The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bad Football

UM may be a bad football team, but in some ways EMU is worse. They are the cross-town shadow team. Jonny got his MS from there. He has had an obsession for the last two days of reading about them on the web. So he spent several hours fixing his iron key and several hours looking up history of EMU. Yesterday he found a website showing the coaches of recent times and how they did. Today he found one that goes all the way back to 1891. EMU used to be the Hurons when Angelina and Jonny came to the Ypsilanti area. Jim Harkana was the coach from 1983 to 1993 with a 42 and 63 record. He got the team to the California Raisin Bowl and 1987 was the height of the program. From there he quit and in 1993 Ron Cooper took over. His record was 9-13 and he went on to Louisville 1995-1997 and Alabama A&M 1998-2001 both as head coach. Then he went to Wisconsin, Mississippi and South Carolina all not as a head coach. Next came Rick Rasnick and the birth of Alberta. His record was 20-34. He was the last coach to have a winning record

All the coaches here

that was in 1995. In 1999 he left too.

Eastern Michigan Fires Rasnick, Rich Rasnick Fired As Eastern Eastern Michigan athletic director Dave Diles fired head football coach Rich Rasnick late Monday night. Rasnick was 20-34 in five seasons with the Eagles.

Then Jeff Woodruff was brought in. Rick is now a Farmers Insurance broker. He has a website too. Coach Woodruff is now at University of Texas and not a head coach. His record here was 9-34, ending in 2003.

ESPN - Genyk takes over floundering program - College Football
Genyk, completing his fifth season as the Wildcats running backs coach, replaces Jeff Woodruff, who was fired Nov. 3. 2003 Eastern Michigan completed a 3-9 ...
Another Jeff was brought in who was also fired this year. Coach Genyk amassed a record of 15-42.

Eastern Michigan looks for answers | The Detroit News | detnews.comIts last bowl season; Eastern Michigan football coach Jeff Genyk wasn't the answer. He was fired Monday; The Eagles are surrounded by problems, ...

The new coach is Coach English.

Today Jonny listened to the Torah chanting of the parsha of Viyagash.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tired, busy and unmotivated

OK, Jonny is guilty. He has been surfing the web. He is a little tired today. So now he doesn't even feel like writing too much. Maybe get back to work, nap, or surf. His eye has been hurting. He stayed up too late. Otherwise life is great. Jonny is sitting here drinking coffee in Hotel California and procrastinating the work on the credit program and the prostate database extracts. He got back into the routine of doing hand weights, nasal irrigation and stretching for one night, and taking vitamins. But he stayed up too late. Angelina watched the news and then nightline, g-d bless the Israelis for fighting with Hamas. Then he watch the 4th qtr of a great football game, MNF bears vs packers from last monday.

As the tag below indicates, he finished a book. He finished the DT concordance. And it was 239 pages. The maps kinda sucked. He is onto page 132 of Zipporah. Yesterday and today he listened to Torah Gems. This was the week of parsha vayigash. Josef tells his brothers to come close. Why? Josef asks his brothers is his father alive? Why? Also there are 6 Jewish fast days more or less. This week is the tenth of Tevet. From 7AM to 6PM is a fast day on Sunday. Doubtfully, most people have heard of it.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Lost power

Jonny should not have to make a label for lost power. The power went out at around 5 AM on Sunday and came back on around 11 AM on Monday. It got down to 51 degrees at 10 PM on Sunday night. It stayed that temperature all night.

Jonny took Friday off to paint the bathroom. The work is still progressing. It was a nice thing to have a four day weekend. The girls got digital cameras. Angelina purchased basketball tickets. These are for UM. Angelina called while Jonny was at work. There needs to be more steam cleaning done. Also the garage needs to be reattached. Actually when there is no power a cord is pulled so the garage can be opened and closed. Finally Angelina sold a gas stove on craig's list. It was easy. Jonny took the ad down today. Back now, just checked school email. Had to get the next semester of classes to teach. Ah time to stretch, so says the computer. And Lea just emailed about a project. Jonny was in the middle of the credit program and she wanted an adjustment made. He had to change the same program. It was a version control mess. But that is now taken care of. It was really a small change to keep more than one day's worth of output files. This program runs every day and downloads a report file but it doesn't keep old files. So Jonny changed it to make the filename unique.

