The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, March 30, 2007


Last day working here for Jonny. The APC code is al complete. No more Grossman for awhile. No more radio yo. Jonny's friend let him use her car to take a nap. Renoly brought in bagels. Angelina stopped in and dropped Jonny off. Earlier they dropped off Jesse, Lorraine and Alberta to their respective schools. Jesse went up to each and every person and said today is my Daddy's last day at his work. Jonny is up to chapter 5 Basic configuration, of the book TCP/IP Admin. ABL recommended he read that and TCP/IP diag is it what they really recommended. Also Angelina just called. Jonny said call me back when you're done yelling at the mail. Jonny took home everything last night. The cube is completely empty of all decorations. Renoly gave Jonny a tech review earlier and he did it already. Last night he stayed up late watching X-FILES. But it was too late so there is still 20 minutes left. Angelina wants to apply for two more U jobs she found yesterday. Jonny sold a book earlier this week and took it to the post office, some medical terms book. He found a book at school and also sold another book yesterday. He'll have to take it to the Post Office on Monday.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Today is Jonny's last Thursday at this job and hopefully not his last Thursday on earth. The bp is so high Jonny's praying it won't kill him. He went to Wings on Tuesday with the following people: Gary, Matthew, Renoly, Fisher, Darren and Ethan. Today there was a HR meeting about Friday being the last day. That meeting was a complete waste of an hour. Jonny is working on the APC turnover. His cube has almost been completely packed into three boxes. Laurence sent Jonny two emails yesterday. Still no job offer from DMU. Back to studying TCP/IP for ABL. It will be really sad for Jonny when he takes down all of Lorraine's art work. He is past page 400 of World Without End. He saw the movie Pumpkinhead. Last night he started the X-FILES movie.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Jonny has decided to send in his fax to ABL in the morning. Two visits to the RIF queen in two days is driving his bp insane. He will check it shortly. DMU hasn't responded yet so that is what is happening. All the kids are in bed. Jonny brought home his bike today.  He just finished reading chapter 2 of TCP/IP. He made flash cards. RPC = Remote Procedure Call. IANA = Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Angelina had an interview in Howell. Jonny wrote her thank you note for her. He also revised her resume for the secretary jobs. So it looks like she has no degrees. He really would like to take a break and watch Pumpkin Head. But there are papers to grade. Alberta has been coughing. Jonny went to wings today with 5 of the guys. He also fixed his APC program again. Three days left and all there is to do is minimal testing and preparing a turnover document.
Chores tonight for Jonny include hand weights, they were found. The dog brush is still missing. Stretching exercises, neck exercises, nasal irrigation and situps. Also the dogs need to be let out again. The Miller family barbequed chicken on the grill in the rain. Jonny listened to the first 15 minutes of vayikra again. This is the parsha where there is a small aleph. Well off to check the bp and grade the papers.

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Monday, March 26, 2007


Jonny went for a walk today with Ethan and Matthew. Jeb is back from vacation and his last day is Friday too. Jonny got an email from Laurence on his other account. Angelina got four new tires for the minivan from the dealer. She paid over $700. She also bought Ice Age Meltdown twice for $20 each time. No book or videos sold in awhile. It was a usual boring weekend for Jonny. Jonny looked over his new hire information for his new company. Let's call the new company Acme Bowling League. ABL. He has been studying TCP/IP for his new job at ABL. Today he made flash cards. TCP stands for transport control protocol. Over the weekend Jonny went for a two mile bike ride with Lorraine and Jesse. Alberta has been getting in trouble with Angelina more and more. Lets call the job offer Jonny is waiting to hear from at the U the Dialated Mega Uretor department or DMU. If he gets the DMU offer it might be more money and they will give him a promotion from Intermediate to Senior. Either way Friday is the last day at this job. The programming is complete for the APC Medicaid pricing program. Jonny started listening to vayikra today. It is Monday the day to pick up Lorraine and Margo at religious school. Jonny got Alberta to school early today. So while waiting for it to be cool to leave her there Jonny told her the story of the ant who gathers wheat. Right from last weeks parsha discussion. The ant doesn't know it might live longer so it gather more wheat than it needs for the chance that Kidush Barchoo might grant it yet one more day of life. Pesach is coming up. Jonny's family is going to Margo's family's house the first night and some stranger's family the second night. And at this point Jonny has the week off.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Yesterday there was trouble testing the claims payable process on a2 dev. Yesterday Alberta was sick and Angelina was singing the not praises of Jennifer. Check the fake names link. Kristin has a doctor appointment and is leaving early today. As to reading Jonny just finished reading chapter 24 designing your presentation of the book plain english at work. Back at home Margo was sick too and she came over to the Miller household.Tonight Jonny will set TC aside again and call Kristina. The offer letter came today but Jonny hasn't seen it yet. Still waiting for a U offer. So it is hard to celebrate too much. Jonny drank his last beer last night. He also called Elizabeth to tell her the good news. As to reading Jonny is up to page 236 of Worlds Without End. Everyone here is constantly talking about careers and job hunting. Tomorrow is a lunch for Jeff since he is going to a U job. In the meantime Jonny and Laurence have been corresponding by email. There was a big claim check program problem and that took most of the day to fix. Jonny saw a few movies last week. One had Eddie Murphy. The Nutty Professor 2 - The Klumps. Also Ogreslayer. Jonny sold a macintosh assembly language book and took that to the post office today. His bp is around 141 over 98 and he took a nap today to try and bring it down. Yesterday Jonny listened to the current 1 hour parsha lecture from grossman.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Same stuff different day. Angelina is less than thrilled about the new job. Jonny on the other hand never too scared to argue loves it. Soon all the U characters will get replaced with new characters. Maybe from a different movie too. But Kristina will be around for awhile. G-d forbid if any of Angelina's curse were to come true.
On to a different topic. Hashem would be proud. The other day when Jonny lost a glove while talking to Laurence in the parking lot. So Jonny gave the glove to a homeless man begging on the side of the highway. He was on his way to a job interview. Which he didn't get the job. But he felt good about donating. Today Angelina is lunching with a customer service person. She is bring over the books to donate to WCC. They have recycleing contest over there. Plus there is some old broken batteries in there. The kind like flat disk shaped for part of the magnetics toy.
Jonny has been programming the APC code for the 835. It and the NPI will go live long after he has left. Alberta is home sick now. Jonny sold another $1.75 book it was one of Max's books. He took it to the post office today. Jonny is on page 289 of TC. He has been reading plain english at work. Eating a roast beef sandwhich now.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Tuesday comes to a close and Jonny has little to say. Angelina made hot dogs tonight. Alberta had a friend over. A $1.75 book was sold. Angelina screamed. Jonny's blood pressure went sky high. There is only one beer left in the house. For lunch Jonny went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a large group of guys. Today was the first day Laurence wasn't there. Jonny has been studying TCP/IP. The book he choose is TCP/IP network administration. He received a verbal offer from a company outside the U.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Feeling sick

