for the students maybe it is too late for it. I could try quiz 3 and quiz 4. No luck selling clothes here at work. Stomach hurts think I'll take a zantac.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Last night I did a few more things I wanted to do. I did situps. I did handweights. I read a couple of parsha pages. Z came into our bed in the middle of the night. He didn't wake up until almost when I left at 8AM. R was late again. S was yelling at her and sent L in to wake her up. She won't be allowed to go to her friend's house for the chess club meeting because she didn't clean her room. R is re-reading the Harry Potter series. She started last week and is now almost finished with Book 4. I'm up to page 169. I went to bed earlier than usual around 12. I've got class tonight. My post nasal drip is killing me. I did nasal rinse last night. I couldn't find the time to do it this morning. Last night I did teeth whitening and again this morning. Soon the teeth whitening will be all used up. Speaking of all used up, ran out of dental floss and forgot again today to bring some in. Yesterday forgot to mention, I gave the homeless man 3 bagels and went for a 1 hour walk. It was the same route I rode my bike in 20 minutes here at work. I know my coughing and post nasal drip is driving my coworkers crazy. I just went to relax and let go. Bush's chief of staff resigned. The parsha is all about the beautiful cermenonies and traditions in making and designing a temple and its relics. In the book I am reading there is poetry too and one sentence had 104 words. I felt I had to count it. I started reading it when I was waiting for L at ballet yesterday. While I was waiting for my computer I read some Visual Basic.

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Monday, March 27, 2006


I am so sleepy its going to be difficult to carry on a cohesive discussion. Over the weekend we went for a bike ride. I pulled Z using the bike trailer I borrowed from one of my neighbors. I took my contacts out at 4PM and now their back into my eyes. I am up to page 150 of Loon Lake a very strange book. It is about the great depression. There are many journeys in the book and it wanders around over and through them. A much better book is the ones about the parsha. I managed to read a little parsha to S over the weekend. Oh maybe it was Thursday night. Lately I was trying to fix S's email and this project consumed massive amounts of time. R went to a birthday party. I picked her up and dropped her off. I also dropped off one of the girls from her class since they live near the party. L has been reading Cam Jamsen books to me. They always make me sleepy. Right now I am working on a next-check design document. We find the maximum check number and add 1 to this number. Wow I am so thirsty. Earlier today there was a design document review for the EOB process. I listened to Amy Goodman last week and there was one interview I thought was excellent. She interviewed a man who wrote a book about Bush thinks G-d told him to do this and other things. Tonight I am to pick up L at ballet. The next book I plan to read is The Fifth Estate hopefully it will be better than what I was reading. There are 268 pages in the E.L. Doctorow book so around 100 or so pages to go. I expect to finish it in a couple of days. Z and I went to EMU and picked up bagels from Einstein Brothers bagels. We also so a freight train. We went and parked at a McDonald's and can see the river and the railroad tracks. Luckily enough a train came by so my 4 year old was happy. I am happy we got a new vacuum cleaner. It is called the boss by Eureka. I love it. It has a duster and I dusted the copper water pipes and the iron gas pipes in the basement. I even dusted the 14 year old wedding presents in their boxes in the basement. Then you put the duster into a cleaner and its a bagless vacuum.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Better days ahead

