The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, April 28, 2006


I only have a few minutes. I stayed late to work and now it is almost time to go home. I got to stay until 6. My wife is making red snapper for me on the grill. The rest of the family is having salmon. I forgot what I wanted to write so I'll write as it comes to me. I have 20 more pages to go. I brought the next book called Jurassic Park. There is still time to change the book. Tonight I have to do the grades or I can wait. We have to mow the lawn and then back to work on the 835 here. At least for a couple of hours. My deadline is looming closer May 3. Read a little of the parsha. Moses has a glow now because he got the commandments re-written for him. I was lazy last night. Haven't performed the nasal rinse in a while. S has been very supportive with the work needed here at work. Hopefully not too many students emailed. Played phone tag again with my brother. Had a headache all day. Had to take a nap at 12:30 after the picnic. Got a bunch of left over food to take home. A couple of burgers for tomorrow's lunch and lettuce and tomatoes and my own lettuce. A couple of soda bottles, are worth ten cents each. The rest of the vegetarian penne pomodoro my wife bought for 4.99 at the produce station for my last 4pm thursday dinner. Blaine gave me the softball schedule I can't play until June 29, four games and two playoff games.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Read a parsha page

I read a page of parsha last night. It wasn't the right one and the things I learned aren't important. It's a step and can I maintain and go two nights in a row is it possible? Z slept 5 nights in a row in his own bed. I am up to page 200 in my book the creepy crawling horror fiction called The Auctioneer. The descriptions and details of farm life in the 1970's yes 1970's is wonderful. My program has 700 lines. It is slow going. I have a new due date of May 3. My day has been hectic. I was up at the cancer center. The Detroit News was there too. They took Z's picture and filmed him and taped his voice. He was playing with brio trains. We talked to a nurse who took care of him at 7 months when he was in the hospital about 4 years ago. Time flies. The paper was there because of something a Detroit Lions football player name Robert Porcher. Well I have to go to school soon. Z was there for an oncological follow-up. He is fine again. He does have scoliosis. Here is another Tom link. And Marilyn is quitting next week. I talked to my father Tuesday night.


From: Tom
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2006 11:46 AM
To: Gregory ; Marilyn ; Pittsfield Jew; Patrick
Subject: Pretty cool...

Making a Mont Blanc pen for $15:

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Uneasy about MidEast

I'm getting an uneasy feeling about the middle east. Maybe it's just my paranoia. Sorry had to help Terry with some support. She was looking at my accumulator file. Now I lost my appetite and my train of thought for what I wanted to type. I looked at the fain yiddish maiedle web site which is linked on my main page. It is general and then there is another link for parsha. I looked at my Hebrew flash cards for 1 minute while I waited for R to get in the car yesterday. Last night was really tiring. The students all want to make sure they have enough points to pass. Then I called my dad. My mom is in the same situation or mitzav as they say in Hebrew. She has all her students complaining at the end of the term too. We are seeing the oncologist tomorrow. Wow I spelled tomorrow correctly. I am on page 105 in The Auctioneer. What does it say for my psyche when the books' title begins with the word The? Or it's just a coincidence. Oops misspelled coincidence, now it's fixed. The dogs appointment for groom and go was canceled and rescheduled. The problem with using big words is the continuous need to look up their spelling. Drat canceled has one l, not 2 l's can you believe it? I'm almost out of saline. I brought in floss yesterday. Well I have to go work and eat lunch. My wife just called too.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

tired again

For some strange reason I'm tired. S would say it's the emotional draining of going to the hospital. I didn't even go! I fell asleep at 10 and went to bed at 12. I read a chapter of my new book The Auctioneer I finished The Auerbach Will at R's soccer game. You see the parents have to get the kids to the game 30 minutes before it starts. It was run home and run out to soccer. Well we drove not ran, same concept. Most people complained about the traffic and construction. I was complaint free. I slept about 30 minutes when I got here too. My boss parked next to me, so he was 30 minutes late and the noise woke me up the second time. Ha ha slept 30 minutes and didn't sleep well, up every 15 minutes. It was great I was trying via typing to be sarcastic. The soccer was nice we had a second half come back from a 2-0 deficit to win it with an insurance goal of 4-2. Being in insurance I like it. Being not a conservative I don't care. The politics of the day are prisoners in the an army base. Why can't our government release them. Reforms on lobbying laws to prevent another Jack Abramof scandal. I probably spelled his name incorrectly.

