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Thursday, June 30, 1994

job interview

Today is Thursday June 30, 1994. Jonny had the RT Systems interview.

He gotta keep the windows open, the AC is broken.

Angelina is doing laundry.

Jonny prepared a brief to fight Mickey Jones in court, for a counter suit of 467.50 $100 for time, $250 cash back, $40 for maid services, $17.50 for stop check service.

Notice this is sorta what he looks like http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0428856/

The radio F. controlled company sounds like a Mr P. company. Jonny needs to write TL's this-next-week. The paper will be dead for sure. These guys (2) wore ties. They rent space from the Walden Woods. It is really nice. Warehouse pgm.

Notice Angelina affectionately refers to Jonny's father as Mr P. That is since Wendell Pierce's last name starts with a P.

Just to be completely clear, the F. in radio F. above stands for frequency.


Wednesday, June 29, 1994

job hunting

Here it is a hair past 10 and Jonny has gotta go to work.

Jonny had an interview with HCIA. What do they stand for? Health Care Investment Incorportate. They are located at Death Valley. The offices there are very nice. But Jonny wonders it could be boring acquiring data.

The interviewer was named Randi Pareira and she worked for Henry Ford Health System for 10 years. She worked for the insurance company, Health Alliance Plan for 4 years. And she worked there for 4 years. That makes her an 18 year professional. Maybe Jonny asked too many questions. But he said he would be willing to train them in UNIX.

Last night he called the library, another job prospect. Tomorrow's interview is with RT. Yesterday he went to Bloomfield Hills. There was impossible traffic.

Believe it or not she (Randi) wore shorts. Jonny must go now.

Tuesday, June 28, 1994

Hair past midnight

Well now the hair is past midnight. Tuesday, Jonny must get up early - his plan is to work early 8-1 and 3 hours off as vacation pay.

In the old days you could take vacation in increments of hours, now it is half days only.

This is for Candace the queen of the house - a cat.

Angelina probably was going out of town and wanted Jonny to watch the cat.

Jonny hasn't been playing too much on the internet lately.

Unbelievable, playing on the internet in 1994?

He got 2 job interviews lined up. One of them was RT Systems. He thought that sounds very promising. He decided he is going to start telling them is salary history is $30-31K. Jonny is sending out two more from the Sunday Detroit News.

Robert Easton might work out ok. These are people he worked with from 1990 to 1994. Lee Dixon is a real pain. Today Jonny met Sandra Bullock, Thoma Hill and Angelina Jolie for lunch at Max & Erma's. Jonny had wings and gazpacho. Thomas is very generous.

Monday, June 27, 1994


Monday morning and Jonny is still up because his stomach hurts pretty bad. Angelina is cutting coupons and her dad is discussing with his wife something in bed. The dogs Lucy and Dexter are in bed. Jonny pounded in tomatoe stakes yesterday (Sunday). He has to go to bed and get up in less than 7 hours. He had BBQ chicken and burgers on the grill with corn. He has got to keep this 1994 diary a secret. This book is so tiny. He has got to keep this book's identity a secret. Jonny spoke with another new character, who later became the boss. His name is Ron Howard. This because he directed Cocoon. Jonny spoke with those AHP. They are lost. Got bitten by bugs. 15 years later, Jonny still gets bitten by mosquitos.

Sunday, June 26, 1994

Sunday night

In color is comments on this old journal entry.

A hair past midnight.

Today Jonny got the lawn mowed.

Angelina will miss that lawn in 15 years.

He worked on an ADA project for a few hours. Ada was the programming language and topic of his master thesis, if it wasn't mentioned already.

Also had a flood yesterday.

But Sandra Bullock did not seem to care.

Eric Ewards is a neighbor. He built his house.

Yes 15 years later he gets added as a character. The picture really fits him. That movie Beverly Hillbillies 1993 was awesome.

Eric the builder helped fix the check valve. He said to give him a call and he will fix the tube and make it longer. Angelina is going to repay him with a cat lounge.

It never happened. There is no money for haircuts in the budget. Somethings never change.

Thomas Hill and his wife Sandra are back from Lansing. They went to Frankenmouth and got Bavarian beer.

Friday, June 24, 1994

Wet dogs

Today is Saturday. The second post of the same day. It is raining. Angelina Jolie needs to pick out clothes. Yesterday Jonny Lee Miller was supposed to wake up Thomas Hill to go to work. He wanted up at 6:45 and got up at 7:45. Jonny is pretty full from last night. He Thomas came up and took the lamp cover off. Now he is cleaning inside a light cover. Sandra Bullock, his new wife, says, mother-in-laws are supposed to do that. Still waiting for Angelina to pick out clothes. She Sandra is telling her that it is ok for the previous owner to use KMART locks. The dogs were wet this morning.


