The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sunis revolt

Yeah the Sunis are killing Al Queda. How nice is that. While no one wants to see blood shed or innocent lives lost... Let the Arabs do the US and Israeli dirty work for them. Wendell called and left Jonny a voice mail. Jonny emailed Kristina and got no response. Angelina called at work and said no smells. There is an open house here this weekend. Jonny started reading chapter 32 of Yeshayahu. He worked out today and met a nice Russian woman from another company. Oops the phone is ringing. Thomas is calling. Lucy was out sick today so Jonny called the cert customer and they said they wanted the case left open. Jonny has about 6 cases now. The house market is really bad. That is what Angelina and her father are talking about. Will the subject of Kristina and Wendell's visit come up? Alberta is at camp now. Jonny mowed the lawn just now and he is coated in bug spray. Jesse came out and picked some roses. Lorraine pretty much played with Lili Flanders that is Richard Patrick's older brother. He is the one who Jesse and Richard cut down the tree. Jonny did leg exercises at work. Then he went into the sauna and shower for the first time. Now Thomas and Angelina are discussing Jonny's job search at the U. It was a little embarassing because Harvey was walking into the men's locker room same time as Jonny was getting ready to strip and go into the sauna. Darn just missed it what Angelina is discussing with her dear Thomas.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lorraine badly behaved

Or so says Angelina. She called Jonny at work at around 4PM. He was having a rough day too. Harvey gave Jonny 4 cases. Jonny closed one regarding JDBC today. His carpal tunnel was really acting up. Angelina will be down soon to do the dishwasher. Only two more days and Kristina and Wendell will be here. Ricco said Ray and Jonny are going to have to call customers and remind them support for version three dot ex of the ABL software is going away as of August 31. One of Jonny's cases was a severity 2 critically impacting. But this is self-assessed by the customer. Jonny played the board game careers with Lorraine. He checked with his Robert about towel usage in the gym. You have to bring your own towel. Angelina will complain so Jonny will bring a towel but leave it in the car to air dry. Jonny finished Leviticus. This laptop will only connect to the internet when facing the window. Move it 3 feet to the dining room table and no connection. Ray and Jonny will hopefully go out to lunch on Thursday. Almost time for Jonny to open the dishwasher and drink a Sam Adams Summer Ale. Today was the last day for a former student of Jonny's. Lucy Butler sent him an IM today. His client was a little upset. Jonny said he was researching the certificate issue they had. He wasn't sure if it was PKCS12 or JKS. Ray said more acronymns to add to your list. Lucy offered up some help. The country code wasn't two letters long. Gabrielle offered up some advice on the archive flag -1 issue. She said to escalate the case to level 2.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Page 417

Sorry so long since the last blog. The internet has been flakey. Jonny is up to page 417 of TC and Page 182 of SWS. Yesterday was a holiday. Angelina had her usual Memorial Day barbeque with hamburgers. Olegar is out this week. Ricco said sit with Douglas W. Found some old pictures from the Miller trip to Chai Lifeline in New York in January of 2004. Jonny closed a case today. He closed two cases on Thursday. The house is up on the market now. They had a realtor open house and only one realtor showed up. The price is down to 198. Read chapter 31 of Yeshayahu. Jesse started tee ball already. Alberta had three soccer games in the Canton Cup tournament. The team lost all three games and she was crying afte the second game. There was a miserable down pour the entire time two of the three games. Only three more days until Kristina and Wendell arrive for Jesse's grandparents luncheon at the JCC. Another UM person emailed Jonny about a job. Also he send a thank you letter for a phone interview Thursday. They wrote back saying watch for more jobs in our department. Jonny is leaving ABL and going back to the U any month now. In the meantime he really wants to set up a nice ficiton library but no one seems to care. Jonny is up to page 120 of XML by example.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's always the last place you look

