The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, February 24, 2006


I am going on vacation tomorrow so now blog for a few days. Up to page 400 of Wizard and Glass. Last night was a pretty good class. I stayed late and graded papers. I even saw Tom. He was there to pick up his wife. She has a class in the same room as my class. Her class has an instructor who used to work here. S went to the LaShish restaurant and I got some of the leftovers. I had some last night and I brought some to eat here at work today. In the book I am reading they talk about a group called the affiliation. Here at work affiliation is means an affiliation identification number. Every doctor has one. I worked on my Explanation of Payments design document most of the day. My father e-mailed me about the plane tickets for the wedding. I e-mailed him back last night. Luckily he only e-mailed me on Thursday. Doubtfully he has e-mailed me back already. I told him I would be willing to fly out to San Diego on Thursday and it would only cost $150 for a substitute teacher for my class. Right now I am trying to run a program I wrote before Thanksgiving. It had an error in it and I fixed it. Tom just stopped by to ask me if I have water. I did. Now Bill stopped by and we talked about Claims Payable and how cynical I've become. Also Tom came back and I bet he wants to take a break. Soon it will be time for my morning apple.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

links to look at

Here is the link to a brokeback mountain joke, Tom sent me.
It kinda makes fun of the movie back to the future.
Here is the link to a blog.
This guy isn't Jewish and had children with his wife before they got married. He complains about his wife. I only found his website because I was looking for other people who also enjoyed the Stephen King Dark Tower series.
Last night I picked up L and our neighbor from religious school. They told me Tu Bshvat has past already. Its really too bad since the Emerald Ash Bore has claimed the lives of so many trees in our neighborhood. Anyway back to my story. The other girl left some Hebrew notebook in my wife's minivan and a public library - library book. So S was planning to take the book to her the next day. I ate dinner, chicken stir fry and walked the dogs. I see the girl lets call her R, not my daughter R. She is walking to our house to get the books.
She rings the door bell and I walk on with the dogs over the horizon and around the corner. Perhaps I'll see her on the way out. 3 blocks later I do. She looks sad. No one has answered the door. It is now dark. She says she isn't scared. If I was smarter I'd brought the books to her house. Her brother is petrified of the dogs. I go in and get the books from the minivan. Then she leaves. S asks me if I have seen R. And I said yes she came to get her books.
I was terribly worried about her. S doesn't care. Finally 2 1/2 hours later around 8:30 she calls and R made it home safely. Well I have my usual 9:30 claims payable meeting. I forgot my pills this morning. Was up late grading last week's test and then unwinding until 1AM with a book (page 369).

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Answer to riddles

Here are the answers to the older riddles I didn't answer.
What goes in a direction but its not down or side to side. Its not right and its supporters say its not wrong?

The Left

What did not hold a mandrake but held a snake. What did not burn a bush but a tounge.

Moses the leader of the Jewish people

Take away a letter its a direction never down spelled backwards its a sickness use it for food you can't eat it.


What doesn't program and asks riddles all day.

Soon I'll be on vacation. Up to page 300 of Wizard and Glass. Read some of Friedman Torah Commentary. I wasn't sure which parsha we are up to so I read Judgements parsha. It is my favorite because I am Shoftim all the time as teacher. We are all sitting in judgements or the opposite is true. So even as we cast a terrible eye towards our oppressors, our bosses, our spouses etc. We must remember they have the heavy burden of Shoftim. So this is how I feel and its emotionally draining. Last night I tried to teach e-commerce and I'll try again tomorrow.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The numbers are in

I want to read my book and I know its about time to post an update. Our taxes are completed. I keep a record of my salary every year. For the past four years its gone down. Finally 2005 has beaten 2004, by less than $1K. It could be worse.
My in-laws were here over the weekend. I talked to my Mom last night for 30 minutes. Saw three movies. Awakenings, A Map of the Human Heart and Rags to Ruin. The best of the movies was Awakenings. It was old, depressing, long and Robin Williams wasn't meant to be really funny. It was touching and showed the human spirit. I get the feeling Robin Williams likes medical movies. S thought I was watching Patch Adams, another Robin Williams medical movie. R saw Chronicles of Narnia with S's Dad. S's step mom and I drank wine. I drank too much and was ill most of Monday.
Tonight I have class again. Its hard to use blackboard to grade the papers. My computer is dial up so it is slow sometimes. I am up to page 200 in Wizard and Glass. In a few days we depart for Florida. No school either.
Radio yo seems to have merged with another station. Now when you go there they let you click on another branch to another station. It has some of the same dj's too. I picked L up at ballet yesterday. I forgot to get both of her ballet shoes. Today S went and got the other slipper.
Z and L slept in the top bunk together for the last four nights. My night was short and comfortable back in my own bed. I slept in the lower bunk. S slept in the other lower bunk. Her dad and step-mom in the master bedroom. Friday night L and I saw the Burns Park Players performance of Fiddler on the Roof. I remember the songs from the tape I bought years ago after watching the movie.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Answer to riddles

Here are the answers to yesterday's riddles plus more new riddles.
Jewish House of worship.
Turnover. - This is work related.
What goes in a direction but its not down or side to side. Its not right and its supporters say its not wrong?
What did not hold a mandrake but held a snake. What did not burn a bush but a tounge.
Take away a letter its a direction never down spelled backwards its a sickness use it for food you can't eat it.
What doesn't program and asks riddles all day.
Last night Z slept in our bed. He came in before I got there so I slept in his bed. I was reading my sci fi book. The riddle part of the story has past. Up to page 65. Last night I picked up L at ballet class. We did alot of clean up since today is garbage day. I gave Z and L a bath. S figured out all my Jewish riddles right away.
Four more days until my wife's father and my wifes's step mother come to visit. I'm sure my parents would be jealous. They get to stay in the house not a hotel in our room not in a guest bed. We make them food instead of going out.

