The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

Jonny is at work now. Earlier in the week he listened to the Grossman version of the parsha. This was since the other one he heard he also heard last year. So in vayechi Grossman: 17 years Yacov lived in Mitzryam. Why? Aneeda kenect Meeda. One turn deserves another. Rashi says the parsha is closed. The people are turning away from belief. Why did Yacov stop telling the end of days? There are many opinions. Yosef's two sons were born before Yacov came down? Why? Again there are many opinions.

Angelina called, she wants Jonny to find the cutips.

Alberta and Jonny watched three movies: Head of State with Chris Rock, and awesome comedy movie. Another was Day Zero. This gave Alberta night mares. The movie that gave Jonny nightmares was the movie Bad News Bears. It was borderline terrible. The when you assume, you make and ass out of you and me line wasn't even in there. What is up with that? Speaking of what is up with that. There is a list of tired phrases. They are everywhere. That should be one. What is up with that, good luck with that, been there done that, blah, blah.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Angelina, Lorraine and Jesse went on their trip today. Jonny was at the airport at 6 AM. He was back in Ann Arbor by 6:15. Then he parked the car and walked the bus route of the number 4. Wanda called a couple of times looking for Angelina's phone number. Lorraine called too. Jesse talked to Jonny to tell him they had landed. Jonny fell asleep around 1 PM in his office. He is up to page 422 of The Eight. Luckily Lucy hasn't had any accidents.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Jonny is just getting started with some amazing coding in VB.NET, ASP.NET and SQL SERVER. But now it is time to take a quick break.

Over the weekend Jonny and Jesse went to Trader Joe. Stocking up for Angelina's departure, very early Tuesday morning.

Today Jonny is up to page 400 of The Eight. Lots of intrigue and mystery. lots of mesopetonia and phonecian references.

On December 24th, the whole family went to the temple for a Chinese dinner. It was a lot of fun.

Jonny listened to the parsha. Vayechi is a chazak parsha. This is the last parsha of sefer bereshit. Why do Jews want to be buried in Israel? When the Messiah comes the dead will tunnel to Israel.

Jonny cranked up the heat. Beverly and Branden aren't here in Hotel Hilton. Jonny was getting cold. He had tried an experiment with the heater. He turned the fan from hi to lo. He turned the heat from W in warmer to r. But this didn't work. He was extremely cold.

Jesse, Lorraine and Jonny had a fantastic time at the Henry Ford Museum.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Beverly and Branden were at the Hilton Hotel when Jonny arrived late. His headached so badly this morning that he drifted off to sleep before lunch. Maybe today he will stay an hour late. But Angelina has to approve it. Wendell called this morning while Jonny was walking Lucy. It was a short call. Wendell uninvited Jonny to Elizabeth's house in Florida. It was too short of a visit if Jonny could only fly Friday to Monday. There are many activities in Angelina's household that would have prevented such a trip. Wendell asked if Jonny could come for a week to the beach in the summer. Jonny said he would keep after Angelina about it.

Jonny is up to page 342 of The Eight.

Today he listened to the parsha Vayigash. It starts with Benjamin getting framed by Joseph. Judah forfeits his share in the world to come. The jews are put into Goshen a jewish suburb. The divine spirit only rests on a happy person. They remained in Egypt for 210 years. This is calculated. Moses was 80 years old when he left Egypt. Moses's mother was 130 years old when Moses was born. She was born at the time of the exile to Egypt. Two kingships descend from Judah and Joseph. Joseph asks is my father still alive when he reveals himself to his brothers. Why does he ask this question? There are at least 4 different answers to this question why was it asked.

Angelina was working at the flu clinic and Jonny watched the kids. The coffee pot got broken. Today Angelina called and ordered a new free one.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New officemate

Nope Jonny didn't fall in from the dentist appointment. He has several cracked teeth. He doesn't floss correctly. He didn't feel like flossing for a whole day after the appointment.

Here in Hotel Hilton, the place just got more crowded. In addition to Jonny and Branden there is now Beverly Polcyn. She is a volunteer. She works in the finance department same as Branden. So now there are three people in the office instead of just one.

Jonny is up to page 320 of The Eight.

Angelina just called. Jonny's list is growing. Angelina is going out tonight. She is working and won't be home till 8:30. She also said that Jesse broke the chair. The toilet needs to be tightened. She signed up for the Chinese food dinner at the temple.

Jonny has to get back to his SQL SERVER coding. He is working on the machine log program again. From now on Lea is banned from it. She is more trouble than she is worth. Plus she complains about the users. That isn't a good trait to have in programming.