Jonny spent the last several minutes looking for his lucky ABL pen. It is good for looking for jobs at the U. Jonny loves the irony. He just did one for Angelina and one for himself tonight. Up to page 31 of XML by example. This is a new book Jonny started this evening at 4:52 PM since he works until 5:30. And the book is in PDF format. Writing of books, he is on page 56 of Sea Without a Shore or SWS. Writing of acronyms he is on page 406 of TC. Alberta's classmates were at Jonny's house tonight. One was a boy named Sam and the other a girl. Sam's father who is a doctor picked him up. Writing about doctors Jonny got a burn with his favorite toy over the weekend a hot glue gun. He didn't want to burden the doctor with any "work." Later Angelina took Alberta to the other girl's house for a sleep over. Lorraine will be playing softball this Summer and Jesse will be starting tee-ball in a couple of days. At work Jonny got two "easy peasy cases" from the guy who sits across the aisle according to the level 1 support member who assigned them to Jonny. Since he think Olegar gave Jonny a really challenging case he said he was going to do the same and not give Jonny any more "easy peasy cases." One was about a JAVA version and one about uninstalling the ABL software. Writing about death in the garden the rosemary, 4 watermellon and 1 tomatoe plant appear dead. The cherry tree is hanging in there. Jonny emailed his mother Kristina today from work. He also had a L1 MTG and Inquira training that was so boring. Rico had his usual joke that Ray the new guy had to take notes. Jonny is going to bed now. Because he is enjoying this Sam Adams Summer Ale.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Moontide and Magic Rise

The name of the series is Moontide and Magic Rise. Jonny is reading book 2 calls Sea Without a Shore. He is on page 44. He read on the treadmill. Book 1 was called World Without End. The book One Kingdom was 451 pages long. Jonny emailed Kristina and she emailed him back. Today Olegar wanted to know who was at the DB pool training. Jonny took notes and attendance at the meeting. He gave this information to Olegar. Jonny forgot his cell phone today. He submitted his weekly timesheet. He finished reading appendix chapters E and F of TCP/IP. He called about the education site at work. Then it was fixed and then it was broken. Now it is fixed and Jonny has training in Inquira the knowledge base to replace Primus tomorrow. Gabrielle wants Jonny to talk to her more. She sent him and instant message. So now Jonny has to spend 45 minutes a day chatting with Olegar while he chats with Harvey. He has to spend 15 minutes a day asking Gabrielle how she is doing. He listened in on ready mode with Julia. She got a full make over and really looks great. Well off to nasal irrigation and TC. This weeks is a really short parsha.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Organizing Pictures

Today Jonny was organizing pictures. He called Kristina and Elizabeth. Jesse spoke to Kristina briefly and then switch to calling Elizabeth. The neighbors watched Lorraine and Jesse briefly this morning so Jonny could see part of Alberta's soccer game. Then there were pictures. Jonny is up to page 403 of TC. He started a new book by Sean Russell called Sea Without a Shore. The title he mentioned yesterday was not correct. This is correct it is his 5th Sean Russell book and maybe he is sick of them. This one is the continuation of the Moontime and Magic series. Probably not correct but Jonny is drinking a Samuel Adams right now and is too lazy to go over and get the book and give up the details. Jonny had a dream about an elevator and a large building growing another 5 or thirty floors taller. Imagine that real sky scrapers in Ann Arbor. Last week he had a dream about the movie cop land since some of the ABL characters Level 1 team tech support co-workers are actors from that movie. Strange dreams indeed. 

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Night boredom

Not much to do tonight. Angelina is watching a tape of ER. Jonny worked in the garden. Alberta had a soccer game today. Jonny applied for more jobs for Angelina and Jonny for the U. She bought some more plants since some died. The painting continues. Lorraine talked to Kristina this morning while her and Jonny walked the dogs. Thanks to Angelina the relationship is a bit strained. Jonny has a few more page left in the Kidushim Parsha and commentary. He finished reading One Kingdom about 4 hundred and 50 pages. Turns out the book is a trilogy so there. He just started reading Seaside and Moontide. It is the sequel to Beyond the Seashore. These are yet again more Sean Russell fantasy books. This new one is over 700 pages. Alberta only let in two goals as keeper for one half. Tomorrow she is invited to play on a super select team as keeper since they don't even have one. Angelina bought some mulch since they ran out of ceder mulch she got cocoa shells. It smells so good. Gotta go water the plants. Jonny took down the rest of the hanging plants.At work he finished with training. He missed lunch and Ray helped him with the homework assignment. Alberta is home now. She was babysitting. 

