The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

good deed

Jonny was walking his new dog Babs on Sunday. He was at the corner of Stadium and Q street. A loud screeching came from a car heading East on Stadium. The car left behind a large piece of metal. Jonny flagged down the next car. He grabbed the metal and then that was it.

Jonny watched A Walk In the Clouds, movie. It was a typical romantic movie.

He also watched two episodes of Crimina Minds with Angelina Saturday night, one Sunday and one Monday.

Still no finalization on the beach trip.

Lucy the dog is no longer alive. She was put to sleep Friay June 25 at 1PM. April 1, 1993 to June 25, 2010, is a long, long life for a 30 pound, runt of 10 liter of mixed pure blad black labs and something else causing her to have a terrier like look.


Friday, June 18, 2010

beach trip

Jonny finished Deception Point. He also finished The Cardturner. He looked up the reviews on AMAZON for The Cardturner and they were very good. Jonny thought Deception Point was even better.

Jonny still hasn't gotten approval from Angelina for a beach trip. Below is some emails from Kristina. She lays it on thick.

As you try to work out which weekend to come visit us, consider having the whole family come to the beach for a week long vacation after all camp and summer classes are done, but before the fall semester starts. We could join you at Bethany on the weekend, leaving everyone a chance to enjoy different activities.

Hi Mom,
I think at some point in the future we might consider a week long trip to your beach house as it is a very generous offer. This year will be extremely difficult if not impossible to find that week. Maybe next year.

In the 11 years we have lived here I think you and your family has maybe visited us once. It's easy to say "next year". but I wonder if it will ever be.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Father's Day is coming up soon. Jonny wishes he could give Wendell a present that he was planning a beach trip with him.

Right now outside the Hotel they are blasting music in the courtyard.

Jonny is on page 400 of Deception Point by Dan Brown.

Angelina purchased a half case of Corona in bottles and a case of Labatt Blue Light in cans. All the Labatt is in the refridgerator. Jonny did make the Spanish fly drink one night. It is no fun for him to drink alone.

In the parsha this week is the story of the Red Heffer. It is a mysterious sacrifice that is no longer practiced today. The moral implications are that sometimes a mitzvah is performed because it is a mitzvah and not because it does anyone any good.

Jonny had a day off on Wednesday. On his day off he went and got a hitch for his minivan from the hitchhouse in Livonia. This cost $165 plus tax. They also charged $60 for installation. In addition there was a $5 off coupon.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Please review because that is a link to an old diary entry. Remember when Jonny says he was babysitting he meant for young Harry Carey. Harry was around 8 at the time. Same age as Jesse is now.

Yesterday blogger wasn't working.

Last week was the parsha of Shelach. Some pronounce it Shlach lax ha. This was Alberta's parsha two years ago and will be Lorraine's parsha in one year. The Jewish calendar lines up differently then the English calendar at times.

Someone just sent Jonny a message about VASE. They lost their e-signature. He will undoubtedly have to reset their password for them. The instructions inside the web-based product are poorly worded and misleading. Combine that with not so bright users and bam you get an administration of a website nightmare.

On 6/2 Jonny had a migraine. Angelina had plenty of household problems.

In the parsha Shelach one Miragle per Shayved was selected. If you didn't know it the way Grossman says it. Then the words are Hebrew words. Miragle means spy. Shayved means tribe. The problem was the Miraglin (the plural of the word spy) committed Loshen Hora against Yisrael. That means they gossiped. You see we learn this because the Miraglin learned nothing from Miriam's Avayra. Or maybe the Nassim were afraid of losing Koved. Avayra from the context means something like a sin. But the word for that is Chet.

The VASE user just emailed that they are all set now. Hopefully Jonny doesn't get another email saying no they are not all set. Oh well. Moving on.

Koved means honor and Nassim means the plural of leader. The name of the parsha means send if you want to send. Two of the Miraglin were different from the group. Jonny doesn't rememer much more than that since it is now a new week. Caleb Davened to be part of the group. Yoshua also wanted to not be grouped with the evil group. So he took a different strategy, he spoke to Moshe directly. Caleb tried to take inspiraton by praying at the Pirkot Averos or loosely translated the fathers gravesite. There is a place where, Adam, Eve, Abraham, Sarah, Issac, Jacob, Joseph and one other were buried. That would be a great place to take inspiration from previous generations.

This week's parsha is Korach. Korach stood up to Moshe. He wanted Koved. But he was wrong. He was very convincing and got many followers.

Jonny got his Visual Studio working again yesterday. Well Don Ameche got it working. On Friday Don installed Data Direct 3.0 instead of 3.1. Jonny needed both verions. For the reason, the story is too long and boring. Well that hosed up Visual Studio's ability to see SQL-SERVER or and database. The programs still worked, but Jonny wants to manually edit the data. Another long story.

Out of the blue Melissa Barker emailed Jonny. Jonny wonders what she wants. He just sent her an email. She works in the Bee Hive and worked at the insurance company too. They worked together for 10 years.

Korach said his piece then did not wait to hear what Moshe had to say.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Jonny has a headache. He has been trying all day to get Visual Studio to see the SQL SERVER databases. But to no avail. So now he is working in VASE and it will time out soon. The good news is he got his performance evaluation information to Rob yesterday. Rob returned the favor by sending out an email to the group reminding them that the packet is due Thursday. Ahh no timeout so back to database cleanup. Someone had put in a date of 003/26 instead of 03/26. That threw the ODBC data warehouse access to Oracle connection way off.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Jonny has been real sick the past 6 days. He hasn't listened to the parsha of the week yet either. But today is really the first day of a short work week. And Jonny celebrated that Memorial Day Holiday by a trip to the liquor store. Lorraine and Jesse accompanied their father when he racked up a $55 purchase. Lorraine got a sandwich for $5.99. Jonny got a $6 bottle of E&J brandy for his cold. Angelina agreed that he could buy the ingredients all of them for the Spanish Fly drink. This was from a recipe on a shot glass they kept in the living room, with their rather extensive collection of shot glasses. Ah the blog entry wouldn't be complete without an interuption by an Angelina phone call. Right now Jonny is trying to fix his Visual Studio. The SQL Server connection to the database isn't working in the server explorer window of VS. This is mostly likely fixed by running maintenance. So he is running maintenance. In other news Lorraine broke her wrist. She came back from the orthopedic appointment today. Jonny isn't reading any more books at this moment. He is waiting for his daughter to pick one. Or he might check his Jewish shelf and read one of those books.
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