The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, December 29, 2006

No sale

No sale. Waiting for word. No sale. Jonny went to Wendy's for lunch. Had an apple and a can of coke to go with it. Then he read some of Paperback Original by Will Rhode. He is currently on page 336. It is no wonder that Jonny finished The Dark Tea Time for the Soul By Douglas Adams. That book was 307 pages. Last night's dinner was meatballs. For lunch Jonny had a double with no mayo or ketchup. He hates those. He also got a super value meal french fry for $0.99. Angelina made the meatballs. They also had tube like ziti pasta. The pasta was served plain. The diners had the option of spooning cold jar sauce onto their own plates. Angelina and Jonny opted for spraying olive oil. Jonny also put some hot sauce onto some of the noodles and they were really spicy. The sauce is made with habanero. Printed out 6 pages of chapter 28 of Isaiah with Rashi commentary and 5 pages of chapter 29 of Isaiah with Rashi commentary last night. This was while busting spam using www.spamcop.net and printing out passport application forms. Angelina wants everyone in the family to get one. The website www.usps.com indicates they are around $100 a piece. Maybe that is what Wendell's Chanukah check bought. Tonight is dinner at Chabad. Today is the last day of camp. Jesse won't go. He slept with Angelina last night. Jonny had to sleep in Jesse's room. Angelina woke up cranky. Dropped off the last of the social work books. Read the Haaretz flash news. Still helping Diane with Crystal Reports. Telling her about the Indian book. The dog Dexter seems to be having problems pooping in the house.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mad at doctors

Angelina says she isn't mad at Jesse's PCP. He has been sleeping too much. The PCP hasn't done anything about it. Angelina told Jonny she plans to call Jesse's oncologist. Jonny accidentally said "so your mad at Jesse's PCP?" Immediately Angelina's non-existant anger flared up at Jonny. She said "No, I'm not mad at them." So it looks like Jonny will bear the brunt of Angelina's anger when he gets home from work. Meanwhile Jonny is too worried about Jesse's medical condition to think about anything else.
Jonny is on page 274 of The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams. He is on page 292 of Paperback Original by Will Rhode. Jonny has been listening to click FM. He has been working on the 835 NPI ERA design document. Unfortunately Peter sent out an email asking when it would be done. He sent the email out to Melissa Barkan, Cathy D'Arcy and Raquel Mondin. He CC'd Jonny, Michael, Renoly and Matthew. Cathy is Matthew's boss. Raquel is Melissa's boss. Cathy got a job offer from the purchasing company. Melissa got the 12 month contract from the purchasing company.Raquel is the head of QA and support. Melissa works mainly on mapping. She has four boys between the ages of 8 and 14. Her husband is a firefighter.
Jonny finished listing and sorting Angelina's books from her social work education. About 15 of them were listed on the internet and the rest will be dropped off here at work. Alberta and Lorraine went to camp again today. It is a Jewish camp. Wendy is in India. Diane has been receiving help from Jonny on Crystal Reports processing. Jonny is also working with Terry today. Terry is in the weight loss contest. She started it. Jonny had a bad dream about Gary Howard Klar. Gary is the user for the UM elig file creation process. This was the program that had to have a change from a 7 to 10. Finally it is completed. Waiting now for Diane to do the check in verify. Jonny also read the Haaretz Flash news. He organized a shelf at work so the paperback book library could be expanded. There was a fire alarm at work yesterday. Everyone got to go home early. Jonny is still on tape 1 of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams. It is book 1 of a four part series. And the same author as a book he is reading now. Angelina says the other library books are due Jan 20.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What's for dinner

Here are what Jonny has been reading.  The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams page 264. Paperback Original by Will Rhode page 270. Chapter 18: Organizing your Presentation of Plain English at Work by Edward P Bailey. The Haaretz flash news. Gerald Ford died. Also cleaning Franklin Planner. Discovered after some extensive research that Jonny watched a movie called A Town Like Alice. Jonny had to check www.imdb.com to figure out what the shorthand watch Alice meant. Last night Angelina made chicken from Hiller's. It was one of those whole chickens where you just heat it up in the oven.