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

11:34 Thursday

The routine has been all confused. Jonny has been in training for 9 days. Also he started a new semester. Olegar keeps asking how is the training instructor compared to you. Jonny has passed page 400 in One Kingdom. Also he is feeling a little under the weather right now. He drank orange juice in large quantities and has been taking large doses of vitamin C. Those chocolates probably aren't good for him. And neither is that Wendy's food. Not sure what Friday's lunch will be. There have been emails back and forth between Jonny and Kristina. He is kinda caught in the middle between Angelina and Kristina. It is a little bit nasty. Douglas says that is how the wives are. His wife im's him from Pakistan where it is 2:30 in the morning and asks when are you coming home from work. Maybe Angelina will want Douglas and Jonny to hang out together, seeing as how Douglas has no wife or kids to worry about for awhile. Hmm what a great idea. Almost at the bottom of this screen which is when the blog entry gets ended. Also the scroll bar just came up. Got TC to read and jobs to apply for for both Jonny and Angelina.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday tired

Another tiring day. It started out so well. The training was going well. For lunch Jonny and Ray went to Lucky Kitchen. Jonny is on page 392 of TC. Only 9 more pages left of this week's parsha. He finished reading Robert's JAVA training. Jonny finished reading Appendix D of TCP/IP on DHCP. He couldn't contact Kristina or Richard. They were probably talking to each other. It is always that way. Jonny's throat feels a little sore. He just indulged in about 20 Hershey's kisses. No beer tonight. It is already 11:35. The crab apple tree seems to have started to take. The sod around it isn't so high either. It has rained here for two days now. Tons of school work left to do. Angelina got mad because Kristina called her about coordinating the Grandparents Lunch with Jesse. Douglass told Jonny that wives are always getting mad. Angelina was getting the minivan oil changed today. But they didn't finish. So she got a loaner car. The painter didn't paint today and showed up at 12:30 yesterday. Jonny went to the drug store today for Lorraine. There was no copay because she has special health insurance for her asthma. There is so much cleaning to do in the house. Jonny's hand weight got packed somewhere. The garage is a mess. The playground structure slide needs to be fixed and the lamp needs to be hot glued. The garden needs to be mulched and the sod needs to be pulled off the mail box and moved to the back yard where the pruned bush was transplanted in the crab apple crater. Jonny did talk to Elizabeth tonight. Over the weekend she talked to Alberta. Albert has been emailing Jonny's cousin's daughter. Kristina and Wendell went to Dallas over the weekend two weeks ago and saw Kristina's sister and her two kids. The boy has two children and one of them looks exactly like Alberta. This would make them second cousins. Also Alberta has been emailing her. Kristina set up the email contacts.

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Monday, May 14, 2007


Working people hate Monday's. Today Jonny had training. Julia is in the training. She is due to have her baby June 29. The crab apple tree appears to be dying. Angelina wants the sod patted down and the garden mulch completed. The students this semester appear to be fairly well behaved. Angelina wants to go to bed and she said Dymler Chrysler was sold today. Actually Dymler dumped Chrysler. She also wants the other two house plants taken down. Training was very tiring today. And Jonny had to take a rest after it was over. He was falling asleep all throughout the training. One of the customers moved her seat so she could sit next to Jonny. She was surprised that Ray wasn't in the class. Ray took the online XML class today and it was boring. XML is the technology of the future. Lunch today was roast beef sandwhich. Jonny sold a book and took it to the post office today. He sold another and will take it to the post office tomorrow. It is priority mail too so more profit is made because it fits into the flat rate envelope.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Sunday

