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Thursday, April 01, 2010

an extra post

This will be known as the fake names for 2010 it is still in "draft" form (work in progress).
click here for the fake names as they stood in 2007.

Jonny's Family
Jesse Bradford - Jonny's son. Had cancer and had a kidney removed. In 2nd grade at Burns Park.

Ellen Greene - Angelina's brother's wife. Not a jew but still very nice.

Richard Ziman - Jonny's brother. Lives in San Diego. Married to Nancy Ticotin. Works as a salesman.

Notice Angelina affectionately refers to Jonny's father as Mr P. That is since Wendell Pierce's last name starts with a P.

Kristina Kroft is Jonny's mother

Elizabeth Regen - Jonny's Aunt and Wendell's surviving older sister. She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. Jesse calls her and Jonny's parents. But Kristina gets mad when Jesse says Aunt Regen instead of Grandma Kroft.

Coworker's in Hotel California
Rob Schneider - Jonny's boss since 2007.

Don Ameche - Network guy. He sets up all the networks. Also works for Rob.

Lea Thompson - Jonny's mentor. She has been here programming for 30 years. Now she is working 3 days a week as of 2009.

Old Neighbors from 1993

Hume Cronyn and Gwen Verdon. They were Angelina and Jonny's neighbors in 1993 Ann Arbor. They lived in a two family condo. Each condo was separate with a shared stairwell to the basement. When Angelina and Jonny moved to Pittsfield township they stayed in touch for a while. The couple like to drink a lot. They gave them Candace the cat. Hume and Gwen already had cats of their own and this other cat needed a home.

Clint Howard - Not quite a neighbor he was the handy man and electrician that Angelina favored in the early years of living in that house (after they left the Ann Arbor condo) around 1993.

Mickey Jones - Clint later recommended/introduced Angelina to this rough and ready cabinet maker. Angelina and Mickey ended the business relationship with a lawsuit. Clint testified against his friend to an extent but the Mickey's beer bribe forced Clint to remaining neutral.

Coworker's from Jonny's first job from 1990-1994

Jack Gilford - LAN man. Gave the family dog Lucy.

Ron Howard - eventually became Jonny's boss and the reason why it became unbearable to work there.

Maureen Stapleton - Like Penny Fuller she is a manager but not Jonny's direct manager just a project leader responsible for the work he works on. She was into the Hobbit and wanted to have a tween party. In the book tween was when a hobbit turned 33 and official shed their wild oats. Also like Penny she sometimes caused trouble for Jonny. It climaxed in a bad comment or two towards the end of the job when he quit. She also was more friendly towards Ron Howard before he got the promotion from coworker to manager over Jonny.



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