No yahoo tagline since I came back in here to edit or append. The workers of tidal and the amisys connector had trouble running a claims payable on the new a2proj3 account. Bill my business analyst has answered all my 835 questions. 835 is a transaction type not a number of questions. So now I can get back to programming it.

Z slept in his own bed 3 nights in a row. My new book is interesting because it takes place in a farm. The people mom, dad, 5 year old girl and grandma live in a desolate area. Had to look the work desolate up. Yes it's spelled correctly. They walk 1/2 mile each day to get the mail. Of course I don't want to give away the whole book. Tonight is test night at school. I need to go read the reviews of the book I finished.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Don't feel like it

Today I don't feel like writing. I will because if I don't the events of my life add up to more to tell. Right now my carpal tunnel is acting up. Immediately after lunch my hand started hurting. It's like it said hey time to work after lunch forget it. Sunday we went to ahh just got interupted. Today Z had his ultra sound and everything is fine. Tonight is R's soccer game. I had to take L to a friend's house this morning and S went with R and Z to a different friend's house. This friend took R to school along with their child. The mom went with S to the hospital for support. We went to see Thomas the tank engine at Greenfield village. We walked around at some of the buildings. In a bit I am going to brush my teeth and floss. Now I am out of floss and chips again. My program is up to 611 lines. It has some kind of error and then I worked on it over the weekend and went to school over the weekend to get caught up and the computer is faster and I have been working to make next semester better than this one since its the same two sections of the same class. Ah a real run on sentence it's the kind of sentence with about 60 words in it. The sentence has as its length 60 words. Ah now I see the difference between its and it's. We saw orthodox Jews at the Greenfield Village. I always want to go up and say hi. I didn't as usual since I don't know what to say. R was staring at them for awhile. The mom was covered up and the boys all had tefilot. Also the oldest daughter had long brown hair was davening at the table and reading a prayer book. The dad went outside with a water bottle and cermoniously washed his hands. Most people wouldn't notice any of this. Hand is feeling better. Almost completed my book. Tonight I'll get the next book in the Dark Tower series from the woman at the soccer game.

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Friday, April 21, 2006


S, R, L and Z are back. I haven't seen Z yet. He was asleep when I came home. At around 11:30 I was trying to put the dogs in bed. They barked. He woke up and came into our bed. So at midnight I slept in the bunk bed. I threw all the stuff to the floor. Then in the morning I picked it all up again. They had Red Robin since S was too tired to cook. I had my Kosher Salami Hebrew National with a salad at 4 before setting out on my long journey to the school. I was there for 4 hours as usual. I was helping students with homework, double checking grades and letting them know no matter how little they pay attention to the directions they will still pass the class. I turned in the paper work for the student to get the grade changed from 1998. The dean looked at me with a horror struck eye. Well she would have. I only smiled at her and handed the paper to her secretary who was ready to high tail it out at 5 PM. I haven't seen any homeless guys in a while. Usually they are men. Tom and I just got water. I updated my real player and will listen to the Amy Goodman show. They ought to have a middle east show. It would be just middle east issue. She once had a show all about the war profiteering companies. Thanks to them a security guard was killed and it was pretty famous on TV. The people who did it were fairly pleased with themselves it embolded them to their supporters. The company blackwater got richer because they skimped on security. Meanwhile its all Bush's fault since he doesn't care and there is no law in Iraq. Well this is the way the left wing show spins the story. I am on page 300 of my book. Today I have my flu shot study so I might be going out to Burger King. I'll bring the food back so I can eat my coke and chips with it. Z was still asleep this morning. I need to get the whole family to sign my brother's wedding card.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Whats the subject gonna be?