Yesterday I was too busy to blog. Last night in class I read a few blogs on my list. Now I lost a day and what I write will have to flow naturally from my brain to my fingers. We had a problem with the EOP program. I tried to look at it and got suddenly sleepy. So I went and took a nap. Then I was groggy for an hour and then I ate and then I went to class. I got there early and tried to help the students. Somehow I survived an feeling I got like a burst appendix. It hurt again when I lay down and again when I rose up. Don't I sound like a Torah passage. I didn't even do sit-ups or read parsha last night. My wrist is absolutely killing me. I tried the nasal rinse this morning. Right now my left ankle is so itchy its killing me. Wednesday's left over chicken stir fry is today's lunch. Yesterday I went with Tom to Wendy's carry out. One shoe is off and now the other foot is jealous. It is too hot. I need the other foot to have a shoe to scratch the unshoed foot. Ha I thought I wouldn't have the energy to crack jokes. Wednesday I read about anointment. The origin of it is with Aaron's priest. Then I anoited my nose after reading about anoitment. Ha ha the joke was funnier in my mind then here in print. I just found out the problem with the EOP program was an uninitialized variable. Somehow I missed it too. It wasn't my program. I was trying to help fix it. Also it was 18 pages long.
Z came into our bed at 1:30 Wed night/Thur morning about 30 minutes after I fell asleep. I stayed. Last night he arrived at 4:30. Z complained I couldn't get up at 6:52 when S said it was time to get up. She talks to you for 4 minutes from 6:48 to 6:52 then she is silent for 10 seconds and then says ok sleepy head time to get up. Both classes have evaluated me. Now my fate as a teacher is in G-d's hands, my hands and the student's hands. I can't put my sneakers back on. Too itchy. Too weird.
Shabbat Shalom

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Attempt to do it better

I am giving up trying to please everyone. For now on I will just do what I want to do. So far today I relaxed and let go one time. We had a staff meeting for the whole company. These two hour meetings upset my whole routine. I just finished lunch, pita bread roast beef sandwhich. Last night I tried my nasal irrigation. S was very thoughtful and bought it for me. I have post nasal drip and this might help. R took her compound machine project to school. L had a friend over last night and I got nothing accomplished. They woke up early too and went to bed around 12. I stayed up late and read my page of parsha. There is mention of some kind of device where a message can be sent to G-d. You can ask a question or get a long answer. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no and sometimes no answer. This is on the Aaron breasplate. I did my 60 situps and watered the seedlings. I bought burlap plant holders and want to plant seeds inside. The kids set up 8 of them which leaves me in charge of water these every few days. Up to page 37 of Loon Lake. This book I like even less than World's Fair. I can't stand the lake of plot in the latter and the flashbacks in the former. Z came into our bed sometime last night. I stayed there and he didn't even know it. When I left he woke up crying, Dad come back to bed and sleep with me. S called me and said she needs more boxes.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Give him another chance

I plan to give E.L.Doctorow one more chance. I finished World's Fair around 1 AM. Now I plan to start Loon Lake. Last night I read one page of Torah Commentary. The power of a habit is incredible. I read all you have to do is repeat a habit 21 times and becomes ingrained. So how did I used to do all the hobbies? It was a habit. Then you fall out of habit. My wife wants to go to the cemetery for me. Another inkling into my genealogical hobby. It was also a dig to try and get me to go with her to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I have refused because I am taking a stand for my parents. We don't argue much. Together we try to take a stand on R's spoiled ways. Yesterday I picked up L at ballet. Carol came by and wants me to tell Tom to fix his turnover. I went to the bathroom and Marilyn my neighbor across the cube row said enjoy your break. She saw me holding my book. I keep her informed of what books I have been reading. Last night's parsha page was about the stones Aaron was commanded to create. I think with all the colors the passage probably is more poetic in Hebrew than in English. Friedman always provides an excellent translation. Last night we had meatless stir fry and we had hot dogs separately. I read Hariet Tubman with L. This was her reading assignment to me. Z was wearing tights and a long size 8 pink cotton dress. He eventually went to sleep. By the time I went to sleep Z was already in my bed so I slept in the bunk bed. R and I watched extra scenes from the second Harry Potter DVD. I emptied the dishwasher and napped on the couch.

