The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday Night

R had a soccer game today. She won 6 to 1. Z and I went to the game. I saw somone we see at JCC Friday night events. People here in Ann Arbor travel in small circles. It is not a gigantic town. Amazing what happened to the Republicans. Their guy Libby is going to jail. Eventually Bush will have to resign in disgrace.
I almost got caught, to prevent this catastrophe I type into a notepad file and upload later. I even save the file and then retrieve it. L started gymnastics today and she liked it.
Now I am looking at some frum blogs. All my favorites have not updated. It was a beautiful day today. I gave away three Danielle Steele books to this beautiful blonde I met in the parking lot of Wide World of Sports. I started a new book I got a long time ago. I left Mirror Image at work by mistake. It is called The Day The Rabbi Resigned.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

שבת שלום

What a great day just sitting here listening to radio yo. EB Ford seems to be on track. They approved the file layout. My design for @bovehealth rider files looks good too. I fixed up my paper work for my @bovehealth accumulator project. So that now sits in my boss's in box for assignment to be tech reviewed. Over the weekend R has a indoor soccer game. If your in Ann Arbor its at the wide world of sports. Contact me at my email address on my profile. L starts gymnastics. I emailed my father and he wants to see a picture of Z in his cookie monster costume. I am waiting for my shuttle driver to pick me up to take me to Ann Arbor Nissan where I have to pay for my car repairs. The front end got alligned. I have been quite stressed lately. As a result I get stress related aches and pains. For example, clicking in my head, back pain, stomach ache, and left wrist/lower forearm pain. Tom was nice and met me over at the dealer. Then he drove me to work. He has the day off and did this favor anyway. My weight has been holding steady at 142 yeah. This was my goal. My son Z's speech therapist wanted to know why some Jews wear feathery hats and long sideburns. So S said to email my cousins the rabbi and his brother who by the frumness of his wedding is still very frum. I didn't expect a reply from him anyway (busy Dr). The Rabbi must reply. He did. Told us about wiki. And the hat is called a shternal. Coincidentally my Indian (not native american) coworker who was my student asked a Jewish question today. So I replied to my cousin and asked another email question. She is going to a wedding tomorrow. What to wear.

My arm pain is from Danielle Steele. Her book Mirror Image. I passed page 300. The book really helped me to get all emotional and cry. I went to a movie with S last weekend called in her shoes. There were similarities that if were not for that I would have not cried in the movie. No need to give away the ending to either book or movie. Except that the book got worse and the movie got better. In the car R has been reading ברשת she finished it today. It was a mixture of reading and chanting. Today we started on the English. This book is a different translation so the English was interesting. Mainly it said and G-D said it was so. I don't recall and it was so in other translations. I gave her some parsha discussions as we broke from reading the English. Some from yesterday's Rabbi Biggs and some from years past. After every day Hashem says it was good except the day man was made.

I am trying really hard not to fight with S. My Dad wants her and the kids to visit over Thanksgiving. I haven't even told the kids I am going myself to my house and they are going with S to her house. Like we were 18! Monday I have half a day off so we can meet with the oncologist. S says its a waste of time. My Aunt is in Florida and no one can contact her. Well I am going to make that call now and get outta here.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fixed it

yeah I fixed my @bovehealth program. In specific I fixed my bencal_plan_year procedure. Runner is my biggest fan now. Please give me your opinion what you expect me to write about.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Grading Exams

Sitting here grading tests. There were 8 multiple choice questions and 1 true false question and one fill in the blank question. The answer to the fill in the blank question came right from the true false question. I put up a post earlier and it mysteriously started to disapear. So maybe I wasn't supposed to have put it up here in the first place. So far this one seems to be staying put.
S wants to know how did they do. I don't keep those kind of statistics. She said how many A's. Same answer. Well tell me when you do know. Answer I won't know.

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Rotten day

Well I have to be brief. I am giving a test in windows operating system. Some the students think I am doing a lousy job. My benefit accumulators program for @ a b oveh8a lth is still not correct. Was fighting with the wife last night too. Also runner shoot me an email or something. Maybe you did already. Somone knows who I am and I don't want to say anything that might offend them if I indeed know them.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jewish News

Today I have been listening to www.radi-yo.co.il. I would expect a link to the station on my blog if it is not there already, I talk about this link all the time. They have free downloads. I have been writing down the song titles in Hebrew on a piece of paper. I also go into their chat room. There I try and understand what they are saying in Hebrew, without vowels.

