The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Walking the dog AM

i was so bored yesterday. Everything felt boring. Even writing here seemed that way.

This morning Z walked the dogs with me. He was wearing more of L's pjs. He needs to work on limiting the cross-dressing. We walked a different way than my usual wrote. i am teaching him that sidewalks are better. So we cut a u shaped block and then go back. Normally i cross the street to the park. This way with him in his tricycle and helmet we cross no streets. And we go just a as far, about 6 blocks or roughlya 1/3 to 1/2 of a mile. How many blocks is a mile? Am i saying 18 blocks is a mile. i think if i recall correctly my father, who lived in Brooklyn says a mile is 8 to 10 city blocks depending if the blocks are big its 8 and small its 12. And 12 to 15 if the blocks are really small. We walked 4 regular size ones and 2 shorter ones.

Here is the route South on Winslow Court, West on Yarmouth Crossing. I hate that that street has a cross in the name. North on Rothbury. South on Rothbury, East on Yarmouth Crossing and North on Winslow Court. Note Winslow Court is a dead end. Normally i go cross Rothbury and head South on Rothbury to the park. i usually turn around when Rothbury intersects Oakengates or even a little before that.

In other news, my wife went to Lowe's and bought a washer, dryer and dishwasher. We would like to donate our old dryer. The washer and dryer we bought new 13 years ago and the dishwasher maybe 10 years ago. She spent as much money as i will be making teaching this C++ class this whole semester.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday August 29, 2005

OK so i am bored out of my mind now. Went for a 8 mile bike ride with Z to recycle some batteries. Went North on Carpenter, West on Ellsworth and to the dump at Platt Road. i convinced Z to pee in the bathroom. He had needed to go earlier. i was pulling him in a trailer in the back of my bike. After he peed we went home. S wanted us home by 2PM since R was going to her friend E's house at 2PM. It was 20 to 2 at this point. Then ten minutes later i saw a garage sale sign. And even though i had no money i was loth to miss going there. So we went South on Platt road. And Z was complaining again about he had to pee again. Perfect. We went to the garage sale with him in a dress and a shirt on top. They let us use the bathroom. Ten minutes later S called again, where are you. We got home by 2:30 and Z fell asleep. He asked me 100 questions about the dead cat we saw along the way. He only slept for about 20 minutes. It must have been the sound of his mother screaming at his father that made him pass out. Next i was watching L, and her friend E. They wanted to go to the park. So I pulled both of them and Z rode his bike, since they woke him. i was supposed to put him on the floor and let him sleep. Later we had to pick R up at her friends house. I passed page 300 of Return of The King. Read Chapter 20 of Kings II. Started Chapter 13 of Optimizing VB. Read some of my Friedman re'eh ריה parsha. Compared the translation and commentaries between that and chabad rashi version. Quite different. Friedman talks about tenting G-D's words and returning the Jews to the Oaks of Moreh. Rashi doesn't mention the tent or the Oaks in the translation or the commentary. Finished the movie The Secret of Roan Inish. Sold the movie Platoon Leader. R had no soccer games this weekend. L had her birthday party at PuterZ. Found out my meeting with the Dean is about low SOQ scores. Student Opinion Questionaires. Meanwhile the school asked me to teach another class. Now S wants the money and doesn't want me to take the Oracle class i am attending tonight. I even had time to start a fantasy football team today. NFL starts this weekend. There are also many soccer games in Troy. My parents called and left a voice mail on my cell phone since i left two voice mails on theirs. They were in Flanders, NJ for the weekend visiting friends who introduced them to each other back in October of 66'.

Friday, August 26, 2005

A rough day

i should be upset but i am not. Nothing is going right. So i need to pray more. Perhaps read some parsha when i get a chance. The dean of the school and the department chair want to meet with me to discuss teaching. i can't help but think this means i am in some way in trouble. Today at my meeting with the bosses i got dinged. First for not putting my time into project tracking for the week i was on vacation. Secondly i did a tech review and missed a version error. My wife is complaining the invitation came today. My plane reservation details came today too. i am coming back on Monday September 19 at noon and she thought i was coming back at 10 instead. Tom and i went to flim flam's for lunch. I had pancakes and he had toast and eggs. Tonight R doesn't want me to go to her goalie practice so i have to stay home with the little ones. My @bovehealth program is almost complete i am doing a final test and it takes 8.5 hours to run. i started watching another movie the secret of roan inish. It is about weird irish seal and sea stories. My wife is always complaining that when she goes out tonight i will leave the house a mess.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday August 25, 2005