Yesterday Lea, Jonny and Rob went out to lunch. Plus Rob paid for all of them and the other workers in the groups, there were 5 other team members. They went to Macaroni Grill. Jonny had a chicken ceasar salad. This wasn't exactly kosher but not as bad as beef and milk. The lunch was roughly 3 hours long. Last night Jonny built a shelf. Lorraine insisted it would help organize Jesse's room. It took 1.5 hours to build a small shelf.

Alberta is in big trouble for bad mid-term grades.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

dentist appointment

The day has flown by. It is almost 2:10 so it is time to write in the blog. Angelina and Jonny watched Criminal Minds. Angelina had a 10:00 AM dentist appointment. Jonny had the 11:00 AM dentist appointment. They go to the same dentist. Jonny is angry with Angelina. Wendell sent him an email about coming to visit. Wendell and Kristina are going to Florida on Jan 28. They will see Elizabeth in West Palm Beach. Jesse would love to see Wendell's sister. Jonny would love to see his aunt. Angelina said no. Jonny is up to page 282 of The Eight. Jonny forgot his book and his shoes. Angelina brought the book and the shoes to the dentist appointment. Jonny put off eating lunch until after the dentist appointment. He went to see Penny and Rob before 11. They were both not available. Then just as he was going to lunch the computer said no I don't think so. Jonny ran to his 1 PM meeting with Penny. He ran into the PI and the stats guy. They were at the right place. But the PI said no meeting today. Penny wasn't even in the office. Again Rob wasn't in his office. Jonny got some hand sanitizer for the Hilton Hotel. Branden isn't here either. Jonny left a note on Branden's cube. He did it because Branden always leaves his light on and Jonny turned it off.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Outside of the Hilton Hotel, Jonny's window, there are men cleaning it. Oh no an email from Lea. Hold on. She is working on the Machine Log. Jonny is happy about that. So that means he needs to update his plan view hours to indicate that sometimes he doesn't actually work on VSAFE 8 hours a day. Jonny really sleeps 8 hours a day but that is a separate issue.

In today's chumash Jonny learned why the parsha of Mikeitz is always read during Chanukah. The story of Joseph's brothers selling Joseph into slavery. Then later on Joseph isn't angry and the brothers aren't remorseful. It is a victory for the believers over the non-believers. This means that during the time of the Greeks the Torah was translated into Greek. In other parts of the parsha Paro doesn't tell Jospeh all of the dream. Yet Yosef figures it out. This is what really made Pharaoh believe in Yosef. There are many midrash in the parsha that can easily be recalled. Some people believe that Dina was the grandmother of Yosef's wife. Osnat was Yosef's MIL. And Osnat was really Dina's daughter. Dina went to Egypt and took with her a rare gem from Yacov. Oh another email from Lea. Lea and Jonny are thinking about making three different database all in agreement on DOB. What a novel concept.

Jesse, Jonny and Angelina went to Hotel California today for a pediatric urological follow-up visit. The doctor pronouced him as fine. He will take over Jesse's long term follow-up. Angelina is gradually letting the duration increase between visits. These visits are killing her and she knows it. The last appointment was in May. So this time they agreed to wait 8 more months. Afterwards Jesse got Angelina to agree to let him walk over to the Hilton Hotel. Another email from Lea. They stopped at Einstein brothers and got bagels. Well Jonny is going back to work now.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Jonny had a meeting at Death Valley this morning. Now he is sweating to death in his office. Branden decided that it was cold in the hallway. Jonny is on page 264 of The Eight. Yesterday he listened to parsha. Last week he listened to last week's parsha. Jonny just got off the phone with Angelina. She was yelling at him. Alberta has a basketball game today. Her team is in the championship. The question of last week's parsha is did Yosef comitt Loshan Hora against his brothers? Did Yosef want to push them away? Rueben is the first person to do Chuva. Yehuda slept with the hooker because it threw off the trail of the devil. The angels knew this and told him to do this. The Baker hated the Butler. Jonny watered his plants. He noticed that he is gaining too much weight. Jesse had a very long appointment. But everything is cool. There are no problems. Jonny is back from talking to Penny to see if she has any work for him. Rob wasn't in his office. Jonny wants to leave now and go the basketball game but Angelina said no. Jonny walked up and down the stairs. For lunch he had a frozen buritto. Then Angelina drove him to work. He logged into VSAFE and modifed records. Shortly after that he fell asleep. Then his officemate walked in. The sound of the key in the lock woke him up.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

adventures from 8:30 to 1 PM

And then Jonny lost track of time.