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Pretty dead here at work. Up to page 250 in both of my novels. Jonny went to the library with all three kids over the weekend. He got Ben Hur and Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy on tape. Started listening to the HG one on the way to work. Was about an hour late too. Waiting for Renoly to approve Jonny's design document. Ben Hur is not a show for Jews so Angelina is returning that. Also got a Carl Hiaasen novel and a Rabbi Small novel. Jonny went to the Lions game with Bill. It was alot of fun. Later both of their families got together for a buffet dinner at Chinese Buffet II. Bill's son William DeMeo is in first grade and goes to Mitchell. Margo is in fourth grade and also goes to the public school. The mom is named Jennifer Badger. Jennifer works at the daycare center where Jesse goes to school. Sometimes he listens to Jennifer more than any other parent since she is a figure of authority to him. She also seems to have experience dealing with kids this age range 0-5. The Lions almost won. Listened to Grossman's Vayigash. I keep wanting to say Vayigrash. It almost feels like there ought to be a resh in there. Jonny did some steam cleaning over the weekend. It was an extened weekend since Monday was a holiday. Angelina requested that Jonny list three new with the tags on them sweaters on ebay. Jonny is still listing the books he got from Paul. Now the Miller's have to settle up with Paul. Paul's book on memory sold for around $5. The management books were given away at Jonny's work.
Jonny got a haircut too over the weekend. And on the way had a short 5 minute conversation with Wendell. Wendell was not pleased with the way he and Kristina have grandchild but the don't have grandchildren. It is all so complicated and painful. All three kids called them and thanked them for the Chanukah presents. The presents were money. They got $500, which is $100 for each member of the family. Angelina doesn't want to pinpoint which dollar was spent on what. Jonny talked to Richard while leaving the library. The dogs escaped a few times this weekend. There was alot of rain which if it was colder would be snow. The Douglas Adams books seems to be going faster than the Will Rhode book. Ah Renoly just pulled Jonny's timesheet adjustment form out of Renoly's in box. Did steam cleaning over the weekend. Oh did I mention that already. The dogs pooped in the house this morning. Jonny didn't feel like getting up at 6:52 so he and his wife slept until 8:04. This made everyone very late. In other news Wendy's husband's father died. They are planning to go to India after this has happened. The football game was fun. Angelina made brisket last night. They have a ton of cardboard recycling since the house is slowly but surely getting cleaned up. Jonny's has been reading Friedman's Vayigash at home every night. Just one or two pages for a couple of minutes. He started listening to Grossman's Brachos 11a Talmud but there is no work to do. The UM elig file program has to run before 10 am. The project was simply to change a 7 to a 10. Now to test it it must be run before 10. The SHPS project was finally approved. The BA Jeb Handwerger isn't here so Jonny got Jeb's boss Paul to sign off it. Amazingly enough Paul, Renoly and Michael are all here today.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

