The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today the move was supposed to happen, but it didn't. Jonny got the key. But unfortunately the tech people got really busy. They were helping the doctors, set up some lap top. So it made Jonny look like a goof. He planned to do no work today. So now he won't do no work on Monday? Oops that was really crazy grammar.

Last week on Friday he listened to the parsha.

Then over the weekend, the family went on a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio. But they didn't leave until Saturday. Right before the dog sitter came over there was a catastrophe. The hot water heater started leaking. So the plan was when the dog sitter arrived that would push Angelina to leave quicker. But this minor problem had to be dealt with. She called her heating and cooling man.

Some people have a milk man, some people have a butler. Angelina used to have a cleaning woman, 2 years now yeah saving some money. She has a seamstress now and a heating and cooling man. She also has a carpenter, big bucks. That work is done. The seamstress is not a tailor. A tailor sews pants. Angelina goes to Minsky the tailor or someplace like that. She won't/can't do it herself. But this lady was called in for real sewing jobs. For example, the house was too cold. In comes the seamstress. More curtains were added. She also did other work, not getting into it now. The heating and cooling guy, was called in for his first big job, for her, a year ago. The house came complete, without air conditioning.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

13 days

That is how many days since the last post.

Jonny appreciates those who posted comments, as encouragement to keep blogging.

As a matter of fact, Jonny did create a post some other time this week. It is found here. This is the wet dogs, post for June 24, 1994.

Jonny had those two dogs for so long, it sometimes feels like he still has two dogs. When in fact, he only has one very old dog.

Jonny was told today that he is moving tomorrow. That is good news, but he is still in shock. So he needs to go and finish his coffee, brush, floss, maybe read pages 63-65 of One Man Running. Then go see Rob Schneider. He needs to make sure he can see the providence database.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Beach trip

Jonny sent an email to Wendell:

Dear Dad,

I think I would like to come visit for a few days. Probably leaving on a Friday and returning on a Monday. If we could go to the beach, that would be a bonus. My last Monday Wednesday class is July 1. So any weekend after that. I also have a Tuesday Thursday class. My window is three night, three days. See if you can make it happen. I looked at US Air and SouthWest, but it got too confusing for me. They (USAir) had a nice afternoon, from Friday to Monday to Salisbury. SouthWest had cheaper flights, to BWI. I doubt we could go July 4, but that would be fine with me, July 3-6. I say we because Jesse will come too.


Jonny is at Hotel California today. He fell asleep. He worked on ASP.NET. He worked on VASE. He took a walk in the arb. Jonny forgot his book.

Jonny listened to the Real Audio playing of Behar chanting this week's parsha. He also read chapter 33 of Jeremiah.

This weekend promises to be busy. Alberta has a Bar Mitzvah to go to. There is always soccer games. Jesse plays too.

The tax refund finally came in. Jonny told Angelina to buy some chaser's. She doesn't drink.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today Jonny is sleepy. His eyes hurt. He is wearing glasses.

Last night the family had burgers on the grill. Jonny drove to work. Then Jonny picked up his free umbrella. He is up to page 218 of A Case Of Need. Hopefully tonight he can get out of class by 8 PM. But Jonny does not want to go straight home. Probably go to that bar again, Four Seasons. It costs $4.40 for a Labatt. But he can drink ice water and eat pop corn and read his book if he likes. The daughter and the wife will be fighting so, that is why Jonny is in no hurry to get there before 10. Last night Jonny ate some cheeze itz and then watched Without A Trace. Jonny had no problem falling asleep at around 12:30 but woke up at 6 AM, an hour too early and was unable to fall back. Jonny really needed the rest too.

He is listening to click fm the jewish radio station. Funny how three weeks in a row the parsha's have been double parsha's.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time for a car nap

Jonny is getting sleepy. It always happens when he thinks too much. These three projects at work are making his head spin.

It is a nice day out. He won an award from the get downtown log your miles. It was an umbrella. They share an office with the chamber of commerce. If anyone thinks that Ann Arbor has no scummy areas, needs to get downtown. There are plenty.

Jonny listened to the Torah Gems for the current parsha today was Behar. This guy is very conservative. He was complaining about Bush, Iraq, the prisoners that were tortured on and on etc etc.

