The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yom Kippur

Yesterday was Yom Kippur morning services. Angelina and Jonny sat next to the last row in the temple. They stayed until 12:30. At that time Jesse, came out of the child care. Alberta and Lorraine stayed in the middle school child care area. Alberta and Jonny fasted until 5:30PM. It was raining a lot. So Jonny's family drove the 1 mile to temple. Jonny had to drive around and drive around for a spot. He listened to the end of Walking the Dog while looking. It was raining so he stayed in the car until the CD was over. So he finished that book. Jonny also finished the book The Last Innocent Man. It was 318 pages. Right now he is listening to the last parsha of the Chumash. That is Vezos Habracha.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

the flu

Jonny just got off the phone with Angelina. She said she just got back from the store. As usual, she knows everything. She knows exactly what is going on and when it is going on. Angelina plans to give Jonny a schedule of everything that is happening this weekend.

Right now she says she is starting to get a cold. Angelina has a physical therapy appointment and she isn't happy about it. She is too sweaty to go there. She just walked Jesse to school. So she said she got enough exercise. As usual Angelina is mad at Alberta. She says the child doesn't lift a finger to help.

She has a flu clinic appointment all week. So that is good but. She is complaining that she doesn't get a schedule. A schedule is what she calls what most normal people would call, enough advance notice. Apparently Angelina has her own lingo for just about everything that the rest of the world would explain in a different way. Of course, a lot of her vocabulary spills off to Jonny.

Last night the two of them watched TV. They saw the 2009 season premier episode of Criminal Minds. And this episode didn't get wrapped up. It was itself a cliff hanger from the end of the 2008 season.

Yesterday Jonny was at a picnic. So he missed most of work and was unable to blog.

Jonny is up to page 96 of his book.

Jonny rode his bike 16 miles yesterday. He took the bus today. His boss rode the same bus with him. The bus was so crowded it was standing room only. When Rob and Jonny got to work, Jonny went to the cafeteria to get a plastic fork.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday afternoon

The day is clearing up a bit.

Kristina called. She wanted to know who's voice was on Angelina's cell phone recording. It was Jonny's voice of course. Well Krisitina also wanted Jonny's home number. Then Angelina called. She wanted to know why Kristina was calling her?

Angelina hurt her ankle. She is going to put some ice on it.

Jonny is wrestling with Oracle and PL/SQL. Don't forget to use


instead of


The first one gives the results desired, 19960912, the second doesn't. It assumes that the missing century is the century the programmer is in, which is 2000. Thus it returns 20960912. But the consult happened in 1996 not in 2096.

Jonny has to prepare to request classes to teach for next semester already. He is just getting used to this semester.

Some of his plants are dying, here at the Hilton.

Angelina is complaining only after two weeks of working in the flu clinic. Her complaint is that there is no work schedule in place, yet.

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getting to work

A foggy day.

Jonny listened to Haazinu parsha again this week.

On Friday he called and spoke to Kristina a Wendell for 20 minutes each. He was unable to commit a weekend for their visit to Michigan.

Jonny watched Futrama. He saw the fourth part of a four part episode.

Angelina had a snack of popcorn she made on the stove. Jonny had a warm Bud light and ate cheezits.

The book he is reading is called The Last Innocent Man and he is up to page 64.

Jonny rode his bicycle to work today. The trip is only 2 miles.

Angelina worked in the flu clinic. So Jonny had to get Jesse off to school. To do this and still be on time, Jesse was dropped off at Edie Falco's house. Her daughter is now a kindergardener at Jesse's school.

Alberta needed help with homework, that Jonny was all too happy to oblige. She was working on box and whiskers in math.

Over the weekend Jonny planted grass and fertilized the lawn. He also cleaned the garage with Jesse's help. Of course he went to services for the high holidays.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy New Year

Today is the start of the Jewish New Year. Mostly the holiday begins at sundown. Angelina purchased a bottle of Riesling for Jonny. He won't be able or allowed to drink the whole thing himself. But if he did, he would be pretty drunk. Tonight is kosher brisket from Hiller's.

Jonny has started a new book. The Last Innocent Man by Phillip Margolin, author of the Gone, But Not Forgotten. TLIM is about a lawyer who's job it is to get off vicious, guilty, dangerous, menacing and rich criminals. He is very good at his job and now his conscious is starting to get to him. Jonny is up to page 50. He was reading with Lorraine last night. She has to do reading logs, where the teachers track how much they read. Alberta refuses to be tracked. Jesse refuses to read.