R has been reading my book a Commentary on The Torah in Hebrew. L was in the car with us and she got a little annoyed. R has started with Bereshit and plans to read the whole thing.

I printed out read all the Rabbi Biggs and Fax of Life emails since September 18 or thereabouts. So now I am caught up on that. I am still reading the end of the book. I have about 15 pages to go then I will be done and like on Simchat Torah we start again. I am glad I read all of Kings. Because there is some commentary on it. King Joshia was the best King in the eyes of the devout Jews since he read the forgotten scroll that is part of the last parsha. He tried to clean up the lack of observance prevalent by the other Kings. I am so looking forward to reading the next book in the Tanach.

What R said about my wedding still hurts my feelings. It was true I was standing there under the chupah 13 years ago and the Rabbi said ".. in the midrash ..." R was right I was thinking sarcastically "oh boy Midrash". I probably didn't even capitalize it in my mind's eye. She has it lucky since she goes to a Hebrew Day School. I also gotta get back to practicing my Hebrew. I occasionally practice my flash cards at the stoplights. I also read a couple of the Hebrew words in the book as I am reading the parsha. Well not at the same time if you know what I mean.

Well this post has gone on long enough. Back to my EB ford program. No trailer record in the output file? Why is that?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday October 24, 2005

I did it again, I spent a whole bunch of time glanceing at various jewish blogs and didn't leave any time to write in mine. Had a nice weekend, don't remember much of it. The usual stuff with three kids, two dogs and three cats. R went to kids night out at the JCC. So S had the brain burst to take me out. JC babysat the other two kids. He is about 17 and maybe will go with us on our next vacation like he went on our last vacation. Z broke a bunch of stuff over the weekend. L fell down right before she went to the orchard and her face is all scratched up. I am afraid I have to get back to work. Z had his chest x-ray today and everything is fine. Everybody here is commenting about the weather. Its cold. My wife S says if you think its cold now your going to really suffer later. So she makes me wear short sleeve shirts. I always try so hard to give the middle child equal time. L cut up an 8 by 10 it was a school picture. She went to her room crying. Z was feeding a crocodile xelaphone lots and lots of cereal. R damaged her glasses at school on Friday. S was mad because she wanted R to get out of school and get picked up. They (the school secretary and R) didn't do it S's way. S is so f***ing hyper sometimes. Well she has an excuse because of Z. He is fine now. Then the oncologist changed our appointment and she got mad about that. She is over it now. Is it better to tell stuff after it happened or tell stuff as its planned to happen? Well its now 3 oclock. I forgot my fruit and my water bottle. I don't like to say the oncologist's name anymore because then it shows up in searches. I have spent a bit of time looking at the sitemeter and its amazing what kind of searches bring a person to this blog.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

חג שמאף סוכות

Not so sure about my spelling in Hebrew. I am having trouble because I can't find my ring. I am still married just can't find it. L and Z and S just left to pick up R at soccer practice. We weren't home together long enough for me to ask. My guess is she hid it so the cleaning lady can't take it. Of course she never would. She was on vacation for three weeks. I found my scale. S hid it in the closet. I also am so happy I find my electric nose and ear hair trimmer. It is a conair model. I was in a hurry this morning and forgot to put on my ring. See we keep them on a ring rack when we are sleeping. Mine stays in the well and hers is on the mount. She has two one is an engagement ring and the other is a wedding band. They fit in together and she wears them on her left hand. I started more work on EB Ford today at work. I also took a nap around 11 to 12 over by Applebee's parking lot where there are a lot of hotels. Well I gotta go leave to go teach Introduction to Programming with C++.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday October 19, 2005