sore throat

Severe sore throat. Making progress on reading the two novels. Renoly saw Jonny come in late and didn't say much. He said "I thought you weren't coming in." Now Jonny has to fill in some adjustment forms. Half day off Thursday and half day off Friday. Now it is 3:27 and the place is deserted. Dropped off a bunch of books from Max today. They weren't sellable. He also gave Angelina a bunch of VHS videos. Angelina gave to the JCC rugrats Chanukah. She gave to Felicity the Barney Imagination. Oliver, Angelina bought a long time ago in VHS format and it is still unopened. Worked on the 835 design for a couple of hours. Jonny went to Chelsea to see Jonny's PCP. Basically it's all in his head. Applied for 67 jobs at the U. Angelina is working with her organizer so it is better that Jonny went to work if only for a couple of hours. As expected Richard left a message on Jonny's cell phone last night. Jonny called him back on the way to the doctor's office since the family plan says they used up 257 of their 700 minutes. He burned a minute on the voice mail as well. Wendy is still here. She is one of the few left in the office. Jonny can hear her gagging on her suppressed coughs. Jonny predicts Wendy and her and several other will all have massive amounts of interviews at the U's hospital IT branch. Our Indian Database Administrator (DBA) named Naoki Mori (not the real name!) also is leaving at the time of the sale. Jennifer is the only other confirmed leaver. Jennifer was the main Business Analyst (BA) in charge of the big software conversion the IS department has been working on since last August, 18 months ago. So Jonny left Richard a voice mail. Since it is only 7AM over there in San Diego. Jonny has to go to CVS to pick up his rx for the sore throat. The other programmer who is here named Diane came from MCIT. She lives in West Bloomfield. The is one other programmer here who is rather large and her name is Kristin Moreu. Not to be confused with Kristina, Jonny's mother. Doubtful we'll be talking about both of them in the same sentence. Also dropped off two books from the basement Angelina and Jonny don't want anymore and never read. They came from Kimbra Standish, another BA. She gave Jonny a ton of books awhile ago. Funny the Standish appears in the novel by Doug Adams. The books are Pilot's Wife and Girl Interrupted. Laurence said they sound like chick books so Jonny is dumping them. Pilot's Wife has an Oprah book club stamp on it. The true mark of death. Hopefully Jonny will feel healthy enough to go the Lions football game with Bill Maul. Bill is the Miller family's neighbor and religous school car pool family.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Here is the update. Pressed for time it is 5 to 5 already. Started A Thin Red Line by Tami Hoag at the mamagram and ultrasound office. Left the book there. Can't believe Jonny was so stupid not to bring a book. Slept on the way to Chelsea Hospital. Angelina wanted Jonny to apply in the IS department of the hospital. Not gonna happen. Sent a followup letter to a form C++ student in the MSA department of the U. Then Angelina took Jonny to Wendy's. Finished chapters 26 and 27 of Isaiah this week. Also Plain English at Work chapter 17 Designing your presentation by Bailey. Eating a couple of clementines now. Went for a 26 minute 5 mile bike ride. Going round and round in circles with this 835 NPI design. Chanukah party tonight. Chapter 21 Object-Oriented Aspects of PL/SQL by O'Reilly Oracle PL/SQL Programming. Now there is only two chapters left in each PL/SQL book. Big new management buyer transition meeting tomorrow. 5'oclock.. Page 106 of The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Page 100 of Paperback Original. Read two more pages of Miketz from Friedman last night. On track to finish it by Friday night. Also screwed up three person's grades last night. Got a really bad cold Monday. At least the semester is over. No time for introducing new characters. Angelina called right at 5'oclock. Time to go home.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Last day of school

Last night was the last day of school for Jonny. His students were elated. Tonight is the cutoff for internet submission of any homework. Most of the homework was in the for of demonstration for the teacher and oral presentation to the class. So Jonny is expecting a wave of protests by email. An brief aside to the reader there have been some remarkable gaps in the story of Jonny's life. For example lack of mention of the San Diego trip, the various weekend activities and the various Chanukah parties. All I can say is I'm sorry. You get what you pay for. So back to free form and hopefully exciting stories. Hopefully gaps filled in. Hopefully some more characters get introduced. No new job yet. Jennifer Rice got a job with the U. She is a business analyst from Oklahoma. She has been through this buy out stuff before with MCI - World Com. Jonny applied for 63 UM jobs. Jennifer 22. They both started early. Jonny had a phone interview on Friday and it went well. On the book front sold 7 books in the last week. Also a friend of the family we will call him Max Ligosh gave us several things to sell. So far only had time to go through 9 of the VHS videos. They were not worth selling. Max's daughter Annemarie Zola goes to school with Alberta. Angelina has been trying desperately to reign in Alberta's spolied rotten behavior. She doesn't help out around the house. Jonny asked Terry for help. Terry had an interview with the same people Jonny did. Oh before I forget Laurence left me three good links.
Ali G - http://www.leenks.com/link59030.htm video who wants to win ... well watch it and see.
Finished the design document for the NPI project today. We also had a gift exchange party. Matthew went home early. He will be really pleased to hear the design document was completed. Wendy called Jonny on his cell phone to tell him she would be late. So Jonny told Renoly. Michael didn't go to the gift exchange party. Neither did Michael's boss Paul Klementowicz. Paul was meeting with the buyer's of the company.
Running out of energy for this over bloated blog entry. A little more useless information to keep going. Page 92 of Paperback Original by Will Rhode. Page 106 of The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul by Douglas Adams. Listening to click fm and sometime Grossman Brachos 10b. Read some of Friedman Mikeitz. Jonny talked to his parents Wendell and Kristina and brother Richard Ziman over the weekend. Richard's wife Nancy Ticotin wanted him to vacuum. They are trying to sell their house for around 640K.
Ahh some more good news. Well good as in interesting. Thursday was Jonny's dentist appointment. Tomorrow is Angelina's mamagram appointment. Tonight Jonny plans to help Angelina apply for 7 part-time jobs at the U. Well maybe not there is those pesky grades to worry about. Gotta go check in review some of Laurence's work. Renoly just gave it to Jonny. It is called a check in review.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Feeling sick