Jonny rode his bicycle to work today. He delegated some work to Lea today. That was fun. Plus Dolly Parton asked for some work. But she emailed Lea too. After about 5 emails it was determined that the report was already giving her what she wanted. Ahh now comes an email. Lea needs to be reminded of what work, Jonny is delegating to her.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

late afternoon

It is around 3:35 PM. Jonny just finished reading The Race. It was 339 pages. Then he checked out the AMAZON reviews. The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah is here in about a day. Jony took a break from matching up treatment summary's to consult visits to write this blog, read AMAZON and finish that book. The grass he planted over the weekend didn't come up this weekend or this week. Over the weekend Jonny went to a Bar Mitzvah. His neighborhood had a block party. He drank some Samuel Adam Octoberfest beer. He also got some two hearted pale ale from another neighbor. This neighbor refused Angelina's offer to trade one of her husband's beers for one of his. Just take it he said. So Jonny drank the beer with the picture of the fish on it. Last night Jonny did 60 situps and his hand weight exercises. He also did some stretching.

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thursday after lunch

Jonny had an early lunch today.

Last night for dinner, Alberta wasn't there. She had soccer practice.

Before that Jonny picked up Lorraine and Jesse at religious school.

Today at work Jonny is trying to match up treatment summary reports with consult reports. It would be so nice if there were done automatically.

Jonny is almost done with the book The Race. He is up to page 298.

Last night Angelina and Jonny watched Without A Trace. The night before, the missing person was dead. In this episode the snatched 2 year old was returned alive but the snatcher, killed herself.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

after lunch late in the afternoon

Well after lunch is afternoon. Earlier this week, Jonny listened to a parsha discussion on the Internet of Haazinu.

Last night Angelina and Jonny went to Jesse's school. They met his 2nd grade teacher. Lorraine, Jesse and Alberta stayed home.

Alberta broke her cell phone. She claims that her locker wouldn't close. Angelina was livid. The cell phone was found and broken in the boys bathroom.

Over the weekend, Jonny mowed the lawn. He also discovered, his grass that he planted the weekend before did not come up. On Sunday Jonny and Alberta went to Hamburg for a soccer game. On Saturday, the whole family went to the synagogue for the Bar Mitzvah of the week.

before lunch

Jonny was too busy to blog on Monday and on Tuesday.

Now it is a pretty day outside his view from the window of the 6th floor of the Hilton.

Lunch today is roast beef sandwich number 3 of the week. There might even be a roast beef sandwich number 4 tomorrow.

Jonny is up to page 215 of The Race. Passage, the book Jonny read before that 594 pages, got mixed reviews on AMAZON. He read how they complained the book was too long. He is also up to CD number 5 of Walking the Dog.

Last night Jonny and Angelina watched Without A Trace.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

saving old stuff

Today Jonny did some transplanting. He put up two hanging plants. Jonny has been waiting over 17 years to do that. Before he got married, a coworker gave him the idea to buy some hooks for a drop ceiling. Now here in the Hilton, he has that drop ceiling. Jonny has had these four clip on hooks for all these 17 years in his work area in the basement.

Jonny is up to page 92 of The Race.

Today he listened to the parsha Nitzavim. They are really gearing up for the end of the Jewish year.

Lunch today was a roast beef sandwich.

Last night Jonny steam cleaned and lit scented candles.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Today is a nice day outside the view from the Hilton window.

Jonny is on Chapter 11, page 83 of The Race. It is a nice book. The republican minister who ran in the primary, what's his name is definitely a character in this book.

In other reading news: Jonny decided to pick up where he left off with Haft-Torah reading. There is another term for it, but it escapes his brain right now. Today he read chapters 33, 34 and 35 of Jeremiah. This was with Rashi commentary. That was really neat.

The girls and Jesse started school. They are having a faboulous time too.

So far there have been no calls to Angelina's craigslist ad. She wants to get regular parking customers for the football games.

Jonny got most of his supplies. He helped Lorraine make her lunch last night. The supplies include, one can of coke. But he drank it. The same chips from last week and there is one more serving left. He also finished his tomotoe today. Jonny refilled his vitamins and brought them in

Jonny also wants to get back into some other hobbies: candles and plants. He got a plant today and has a bunch of transplanting that needs to be done. Recycling the old wax, splitting plants to make new ones as gifts and composting apple cores. These are all great things.

Jonny rode his bicycle today to work.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

new book

Jonny is reading a new book. It is called The Race. This book was written by Richard North Patterson. He mostly writes about politics. This book is definitely for democrats. Even the word democrat isn't used as much. Democrats call themselves progressives. Republicans call themselves conservatives. Republicans call the progressives, liberals. What do the democrats call the republicans? Anyway this book has a lot of real life history. It was written before Obama was elected. But it seems to make up characters to represent what was going on. There is a Karl Rove like character. There is a John McCain. He is still in the fund raising stages and is a senator. Also there is lots of Right Wing Religous clergy. None of them are Jewish. There is a FOX news rich owner.