Angelina just threw Jesse's wet pull up down the stairs. It is a little after 11 pm. Jonny just finished reading page 388 the last page of the Kidushim Parsha. Over the weekend he spoke to Richard, Elizabeth and of course Kristina to wish her a happy mother's day. He even called Wanda Lee Evans, Angelina's mother to wish her a happy mother's day. Angelina's parents are divorced. But not Jonny's parents. Jesse was playing with Richard Patrick. The boys decided to cut down the tree in the front yard. They pruned it down to about 6 inches high. Yes it would grow back but not while Angelina is trying to sell the house. Jonny transplanted a huge 15 foot crab apple tree from the woods behind his house. There is a burm separating his house from the trailer park. Then he moved the other tree what is left of it back into the hole. Max came over to give Jonny and Jesse haircuts. He of course ridiculed Jonny for the hole in the back yard. He is so critical no wonder he is divorced. Lorraine and Jonny bought the plants for the vegetable garden and flower garden. One in the front one the back. Some stuff got trampled and Jesse got yelled at a bit. There is cayenne pepper, red and green pepper. Also cucumber, sugar snaps, water mellon, horse radish, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Also some mint and tarragon and dill. They got so many different kinds of flowers too. Angelina wants to box up all Jonnys books except those for sale. So Jonny put all the for sale books on one corner of one bookshelf. Also he took down three of the five hanging plants on request of Angelina's realtor. Monday the painter is coming and Angelina is looking at the houses in the neigborhood to see how they look on the inside. Tuesday she is doing a realtor open house of this house. Her minivan is over due for an oil change it has been 4500 miles already.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007


One more week of formal training for Jonny. Olegar was out on Friday. Ray helped Jonny get his AS2. Unfortunately there was no time for Jonny to work out at work. Angelina and Alberta are fighting now. Lucy the dog is gagging on something. She chokes just like Jonny does. Jonny did some catching up on the Parsha. He read part of this week's parsha Kidushim. It is the most important one because it says all the commandments are important. Very soon Angelina has a painter lined up. The weather is too cold to plant flowers and vegetables. Not much big plans for Mother's Day just the usual clean up. Maybe some steam cleaning. The lawn gets done every weekend too. This weekend possibly doing some fertilizing. At work Jonny has been reading some of Robert De Niro's java training seminar. It is mostly review for Jonny but it is nice to read it. This De Niro is black. He was a teacher once and has a window seat. Jonny took a short nap at work on Friday. He also bought some 2 cent stamps. This week Jonny sold an American History book. Over the weekend he sold an Information Age book. This was the highest book yet around $60. Jonny is past page 300 in One Kingdom. Angelina says the hanging plants must come down. She also wants Jonny to shave. He has a pimple on his lip so he has been avoiding the shave. So much stuff is packed up now. Jonny's purple handweight has vanished.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Jonny is feeling a little bit depressed. The highlight of his night was hot glueing his book. Angelina wants the hanging plants taken down, she won't listen to Wendell's advise, her realtor said to take the plants down. Angelina said to pack up all the books. There is always home work to grade. There is no time to exercise or read the Torah. Jonny is behind in the parsha's too. Alberta is a smart mouth no helping kid. Jonny is tired from staying up late. He is drinking his last Murphy beer. Today at work he got an assignment in the training. It is all that the class has to do and then the training is over. Everyone is having a tough time with it even Ray. No nap today for Jonny either. He came home tonight and after dinner laid down on Lorraine's bunk bed. Earlier he helped her with homework. It is always math homework. Today Angelina made flat bread for dinner. The good news is Jonny's bp was 109 over 65 and pulse 65. How weird is that. Lorraine and a neighbor were playing doctor with Jonny. Since his back hurt and he was closing his eyes at 7:15 PM. Later he gave Lorraine and Jesse a bath. They as usual had hummus, cucumbers and strawberry's in the tub. It was hard getting everyone but Lorraine to bed. Jesse fell asleep earlier so he was in no mood to sleep tonight. Hey it is 11:45 and neither is Jonny.