Thursday, June 23, 1994

The Earle

Yesterday was Friday. Well technically it is midnight on Friday night. So much for not blogging 15 years before it was invented on a Saturday. Yesterday Jonny and Angelina went to the Earle for dinner. 3 people had Whitefish. Two other friends were there. Also Thomas Hill was there. The other couple knew him from a long time ago. They live in Toledo, Ohio. Thomas went to the U of Toledo and the guy was his roomate. So that had to have been a long time ago. Jonny went to the EPA at 9:30 after the weekly report. At that time his job was located off site and he had to travel to see the clients. Angelina is in trouble at her job. It was Oakwood Hospital. She had a few run ins with the boss. The probabtion is a one month extension to the 3 month one. The lady from Toledo was scared of the dogs and cats. At the time, Dexter, dog (1993-2007 at 15), Lucy dog (still going strong 1993-), Leo same as Lucy (1993), Candace RIP 1993-2006 and Spencer RIP 1993-2007. Everyone like the new furniture. It came from Art Van. It is still in the house. 2 new end table. 2 new lamps. A recliner and a couch. A book case, and an entertainment center. It is raining. Jonny sent 3 job letters.

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More on the scam and a bad dream

Can't believe it, Thursday already.

Jonny needs coffee money, because coffee here at work is 10 cents.

Jonny has to get his lunch together.

He is still thinking about AHP. Always Helping People is in th eDunn & Brad Street. doesn't know about starting his own business. He had a dream about these guys from the interview. One guy who was looking was a BFA from EMU, unlike Paul Hurst from work who was a BFA from UM. Angelina has a bad feeling. Like no sales companies. Salary is based on commission. But the environment is gonna be big.

Wednesday, June 22, 1994

A scam

Wednesday night. Good communication skills. Nobody listens. Heard the same presentation 2 times today from Kelly Warbis of Arkansas. Company is called AHP, "Always Helping People" or the motto A higher paycheck. Larry is the president. Jonny met with them at noon. At work there was a crisis with the EMFAC program - it had to wait till after the AHP meeting. Later that night they called and said at 7PM that Jonny made the 2nd cut. Tonight Jonny told them no deal on a flight to Missouri because of in-laws visiting this weekend. They said he was a type I personality.

Tuesday, June 21, 1994

Tuesday 2 year anniversary

Jonny was out walking the dogs. He wanted to meet some of the new neighbors. Tom Powers is a doctor. Irene Rich is his lovely wife.

Angelina is on the phone now and it is 9:35 PM.

No homework done yet.

The job is awful.

The boss Lee Dixon, did nothing. He told a stupid joke. Why do protestants not change a light bulb. Told it wrong because, sloppy handwriting. This book is hard to use. Well they are condemned (spelled right now, wrong in 1994) to eternal darkness no need for light. Close to the end of the day he tells this joke. Then he went home after a 1 hour lunch.

Candace the cat was declawed today.

One more new neighbor to meet.

Monday, June 20, 1994


Today is Monday. The song in Jonny's head is "Rock on where do we go from here, Blue Jean Babe Queen, Prettiest Thing I ever Seen." It is no so hot today. He left his windows down and they got rained on inside of the car. He met James Edward Grant. Professor Grant is his Master's thesis adviser and head of the EMU department of Computer Science. Jonny did 6 job letters today. He ate lunch outside, and vacuumed both of the cars. One was a 1992 Nissan Stanza (a wedding gift), cream colored. The other was a 1989 Black Nissan Sentra. It is now late. 11:45 PM as the time indicates from this post. Jonny had chicken for dinner.

He walked with Bruce Cabot. They talked about the neighborhood turn over. Bruce has a dog named Jeremiah. He got the dog from some other neighbors who didn't want him any more. They had three boys and it was too much of a handful. Plus the mom was running a home day care.

Jonny made multi run particulate model at work. This is the EPA program for government agencies and is written in FORTRAN. The FORTRAN program is for calculating dust from cars, trucks, motorcycles and buses. Everyone at work is looking for work. Jonny has been with CSC as a contractor for 4 years. Professor Grant is surprised that they are a crap company, he is old and has stock in them. But they are paying 80% of his education and he is almost done with his master's degree. Also at work when he was supposed to be working he read news about sex in suburbs/war with Korea. Poor O.J. Simpson.

Sunday, June 19, 1994


Today is Sunday. Jonny and Angelina went out for a 2 year anniversary dinner at Chicago Road House. He had shishka bob, Angelina's left over salmon, potato skins and heineken.

Today he mowed grass and edged already. He needs to pick up an anniversary card. Angelina is at work now making some overtime money.

Jonny sent out three more job letters before the mail came then 3 more are waiting in their envelopes.

Friday night he babysat for Harry Carey. Harry's mother is a phd neurologist of the ear at the U. Jonny has been babysitting him since he was about 7. While babysitting he saw the movie Cool Runnings a movie about a Jamaican Bobsled team and their bid into the olympics.

Jonny is taking some advil for his hand and knee. He is also taking Lotrisone for ripped skin. It is very hot.

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Saturday, June 18, 1994


Today is Saturday. Jonny got up early and went to bed late.

He used to have a penpal but she probably dropped out. That was the last thing she said to him.

The dogs are now sleeping. They wanted up and out and food and water early 7 AM. There is not much preparation needed to brush their teeth. Dexter (dog, male) is the trouble maker, he wined not Lucy to get up and have breakfast. He is also the one who is troublesome to brush teeth, hair do stuff etc. But Lucy eats sticks. Spencer (Brown cat) almost a cat is trying to eat cream cheese.


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