I basically have three projects at work to finish in a month. 1 is the @bovehealth accumulators. 2 is the @bovehealth benefit riders. 3 is the evolution benefits ford claims extract. I finally started working on project #2 aka 14301. But I am back on project #1 aka 14627 task 4. The lifetime counters are still not working correctly. I stayed up too late reading briannasworld it is a frum jew blog I started reading. I need to catch up on the others. Most of the frum jews won't be writing a lot during the holidays. Aiedel is going to shut down so that leaves the others. Cloo Jew is such a good writer. Bas Torah is a good writer too. My weight here at work is 147.4 today. I am not even going to say what it was after lunch. I went to Lucky Kitchen and tried the diet menu. It says tell them to hold the rice. I got for 6.05 some fried rice, hot and sour soup with no pork and chicken with brocolli and szechuan sauce. The sauce tasted like barbeque. And the other food was so fattening I am stuffed now. My ankle hurts from driving Tom around yesterday. I will get him back when I have a driving favor. That will be great.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday October 18, 2005

I am a little bit tired now its almost midnight. I had class earlier and only 6 people showed up. Only 2 or 3 really paid any attention. At work I sent in a posting for a job in the anesthesiology department. Hopefully I can leave M-CARE soon. On October 31 Z has an appointment with his oncologist. I will be taking the morning off that day. At 11 AM I will go to my flu shot study. This is a good use of the time off. I found my electric nose clipper. I have been enjoying my novel Mirror Image by Danielle Steel. Up to page 44. Z just woke up. He wanted a drink of water. He must know something is up. He has already moved into my bed and I will have to shower, shave and sleep in his bed. Today at work we had a big meeting on @bovehealth. It is moving much slower than higher management would like. So I better get to bed. I did two mitzvahs today. I told a neighbor his hose was running (this saved him a big water bill) and I returned to him a library book his son lost.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yom Kippur

150.4 pounds. Back to using the work scale so back to reporting to the fifth of a pound. Right now I am waiting for an @bovehealth program to finish running. Yom Kippur is coming up soon. Here is what I forgot today. Forgot CD's and forgot calendar. Since its been awhile since I last wrote I will look at my old Franklin logs. Yesterday a friend of ours' mother died. So we all went to her house for a service. There really is no funeral. They are sitting shiva for a couple of days and then its over. They have services every day in our synagogue. That word is so hard to spell I usually write temple. Even Schule is a hard word to spell maybe I need to spell it in Hebrew instead. R got in trouble. She threw a remote control and broke it. I never got my scale back. I started and threw away Malice by Danielle Steele. I am giving her another chance with Mirror Image. I am sure the twins swap husbands or something. Its just to pass the time. Stayed up late watching Monday Night Football. Got class tonight and dinner at home first. Value Options is finally completed. Jim is tech reviewing it. Friday I was 147.4 pounds. S got the car fixed. We went fishing over the weekend. R's soccer team lost again. Thursday R scored a goal and her team lost. I still haven't started on the Evolution Benefits Ford program. Soon 11/15 I will be on the Amisys Advance team and will be working on converting the claims payable from the HP3000 to the HP9000. Today at work all they did was plan a chili cook off and side dish sign up sheet for another party. It was anoying to the point of really bothering me. I am up to chapter 2 of the visual basic optimization book. No parsha studying since during the high holidays there is re-reading of earlier parshas. As much as I try the middle child seems to get the least mentioning. R and I went to the library. I updated both kids cards. Then I checked out 4 cd's on R's card. I also want to try and remember to bring in the Chai Lifeline Jewish Calendar since my Chabad one expired. No one is going to miss the other one. We made 3 briskets over the weekend. R got to be student again for Chapter 6 of Windows Operating Systems.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy New Year again