 It looks like I got nothing left to eat today. My weight is now 148 lbs. I am up to page 250 of Auerbach Will. I gave the homeless man some matzoh. Later I will go to the drug store to get some medicine for Z. Then I will go home and let the dogs out. My 835 program has 385 lines. The program is about 15 or 20% complete. R, S, L and Z return tonight. I had baked potatoes, with hot sauce and margarine. Also a couple of kosher hot dogs and mustard. Also a small salad with walnut maple vinaigrette dressing. For breakfast I had orange juice and chocolate milk.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I have a student who wants their grade changed from 1998. Last night I passed by a gas station with a price of 2.71. This was 18 cents cheaper than the gas station across the street. After a discussion by phone with S I went and got the gas. I was home at 9:30 PM and let the dogs out of their beds. I closed the basement and then went back out to the gas station. Once there I found myself next to a well dressed black man. I planned to say something about the discrepancy of price. He beat me to the punch. All I could say was aren't we lucky. He said it must be the same gas. Marathon gas can't be much better. Tonight I plan to eat dinner and do school work. I am up to page 150 of Auerbach Will. In case I forgot to mention it I finished the book Flesh and Blood a mystery over the weekend. My wife and children return Thursday while I am at school. I have to go home for lunch again. I doubt I will take a nap. Maybe I can keep it to under a 2 and 1/2 hour lunch this time. I let the dogs sleep with me and they let me sleep until 7:30 so I was at work by 8:35, pretty respectable. Tom sent me a link about India.

From: Tom
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 1:21 PM
To: Marilyn ; Pittsfield Jew
Subject: Good one...

I got the chanting website to work. Their calendar program thinks we are in Re'eh parsha. So I listened to the whole thing. I've been following the Israel bombing news and other Middle East news on the left wing radio show. I know its very slanted and the hostess is Jewish too. It makes me kinda upset. I can't believe they feel its all Israel's fault. At least it is some news. Maybe tonight it will be on the regular news since now the "US rhetoric is heating up". I say attack Iran. They are just a bunch of anti-semites. It is in their religion to be anti-semites. They kill each other in Africa too. What a mess.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The headline is Israel holds Palestinians Responsible. There has been almost no news about this story. On another sad note here is a message from Tom to me, Marilyn and Patrick. It is sad because its almost true.


From: Tom
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 12:20 PM
To: Marilyn ;Pittsfield Jew; Patrick
Subject: Darn funny...

The story is about Detroit. Its is supposed to be a comedy.
I was driving 23 N and this car with flowers and a woman driving was tailgating me going 70 in the left lane. The speed limit was 65. I swerved into the right lane in front of her and a sandwiched between to trucks. Then I and her exited. I got into the left lane because I saw the homeless man. I pushed the express button to on my window. I fished out the granola bar I'd been saving for him for a couple of weeks. It was a real act of charity to match her uncharitable tailgating. I told the homeless man to tell the B***** behind me to stop tailgating. He said he would. Now as a good Jew eating matzoh I still carry this granola bar with me because I knew as luck would have it I would need it. Besides I eat mainly chumetz free during pesach we don't clean the chumetz out of the house. We have a big loaf of Jewish rye in the refrigerator.
Wow thank G-d for the spell checker. I am up to page 100 of Auerbach Will. I finished the movie HP #2. Today I have to go home for lunch again. I got up walked the dogs and went back to sleep and here I am at work now. I has been so cold, I put the heat on last night. I need to put the AC back on when I go home. Yesterday I carried around two coats because the weather changes so much.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Bad news in Israel