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Jonny spoke to Wendell tonight about houses. Wendell has a plan to make a market analysis for Angelina. But Angelina wants no part of it. She also says that Jonny has to pack up all but 2 books to read. Today he hot glued One Kingdom. Last night he sent Kristina and Angelina Mother's Day e-cards. Earlier Jonny eat some bagel at work and got a really bad stomachache. So he went to his car to lie down. Angelina called and said she got him some chili. Then he went back to sleep. Most of the day Jonny sat next to Ray. Ray told one of the ABL customers he wished gasoline was going to keep going up in price. This set her off. Jonny listened to her complain later about the gasoline prices. The liberals want the prices high so the economy will shift. This woman was not buying it. She said everything is going up in price. You would not believe it until you see it she said. Ray was still trying to help Jonny get his AS 2 working. Alberta was complaining about the Chello she had to take to school today.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Not much to write since Jonny is up late. School has started again. Also Jonny is in training all this week. Now he is drinking a Murphy beer. Only up to page 375 in TC. Didn't nap today. On Sunday the family had the usual London Broil on the grill. Spent most of the weekend moving boxes to storage. Renoly got a job managing Wendy and John. Bought some stuff at Target, Staples and Lowes over the weekend too. Alberta had a really good soccer game. She stopped everything when she was keeper in the second half. Past page 220 of One Kingdom. Can't seem to get the AS2 working on the Pershing GIS connecting to the GIS on Jonny's laptop. Harvey sent an email to Olegar and Ricco on Friday. He wanted to put Jonny down as secondary owner to a case. So he did. Jonny sent a voice mail and an email to the customer. He got an email back and replied. Harvey took the case back today and is escalting it to level 2. Monday Ricco had Jonny sit in Ricco's office while Jonny drank coffee. It was 8:30 AM. Ricco just wanted Jonny to know that ABL employees sit in the back during the training. 

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Friday, May 04, 2007


Today Jonny called his parents. He spoke to both Wendell and Kristina at the same time. In addition Alberta talked to them first. They want to know what kind of books the kids want. Later they decided to pay for the Kiddush at Alberta's Bat Mitzvah. It will be in early Summer of 2008. Today Dexter and Lucy had their vet appointment. Dexter was driving Jonny crazy. About a month ago Angelina found the dog brush by the way it was lost. Wendell and Kristina are going to Dallas to visit Kristina's sister this weekend. Dexter got two teeth removed and one wart removed. Lucy got her leg shaved to look for cancer. Both dogs got their teeth cleaned. Dexter got a pain shot. Both dogs are 14. Jonny is having his usual Murphy beer with pretzels. Today at work he sat with none other than Peter Berg himself. Back from Cop Land. This Peter is supposed to be Jonny's mentor. This is because Ricco knows Peter has been there a long time. Ricco was in Dublin. Olegar wasn't watching him too close because Jonny took two naps today. He applied for five jobs for Angelina too.
Jonny is on page 373 of TC and page 100 roughly of One Kingdom. He is also still on appendix D of TCP/IP. The dog Dexter has been out because he was wining three times between 10 and 11. Zapped a lot of Jonny's free time. Angelina was tired and went to bed early like 10:30.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Burns Park Concert

Tonight was the Burns Park concert. It was wonderful. For an encore they sung one of Santana's songs. It was pretty much a latino type event. Jesse controlled the camera most of the time. Angelina's friend Hope M Parrish was there. Jonny met Hope last year at the Burns Park run. His social wife met her around the same time. Her husband was there too. Also they have three children and two were in the presentation. The youngest. Well I don't want to waste Robert De Niro on such a seemingly minor character. Yes drinking Murphy's red beer and eating Synder's pretzles. Ok so this kid is like a younger brother to Jesse. They go to the same pre-school and Jesse's friend has cute curly hair. Lets at least give him a Jewish first name since the Parrish family is Jewish too. Noah Emmerich sat next to Jesse and Angelina instead of with his mom Hope and his dad. Where was Alberta. The good Jew that she is went to the Lag baomer event with her friend from school. Oh well its too late to give him a character name. He, Bob Sessions and Sam Douglass always include Alberta in their activities. Well that is because she is such a Tom Boy. Jonny balanced the check book last night and went to the gym today. He is planning on starting a log in a spiral notebook for the weights used.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Today Jonny is tired. He went to a AAJUG. That stands for Ann Arbor Java Users Group. Last night there was an incredible storm. He needs to fix the basement crack again. Jonny worked with Sylvestor today. He didn't really do much. He was tired and napped at 8:30 and again at 3. Tomorrow is work out day. Jonny is on page 75 of his book. He put Laurence's resume into the ABL referral spot. He met a blogger for a technical website at the AAJUG mtg. Last week Angelina fixed the toilet using sinks to sewers for 115. And two weeks ago she got four tires for the van for 707. Tonight Jonny called Elizabeth. Even though she was talking to Wendell. She said Jonny stay right where you are I'm talking to your father on the other line.

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