Sore throat. Drank tea all day today and yesterday. Checked in 16317-2. Listened to Grossman Vayeshev. Yesterday tech review 16303-2. And tech review 16339-1. These were both Terry Porter's project. Read Chapter 16 Supervising writers Plain English at Work by Bailey. Past Chapter 30 of Visual Basic for Dummies. This is probably going to be one long paragraph. Didn't write yesterday because there was a holiday party at 3PM. Jonny had a phone interview at 3:30. Went for a 4.44 mile bike ride in the rain just prior to the party and prior to the interview. Today in the cold wind went for a 4.8 mile bike ride. Today is pick up for religious school. Laurence loaned Jonny a copy of Cold Fusion and told him which chapter to read for the interview. Picking up Larraine and Margo again today. Margo collects empty gum containers so Jonny has a few to give her. When we last left our hero he was checking out Best Buy. They had the best buy and last night Angelina gave Jonny the card reader to try and install. Did almost nothing at work. Hunted for jobs last night and talked about jobs all day at work. Set up a mainframe programmer phone interview for Friday. Terry is in competition with Jonny for this job. She had a phone interview with them today at 2PM. Kristina and Wendell called Jonny's cell phone from the Dallas airport at 6PM. They are back from their trip to a wedding for their friends' child in Mexico. Jonny hasn't spoken to Wendell since Thanksgiving and he spoke to Kristina one time. He and Alberta left a voice mail wishing them a happy anniversary. Met with a Blue Care Network Human Resources Manager today. The only problem is those jobs are in Southfield which is about 30 miles North East of Ann Arbor. Angelina doesn't like Jonny to drive past the intersection of 23 and 14 just North East of Ann Arbor. Jesse has been sick for a few days too. Read Haaretz Flash news and they caught the rapist who escaped from jail. Hammas and Fatah are fighting. So are the Sunnis and the Shiates.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Digital Camera

Most of the weekend was taken up with the quest to make the digital camera work. The final solution was to try Laurence's card reader. Jonny was so excited he left at 10:30 and went home to try it. Angelina was home with poor sick Jesse. Jesse came into the master bedroom around 1AM so Jonny left and went into the bedroom with Alberta. He was wedged into the corner of Jesse's bottom bunk bed and there was toys all over the bed. He slept like a baby until around 6:30 when Angelina woke up to take a shower. The good news is the card reader works. Now Jonny needs to buy one at Best Buy or some place like that. Back from looking at Best Buy and Target. Jonny spent a few minutes talking to his friend Wendy and now it is time for Jonny to put the blog down and get to a quick dinner before school. I had some problems with yahoo's save as draft. It is next to useless. Each time you save it makes another copy. I accidentally deleted the wrong one. There is no undo delete. You can move it from the trash can to the inbox. But what good that did ? Not much just alot of wasted time.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Tired again

