The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, September 28, 2007


It is hard to find what to right. After putting off writing for so long now Jonny gets writers block. It must be the secretiveness of it all. For dinner last night Angelina prepared noodles with vegetables. Jesse had soccer practice. Jonny was left there to bring all three kids home after the practice. Lorraine doesn't want him to flirt with the women so he talked to one of the men there. He had two boys practicing in back to back trainings. This man was also Jewish and comes from a family Jonny knows well. He is a controller for a software company. So Jonny was talking about TP. Jonny is on page 400 of TP the book is almost completed. When he gets to Hotel California he goes down the East Elevator and makes a series of right left turns winding through until he gets to his final location. Happy succot everyone. Rob isn't here today. Rob wanted Jonny to come up and see him every now and then. Jonny is on floor B2 and Rob is on floor 2. But it feels more like 7 flights of stairs. Jonny had left over salmon from the grill for lunch.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here in Hollywood. Jonny just figured out his voice mail. But the phone rings in Hotel California on Tues, Wed and Friday and someone else's voice is on the line. He has been reading TP and is upto page 264. So the book is getting really exciting. Alberta had soccer practice last night and borrowed Jonny's phone. So Jonny had no cell phone. Also yesterday he left his phone in the car. He didn't read any of Isaiah yesterday or today. The coffee is still superb in Hollywood. He has been meeting with Lea to learn her job. He sits right next to her. Penny wants him to fix some user's problem logging into the system.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today it is raining. Jonny is tired. He is back at the hospital. He is drinking coffee. He brought flowers for the women at work. Jonny rode the bus for about 6 minutes. He got here and took a long trip to bathroom and continued to read TP. Ha ha ha. Jonny is up to page 180 of TP already. He finished HP and CH and PC awhile ago. He also finished DG that one was 325 pages. Jonny will drop it in the gowned waiting area. The same author had a couple of movies about his books. One sounds good called The Valhalla Exchange. Jonny read some of Isaiah last night. He is now onto chapter 35. Jonny is taking a break from Torah until after Simchat Torah since he is all caught up. School work takes a bit of time too. Oh darn Jonny was going to call the different offices Hollywood and stuff but he can't remember which is which. Ok the other office is Hollywood. He gave a flower to a secretary and an office manager. He also gave one to his third boss here in Hotel California. Lets say when he meets his predesecor oh how to spell that. Anyway Penny just showed up so Jonny better wrap this up. He gave her a flower too.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Yom Kippur

How awas everyone's Yom Kippur. Jonny had a bit of a problem. On Friday night his throat was very sore. He attempted to fast.
Now he is in his other office building not the hospital, lets call this one Hollywood. Here in Hollywood is Lea Thompson his senior programming mentor. The coffee here is nice.
Jonny started another book. He let Lorraine pick it out. It is very similar to the firm. Because it is the same author the partner or TP is a fast read and reads the same way. Even though Jonny read the firm and saw the movie a long time ago, pre-kids. Already on p 42 of TP.
Alberta says she has had enough of soccer. She had a game at the spot where the ring was lost. Her team tied 1-1. Jonny has no toothbrush in Hollywood. He brought a peace lilly. He also finished reading DG. He plans to take that one up to the hospital.
Angelina is depressed about the kids not helping out around the house and about trying to sell the house. She plans to throw out the barbie car, the old trash can and the barbie airplane today. When you get depressed, disgusted you are more likely to throw stuff away.There was a study at Jonny's alma matter, CMU.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finished CH page 100 DG

September 6 since Jonny's last post. He finished reading Cold Heart it was 388 pages. He started a new book that he let Lorraine pick out. It is called on Dangerous Ground. He is on page 108 of DG. At the new job he rides the bus to work part of the way and has lots of time for reading. He stayed up until 1AM last night watching utube. There were barbie girl song videos where people lip singed the words. It was so funny. The boss Rob was not at his desk. So Jonny sent an email to Penny. She wanted to know about the interaction between Quattro and Excel. This keyboard really hurts. This desk isn't very ergonomic. OUCH. Jonny is about to finish TC. There is only 3 pages of conclusion left. The problem is the wrist rest is hard plastic. This training video plays in inverse video. What a pain. Jonny and Alberta went to Kalamazoo for the day. There was a soccer tournament. He got lost both ways. Jonny really hopes Bush gets out of Iraq and attacks Iran. There is a lot less politics here. Jonny had to go to orientation on Monday and Tuesday. For political reasons. You see the hospital is so concerned with the Joint Commission that they want to make sure they comply. Everyone needs to know fire safety and the core values of the hospital. Meanwhile Angelina is going to take Jesse's late effects treatment to Cleveland and fire Jonny's employer. It's just like that training video called It's a Dog's World. In the video the dog gets better care at the vet than the person does at the doctor.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Slow day

Today was a really slow day at work. Jonny took a nap. Jonny rode his bike. Jonny even read CH. He read HP too. He has 4 cases left. He also called hold on looking up the name Richard. His wife Nancy's job is ending in April. She will have to take the job in Hong Kong if she wants to keep it. So they found this out 2 months ago. Right around when the rented out their house and rented an apartment. Jonny sent Kristina some videos. Angelina wants Jonny to ask Rob for his new phone number. Jonny flatly refused. Anyway he sent Thomas a really angry letter. He also sent Angelina one too. The same old story Jonny wants to see his parents more.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tuesday last ready

Today Jonny had his last ready mode. Last week he was out of the CAT according to Olegar's IM today. Today also Jonny and Angelina went to the hospital. Jesse and Alberta and Lorraine had their first days of school. Jonny finished PC. After the epilogue it is 329 pages. After that there are notes, sources, acknowledgements and index. It is definitely time to leave ABL. When Jonny hears acknowledgements he thinks EDI. When he hear index he thinks of the stupid software they support where an index isn't really and index. Oh well. Page 308 of CH, chapter 41. Page 112 of HP chapter 6. Page 664 of TC the Standing parsha. Drinking a little peach apple cider mixed with rum. Yum. Jonny spoke with Wendell for about 15 minutes today. Angelina's parents called to wish the kids a happy first day of school and to see how it has went. Also Angelina fought with Jonny about Jonny's parents tonight. So Jonny was very angry. Lucy was sick and now Dexter is sick.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Long time

Well it has been a long time since the last time Jonny posted a blog. He did that new U of M job. Also finished reading Ki Tavo. One more week left at the Acme Bowling League. Tomorrow Jonny and Angelina are going to the hospital so Jonny can get some tests run. The U makes hospital workers get tested for certain things. He is on the phones from 9 to 12. Do your kids start school? Alberta, Lorraine and Jesse all start school tomorrow, 6th, 4th and K.
Since there hasn't been much free time to blog Jonny has to sum up quickly. Jonny and Angelina went to Jesse's oncology appointment and saw Jonny's new office. He will be sharing an office with Penny Fuller. She has the inner office and he has the outer office. The boss is Rob Schneider. Dolly Parton was also in the interview another Project Leader/Supervisor. The mentor and senior programmer is Lea Thompson. He will see her once a week in another building. Office space is tight.
Over the weekend the family went to Ohio. They spent two nights in South Beach Resorts near Put-In-Bay and Port Clinton.

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