Angelina just called. More work to do. The phones are on internet system. The internet is on a UPC that was beeping so it needs to be re-hooked up. The TV needs to be reset and the refrigerator needs to be moved. Just like the MTV song. Any way it was real nice, because Angelina finally bought a new refrigerator and new gas stove.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Jonny is very tired today. Yesterday Jonny listened to Miketz. It is about Yosef forgiving his brothers for what they did to him. Actually Yosef was being punished for trying to become the king. As was his dream. So he was sent down to Egypt. Yet he wasn't punished that he had to smell the donkey smell, so the caravan that transported him was carrying sweet smelling spices. They don't normally do that. But G-d punishes measure for measure to the precise amount. Jonny was watching kit kidrich the great depression American Girl Doll DVD movie with Lorraine last night as this was her Hanukkah present. Jonny's Nissan Altima car wouldn't start so well for Angelina. So Angelina suggested they switch the cars around. So that the Nissan minivan was parked out in the street and the Altima car was put into the garage. Later last night Jonny picked up Alberta at Wide World of Sports. On the way the cold minivan had its sensor light beep, buzz and come on. Angelina was complaining yesterday when she called Jonny. She was asking about a wet towel in the sink. Jonny found the dog towel in the garage. It was frozen so he put it into the sink to thaw out. She also was complaining about the nursing staff. Angelina is sick and wanted to get some drugs. But the staff wanted to make her suffer. It was the usual "antibiotics are the yatz hurrah of the medical world." OK they didn't say it that way. She worked on some laundry too. Today Angelina got the minivan sensor fixed. She went to Ann Arbor Nissan. She was yelling they will charge her $200. But they better not charge her $200 she was yelling. She didn't get charged. It was as she said it would be. She got the tires pumped up. The cold air made the tire pressure go too low. Today after faxing the Bosch receipt, Jonny has been programming with Lea. He is using notepad instead of the GUI to make his C# program. Because right now he needs to learn the SYBASE database. There are about 500 tables. He is trying to connect, the patient to the patient payor to the activity instance to the activity capture to the activity instance procedure code. This is all for some credits program. Sometimes in the billing world charges aren't correct and the secret device called credits are utilized. The fax that was faxed was for a defective dishwasher. Jonny is on page 180 of SK. He is on the portals chapter.

LOTR was worked into a work email. Jonny emailed this

>>> Jonny 12/22/2008 3:10 PM >>>
I don't think you are on the list. Group Wise shows 7 people and you aren't one of the 7. g1, g2, g3, g4, g5, g6 and g7.

>>> g8 12/22/2008 3:21 PM >>>

They must be the Dwarf-Lords!!

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne,
In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,
In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.


But g8 copied g1. She replied back too.

>>> On 12/22/2008 at 3:23 PM, in message <>, g1 wrote:
Hi Jonny,
Do you need something?
Dwarf-Lordess g1

Ah aggravation from work. Who needs it?

Fortunately Jonny took out his aggravation on the VP.

Jonny wrote:

You probably are getting a deluge of mail about the purchase of the Pfizer space. I was wondering with the recent acquisition of 30 office buildings, is there any reason why UM has to continue to pay rent at Death Valley, the Bee Hive, Green Road and Commonwealth Boulevard?

The vp was kind enough to write back that night

We will review all rented space as leases come up for renewal.

And then he put the standard disclaimer at the bottom.

Please note: Employment income is not secure, may not be counted on every day, and should not be used for urgent or sensitive expenses.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Believe it or not. There was a child or two screaming for the last hour, here in Hotel California. Darn it, Jonny was trying to sleep too. He has been listening to Smiles from 613.org on the Miketz parsha. He is up to page 147 of that hideous concordance volume 1. Lea wants Jonny to do some more programming on the HIS program to capture credits. Jonny's latest program is already running and replaces one of her VAX VMS programs. Jonny is up to page 140 of Zipporah Moses's Wife. No hurry to finish that one since the temple library will probably be close for a while. Jonny is usually over there when it is time for Hebrew School pick up. Jonny picked up a bottle of Smirnoff unflavored at Stadium Market. They were more expensive than Meijer's. Angelina needs these receipts to send in for a $5 rebate. Jonny went to Home Depot twice to get some paint. This was so he could color match the bathroom. He bought and put together a project bench from Lowes. He also put in his storm window this weekend. It is about 0 degrees outside and the dog doesn't like it much. Lucy the dog just is getting so old. Today Jonny rode the 14 bus. He ran and caught it at 8:17 just as it was pulling up to the bus stop at the corner of Stadium and Packard. Jonny bought some utility blades over the weekend because he had to cut up some cardboard for recycling. He got his snow blower out of the shed. But he accidentally hit his nose on the shed. It looks pretty bad. Amazing news, UM bought the Pfizer space. It was 30 buildings. They bought it for less than what they had to pay to build one building in 2003 and half what they paid to build one building in 2006. It is about 177 acres, 2 million square feet of space. Around 2700 employees worked there until they lost their jobs. UM plans to create another 2000 jobs in the new spot. It is intended to promote research. They already are spending enough money on research to put them in 5th place. Some people are a little bit mad, since the hospital cut 80 jobs and isn't filling another 205 open positions. In addition the city is kinda mad too. Pfizer pays around $30 million in taxes. Effective at the time of the sale, UM won't pay any taxes on that property. Therefore most people expect the city to raise taxes as in a city tax. If you work in the city you will pay like one percent of your income.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Rare is the time when Hotel California rings with hollow screams of a child. Today is one of those rare times. Even with head phones on Jonny hears the easily discernible screaming of a child. As promised below is the new weight chart. Oops Penny just came in. Almost caught Jonny blogging. She has her door closed. She hasn't spoken to Jonny much. Lea emailed about a broken program. That will be put in place tomorrow. They have been working on this for a few months. Yet another billing program moved over from VAX to Windows.