It seems Jonny didn't get enough sleep last night. Unfortunately it is way to cold to sleep in the car. He has been following up with departments for a job all day. Also the Modify Outpatient Claim Check Pick Logic program came back. There was an addendum to the project. This has been fixed and the program is running a final test. Soon the paper work will be all wrapped up. Jonny has been listening to Grossman Vayishlach. He had a butternut squash burrito from the produce station. Angelina swears the price sticker of 10.99 is incorrect and it was really half price. Last night class was a real pain. The school lost water pressure and class was let out early. The Thursday class has only one more class next Thursday and they are going to be way behind the Monday class which has two more classes left. This morning Angelina and Alberta went to a Tappan middle school open house. They really liked it - it is free. And now Jonny has to really step up the job search. In order to pull off this open house two things happened. First more characters might get introduced. I was just about to get uninterested in this today. Angelina called again while I was writing and lost my train of thought. Lorraine got dropped off at her schoolmate's house Marc Anthony. Lorraine says Marc isn't her friend he is somone they carpool with. This allowed Jonny to get Lorraine to Marc's house by 8:30 at the latest. Lorraine's school Burns Park starts much later 8:48 as a matter of fact. I think I like the name Marc Anthony even better than just plain Marc. I just got an email that the job is done running. Darn and I wanted to introduce some more characters too. Well ok you might be wondering what about Jesse. He goes to the Kangaroo room at the JCC. So Jonny had to drop him off after Lorraine got dropped off. But another kid Liza Walker who is Jesse's girlfriend lives about a block away from Marc's house. Are you getting all this? Ok back now. Matthew had to show me something. Then I took a break outside. The last relax and let go break of the day. Jonny tries to do three of those per day. Liza's mother Felicity Huffman called at the last minute this morning and she said Liza was too sick to go to school. This was supposed to be the encentive for Jesse's to get up and get dressed etc. He even had a picture of him and Liza to take in Jonny's car. Now Liza's brother is also in Alberta's class his name is Bob Sessions and the Dad's name is Penn Jillette. The Jillette family has four kids and they have an Israeli live in nanny to help with all the kid work. Penn works from home for some kind of Israeli company. Jesse also likes to play with Liza's baby brother Blake Willett. They have an older daughter named Denise George who is probably 15 I can't be sure. Over the summer they had an exchange student from Germany I think. Angelina is always saying how much coordination Felictiy must go through every day to coordinate everything going on in the Jillette household. I hope to introduce some of the other kid-family members in the Miller family circle in the future.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Finished another project

