The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Saturday, July 16, 1994

Saturday afternoon about 7PM

The lady Angelina is calling Jonny. She called Clint. He was there after she yelled about him to Jonny. Clint is Jonny's electrician. Jonny went to Builder's Square today and got weed killer, a lawn hose connection and some insect spray for vegetables. Then he spilled some weed out that goes in the hose. He had it on but could not see the hose. Jonny has been rushing around all day and making mistakes. There is a stray dog in the neighborhood. Angelina is being a real bitch, sitting in her chair doing nothing.

Saturday AM

Jonny forgot to write on Friday. So he wrote the first of two entries today. Jonny babysat last night for money as he has no children of his own. Angelina just left either she went to work or to shop. Jonny has got 10 hours till 6 PM to wake up and do chores. The plan is to start by showering first. The dags (Dexter and Lucy) are gonna have to be good. They do probably need to go in their cages for 15 minutes. Jonny needs to buy some liquid wood, weed out and that spray bottle for applying weed out for the lawn. The newspaper just arrived. He got a 5% raise yesterday. He talked to a an EDS recruiter again yesterday. She is a pest. Or maybe it was a recruiter for that scam company.


Thursday, July 14, 1994


Jonny is very tense. He has gotta take dogs out. This person from EDS is going to call again tomorrow. Maureen Stapleton is off tomorrow. Dogs are whining. Maureen did not do anything with Jonny's program since last Wednesday. Well this EDS lady wanted to call at 9 AM. Jonny went to see James Edward Grant. He still says the project won't be done this semester. Angelina says work hard and surprise James. Jonny feels he has a very tension filled life.

Wednesday, July 13, 1994


Jonny can't believe he made it this far. He hasn't let the dogs out yet. His prescriptions are in the trunk of his car. Right now he is wearing shorts with no pockets. DOS ADA won't compile for Jonny's master's project. At work Maureen Stapleton will be mad at the errors uncovered in the particulate model. Angelina will be home soon. Clint Howard, the handyman/electrician will be at Jonny's home soon. Jonny still can't have alcohol. So he better do some relax and let go exercises. Angelina hit Jonny again last night. Jonny only cooked one herb (the legal kind). The dogs are getting restless (Dexter and Lucy).


Tuesday, July 12, 1994


No beer allowed, because Jonny went to the doctor yesterday. It is hard for him to write with this finger cream on. Angelina is being a real pain today. The teacher said the project wil be worked on next semester and that it would not be complete this semester. Therfore they have to pa $176 again. That is really not that much money Angelina say to drop out or change majors.

Monday, July 11, 1994


Today is a work day.

Angelina is a pain. She came home last night and punched Jonny.

They have so much stuff that is never used. For example the potatoe swirl making machine and the recipe holder.

There was 6 job advertisements at Jonny's work. But one, is one that Ron Howard is going to be interviewing for. Ron wants all the workers to defect to that other company.

Last night Jonny told Jack Gilford that no Pink Floyd concert.

Jonny has to study. Last night he re-hung blinds in the newly painted bedroom. He also fixed the whining shower.

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Sunday, July 10, 1994


Jonnyh couldn't write yesterday, so he wrote Saturday's entry on Sunday. He therefore did only 15 minutes of homework so far today. When Dexter the dog went outside he was so stubborn he wouldn't come back in a fenced in yard except after Lucy the dog chased after him. He should call his parents today. Only 4 days left until the concert that he isn't allowed to go to. He has gotta do homework. Jonny also needs to take Aleeve and make and eat dinner. The dogs still need to shit. Angelina is babysitting. Jonny went to Builder's Square today.

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Saturday, July 09, 1994


Jonny slept late till 9:30. He prepped for painting from 11-5:30 PM. But he had a hour set back because this lamp track lighting was removed from the wall. Angelina said not to do that. Hume Cronyn and Gwen Verdon came over to paint at 2 to paint and they got started at 5:30. Then there was a B-BQ. There was chicken, burgers and 2hot dogs. Jonny painted a window. Then he had lots of beer.