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Its been awhile since I last wrote. The weekend was nice. I can't remember much of it and now its late. I started a movie Awakenings and its 2 hours long. I got about 40 minutes into it. I finished The Wastelands and now started the sequel. So in both books there are riddles. Now on page 24. Had a headache all day. Well it went away for a few hours and came back around 8PM. Been sending my resume around to try and find a new job.
Also invented a few riddles of my own. Some are even Jewish. Some more I left at work and they aren't quite in my head. This one is from the book.
When is a door not a door?
When its ajar.
(From a riddle website) What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?
What has four wheels and flies?
A garbage truck.
Whatcan run  but never walks, has a mouth but never talks has a bed but never sleeps, has a head but never weeps?
A river.
A sponge.
Here are three I made up. Answers to follow.
Where do you go to have two parties all the timand rarely a celebration?
Many skulls are there few are bare no one dies in this house where no one lives?
Part of its job is to tell you what goes where.
It never moves a thing on its own.
It makes people flip when its wrong.
But it gets touched when people move it from place to place.
What is there when its not, has many colors except when cared for irresponsibly costs nothing to have expensive to remove?
Add ice and kids love it take away one letter and its the main ingredient to the last treat I said all by itself they hate it when you do it they do it when you do it.

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Friday, February 10, 2006


Talked to my dad for 20 minutes last night. We are getting the van fixed today. My finger looks pretty bad. I split the nail when I was tucking a towel into it. My turnover for project 10666 task 4 didn't work properly. Last night I didn't have dinner until around 10 o'clock and it was frozen quesidallias. Today we are going to the JCC so S doesn't have to cook. I watched ER with S last night. Today Tom and I went out for lunch and generally complained about the company we work for. In a few minutes is the tidal meeting. And the at 2:30 is the annual performance review. We went to Jimmy Johns and I had a roast beef sub. It was delicious. I was late for work and so was everyone else because of the snow. I wasn't late because of the snow it was because of the van. The shuttle driver wasn't ready until after 9AM to take me to work. Z came into our bed right around 12. This was just as I was starting to fall asleep too. I left my book at work. It was here when I got here. I am on page 305 of The Wastelands.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006


I've got a few minutes, so here I am. Its hard to think of something to type when you just run to the computer without any notes. I'm up to page 305 of The Wastelands. It is a Stephen King book. Last night I had a really good parsha reading session. I learned from Friedman. He says the origin of the word mana is based on a play on words. What is it? It is what. Just like who's on first. If you know Hebrew this makes sense. The word for what in Hebrew is ma. I know it doesn't seem like much. It meant very much to me last night. Also last night I was crying over the cat who died. Sometimes you can look at a picture and practically jump into it. This was how I felt. We were looking at pictures of Candace from my collection on the computer. S's eyes were red. She visited Candace at the vet yesterday. She brought Leo another cat and Z. Hopefully Leo will tell Spencer another cat and Lucy dog and Dexter dog about saying goodbye to Candace.
I just found out my Annual performance review is tomorrow from 2:30 to 3:00 PM. I told the program manager about the two classes I want to teach in the Spring/Summer. I still need to call my parents. S called her parents yesterday, I was busy looking for the cat pictures. I couldn't have worked on this while talking to my parents. There just was no way. Tonight if I can get it to work out, some students and I will order pizza. Actually it was the Tuesday night students who wanted the pizza. Next week I'm giving them a test. Some students are struggling and some are working hard and getting by good enough.
Yesterday I picked up L and our neighbor. I was performing the Sunday school carpool pickup. Monday I picked up L at ballet after it was over. I guess I've been busy since last night I balanced the check book. It was only 74 dollars in our favor this time. At 9:30 this morning is our weekly meeting on claims payable conversion to amisys advance. My part is going slowly. The BA just came over to double check on the big picture flow chart. We had a meeting yesterday and I made notes on his big picture flow chart and told him to fix them up for today's meeting.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finished Harry Potter series

Yeah I finished reading the Harry Potter series. This slowed me down from reading the Dark Tower series. I'm on page 255 of book 3 now. R wanted me to hurry up and finish HP, because she is writing a book about it. She gets with two other girls at school and compose ideas. She showed me a website she is working on. There I found out this book is what some girls want to happen next in the series. Kinda like what happened in Misery by Stephen King, not really though. My funny little joke.
Its hard to joke because Candace is dead (cat). Now we have 2 dogs and 2 cats instead of 3 cats. This cat was taking insulin shots. She had surgery and her pancrease was all full of cancer.
As usual I forgot a few things today. I forgot my pills and my glasses. There was things I wanted to do last night. I didn't do those things because the kids wouldn't go to bed until very late. So even though I had school I get little accomplished when I get home. We settled on my schedule for the Spring Summer. I'll tell the program manager I want to teach this same class twice. It will be compressed. I'll be teaching four nights a week starting on May 8.

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