Today is my dad's birthday.i watched two more movies: Lucas and Unexpected Life. Lucas was kinda disappointing since i wanted him to have a relationship with the geeky girl in the band. Today my management found a mistake i made and this will be on their next report about me. We got the van fixed today. For $22 some scratches made by Z were buffed out. Now the ignition keyhole does not work well. We owe something like $750 for religious school dues and $450 for soccer dues. i emailed my parents today and told them our new van came from my FIL. He paid around 16K we financed the rest and got a very generous trade in on our 1996 Nissan Quest minivan. i have been following the news in the gaza strip. Israel has killed some terrorists today. The terrorists have sent off rockets from gaza today. All the settlements were evacuated safely. The Israelis are a classy group and we expected nothing less. My parents are considering joining Reformed Temple Rodef Shalom in Northern Virginia. Last night i rode my bicycle to Lowe's to buy a light bulb. The trip took about an hour. Saved gas though. i didn't fast on the Tisha B'av טי או We were en-route on our vacation. We had guests over for bagels too. DP was one of them. He was mad when he missed the last fast. This time since i wasn't fasting either it didn't come up in conversation. i finished chapter 12 of my VB book. Later on the trip the kids got hungry and didn't realize the bagels were lunch. So i told them we really were supposed to be fasting any way and stop complaining your hungry. For dinner that night we went to a buffet called the golden coral. It was disgusting and Z made a big mess. He was running down the halls with spaghetti falling off his plate. The other movie had another actor i really don't like. From the TV show seventh heaven the reverend was in this movie. i found myself really grossed out about his acting ability in both the show and in this movie. i discovered i have another copy of Drums of the Deep South on DVD. This one i will give to my parents. i went to the post office yesterday and paid the $1.71 postage due on the package and they gave me the $1.42 credit so it went back to NJ. It was Franklin Planner pages we sold on ebay. We sold some vagabound comic book we when came back.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bicycle Ride

Rode my bike to work today. Got up at 6:20 AM and left at 7:40 AM. Got to work at 8:45 AM. Cut through the trailer park and ended up at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Carpenter Road. Then went North on Michigan Avenue, past Morgan Road, past Ellsworth Road, past Packard Road. At Washtenaw Avenue I saw a contractor man from our company. He ran out of gas or his car was broken. He said it wasn't his normal vehicle and I saw him walking on the sidewalk about 5 miles from work. I said I wasn't riding more normal vehicle either. At this point the road changes names to Hogback. Then it changes names to Dixboro. At Geddes Road I turned left (West) and crossed the highway. I crossed the other highway on Carpenter and the river on Dixboro. Then I turned north on Aerhart Road, west on Glazier Way and finally North on Green Road, past Plymouth Road and finally here to work.

Yesterday I listened to the parsha on-line.

I couldn't sleep last night. S and I were fighting about my trip to my cousin's wedding.

I checked there were comments on my blog from people who are just advertising.

Monday, August 22, 2005

On vac 8/14 - 8/18 no other reason for delay

I am finally back at work. So now is as good a time as any to update. Sunday August 14 we left on vacation for King's Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. We sold the book programming for Windows 2000 right before we left. We went to the amusement park for two days and another water park for one day. The amusement park also had a water park and we went to it for half a day. There was internet hookup at the hotel, but I was busy enjoying my book Return of the King and sleeping 8 hours a night. I started the movie Tombstone before I left with Kurt Douglass. The movie was good I think he was a bad actor in it though. I finished the movie when we got back on Thursday. I also saw when we got back Platoon Leader and Virtuosity. Denzel Washington is in that one and he is really good. Amazon review claim Russell Crowe is good too and its before his career really took off. The other movie is not as good as Full Metal Jacket its the same theme. Also of note I have been working with LINUX trying to hookup R's computer and last night I finally got it to work with the internal modem. Now I need to document what I did. Sounds like work. Speaking of which I better go. I had a bad dream about work on Thursday August 18, the day we left to come back to Michigan.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursday August 11, 2005

I finished reading June 2004 Alumni magazine. I forgot my watch again. Last night I went for a bike ride. I watched Z from 5 to 8:30. I also read some of the parsha last night, wrapped a package and worked on the calendar. I learned alot about Lag Baomer. לג בומר Tom has to leave now or he would help me finish the guitar. I wanted to ride to work on my bike Friday but maybe I will ride around the neighborhood. Talked to my parent and kids a few minutes ago. They are having a great time in Ocean City, Maryland and Bethany Beach Delaware. I am sure S is mad at me about something. She said something like did you know the kids were going to the beach. I lied and said I had no idea. Hopefully I can get some progress on the value options and @bovehealth tomorrow. My Thursday weekly meeting was uneventful. I went to the post office and walked around the neighborhood with the guys. Also Tom and I went to Flim Flams at around 1PM. Tonight we are having sauce again. S asked me if I thought I could get Z to bed or not. Well that was inflamatory. I am up to chapter 3 in the Return of the King. Finished all the programming for value options. Need to rerun @bovehealth with more up to date data. There are still 2 students in each of my classes. Z is calling me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wednesday August 10, 2005