Friday, July 08, 1994

Friday Night

Back then Jonny wrote in his diary on Friday nights. He is very angry with Angelina. This pattern is continuing. He made project plans at work for the particulate model. Tomorrow he needs to paint. Jonny got the sump pump fixed. Jonny needs to get the whole side of the house fixed. He just came back from babysitting little Harry Carey. Right now he is drinking a 5 day old open Bavarian Beer. Angelina is sleeping. He got some food from Little Caesar's today called the big deal veal. It was a 2 for 1 coupon. It was not great but Harry Carey loved it. Jonny got Aleve a new drug today.


Thursday, July 07, 1994


Angelina is on the phone. Jonny is supposed to be working on this project but instead is doing this. He is very depressed about everything. This project is not gettig done. He never gets fot have any fun. His work is hell. Jonny wishes life wasn't so hard. This helps at times. It is so hot that Jonny took another shower, but broke the towel bar. He got in a few screaming matches with Angelina. He is babysitting tomorrow. He mowed the grass tonight. Lucy get off Jonny's legs. Sump pump isn't working. Jonny is so tired and hot.

Wednesday, July 06, 1994

the ADA master's thesis

Today is a workday. "Get the project done." Angelina has done far too much nagging about the project. She did far too much whining about the project. She is a pest. The sump pump is not working. Jonny is getting a haircut today. "It had better be really short." She is really, "trying to be patient" with Jonny is what she says about the ADA project. Jonny has gotta take some gum to work. Also he has cake for.

Who the cake was for was not written in the diary.

He has gotta go brush and floss now.

Tuesday, July 05, 1994

angry at life

Today is a work day. Jonny painted the living room this weekend. He needs to put on his ring and go to work. Once there he can try Kristina's coffee recipe. His mom uses 10 scoops. He has gotta send Maureen Stapleton a message. Leo the cat just jumped on his lap. It is raining now. He could've made it to the car. But it might pass. He did 3 thank you letters for job interviews. Last night he had a beer. The paint has stained the rug. Jonny could rent a steam cleaner. Angelina just left for her job in Dearborn after saying no Pink Floyd concert. Jonny is agry about that. He has gotta finish school work. He did 5 hours of school work: 2 were on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, none on Thursday and 1 Friday night.

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Monday, July 04, 1994

screwing around

Night time on the fourth of July. Dogs are scared of fireworks. Jonny is supposed to be doing his thank you letters. Instead he is drinking beer. There he just typed "win:" Kristina said "Jonny when did you get to be so mature?" He showed his parents EMU and Pittsfield Township houses that had no charm but did have powerlines instead of doing the window trim.

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Angelina is working. She didn't get a card for the wife of the great uncle that died. Too bad.


Sunday, July 03, 1994

parents help paint living room

Jonny has witnessed a big headache. His parents beach house got trashed over the weekend. Richard Ziman despite what Angelina thinks about Jonny's brother, had nothing to do with it. Prep work has begun on painting. Jonny should tell his parents that have to pay for T-day visit either now or in a couple of weeks. The time has to be right. Wendell bought the paint. He bought everything in the builder's square store. They helped walk the dogs. Jonny still has a headache. Jonny has walked the dogs. He needs to caulk doors, closets. His parents got wine called grateful red. There is not enough drop cloths. Now he has to medicate Candace's eyes. Also Jonny has to do some sanding and hammering.

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Saturday, July 02, 1994

ahh the internet

Angelina left for the airport. She will be back with Wendell and Kristina around 9. Jonny doesn't have much time. He has gotta write this. She doesn't like them. Jonny must study. What will they do when they get there? Plus there are a lot of steps. The garden needs to be weedd. The only chore left is lunch and dinner for the week. Angelina said she is gonna work every weekend in July. Due to this fact the ADA project might get done. Jonny is still hoping to see Pink Floyd. He wonder if he should show his parents the informaion super interet highway.

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Friday, July 01, 1994

getting yelled at

Friday night, July 1, 1994.

Angelina is being a royal b****.

Mr P. broke his foot then cancelled. Then he called later to say he is coming after all but can not paint.

Angelina got some AC work done for $225. That was a lot of money.

Jonny was supposed to stay at work till 7 but, came home to get yelled at early then mowed grass.

He needs to do plants now.

He just worked on ADA.

It is hard to be a worker that works unsupervised and one who takes supervision.

Pretending to be reading ADA.

Gotta brush teeth.

Angelina is calling Jonny. Told him to leave.


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