The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today Jonny is back at work. He did some survey monkey work. He also did some ASP.NET with VB and with C#. Now he is listening to breakfast at tiffany's. All of a sudden the music stopped. Last night Jonny watched a couple of Scrubs episodes, that he saw already. Ah the music came back on. He listened to Torah Gems again. This was the parsha for Korach. The second half of the lecture was this long drawn out chassidic story. Right now Buddy is talking on his cell phone in Spanish. So Jonny cut the music. Most of the lecture he missed because he was out to lunch. Lea is as usual acting strange. Jonny talked to Rob, and Rob said find out what your mentor is working on and get up to speed, Rob said so. Jonny's computer connections to the networks is all messed up. Fortunately he can still remote desktop to his computer over at Hollywood and get connected to all the databases. Here in the Hilton, his computer programs aren't installed correctly that access the database. One is called Infomaker. The other is called Dbartisan. Neither one works right. Jonny popped a blood vessel. So he has been wearing glasses instead of contact lenses. His mother Kristina is giving him a guilt trip about Angelina not wanting to spend time with her. Yesterday Jesse went to a GI (Gastro Intestinal doctor). No word yet on what results came out. The output hasn't been good, ha ha what a stinky joke. it is majorlly hot in Michigan.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

One more

Yes one more post in the same day.

Jonny finished a book. One Man Running. It was 346 pages. The book wasn't that satisfying. Off to read the reviews, while drinking coffee. Then brush, floss, nap and off to the cancer center.

Also, no one else noticed. Jonny says this a lot to his class when he makes a mistake. He didn't close the underline tag in the curve post, so it made everything after the underline tag, underlined for three blog entries. It will be fixed by the time you read this.

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Right now Jonny is listening to shelach on real audio. Buddy isn't here. He won't mind anyway. Earlier in the week in torah gems, Jonny learned that Moshe might not have sent the spies if things were different. Scholars have commented that Moshe was basically in a sex-less marriage at this point. A sex-less marriage is defined as sex less than 10 times per year. Back in the day this meant divorce. So he was single. A married guy would have listened to his wife - about the spies. According to the scholars, the wives were ready to go into Israel. They didn't need the spies. However, it was the men who called the shots in this incident.

This is always an interesting chumash. Alberta's parsha was this one, a year ago. In two years it will be Lorraine's. The rabbi always says it his favorite. Jonny likes this one because of the Hebrew word for report. The spies gave their report and Jonny assumes this is how this word comes up in context. If you recall, at one point Jonny was using a Hebrew program to learn more of the language. The program was counting on the fact that a very small sub-set of the language can be learned and then the reader will be able to know 90% of the Torah from those 300 or so words. Words like king show up over 200 times. This program, counts as shows up though, meaning the whole tanach, and not just the Torah. One word that shows up is Soloman, which is a spin on the word Shalom. It also means satiated. Which in English means filled up.

Jonny just finished his coffee. He had to beg Angelina for 30 cents. Here in the Hilton, coffee isn't free. But they seldom make it. There is usually just the one cup that Jonny takes that is there and available. Jonny is up to page 323 of One Man Running so it will be time to check it out on Amazon. One of the bus riders on the #14 bus that Jonny rode today turns out was also working on the same floor of the Hilton as him. He said, weren't you just on the #14. And she said yes.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Angelina took Jesse to his appointment yesterday. They didn't go to Hotel California. Instead they went to the competition. The competition is some other hotel with saints and nuns. There the doctor claims that Jesse's spinal condition is worsening. He really wants the little boy to get an MRI. Angelina has indicated that this request would entail general anesthesia. This is something that Angelina is vehomonetly opposed to. The whole day was quite draining for her. They claim he went from a 18 degree curve in his back to a 28 degree curve. They say it is a 10 degree worsening. Also the feeling has made Jonny quite tired. He just slept here at work on the floor while Buddy worked in the next cube.

Hope you are feeling ok. Jonny is doing great, a little sleepy. He had to shave, floss, and get some coffee. Also he had to send his father a father's day e-card. Jonny is up to page 300 of One Man Running and page 100 of Active Server Pages for Dummies. Last night he watched no TV. Just did school work. Today is the first night of class. He has Penny's staff meeting today from 1 to 3 pm.