Forgot my watch. Tip of my finger (cuticles) hurts. Ankle hurts. Z got up early to play trains with me. Skin between my toes hurts. S is at the dealership fixing the van. The refridgerator is being repaired for $100. later S is going to outlet mall. Z and I will be together from 5 PM until around 10 PM when S gets home. S is buying me new slippers from Land's End. Last night had two capfuls of vodka with half a diet coke and iceballs.

Finally finished chapter 1 of Return Of The King. Almost finished with Chapter 12 of Optimizing Visual Basic. Almost finished with June 2004 alumni magazine. Read a review of a book about bioinformatics and perl. Perl is a computer language. Bioinformatics is a new science field. The book is of course written by an alumni. "Genomic Perl" is the title. Rex Dwyer is the author. Class of 1988. At least this is somone older than me who is smarter than me.

Talked to my brother Matt for 7 minutes last night. I recommended he get 1 keg of beer for his wedding and no other alcohol, in order to save money. He said his photographer is costing $6000. Last night moved stuff from one refridgerator to the other. The buyers still didn't pay for the ebay items we sold. So I didn't wrap them. S called me. She got two things fixed on the van and the oil changed. They will vacuum it and fix the scratches Z made after our vacation. The ebay buyers both emailed today. One says they paid, the other says they were out of town. So tonight its wrap the packages.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday August 9, 2005

Tom and I went to the guitar store and bought a set of strings and some picks for Z's guitar. I forgot to bring in some of the left over chicken for Tom. It was one of S's four dishes she makes. Chicken stir fry. Today there were free doughnuts. There is a ceremony for Jill since she has worked here for 10 years. They will be having cake at 2PM. I walked with the ladies again. S is complaining since there are only two students signed up for my class. Tom forgot the modem. He is going to give me an external serial port modem and it should work with linux. I listened to Devarim today.

Here is my chore list:
wrap packages
bed at 12
bathe Z
pick tomatoes
HDS calendar
call Matt

At work
value options

I called my Aunt S last night. And left a msg for Matt. Today is garbage day so S is throwing out as much junk as she can. Tommorrow is the big surprise when the kids go to Bethany from VA.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday August 8, 2005

Went to Red Robin for dinner on Sunday. Had the whiskey river BBQ sauce burger. Been working on linux. Trying to get R's computer to work in linux. Figured out sudo command it runs the command as if you are the root. Also figured out mount command to get floppy drive mounted. Trying to run a scanmodem program that comes from Israel to help get the driver for the modem. Worked on the HDS calendar with Hebrew. Read Rabbi Biggs and Fax of Life. Looked up Tashlich. It is like in my bin paal verbs. The Ta in tashlich is really not part of the word its the verb part you will, like ata tisagore. אתא תסגור There it is in Hebrew. Thats why it was hard to find in my dictionary. Also I found a tashlich coloring page you can print out and color. Well I better get back to work. Watched FBI missing with S last night. It is always hard to suspend disbelief when the FBI uses psychics to find missing people.

Today I took lettuce to work and found I have lettuce here. Tonight S is cooking we went out to eat at Cottage Inn and Red Robin. The steak I had at Cottage Inn was called Iron Flat Steak with cajun spices. Yum. Matt called me and I could not pick up the phone since its not airtime free until after 9. Then when I call him it will be he won't be there. I know my life is pretty boring. Please does anyone want to play fantasy football? Does anyone know how to right gansters in Hebrew?

I went on two bike rides over the weekend. Today I put mousse in my hair since its getting long again. Z slept with us at 3AM. Drank hazle nut coffee. Started Return of the King since I finished Lucky You. Friday went to Pizza house for a goodby lunch. Got really lost on my bike ride. I was home alone since S took the kids to drop them off with her dad. Then she spent the night in a hotel. Today I walked with the ladies. I helped Nancy with explain plans in oracle pl/sql. I watched the movie Drums of the Deep South. The lady has like two boyfriends and then a husband. The sound was bad a 1951 movie. And its about the civil war.