I saw in the news this morning there was a bombing. This is as usual bad news for fellow Jews. I waited until today to blog because I wasn't sure if it was ok to blog on Passover. Well I saw bec wrote so I know it's ok. (Thanks to Erica (http://ericasherman.blogspot.com/) for pointing out this grammatical error.) My wife and kids are out of town and I had plenty on the honey do list. I fertilized the lawn, fixed the garage, swept the garage, shampooed the kids rooms, vacuumed the house, swept the basement, and graded papers. I was so excited since I found the long lost Harry Potter DVD #2. I watched part on Saturday night, got tired. Watched part on Sunday night, got tired. I have to go home for lunch today. The dogs will need to be let out and I can keep them company. I found a bunch of books at school to list on Amazon and haven't had time to list them. There is a book recycling bin and I just reach in and grab a few. I tried to listen to the Torah on-line and the link wasn't working. The Amy Goodman website is updated yet either. I also went on two bike rides. The first was to the post office to mail the VHS movie the Amazing Howard Hughes. We sold it for $3.00. Later I went to the storage locker to grease the lock and put moth balls in there. I called my parents and only spoke to my Dad. I think my mom is still angry with me because only I am going to my brother's wedding. S and the crew were going to leave Friday morning and left Saturday morning because everyone was sick. We even bought chicken soup from Zingermann's. There is a problem with the EOB file here at work.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


As usual I had much to say and only little to say now I'm here. Up to page 120 of Flesh and Blood. The book has much to say about Jews from the 30's in the garment industry. I took some boxes to the storage locker. L learned how to ride a two-wheeler. S bought a new battery for her phone today for $100. R had soccer practice out doors. I picked her up and together we went to the storage locker. She sat in the car while I unloaded the clothes. We need to get some more moth balls for the storage locker. I had my design meeting for the 835 ERA today. It went well. I read some passover website so it counts as parsha and I didn't read any parsha. I wanted to know more about corn on passover. It seems the jury is still out on this call. The corn symbolizes the pride and we are supposed to show humilty. This morning I had to hold Z down while S gave him some motrin. He is feeling sick. I took extra vitamin C just in case. My plans for tonight are the usual, dump the seedlings, read my book, hand weights, brush dogs, shave, shower, read parsha, nasal rinse, walk dogs, situps and go to school.

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Monday, April 10, 2006


Back at work again. Finished the book The Fifth Estate. It is a beautiful day outside. Went for a bike ride with R over the weekend. Also took Z, L and her friend to the Children's science musuem. It is so funny to hear Z try to say it and Salvation Army. He is only 4. Started a book Flesh and Blood. It is 296 pages and I am on page 100. Read some parsha over the weekend. Moshe asks G-d for the ultimate test of his trust. As we know he doesn't get to see his face only has all his goodness pass before him. I read a couple alumni magazines over the weekend. We went to the JCC and chabad made matza. Z loved it. They had mediatrean style whitefish. Potatoes with leeks. Matza pizza. I called my father and my aunt. My father seems very subdued. He wasn't angry with me. I have been diligent about the hand weights and the situps and the nasal rinse. When I got to work I found out my rye bread got moldy since I last looked at it. I finished my 835 ERA flow chart today.

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Friday, April 07, 2006


I started writing and then the browser window closed. My coworkers were talking so I started blogging. He has to do his rounds he says. So he was talking to the other coworker for 20 minutes. I timed them. Then she says ok go do your rounds now. Now if this is true he spends 20 minutes with each person. Wow. How does he program. Well who am I to say. Last night I read some parsha. I watered my seedlings. Aaron is admitting what he did wrong. Moses is begging for forgiveness for the people. My seedlings are dirt after two weeks. I need to try again. My family is going away for 5 days and I'll be all alone. The dog sitter will be here a couple of nights. Especially since I have class twice a week. There is so much construction. Carpenter road out of nowhere started getting constructed. It is down to one lane in each direction across the bridge. They are working on the bridge on 23 too. How smart is it to fix two bridges 1/4 of a mile from each other? Its this way every year. Michigan has two seasons winter and construction. Up to page 450 of The Fifth Estate. The book is almost finished. L wouldn't read for S last night. R is as mouthy as ever. Z wet his bed. He slept in his own bed. S has called me three times about her ringer. We switched vehicles since the car is getting an oil change today. She is at the dealer now. I've rinshed my nose last night and exercised my hand weights too. Also did two sets of 30 situps. S bought my pad tai noodles in a package box and I ate those before class. They are made by kame. My post nasal drip is pretty bad. I don't do the nasal rinse in the morning. Never have time. I better read more Torah tonight. Its my way of praying for a good outcome with my relationship with my parents. Cell phone ringing.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