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I am here back at work. Juggling my three projects: evolution benefits, value options and @bovehealth. These are all names of vendors. So the description of the project is next to meaningless. I just got a call from R. She told me that today was a fast day. I gotta put my new Chai Lifeline calendar since the Chabad one is now defunct. Also I have not been on a bike ride in over three weeks. R has a game tonight. Over the weekend the game was another devasting loss. Some of the kids were even crying. Hopefully they will put R in goal. I can't say anything because I am told to keep my mouth shut. S stayed home and Z, R and L went to services. I felt I had to leave almost as soon as I got there. But it ended before that even. Tuesday's service was so long and boring I left before it was over. I was falling asleep. I sat by myself both days. I was able to get a little closer the second day, but I don't think the rabbi saw me. I was so late I missed his sermon. Z likes to wear women's clothes so it took us 20 minutes to strip him. Then we took R to her room. Then L to her room. They went right to prayer. Her 1st grade religious school teacher was running it. L and S told me Z would want to stay with L. All Z wanted to do was play outside. He had a half buttoned shirt and only one sneaker. At least I can thank Hashem he had on boy socks. I strollered him around since he had only one shoe. Wow I thought I would have nothing to say now. S got me real mad she stole my scale and now here at work I am 152.2. How the F*** did I gain 12 pounds? I did drink several cups of coffee. We met S at the bank at 1:30. I finished Angel Face last night. Last night sucked. All I did was eat and read. And I had class too which was a really drag since the students hated their test scores. I really need the kids to be my students so I can do a better job with this Windows class. Sorry to be so down but I never get to do anything fun. I found a breast cancer book at work maybe I can sell it. That's my 3rd and 4th jobs. I met S at the bank since I had a flu-shot study appointment. I get $30 for it and $30 for the next one on 10/28 at 11:45 PM. Z and I went to his room and then he got another kid and another lady and me to go on the playground. Then he wanted to go back inside. The door was locked. I didn't have my holiday ticket either. Then he asked how was I gonna get inside and I said G-d will open the door. Finally he wanted to go inside. Then he asked why it was locked and I said G-d only knows. Then I put his card in L's room and he went to pray in the little Schule and I went up to the big Schule. Not to sound prejudice or anything but here goes. Then I got closer than I was earlier with no-one I knew. And was not in the praying mood at all, no watch and worried about missing my rendezvous and my appointment. This large black woman with a screaming kid was there too. It really added to the riffraff element. I was close to the door. People kept walking across my row to get in. All usher decorum went out the window on the second day. Even the rabbi admitted it was hard to get into again on the second day. Then I saw the daycare worker and she looked like she was looking for me. She was not. Of course no tashlit service for me either since the Windows class was Wed at 5:30. I have never gone to the tashlit service in my life. When I get home I will be putting my well worn orange high holiday ticket into my tallis bag. I had my cousin flat style keepa clipped to my head in four places since my hair is so short. To kill time the kids and I drove around L's school and looked at houses for the fliers. Most are 600K. We got lost and the Orthodox Minyan and Chabad were just letting out. R wanted to start a bank account. Of course S said no. "She already has a money market account" All three of them do of course but that doesn't count and she was being mean not to let her open and account, it was S's idea anyway. R claims she has $74 now. The houses were all nice but we can only get 180-200 for ours and ours is already 3bedroom, 2 1/2 bath 2 car garage. We want more plus Burns Park or something like that and we already have half a basement and 2000 sq feet. Tonight I have class and we are half a week ahead. Trying to sound positive now. At least my flu shot was not on Yom Kippur. I plan to over fast that day all the way until I get home like 10:30 after walking the dogs. Break it with a beer and some brisket. I should be working on EB ford but now its time to go home. I need to go out to the internet and figure out what is wrong with my printer. It prints the bottom and top half of the letters askew from each other. How often do you get to use those words in a sentence?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy New Year

Its been a long time since I last wrote. Up to chapter 13 of Angel Face. Happy Jewish New Year. I am the only one here at work who is Jewish. We are going over to DP's house and then R and I are going with him to services. I am leaving my car at the temple now and then meeting S. Its been two whole weeks of no arguing. R got sick last night. She cut some grass and played soccer. Then after dinner she sick all over the tub and on the floor in the other bathroom. Big mess for Dad to clean up. My weight goal was achieved and surpassed. I am now down to 140lbs. I have not gone a bike ride in three weeks. Last week was test week for both of my classes. Went fishing Saturday night but had to find worms and couldn't find any. I would love to stock the lake with endangered sturgeon. Over the weekend I cleaned and washed both cars. Also I vacuumed the whole house and steam cleaned it. I cleaned the gas grill and the dehumidifier. I replaced the hose for it too. R cut the grass and I weed whacked it.
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