8:30 am getting off the bus
8:45 resending records to the billing department
9:00 bathroom break
Up to page 228 of The Eight
9:15 coffee spilled all over the microwave. It wasn't his fault
9:30 searching for the DOB that is missing for some records
9:45 Mikeitz Tora gems listening to that on the Chabbad website
10:00 Checked on Penny. She didn't need anything. But she thanked Jonny for stopping by.
10:15 Rob wasn't there either
10:30 Waiting for the slow computer. VSAFE is a really horrible product.
10:45 Angelina is calling

This is a very boring blog entry

11:00 lunch
11:15 still eating and reading
11:30 water plants
11:45 missing primary dx on records
12:00 More Mikeitz
12:15 Branden wanted to know what room number he and Jonny were in
12:30 Branden wanted to know about the bus schedule
12:45 Jonny decided to stretch like in his stretch program
1:00 Jonny finished the Torah commentary listening to Click FM now
1:15 officemate went to lunch

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Lucy the dog is still hanging in there. She really enjoys that jacket she got. She also likes the snow.

Jonny listened to part of the parsha today. This was Vayeshev. The question is did Yosef commit Loshan Hura?

The girls have half a day at middle school today.

Alberta had an orthodontist appoint after school.

Lorraine wanted to have Annabella come over. Angelina was complaining that the girls will eat too many chips. Last time they ate a whole bag of chips. Angelina was also complaining that there might be too much mud and snow tracked into the house.

Jonny is up to page 148 of The Eight. He went to Penny's office today. He asked her if she needed anything. Jonny also told her that he started reading that book she gave him. She said it is even better than the DaVinci Code.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009


As usual the post is titled Tuesday instead of something more creative.

Jonny has been having a rough time. Today he can't find the spreadsheet with the fake names. This is because it is on a network drive that didn't load. But that's ok. The music is good. The heat is on and it's snowing outside. "...Put on your red shoes and dance the blues..."

Jonny plans to cut outta here early. Alberta's basketball team is playing and their undefeated. Just finished eating an apple. In a few minutes he will have some vitamins. Sing it David Bowie.

As usual Penny was driving him crazy. But he was reading her book she gave him as a present. That part was nice. The book is called The Eight. Jonny is on page 134.

Angelina is working on fixing the phone. They have AT&T U-verse. The phone, tv and internet are all on the same system. For some strange reason the phone part isn't working. The workmen are coming over around 4:30 pm.

Jonny woke up at 6 AM. It was a few minutes before he was supposed to wake up. This time he had a bad dream and that woke him up. Or maybe he just had to pee. Last night Jonny had a black and toad beer. It was really nice. He probably ate too many beer pretzles with that.

Jonny would like to go to the dollar store and buy some matches for his candles. Today he remembered to bring in the lettuce.


Monday, December 07, 2009


As usual the title of this post is subject to change to a more descriptive one.

The morning got away from Jonny. He was gonna blog but ate lunch early. He spent 20 minutes right before the end of the morning on a wild goose chase. Over the weekend Jonny got a phone call from his brother. Richard Ziman wanted Jonny to add him to face book. It took all that time and still no luck. He got an error message saying that email address couldn't be added.

Laurence Mason cancelled. They didn't go out to Fraser's bar and pub over the weekend. Jonny was busy cleaning Jesse's room. So he couldn't quite hear correctly what Laurence said. It sounded like "...early greeting from my mom..." His mom has recently died. So it probably meant he had to skip the going out because of visitors. Laurence did sound a little drunk. His speech was really slurred.

Alberta had a soccer game. Her team won 9-0. Jonny took her to that game.

Jonny bought Lucy the dog a jacket.

Jonny is up to page 96 of The Eight. The plot is really beginning to thicken.

Jonny got a swine flu nasal shot today. He forgot his wallet. He needed a special Hotel California ID card. But they looked it up by name and birthday. Oddly enough they said not to blow his nose for 2 hours.

Jonny also forgot to bring lettuce. That is too bad because Angelina bought new lettuce at the food store. She went shopping after the Sunday school kita bet Hanukkah event. The event was at 10:30. So Jonny had to drop off Jesse and Lorraine at 9:30 and then go home. He went home and cleaned Jesse's room.

Lucy peeded on the area rug while Jonny was at the soccer game. Therefore he did more steam cleaning. He also got one of his recycled candles working. Angelina complained that they emit no odor. But it doesn't matter she isn't that big on romance anyway. Angelina and Jonny watched an episode of Without a Trace. Jonny watched SNL and old episodes of scrubs that he saw before. Angelina watched a few scrubs episodes and even laughed.

Jonny ate too many pita chips. He woke up with a bad headache. He also just sneezed all that swine flu out just now. Jonny had his last of the six Winter White Ale's. Maybe that caused the headache. He took a couple of tylenols. Then he got so sleepy at work. He drifted in and out. He was listening to this week's parsha. That is why he will listen again on Wednesday.