Did you hear that Mr Pita is giving away lunch today from 11 to 1 PM? There is one in Plymouth. Go down plymouth road to Ann Arbor Street and near main street in down town plymouth is where it is. Hey what's wrong with a free lunch Jonny always says. Did you see Jonny's email address is pittsfield_cleaners at yahoo dot com? He didn't even drink any beer last night. He has got a few left. He always puts one in the refridgerator and then takes one out. So there is always only one cold one in there. After a second beer Jonnys starts to feel sick.

Maybe now it is time to get some coffee. Or it is almost lunch time.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


There is no overiding plot to today's post.

Buddy Ebsen hasn't arrived yet. That is Jonny's new office mate. He doesn't even mind it when Jonny listens to the parsha torah gems. Right now he is listening for the second time this week to Shelach.

Jonny just emailed 10 pictures to Wendell. He did it in three installments. The email chain ended with Wendell's comment, that the girls, Lorraine and Alberta are adorable, but they never talk to us on the phone. Oh well, so much for trying to get rid of guilt. Happy Father's Day to all. Later today Jonny will send and e-card to Wendell. Next he will send an e-card to Angelina, for her anniversary of 18 years of marriage to Jonny.

Last night Jesse was playing Edie Falco's daughter. She doesn't have a name yet. Ugh another character. She is about one or two grades behind Jesse.

Today Jesse has an orthopedic appointment. Everyone wants to keep tabs on the little baby. He has been reading a little bit more lately.

Over the weekend Jonny had a blood pressure of 130 over 74. Pretty good rating.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


While some say, count your blessings, Jonny tends to complain a lot. So today he decided to do both.

His watch broke. No need to wear it. Angelina will fix it. Wendell and Kristina bought that watch when Jonny turned 30. It was a replacement for the same watch they bought him when he turned 20.

Right now Jonny is listening to the Torah chanting. This is parsha Beh'alotecha. There were parts where he felt like chanting along. Weird that he could do that. There is a lot of repetition. Some words are used often.

It is raining. Jonny was gonna ride his bike. It is good for his grass garden. The garden of grass was planted in a 300 square foot triangle surrounded by rusty chicken wire on Sunday June 1. Two days ago the seeds germinated. Now they are close on 1 inch or more in height.

Someone stole Jonny's lunch. Jonny just finished lunch. He didn't eat lunch or dinner yesterday and had leftovers today. His weight has dropped to 144.

Jonny lost his key to the Hilton. He has an officemate, who is not here now. He was listening to piano music. He will be back soon.

He needs a name? So he won't appear in the blog again until the name is generated.

This is a long parsha. More time to write. Jonny had a meeting in the Death Valley at 10 AM. Since he was locked out, he went over to Hollywood and had coffee and actually worked from 8 AM till 9:30. He did some work for Lea, who was nagging him.

Jonny was actually not able to get into his office or even read email between noon and 4 PM yesterday. Lea is off today as most Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Clip 7 is 5 minutes long. The girls next door are talking again. Jonny turned up the chanting.

Tomorrow, believe it or not, it depresses Jonny to take time off from work. It is Lorraine's graduation from elementary school. So he is taking a half day for vacation.

Penny wants Jonny to do somework. Good news she wanted to know how to use survey monkey. No problem. Here is what Jonny found out, since no one else will care. No templates for basic members, 10 questions, 100 responses per survey. $19.95 per month or $200 per year for deluxe. Limit multiple responses per computer, good for shared computers. Can edit answers, only when dealing with a multiple page survey. No thank you page for basic. Save ip address of respondents, cut off date, max responses. Password protect a survey. Block ip from a survey, allow partial ip to a survey. ip= ip address. Big problem, no download. Other problem, Jonny has to design it and then give password to Penny to see the results. 40 seconds left in the bonus clip aka the maftir.


Friday, June 05, 2009

continuing theme

For Jonny the continuing theme is programming in ASP.NET

Jonny is up to page 134 of One Man Running. He just finished reading the reviews of that other bok.

Jonny rode his bike to Hollywood and then rode to the Hilton. Later he ride back to the pleasure palace for the final 2 mile leg of the 6 mile journey. Both Hollywood and the Hilton are 2 miles away from Jonny's home. In addition, Hollywood and the Hilton and 2 miles apart.

Jonny read all his jewish blogs today.

Here is the code Jonny wrote to modify the gridview based on the field name instead of the index number. For example if you wanted to get select student_name from student you would do something like, where gv is a gridview

string text_var = gv.selectedrow.cells(1).text, Jonny apologizes to those who prefer hard to maintain code, that keeps you employed.