Now onto liberal topics. The book was written in 1968. It is about a pathologist who tries to find the man who botched an abortion. He and his friend who was accused didn't do it. They ran a clandestine abortion clinic, back then they were illegal. It is all about hospitals and medical stuff. Jonny is up to page 179.

He is trying to work on an ASP.NET form. It is a form the manager's will fill out when there is a new employee. It tells what computer access they are supposed to get. Then the form will email the right people. Jonny tested it by making a form with one button on it. Then when the button is pushed, Jonny gets an email. So the rest is easy. The form is about a page long and written in Excel. There are maybe 50 questions. The hardest thing in all of programming is naming variables. Each button needs a variable name.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Jonny is now on page 148 of A Case Of Need, and it is quite good.

Today he took a car ride to the bee hive. There was a meeting there with Lea. But she neglected to say where. He called her home number at 9:15. It turned out it was her cell number.

Later Jonny drove west on 14. His destintation was the Miller Road Park and Ride. His goal was to catch the 10:19 to the city. He did. The #18 arrived in time to catch the #2. Jonny transferred at the transit center and made it to the Hotel California in time. In time for what? He had another meeting.

Tonight he plans to catch the bus.

Over the weekend Alberta had two soccer games. Jesse had one.

Friday, May 08, 2009


Today Jesse has a soccer practice from 4 to 5 PM.

Last night was Lorraine's concert. It was pretty cool. The family had Chinese food and there was plenty of leftover for Jonny lunch today.

Work has been absolutely boring for Jonny.

Earlier he listened to the chanting of this week's parsha.

He sent Kristina a mother's day card. She emailed back today. Her and Wendell are going to St Lucia for a week. Wherever it is it sounds nice.

Jonny convinced Lorraine to pick him out a book. Jonny is now on page 64 of A Case Of Need.

Last night Jonny and Angelina watch Without A Trace.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009


Here in Hollywood, it is raining.

Jonny convinced Lorraine to pick him out another book. The book is Michael Crichton's A Case of Need. Based on the fact that Jonny is onto page 18, it is a decent book.

He took the number 5 this morning. He arrived at work on time.

Last night before dinner and a little after dinner, Jesse and Jonny mowed the grass. Earlier in the evening, Alberta had soccer practice.

Yesterday Jonny rode his bike to and from Hotel California, but he took the long way so it was over 4 miles instead of 2. But this was very sceneic.

On May 4th, he got really bored and read chapter 32 of Jeremiah with Rashi commentary on the Chabad site.

Last night he and Angelina watched Law and Order. It was a good episode about fire fighters. Not as flattering for them as the John Travolta movie. The best line was the one about the fire truck that everyone rode.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Today Jonny is at the Hotel California.

He finished the book The Odyssey. It was 365 pages.

Jonny has been listening the Torah portion of the week on Chabad, Torah Gems. This week's parsha is Emor.

Over the weekend, Alberta had a soccer game. Angelina arranged for the team manager to take her to the game. The game was in Clarkston, 6PM, Sunday. On the way to the West side of town, they saw Max Ligosh. He was on his bike at the corner of Wagner and Scio Church road. On the way back Jonny disregarded the map quest directions. He went 94 E to State Street. On the way there, it was 8 miles of back roads in 14 minutes, according to the internet.

The internet led them astray for another soccer game. This one was in Brighton. The directions indicated getting off in Brighton. So far so good. Next they said to go back the other way. Brighton is North on US 23. The directions said go south on old US 23 also known as Whitmore Lake Road. But that was ridiculous. There were 3 exits going south that bisected that road. Then it dead ended at 8 mile. So Jonny turned around and went North again for another 8 miles back to where they started. He went North on Whitmore Lake Road. They arrived late for the game. The score was 1-0. Alberta was substituted in for keeper.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Falling asleep

Jonny was sitting here in Hotel California and falling asleep. Angelina called and was complaining about Chase Bank.

Here is a link to another old diary entry. This was how they celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary.

Jonny is up to page 340 of The Odyssey. Almost done. There is so much blood shed.

Jonny listened to half the Torah Gems today. This week's parsha is Emor. Jonny fell asleep.

Over the weekend he did a little bit of falling asleep. The family went to the Burn's Park 5K run. The night before they had to go to bed early. Jonny was waiting to go to bed and fell asleep on the couch. Since no one woke him up, he got up at 12:30 and went back to bed at 1:30. Then he snored so loudly that Angelina punched him in the chest.

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