Right now it is raining. So Jonny took the #14 bus.

He called his mother.

He listened to the parsha Nitzavim. The speaker asks "will we be forgiven for averos?"

Jonny forgot a whole bunch of stuff. He needs chips. He needs coke. He also forgot fruit. He wants to remember to take home his water bottles. They get really dirty here at the Hilton.

Rob Schneider isn't here today. So maybe Jonny will take the 3:55 bus home early.

Angelina wants to use craigslist to sell parking for the football games.

Friday, September 04, 2009

short phone call to relatives

Lorraine picked out a book for her father to read. But at the last minute she decided to get him a book at the library. Earlier today she went to the allergist. They see a local doctor in town. Also earlier today Jonny called his parents. Kristina answered the phone. Even though the conversation lasted about a minute it was nice. She lost the connection because Wendell was driving the family to the Shenedoah national park. It was the same trip his parents went with Jesse back around Jonny's birthday. Ow, Jonny just popped his elbow. Must be too much stress. In the morning Jonny listened to the real audio chanting of the parsha. It is Ki Tavo on that website. Other people call it Ki Savo. That is just a function of local dialect. The neat thing about Jonny's mother's news was that his brother and his brother's wife were fast asleep in the back seat of Kristina and Wendell's car. That was because Richard Ziman and Nancy Ticotin flew in to Dulles airport from San Diego on the red eye. It was around 9 AM and Jonny's parents met them at the airport with all their bags for the camping cabin trip already packed. So the whole family is probably going to be taking a nice nap later today. A few days back in the week Jonny spent 40 minutes talking to Elizabeth Regen. He had forgot that she told him about the trip. Jonny just isn't a very good listener. Today is a short day. Angelina is convinced that Jonny is supposed to leave work early. So that makes for a stressful day. All Jonny wants to do is take a nap. But his stomach is killing him. He is drinking his after lunch coffee. And typing like a mad monkey. It is the added stress of work, plus it being a Friday and then a three day weekend. Jonny gets a touch of depression being home and not at work. Work gives a person a sense of worth. No work for three day plus a holiday from school gives Jonny a sick empty feeling. perhaps a sitting and watching scrubs episode or a long movie

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Today is a beautiful day outside. This morning Lorraine and Jonny walked the dog. Lorraine got scared of the neighbor again. His car alone is scary enough to make her scared. This weekend is a Bar Mitzvah. Angelina is probably going to stay home. Jonny will go because even though they people are Jewish, they aren't Angelina's friends. Jonny finished his book. It was called Passage. Today his stomach is killing him. Also his contacts have been hurting. Jonny has been working very diligently. He has to they keep throwing new projects at him. The book he finished was 594 pages.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Lorraine walked the dog Lucy with her dad Jonny this morning. It was really cold. Lucy didn't eat her breakfast. They saw the mean neighbor's car and Lorraine got scared.

Jesse got walky talky's at Target. Angelina thinks that he will be able to use those to park cars over the weekend. This weekend there is a football game in the big house. Even though the coach is in trouble for ponzi scheme and violating practice amount rules.

Angelina was complaining about Alberta. Alberta can't put the clothes into the dryer.

Angelina and Jonny watch Without A Trace last night.

Angelina worked today. She had to go to flu shot orientation.

Jonny has 30 more pages to go in the book Passage. He forgot to bring his flu shot days paper to work. Jonny rode his bike to work today. Right now he is super duper sleepy. He has so much ASP.NET work to do.

Lea was mentoring Jonny today. That is why he has so much work to do. She got delegated some of Jonny's machine log work. Jonny checked with the users and the program is broken.

Jonny listened to the parsha today. The concept of Bi Kurim is discussed. The concept of why we tell we did the mitzvah was talked about. Also he discussed the difficulty of doing the mitzvah.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Earlier today Jonny made some copies. Then later he needs to fax them. This is because of the Chase bank loan. Angelina called about the loan modification. They told her that Jonny needs to recopy the bank statement, including the blank pages. Then he needs to fax a whole bunch more information.

Last night was a late night. Angelina was working hard on paperwork. So they didn't watch any shows on DVR. They watched the usual depressing Detroit news on channel 7. Even the weather is bad. There is a cold morning today. But Jonny rode his bike anyway. He used his new bike computer. It was really neat.

Jonny rode his bike including weekends, 13 times in the month of August. Last night his eyes began to hurt. So today he is wearing contact lenses.

Over the weekend Jonny watched the movie Cocoon. He is suffering from some arm muscles spasms. Angelina found out the hitch will cost $220. She is waiting for her first paycheck.

Jonny saw: Penn Jillette, Felicity Huffman, Bob Sessions, Max Ligosh, Anna Marie Zola all at the bar and bat mitzvahs.

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