Public Sub setGridViewText(ByVal gv As GridView, _
ByVal field As String, ByVal fieldVal As String)
Dim dcfc As DataControlFieldCollection = gv.Columns
Dim rtnval As String = ""
For Each dcf As DataControlField In dcfc
If dcf.HeaderText = field Then
gv.SelectedRow.Cells(dcfc.IndexOf(dcf)).Text = fieldVal
End If
End Sub

as in
dim hwf as new helperWebForm
string text_var = hwf.getGridViewText(gv, "student_name")
hwf.setGridViewText(gv, "student_name", "mr. genius")

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Jonny is programming away in ASP.NET. And listening to Click FM. Earlier today outside the Hilton, in the courtyard, some jazz/blues band was playing really loudly. How loudly? So loud you could hear in up on the 6th floor, with the windows closed over the internet radio.

The other day Angelina and Jonny were watching Law and Order. Ernie Lively called at about 10:40 PM. So Angelina took the call. They contact each other about the kids. Angelina is trying to work as much as she can before the school year ends. So that Jonny can get to work on time, she needs someone to take the kids to school.

Jonny wants to contact Ernie about someday going out for a Saturday night excursion.

Over the weekend there is the usual slew of soccer games, and Bat Mitzvah activities.

Jesse's soccer season is over. Lorraine's softball/baseball season is starting up.

For work, Jonny and Lorraine will be going to a Lansing Lugnuts game. The company provides a bus plus one extra ticket per employee that goes.

Here in the Hilton, Jonny has no free coffee. So he will be heading down to Hotel California, to find if the code he put in development looks good to the users and to get some free coffee. Otherwise, nap time.

Jonny rode his bike today, and back on May 29 and May 22. He keeps the bike right here up on the 6th floor, since he has no officemates. Life is good. And finally he is up to page 126 of One Man Running. He hasn't yet checked the Amazon reviews of A Case Of Need.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Has the move gotten any better? Well not really.

Jonny went to Hollywood. He was trying to fix his C# ASP.NET, remotely. But that didn't work. Here is what fixed it.

C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727>caspol -reset.

He had read that on the net last night, but didn't actually try it until today at around 1 pm. That was because he had the wrong path for the caspol program.

Then the security got all messed up again.

The fix to that was also found today.

To resolve this issue, you must change your development machine .net security configuration since you are accessing items across the network. In the event that you need this ability at runtime, you must change the trust level in your config file to full. However, since this is only in development, I can change my local PC's security by going to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration. After it fully loads (sometimes takes a bit), fully expand My Computer in the navigation tree and click Runtime Security Policy. In the right hand pane, choose Adjust Zone Security. Leave the default option (Make changes to this computer) and hit next. Choose Local Intranet and change the trust level to Full Trust. Then choose next and then finish. Restart Visual Studio 2005 and you should be all set.

Now he is the Hilton. The view is awesome, but the fonts got messed up in the ASP.NET program. Jonny is listening to his click fm radio with no head phones. The guy came to fix the printer. The toilet runs. The coffee costs thirty cents.

Jonny brought over a plant, but he forgot to bring the mustard.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Jonny is now in place in his new cube. Everything works except the remote connections to the sybase databases. He just installed .NET. He didn't try it, but assumes that will work. He emailed Rob about the voice mail password, trash cans, sybase connections and time off. He just read the email. So that means, that Jonny had no motivation for the last hour. He was working with Lea this morning over at the Hollywood office. This new office needs a name, how about the Hilton, instead of Hotel California.

Jonny noticed that the parsha of the week is still Naso. He listened to that last week so nothing new there. He is listening to click fm. It is nice because, he doesn't need headphones. With these windows, he doesn't even need to turn the lights on. He has his on bathroom. Tonight is softball practice for Lorraine.

Jonny is up to page 104 of One Man Running.

He has quite a bit of ASP.NET work to do once he gets his mind into it. There is also one small change to the email address of a part of a C#.NET program that runs in batch and connects to the SYBASE.

Over the weekend Jonny did some chores around the house. Tighten a pot that was loose. They use it to make popcorn. You take the pot and shake it a bit so the popcorn cooks over the stove. It was wobbly, and needed a special star shaped screwdriver. Fortunately Jonny had one in his drill bit case. Also Jesse and Jonny cleaned the grout in the bathtub. They used cups, tooth brushes and clorax. There was this dark line that they cleaned up. Of course the wife says to clean the other tub now.

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