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Monday, March 20, 2006


Its time to get back to work on the EOB design document. This stands for explanation of benefits. Very exciting news a comment on the blog. I left a comment on a blog in hopes others would follow me here. It worked. Of course the comment I left was a legitimate comment I just am fuzzy on what I was thinking at the time. I need to go back and re-read what I wrote and read on the other blog. Back to my update. Up to page 257 in World's Fair. Went with R and a boy in her class to a family learning institute band fund raiser. It was the boy's parents suggestion to go to this and it was awful. The kids were falling asleep. I asked them if we should leave and they applauded my suggestion. The weather was almost nice. I had a neighbor help me right the grill. I also put rubber feet on the washing machine. We used the grill for barbeque chicken. It was good. After dinner L read to me some nursery rhymes. An old babysitter took all three kids to chuck-e-cheese. The house was so quiet. I'm not taking my magnesium, today I'll try and see if won't hurt my stomach. I know the previous sentence was awkward. Tom and I just came back from getting a drink of water. He told me the story of his wife letting him cut her hair. He messed it up and they got in a fight. Today I've got my roast beef sandwhich lunch my wife made for me. Also I forgot to bring a coke. I read a page of Torah Commentary. The message religion is beautiful.

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Friday, March 17, 2006


I'm glad to see the Catholics aren't even following their own religion. They are allowed to eat corned beef and cabbage today even though their religion forbids them from eating meat on Friday's. This is has been blessed by the pope.
Z came into our bed last night. So I went and slept in his bed. I had weird dreams until it was time for S to wake me up.
L wanted me to say good night to her last night and I did.
R was up and causing trouble with S as usual. As usual she was late because S told R to eat breakfast. R is working on her computer a book about Harry Potter.
Ken my boss got mad at me because Jill another manager strong armed me to do work for her behind his back. I didn't want this to escalate. They only know how to retaliate against me.
My latest problem is getting a program to find the maximum check number. Then a unix script will call the Oracle PL/SQL program. The unix shell script gets called or scheduled by a Tidal scheduling software. The program is about 5 lines long a select statement from a single table with a few ands in the where clause. I also have to design the explanation of benefits programming. Yesterday I forgot to put gell in my hair. Today I put mousse in my hair. I am wearing a black short sleeved tee shirt. Also I am on page 100 of World's Fair. I started this book yesterday.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006


For lack of a better title, today is Thursday. I finished Garden of Eden. I started World's Fair. by E.L. Doctorow. I'm already on page 30. Got rid of a bunch of books. We only have 29 books listed on the internet now. Had a claims payable workgroup meeting and I spent most of the hour updating the workgroup on the status of the projects. Meanwhile, I've got nothing to do. I walked around the neighborhood. And Tom and I went to the drive through at Wendy's. Now I'm trying to find the next check number for our claims payable process. The complicated part is it depends on the bank code. Getting very sleepy. Need more coffee. Once again Z came into our bed at 3 in the morning. I went into his bed so I wouldn't get kicked while I tried to sleep. I found a big box. S will be so happy about the box. I listened to L read to me and I helped her with measurement homework. Z is feeling sick and his nose is running. R has this invention project hanging over our heads (S and mine.)
S called and we were fighting. She called back and we started fighting again. If she wishes to call me at work and start fighting, I can't concentrate on my work.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lost hobbies