More of the same

I am sitting here at work and in a few minutes I'll have two meetings. Last night I was tired and did all things I wanted to do. I did hand weights, situps, my nasal rinse irrigation. I showered and shaved. I walked the dogs and brushed the dogs. At 9PM I went out again and walked the dogs and called my parents. I left a message. No one answered. I read a page of parsha. It was about Aaron admitting what happened with the golden calf. Listened to Matisyahou again on the way to work. Next I've got a claims payable workgroup meeting. After that is NCPDP meeting. I worked on the program a long time ago. This guy in the cube next to me is droning on and on on the telephone. He is telling some guy his life story about how hard his life is. It all sounds so boring. I finished the Cam Jansen book with L last night. I am up to page 283 of The Fifth Estate. Its amazing to see their predictions in 1972 of the way life was progressing into the future.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I am tired today. Last night I had to do work for my day job. When I was finished I felt like relaxing for awhile. So today it made me tired. R started outdoor soccer practice. It was too cold, rainy and windy so it was cancelled. I read some parsha lately. I get the parsha emails too. They are about Pesach. I listened to some Hebrew music on the internet. They play songs completely not in English. Class was tiring too. I had to help the students understand how their grade is calculated. I spend large portions of time doing this every semester. It really is not complicated. Take the number of points accumulated and divide by the number of points available. It is possible to get over 100%!. Up to page 250 in my book. I need to call my parents tonight. We have gotten this matter with S and the kids to a head. I have to pick L up at religious school. I read about the golden calf. I also found out the stone tablets were double-sided. Not many people know this I think. At 9PM I'll call my parents. This will probably be around the same time S calls her father. Z wet his bed again today. He slept in his own bed. It took him until almost 10 PM to get into bed. I listened to the Matisyashu cd some more today. I finished listening to it. S got us invited to a seder through our congregation. It is much easier to go to someone else's house. We do this every year. People have a guest program and it makes them feel good to be a host/hostess. I think so at least.I really like this author Friedman. He was recommended to me by bec of the website becs world universe something similar. She said to read the book the living Torah. I am not sure if i recall correctly.

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Monday, April 03, 2006


Not much happening here. So I'll get right into it. Page 161 of The Fifth Estate. Bought Carbon Copy (DVD) and Moutasho sp? (CD). The DVD came from the Target 5.50 rack and the CD from the Target top hits. S and I went out to Canton to sell old clothes. We hired a new babysitter. He played basketball with the kids and played with all three of them easily. We also had dinner at TGIF. I had the skirt steak with the hot and spicy sauce. I got carded and couldn't get a beer. I never take my wallet with me. Its ok since I had one our Kilian Red's while I waited for S to get ready. We also went to Target and Lowes. I got parts to finish the repairs in the garage. We got nails and a vice too. I moved the snow blower into the shed. I fear we will go to war with Iran soon. I also fear globilization is going to change the world as we know it. It changes the economy of things. For example NAFTA allowed the US to export corn to Mexico. Globalization allows computer jobs to go from the US to India. I've other political observations I'll save for another day. I read one of those emailed parsha's last night. Tonight I plan to water the indoor seedlings, brush the dogs and pick up L at Ballet. Z and I had lots of fun yesterday. We went to the Salvation Army and to our storage locker. It took us two hours what S would have spent only one hour. We stopped to feed the ducks and pee in a porta potty. He drove the minivan and we got gas. We saw a couple with a bird (parakeet?) at the gas station. It had its wings clipped and Z asked them question after question. I have spent a couple of hours a night on preparing for class. Here at work I'm redoing the electronic funds transfer program conversion from the HP3000 to the HP9000. As usual my parents are nudging me about spending time at their beach house with my family and theirs. As usual S wants no part of it. I emailed him back and said its her problem. Someday she will get over her problem with my parents. They never did anything to her. On April 24 Z gets a round of tests for cancer follow up. He has no symptoms. Today I listened to Amy Goodman on the internet.

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