Unfortunately Jonny has a sore throat and is feeling sick. He has been teaching classes 6 hours a week on top of working an looking for a job. Today Jonny is listening to Grossman chumash again. This is the fourth day in a row he has listened to a whole one hour parsha. So now he is all caught up. But he needs to read more in TC to finish off the week. Today Jonny has a lunch meeting with a friend of Angelina's. The friend's name is new to this blog. Her pseudo name from the movie The Net or maybe from the movie Hackers is Natalic Portman. Natalic's friend is the one Jonny is meeting with. They are having lunch at Ben One. It is a Korean place. Jonny had a phone interview yesterday and has a peer interview Friday. Offer letters should be coming real soon. Angelina has found a possible house for her family to buy. The owners moved to Ann Arbor because of Pfizer and now will be moving out because of Pfizer. Renoly has been keeping a tally on his white board of the companies leaving the state. Now Laurence mentioned that Proquest is moving to Texas. Hard to believe so little posting has been completed to this blog. Unfortunately Jonny has been more than a little depressed. On a bright side he took the whole day off Friday March 16. It will show them what they are missing. Michael is moving to Missouri he got a job at the same company the CIO got one. As it turns out Laurence's last day is Monday not tomorrow so he and Jonny will have one more day together.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Daylight savings

Jonny is so sleepy. Could it be due to daylight savings? He read a book and watched a movie. Lorraine helped him pick out a new book from the collection of books in the basement. Beneath the Valuted Hills was 480 page. This new book is by the same author Sean Russell. It is called World Without End. Still no job for the almost out of work programmer. He has an interview on Friday. Jonny had 3 interviews last week. Tomorrow is training in Careweb. Jeff hasn't sold his house yet. Jonny listened to one whole parsha by Grossman today. He is a couple of parshas behind. He also has been reading about the golden calf in TC. Tonight Alberta has soccer practice so it is a rushed night. Jonny will bring the laptop and do some work while waiting for the practice to end. His friend Wendy has a big interview tomorrow and she is sure this is the one. The movie Jonny watched was called The Nutty Professor II, The Klumps. According to sources on AMAZON, Eddie Murphy plays 7 roles. That is amazing. Jonny went to the post office to mail girl scout cookies to Thomas. He did the Miller family taxes and that is his payment. It cost $5.85 to ship. Jonny has begun coding the Medicaid Maximus file extract or project 15951 task 4. He finally got Raquel to sign the design document and now Renoly needs to sign it. He signed it twice already. But Raquel complained about something. So Jonny fixed it and now Renoly is out and he needs to sign it Tuesday.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Jonny had a promising interview today. It was not far from where Comerica bank now stands in down town Ann Arbor. As you know that company will be pulling out of Detroit. Several companies are leaving soon. Jonny talked to his mother, Kristina. She wants him to consider pulling out of Detroit too. But he is too stubborn. Some employees are leaving. For example Diane got a job. And so did Jeff and Laurence. Jeff is the only one staying with the U. Jonny is going to miss his friend Laurence. On the training front Jonny is using the maislinc to learn about peoplesoft. On June 2 Wendell and Kristina are going to visit Michigan. They are here to see their grandchildren. A couple of weeks later Alberta is graduating and Thomas is coming for that. Wendell said he didn't want to be here the same weekend as Thomas. Jonny is almost completed BV. Then there is the sequel. On Tuesday Jonny is learning Careweb. On Friday he has an interview with Sterling Commerce and then he is learning Office 2007. At 3:30 Renoly and Jonny are discussing the Medicaid project that Jonny did the design document for.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The job search continues

There are only 20 working days left. And Jonny's job search continues. Monday he has an interview. Thursday another. There are so many people to follow up with, companies to research and jobs to apply for. There is also much rejection, heart ache and pain involved in a job search. Meanwhile there isn't much more to say. Angelina spoke with Thomas today. It is Angelina's step-mother's birthday. Whoops Angelina is calling Jonny. She is the trying to make sure he stays on task. This blog isn't staying on task.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Google and emacs?

Jonny is back from vacation. It is Saturday night. Alberta has gone to the Purim event. There would be more to write but Angelina is being a jerk and so is Blogger. They made Jonny enter in a Google account. And believe it or not this thing even knows emacs. Now that is from back in the day. He is still reading BV. The page count is around 325. He just finished doing sit-ups, hand-weights, stretching, neck exercises, nasal irrigation, relax and let go, reading TC. His family was in Orlando. Gotta go this Google thing took so long.
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