Sometimes I feel sad. I feel the lost hobbies. There is the family tree decorative scroll and I planned to fill it in in Hebrew and English and do I do it in script or in block, with vowels or without. Do I put the english first or the hebrew first. One can go on the line the other below it. Perhaps I'm thinking on it too much. It costs $10 and now its sits for over a year. The Hebrew flash cards. They sit in my car and the verbs are unpracticed for months. And I know I know them. If I wait long enough I'll forget them. There are more. Its too painful to go on. Too painful to write about. The more I wrote the worse I feel. If I was to list two or three more I would burst into tears. I know the source. It is time. Sometimes there isn't time to do everything. Its terribly cold here. The wind blows and it makes it so cold.
I need to get back to work. I took a drink of water and now I am back. Last night was hot dog night. Tonight is stir fry. See my hilarious joking woman cooks. She donates her time to charity too. She delivered baskets. We got our basket on time. She also had L's friend over for a play date. I don't know what L did yesterday. I didn't see her at all. Its sad sometimes how little I see of L. She did her homework with S last night. It took them an hour and a half to do a measurement assignment. R was up when I got home. Z was just going to bed. I tried to call my brother and got his machine. S bought me a 12-pack of Killian's Red. I had to drink one last night. I cancelled some books on Amazon. The message didn't come through so it might have gotten messed up. I made a wheel and axle for R's invention project and she didn't seem to care. We didn't get any more boxes for our big move yesterday. Also the Crystal Enterprise Project Leader wants a sample report for the general ledger report.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Last night I did go to the Magalih reading. It was a Harry Potter theme and was very fun. I was very sleepy and wanted to sleep in the car when I got there. After seeing all the people I started to wake up a bit. Reading Earnest Hemingway and Stephen King makes me want to write. I am writing here about my hilarious joking woman (S). My wife has made my lunch for me and bought dinner for me - beef seasame noodles from Hillers. She just called me she is out delivering Purim baskets to people who purchased them from R's school. Well it is a little more complicated they are purchased by someone for someone else. I have a little work to do to fix up the design after this morning's design meeting. Can you say Crystal Enterprise running a Crystal Report with the data coming from an Oracle PL/SQL stored procedure? This is what we design. Maybe if the design work gets light I'll have some programming to do also.

S wants boxes so she can organize the house and remove all the clutter into boxes and the boxes will be moved to a storage unit. We already have the storage unit. It doesn't have much in it. The unit holds S's old bedroom furniture. I am up to page 87 in Garden of Eden. Hopefully I can get my hands on a borrowed copy of Wolves of the Calla. My boss says I need to design the check calculation program.

I just went on a break with Tom to watch him smoke in his truck. Then I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and to the bathroom since the meeting was so long. I drank all my water in the meeting. While I was over there I did my relax and let go exercise. Well off to the beautiful lunch my wife packed me.

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Monday, March 13, 2006


Over the weekend I saw the movie Curious George with my 7 year old L. Z was helping our former babysitter with some speech therapy project. We barbequed fish since it was so nice out. We had tuna and salmon. I finished Wizard and Glass. At the end there was a chapter of the next book Wolves of the Calla. It sounds really interesting. I started Garden of Eden. It was written by Earnest Hemmingway 25 years after he died. Tom told me it was published not written 25 years after he died. R had a basketball over the weekend and I stayed home and did homework with L. Purim is coming up soon. Sunday we went to the Purim carnival. S went to Hiller's and Target. I took 5 kids. I am up to page 78 in my book. I have to finish a general ledger design document soon. I have a meeting to present it at 9:30 Tuesday with 7 other people. I also steam cleaned a few of the rooms last night. I got school work to grade. I also bought a ceiling fixture and installed it. This was no easy task.

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Friday, March 10, 2006


Its been awhile since I wrote. Since then I watched three movies. Bail out, This is the Army and Housesitter. I plan to give all these to my parents. They are in Arizona on a time share vacation now. I took my bike to work today and yesterday. This way I get to ride around at lunch time.
Tonights chores are sweep the basement, schoolwork, pets' teeth and water the plants. Today at work I need to tech review project 14352 task 10. I don't have much else to do. Hopefully I can get over to Wendy's for lunch.
Last night I cleaned the house. S says this weekend we need to steam clean the house. I need to call my parents and let them know what flight plans I want for my brother's wedding.
For the last four nights Z has been sleeping in our bed in the middle of the night. S is still unpacking from our trip.
Yesterday the claims payable meeting was cancelled. I left my vitamins at home and forgot to gell my hair. Today I didn't forget anything. Yesterday I also forgot to bring some fruit to work. Looking in my planner and going back a few more days for notes.
Wednesday I gave S my proposed itinary. DP fixed my bike pump so I couldn't bring my bike to work. Printed out the source code for pharmacy_billing. At 2PM I relaxed and let go.
Tuesday signed up for conferences for R's teachers. I was feeling really depressed. Also I was up to page 618 of Wizard and Glass. I finished the book Skin Tight. Graded papers monday night. Forgot my handkerchief. Agreed to walk with the ladies for the first time in a month. R played goal in the Monday night soccer game. I went to it. The team won 9-2 she was really good.