150.4 9:34 PM

146 11:15 PM
18-Nov 142.6 5:21 PM
19-Nov 147.2 7:47 AM

145.8 5:17 PM

145.6 5:19 PM

145.6 10:36 PM
21-Nov 150 5:51 PM
22-Nov 144.4 6:03 PM

147.8 11:30 PM
23-Nov 150.2 7:39 AM
30-Nov 150.8 5:09 PM
1-Dec 146.4 10:00 PM

145.2 10:02 PM
1-Dec 146.2 10:30 PM
2-Dec 147.4 7:03 a

146.6 6:14 PM

145.4 6:17 PM
3-Dec 147.4 4:54 PM
5-Dec 149.8 4:29 PM
6-Dec 152 7:43 PM
7-Dec 145.8 8:28 AM
8-Dec 147.4 7:35 AM

152.8 9:54 PM
9-Dec 150.4 5:23 PM
13-Dec 141 11:30 PM
14-Dec 147.8 8:00 AM
16-Dec 152.4 8:51 PM

Oh wow that paste to html works great. First Jonny saves the data in excel. Then he does web page preview then pastes to blogger in compose mode. But he stays in edit html mode because he can do stuff like Eight is the name of the book Penny gave Jonny as a present. She can't be too mad. Another lady here at work gave him a Hanukah toy duck. A rubber duckie. Jonny is on page 68 of Volume I of that hideous book SK a Concordance.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Jonny is busy programming most days to blog. But he had to quickly post this haiku that he has been carrying around.

Sybase databases
I'm organizing numbers
rad-i-a-tion kills cancer

Also Jonny finished a book. South of Hell was 385 pages. He gave it back to Penny. She hasn't talked with Jonny much since he messed up the minutes to the staff meeting. Yesterday Jonny was really ill and worked a half day at Hotel California. But he managed an hour to listen to Vayeshev by Tzvi Goode. Most of the lecture was dedicated to Hanuka and Yosef. This is the parsha that always falls on this time of year. Lea walked by so Jonny had better look busy. He is programming in Oracle PL/SQL in notepad and DOS. Cappy would be so proud.

Jonny has started a new book. The Stephen King Concordance, Volume I. Just as hideous as volume II. Hopefully he didn't lose it. Jonny doesn't have the book with him so oh yeah, it is in his school bag, never mind. Unless. Lets hope it isn't lost. He got it from a Rochester Hills library via the Michigan Library system. This was because the AADL didn't have it.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Jonny had to get Jesse and Lorraine off to school this morning. He failed miserably. Jonny is on page 270 of South of Hell. If you are clever you are figuring out what that means. Over the weekend Jonny went to the Bat Mitzvah. It went as planned. The problem was Jesse's behavior. He refused to sit in the child care area. He was rude and disruptive. The food was awesome. The service was lovely. Angelina has really jump started the substitute teaching career. Jonny's phone is ringing now. It is probably Angelina calling from home. He didn't answer it because he didn't want to waste air time. Hold on, lets see what she wants. She couldn't find her cell phone. Then it rang while they were were talking. Jonny hooked Angelina up with a possible job at WCC teaching a class. She tried in another department but they never called her back. Jonny wasn't at Hotel California for a week or so. He had a voice mail from Laurence. So Jonny called Laurence back. He asked Penny if he could work here again today so he and Lea could test a program at 4 PM today. She said fine. Jonny had to go over there because of the staff meeting that Penny has once a month. Alberta is starting a new physical therapy company today. She is also getting a second opinion in Cincinnati next month. Laurence wanted Jonny to go to lunch with him on Wednesday but Jonny didn't check his voice mail until Tuesday. This was because he wasn't in that office.