Yeah another project finished. Yesterday the Cap Detail Negative Balance Record project was completed, project 16283 task 2. Today project 16317 task 2 Modify Outpatient Claim Check Pick Logic was completed. Jonny was also helping Laurence with some Crystal Reports turnover, project 16231 task 1. He has to help him again tomorrow - same project task 3. Unfortunately Renoly says the proof for 16283 is incomplete. Hopefully Matthew can set him straight. Renoly also sent out the self assessment peformance evaluation for 2006. Laurence went to his boss Michael Gaston to ask why bother. Since most them will be gone in 90 days. Michael says why screw yourself out of a raise. Still Laurence and Jonny are very skeptical of Michael and Renoly. Especially since what happened last fall when they were under intense review. That is the main reason why this spring Laurence and especially Jonny wanted to look for other work. I can only speak truly for Jonny. He applied for 5 jobs in the spring. But the U changed their posting system and now it is a big mess. Oops can't write much more. Michael walked by into Renoly's office. And about three minutes until an early dinner. Finally finished listening to Grossman Vayishlach. Now started listening to Grossman Brachos 10a. Read Isaiah chapters 24 and 25. Found out the word amen comes from emuna. Well that was Rashi's theory anyway. Jonny read this while in line at the post office. The Miller's sold a VHS and made a whopping $0.95.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Another Wednesday. Tired as can be. The day started out miserable. Ran out of floss. Then took the last piece of floss and accidentally broke the flosser with it. Jonny needs to pick up Lorraine and Margo Winkler at religious school. Margo is our neighbor down the street. Fortunately there are many more characters I can draw from in the movies Hackers and The Net. If you go to www.imdb.com you will find the source of the names of the characters I have introduced. Also go to additional cast to get the rest of the names. I have room for 14 more women. I wrote the names down and then fill in the real names as I need them for the story of Jonny's life.
Angelina called Jonny several times to nag him today. He and Matthew were desperately trying to wrap up the Capitation Detail Negative Balance Record problem, Project 16283. Jonny started out the day trying to print a log of the run from Tidal. Jonny helped Angelina apply for 6 jobs last night. Jonny listened to some more of Vayishlach Grossman Chumash about 10 minutes yesterday and 20 minutes today. And yes of course he passed out after finishing Project 16283. When he awoke Matthew left him a note and there was a little more work to do and then they were able to relax. Matthew always leaves at 4 since he arrives earlier. Religious school ends at 5:45 so there is plenty of time to get over there.
Yesterday Jonny read Chapter 15, The Writing Process of Plain English at Work by Bailey. Today he had a coughing fit at 10:10 AM. There was a meeting to discuss the sale today too. Read 4 pages of Torah Commentary by Friedman the Vayislach פרשה in English and his commentary. I don't know if I remember if I mentioned the successful completion of Mao's People. Yes I think I did. So what was the next book. Jonny picked up from Chapter 9 where he left off several years ago on Visual Basic for Dummies, A Reference Guide For the Rest of Us. He is up to Chapter 13 Dialog Boxes. Also finished Chapter 17, Triggers of Oracle PL/SQL by Rosenzweig. Also had popcorn today. Also had a york pepperment patty left over from Halloween. Weighed 146 for Monday's weigh in. Started the exciting Chapter 21, Object-Oriented Aspects of PL/SQL in the book Oracle PL/SQL Programming by O'Reilly. Also prior to blogging today read the latest flash news on Haaretz.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Buffalo Wild Wings

Jonny went out for lunch with the guys today. There were 8 guys including him. Renoly drove and Fisher Stevens sat in the front. Darren Lee sat behind the driver and Jonny sat behind Fisher. Fisher has the longest commute. All appreciated Jonny's story about his road rage incident yesterday after work on the way to school. Matthew was there too along with Peter Y. Kim another Business Analyst and Ethan Brown also a Business Analyst. There was another Business Analyst there too, I think. They went to the one in Ypsilanti. They told Jonny that the one in Ann Arbor is not as good. Jonny ordered the jerk chicken sandwhich. The conversation was heavy into guy topics. On the way there music and cars. At the restaurant football and later female anatomy. The 3 Business Analysts left and the three programmers and their manager stayed and chatted. I guess it is okay to have a long lunch when your out with your boss.
Jonny sold a book last night, something like Cognitive Computers. It went for 5.99. So he took it to the post office today. Yesterday Jonny went to the post office to mail a package for Angelina's Step-Mother Sandra Bullock. Jonny and Angelina did alot of cleaning over the weekend. Angelina threw out two bottles of perfume. So Jonny rescued them from the trash. He tried to give them away to his Indian friends Diane Baker and Wendy Gazelle. I know these names don't sound Indian to you they don't sound Indian to me either. So Diane paid $1 for the Calvin Klein perfume in a tall bottle called Ecstasy. Wendy thought it smelled niced. Neither woman wanted the short square bottle of Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Fortunately for the avid recycler the beautiful clerk at the post office took the bottle. She wasn't there today. Jonny was told it was her day off. I wonder psuedo names for the postal workers?
Jonny stayed late for class last night. Busy teaching the students the next lesson and didn't finish the class until around 9. Normally class is over at 8:30. So since it was after 9PM he called his mother Kristina Krofft. His mother is Jewish too. He talked to her for twenty minutes but not to his Dad Wendell Pierce. It has been since last Sunday when over Thanksgiving he saw his parents that he talked to them.
The Miller houshold bought a Kodak Easyshare C743 digital camera. It will arrive by mail shortly. It comes with 1GB of memory thrown in and free shipping. Kristina didn't know what that was until Jonny told her that is twice as big as 512 MB

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