8:20 PM Friday. My bike ride. West on textile cross carpenter till it dead ends at US 23. East back to carpenter. South on carpenter east on merrit. Pass crane, pass munger (each block is usually a mile) north on stoney creek road. I was looking for ellis road and never found it. It dead ends going south at textile and I never consulted a map. Trying to make a loop. Went North on stoney creek past textile. Too stuborn to turn left (east) and go home. Almost dark 10 of 9. Went to Whittaker road, past the pine view golf club, past the shopping center, past the post office, past two office complexes and decided it was almost to Interstate 94. Called my parents since it was after 9PM. They have a surprise trip for my kids to the beach. S will be pissed off f--- her. I know the kids have bathing suits so I am not worried. Left them a msg. Said I was lost. Turned around. By the time I got to the pine view golf club I was still lost. Found textile and in the dark for two miles made it munger and then cut threw ashford village to crane road. Funny huh a mile long subdivision.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Half day of work

Got into work at 1PM. Helped Nancy with exception handling. Very sleepy. Headache from being at the hospital. Been confirmed to teach two class. Listed some more stuff on ebay. Listed a toddler coat, space suite, space chess and girls coat size 10. Went over to L & M and they had a beer on the front porch waiting for me. I need to give L a lesson on how ebay and amazon work. She has a high speed internet connection and all I got is dial up. Its easier to do this blog at work towards the end of the day. The ebay was so slow I read the whole parsha and rashi commentary. I also read some more of Lucky You. Today I mailed the package Beet Queen. It was one of Tom's books I sold. He let me keep the money.

Tonights chores include:
fill dog food
go to bed @12
walk dogs PM
bathe kids
brush dogs
work on HDS calendar with Hebrew words like גן for gan as you can see the font is too small compared to the English letters. This IMO is better than romanizing the word gan which is Hebrew for children I think. HDS uses it to signify the gansters or kindergardeners. How to right gansters in Hebrew? Well I've gotten no comments on my blog in two weeks. Now's your chance. Also how about it does anyone want to play fantasy football on yahoo?

Tonight is a picnic for Camp Gan Israel
Do my handweights
Relax and let go

We met Z's oncologist today. And a resident. S hates Dr Moody and Z says Dr Moody is not his friend be he likes Dr Moody. Also Z wore a purple ballerina outfit to the hospital with a fluffy skirt. How embarassing. He filled three urine bottles (just for the sport of it) for me while I changed him at the family bathroom in the clinic area and then this was all while he was on the diaper deck. I changed him to his bathing suit and then he and I went to his day care. I then went to talk to the principal of HDS to ask her about the calendar. HDS shares space with the JCC. JCC is his day care. After all the separation anxiety he then ran up to the gate where I was parked he was so proud, that's my Daddy. Next I returned cans and bought vodka. Then I fertilized the lawn. Then I worked on the calendar. Then I ate leftover Chinese with one of my garden hot peppers.

Wow I did this in notepad, remember, paste to word and set alignment to double space and then use programmers rock.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday August 2, 2005

Today is Z's birthday. His speech therapist gave him an old 6-string guitar and one string is missing. I've been absent from writing for awhile. Been tired. Yesterday was Z's first test. He has passed but he has curved spine. One of the ladies from the party. Oh yeah we had a blowout bash for him on Sunday. This lady works at the hospital and went with S to the appointment. This was her mitzvah for the day.

Still holding steady at 146. I will get to the tournament on the 13th for softball. Monday I tech reviewed project 13836. Finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book 4. Upto page 318 in Optimizing Visual Basic 4. Upto page 100 of Lucky You on Monday. Now I am up to page 237. Lately I have been investigating @abovehealth project number 14627. Also on Monday I listened to Matot. On Monday I forgot my glasses. Today I remembered them and took a new pair of contacts for the month. The users approved my Value Options Design document online. I have been making changes to it in my head and now that I started coding it there are changes I should make to have it match the code.

Last night I listed on ebay a photo album, franklin pages and a caller id machine. My Aunt S bought Z Cindarella DVD non-animated 18 and Little Mermaid 10 DVD for his birthday. My parents gave me money and I bought Cindarella Two 28 DVD from Amazon resellers, Little Mermaid Two 28 DVD from Amazon resellers and Pocahontus from Amazon 28 DVD. Then I went over to ebay and got Beauty and the Beast DVD for 7.50!!!. The Amazon was free shipping the resellers were 2.49 each. My parents sent me $100. This was for Z and L's birthdays. Z gets the Pocahontus and C-2. L gets Beauty and LM2. I still had $13 or so left over.

Yesterday was a busy day. I went to the post office. Sold hitman 2, computer science archetiture and snow white vhs. Hopefully I wrapped snow white and not sleeping beauty by mistake. Balanced the check book over the weekend and ran out of Karma beer. Tom recommends buying vodka. I'll wait until S picks me up something from Trader Joes.
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