This week's parsha is Vayesheve. It begins with in the land of Israel. Yacov wanted an easier life. These are just notes that Jonny took while he was awake and listening. This was after a cup of regular instant coffee too.

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Friday, December 04, 2009


The title of this blog entry is subject to change to a better summary of the contents.

Right now Jonny is sleepy and listening to the last two aliyahs of the weekly parsha chanting.

Jonny's friend Laurence Mason just lost his mother. She was quite ill. Laurence's mom was dying at home. She wasn't eating or speaking. The funeral is on Monday. Jonny made the mistake of calling Laurence to confirm their Saturday night drinking plans. Laurence was in the middle of making the funeral arrangements. So Laurence left a message on Jonny's cell phone. They both have Verizon so that is nice.

Today Jonny called Laurence. Jonny was waiting for the bus. He was going home at lunch time on the #4. This is because of Lucy the dog. Apparently this falls under the label working wife. Over the weekend the working wife Angelina is clerking for an early morning flu clinic. She will be teaching a class at the same college Jonny teaches at in just 5 weeks. Don't start counting the money yet it is only 1/6 of as much teaching as Jonny does.

Jonny is sleepy because of that stupid cat Graser. Last night he watched Criminal Minds. He watched it by himself. That is because Angelina watched it over Thanksgiving with her step-mother. That is nice she gets along with Sandra Bullock. Sometimes people don't like their step- mother's. She gets along better with her than with the ailing Wanda Lee Evans. Her mother is not even walking. She is in a rehab facility. For some reason the phsyical therapy doesn't include walking on the foot. The foot is what caused all the problems.

2 minutes left on this clip, clip 7.

Jonny is up to page 60 of The Eight. The book is progressing nicely. He is happy Penny gave it to him. She has been causing Jonny major stress, every time she writes and email.

Also this weekend is Kristina Krofft and Wendell Pierce's 42 wedding anniversary. It happened about 7 months before Jonny was born. Jonny sent his parents an ecard. They were quite happy.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rob takes the Manchester bus

Jonny fixed Tuesday's post to have the title officemate. But today he has no officemate. Branden R. isn't here today. Who can blame him? HCIT (Hotel California Information Technology) hasn't set him up yet. Jonny was discussing this with Rob on the way to work. Jonny has suggested that Rob try the Manchester bus stop. Jonny rode the #14 to work. Both the #14 and #4 buses stop at that location. The nice thing about that location unlike the Washtenaw Avenue stop is the covered area. But Rob got on the bus and told Jonny he had to park really far away. Jonny too had to park really far away, about three blocks from his house to the bus stop. Ha ha.

Today Jonny listened to the repeat lecture on the Parsha. He took a few notes. In the beginning of the Vayishlach parsah the angels are messengers. Later Yacov is fighting with an angel. The angel says "don't ask me my name". Why did the angel leave? Also learned is the custom of Sukkot. This is because life is temporary and Sukkot is a symbol of the temporary state humans have in life. The angel had to leave to pray. Well that is enough chumash.

Don't forget this is the parsha where Dina is put into a box so she doesn't marry Esau. Jacob goes back across the river to put things into jars.

Jonny is up to page 32 of The Eight. It is neat because the story flows forward in two prongs: 1972 New York and 1790 France. Also there is chess.

Speaking of games and officemates. Jonny had to celebrate his last day of privacy. He took an early morning nap. He brushed up on Euchre skills by playing against robots in yahoo.

Alberta's team beat Anna Marie's team in basketball. But Max Ligosh wasn't there because his daughter wasn't there either. Alberta wanted Jonny to miss the game. Penny upset him so much he fled work on the late, packed tight 4 PM #4 bus. He arrived by 4:15 and proudly stood for the national anthem. The games obviously don't start at the scheduled 4:00 PM. She thinks that Angelina and Max have too close of a friendship. But that is just a tease. Jonny thinkgs there is nothing wrong with Angelina making friends with a few guys. She really isn't good friends with Max or Ernie any more anyway.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New officemate

Jonny got a new officemate. The new officemate will be called Branden R. Morgan.

Penny is driving him crazy by email.

The day started out well enough. He started at 8:30 doing some recycling, making coffee and filtering water. He got there on the 4A bus. Then he relaxed and let go. Next Jonny checked some email. He thought fondly of his evening with Angelina. They watched Without A Trace.

In other news, Lorraine got her head treated by a home visit lice removal company. Jonny scratches head.

The officemate is gone now. Jonny wants to leave early and watch Alberta's basketball game. Max Ligosh's daughter's middle school is playing against Alberta's middle school. The game begins at 4 oclock in the afternoon.
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