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Friday, December 05, 2008


First off in answer to Cappy's question about the PC. Sandra did get her computer. But instead of being sent to Harrisburg, PA it was sent to Philadelphia, PA. Mitchell and Ellen received the computer. Mictchell later went to his father's house with the new computer and set it up for his step-mom.

Angelina called Jonny at work today as usual. Jonny tried a new strategy. He took the number 5 bus to the number 2 bus. The transfer at the bus station went quite smoothly. Jonny is on page 234 of the exciting murder mystery We Wish You A Merry Murder.

A quick update Jonny is now up to page 237. He just returned from a trip to the bathroom. He also scheduled two meetings back to back at the coffee shop at Stadium and Packard for Monday morning.

Right now he is drinking his first cup of coffee. He knew that he would be dozing off at the computer today. Penny left early, because her dog had diarrhea all over the place last night. Jonny has his next book lined up too, thanks to her. Penny found a book that is about Michigan. South of Hell by P.J.Parrish. This is a fictional book set in Michigan with the return of the Louis Kincaid character. Note that North of Ann Arbor near Brighton is a town called Hell, MI. Thus the title.

Tomorrow is a Bat Mitzvah. Angelina is working at the flu clinic again. But Jonny is taking Lorraine, and Jesse to child care/service and Alberta who is of the same age as the star of the show all on Saturday. Jonny has been listening to Torah Gems for this week's parsha. It is about Jacob's ladder. We learn that Jacob invented the evening prayer. Some scholars conclude the evening prayer is optional. Also discussed is why is Jacob allowed to marry sister yet keep all the mitzvote. This is because Rashi said so. Torah gems continues to comment that other scholars had a different reason why it was ok for Jacob to marry Leah and Rachel. They weren't in Israel and only kept the mitzvote when in Israel. There were four people in the Tanach who never speak, Benjamin, King David's father and King David's son. Darn Jonny can't remember the fourth one or the reason why it was important. Some say that Jacob's wives were converts so they weren't counted as sisters. Apparently Rashi's answer is obvious. By not commenting, Rashi is implicitly commenting that it is so simple, there is not a need to explain. But just in case you want his explanation that he never explains here it is. Laban orders Jacob to marry Leah, because it is a local custom. So Jacob honors the mitzvah of not lying, and not cheating in a contract. Then he marries the sister because he had proposed to her in the first place. So this would be the only time you can ever marry sisters. But this won't work because now Jews look under the veil. And Jonny's wife Angelina is working today. For the first time she is substitute teaching. Also it has been a fun and long post so Jonny must get back to doing something.


Monday, December 01, 2008


Jonny had a bad dream last night. Today he was tired and forgot his wallet, to do his hair and bring hand sanitizer. Angelina has gotten an appointment for Alberta in Cincinnati. This is for her knee. Right now Jonny is listening to Torah gems. They are talking about Jacob's ladder. He finished reading SK. Finally. It was 456 pages. And Jonny picked up another book. This is called We Wish You A Merry Murder by Valerie Wolzien. He is already on page 128. Today Jonny has a stomach ache. He didn't sleep well. He has been fighting with Angelina. Elizabeth already invited Jesse and Jonny to come to Florida for Thanksgiving. Of course this will never happen. But if it did Wendell and Kristina would pay for part of the cost and would be there too. They are going to Florida Jan 15-20. Finally after begging for 3 days, Angelina gave in. But she was very unrealistic. She told Thomas how crazy Jonny, Elizabeth and Jonny's parents are. But they, Thomas and Angelina are really the crazy ones. It is too expensive to fly to Florida for a weekend. Angelina gave Jonny her typical pick a weekend and go attitude. But only if Elizabeth or someone else will pay for it. Bill and Jennifer are picking up Robert and Margo along with Lorraine and Alberta today. This is because Angelina is working this afternoon at the flu clinic. Sandra was supposed to get a new laptop from Dell. But it didn't come while Angelina, Jonny, Lorraine, Jesse and Alberta were in Pennsylvania for 6 days. Jonny called this morning to Wendell to wish him a happy 41st anniversary. It is coming up this month.

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