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Monday, March 06, 2006


Its Monday again. Over the weekend I read some parsha from my book Torah Commentary by Friedman. He gives a nice explanation of the tabernacle. Other commentaries focus on the giving of the money. This is interesting because everyone gives yet its individual and group giving at the same time. Friedman writes its linguistically awkward since a person gives a congregation gift to himself when he is a member of the congregation giving the gift.
L starts back on religious school on Wednesday. No bike riding for me since I have to do the carpool Wednesday. Tonight its soccer game at high velocity. I am working on a claims payable design document today. I finished the book Skin Tight. I still need to plan my trip to my brother's wedding. Probably I'll go on Thursday morning and return Sunday night. I organized some of my novels the paperback ones in the basement. I am up to page 577 of Wizard and Glass. The book is so big it hurts my wrist so I want to finish it. Stephen King is a good writer.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Back from our trip. I took notes and typed them up.
Talked to my brother. Talked to my Aunt while I waited for him to call me back. Shoot need to reconnect. It gets trafficy on the internet this hour. Dreamt about Carnegie Mellon. Slept much more than here. Sometimes 8-10 hours. I have this dream for years. Its the closure of feeling as if I didn't study enough to deserve a degree. Also had one about failing chemistry at the same school I mentioned above. Also had one where I went to a reunion and only donated $5/yr on average, had to write this down on a form.Probably too much time share and we really don't donate anything to our alma-mater.
Also tried to finalize the travel plans with my parents for my brother's wedding.
Worse yet yahoo is the one really giving me trouble. I've been try8ing so long I bet the headlines changed. Two US embassy guards killed in Haiti. Not a good time for US embassy employees.
Ahh the one email is junk mail. Found a good posting on the internet for jobs at the hospital.
Landed at the Orlando airport, car rental national, drove to Daytona from Orlando, burger king, checked in Saturday night. The bar was already closed so we couldn't get any juice. We could've went across the street and got some.
Slept late. In the morning Sunday went to International House of Pancakes (IHOP), grocery shopping, swimming in doors, bubba gump, Madea's Reunion. I wanted to see a black movie and this wasn't the one I was thinking. So when I saw the previews I thought maybe it is a black movie after all. It was. It was rated R and R had bad dreams later. She came into our bed and left after a few hours. Still waiting to connect to email these accounts of our trip. Drinking my Bavarian Hefeweizen. It is good. I really want to hurry up and get back to my three novels.
OK posting now. Night in the middle of the post. OOps need to post into word first forgot all about the extra step. Double good night.
Monday Sunterra breakfast, what a disaster, no one explained time share to use, not hardly did we care either, beach, ocean walk, more time share, Aunt Catfish, courtesy of time share, books a million. R got plenty and L and Z got one each. S and I got none. I stared Skin Tight over the trip and left Wizard of Glass home. R felt sorry for me and gave me a kid's book. It is about a kid who wants to find the wilderness. The 4'th one in the series. The author said you readers wanted more so here's more. I never read the others in the series. It is OK this book stands alone. There is also enough flashback, to make me happy enough not to read the others since some is repeated here.
Wow check out the headlines, killer nurse in New Jersey get 11 life sentences, like a Stephen King novel.
One of time share guy's is Jewish. Then R and I played chess. She won.
Next day beach. Inlet Harbor restaurant. Sears, and called my Aunt when they closed at 9PM when my rates go down to zero. One email and the server went down. Then R went up a one way, and I stayed on with my Aunt all the way back to Daytona. Cold stone was closed so onto Baskin Robbins. All on foot. Next a beach shop. The two guys there stayed open for us, he is Jewish too.
Next day beach, boat ride, barnacles, miniture golf, dunkin doughnuts.
One more note after you read all this. Since I can't find a place to put this note here goes. Dealt with student emails and such for an hour. Then I had enough. OK good night for the third time.

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