The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Monday, September 29, 2008


Over the weekend Angelina invited her two new 2nd year medical students for dinner. She of course complained later that the kids were up too late. In case it isn't clear, Angelina is no teacher. This is part of the Family Centered Practice of Medicine program. They are there to meet Jesse. Alberta was on the computer the entire day. Jonny sent her an email he got from his parents about the St John trip. They requested Angelina write to them by October 1. She won't. She is waiting to see if the orthopedic guy will let Alberta go with out physical therapy for a few weeks, while on vacation in December. Meanwhile, she only wants Alberta to go for one week not both of her two weeks of vacation. Wendell needs to make the plans. Kristina is always angry that Jonny can't make those decision. He isn't allowed.

Jonny finished, 350 pages, Union Prayer book. He has no new book to read. He also has been listening to Louis Armstrong in the car on CD. Books on CD are better but it took 10 weeks to listen to the last one that was only 6 hours long. Jonny has listened to all the Rabbi Small on tape that are available at the library, he thinks. This might have to be verified. Jonny listened to all of 1 minute and 24 seconds of this weeks parsha so far. It starts out "And he went..." Vayelech but where did he go? He meaning Moshe.

Angelina called. She walked home from school this morning. She walks Lorraine and Jesse to school. On the way home she invited a dad and daughter for Tuesday night dinner. Tonight is erev, but Jonny has school. Tomorrow he has off from work and will celebrate the hag simach at services until 1 PM or so. There is only so much child care. And Angelina refuses to pay for it. Angelina as said that the recycling people who take the compost bin that hold 96 gallons of yard refuse succefully took away the 6-8 foot long branches in the compost bin. Jonny has been dragging his feet. He has been cutting the tree branches into 1-2 foot long sections so he can burn them. She wants to throw it all away. Also over the weekend Jonny and Angelina had Jesse's brand new croc fixed, which he broke on the first day. Today it broke in a new spot.

Well Jonny is off to a meeting.

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Friday, September 26, 2008


Jonny somehow forgot to post yesterday. He is still reading Union Prayer book. He is on page 345 of that one. He is on chapter 12 of Jeremiah. Jonny didn't finish listening to the parsha. In chapter 12 Nebuchadnezzar is mentioned. There is more of Anathoth. There are lions from Jordon. There is a speckled bird of prey. Jonny can't find his hand brace. Last night he watch scrubs, 2 episodes. That was fun. Angelina called and she bought a wagon. Out $200 at Target for the wagon and various other things. Somehow Jonny broke his bike. He needs to get that fixed at the bike shop today. He spoke to Andrew the gardener again today. Jonny rode his bike to Hotel California. Cell. Angelina. She is scheduled to work in the flu shot clinic at 9AM on Friday in Howell. That is far. She will have to leave at 7:30 AM. That is probably an exageration. But she won't do it. Last night Jesse woke Jonny up at 2:30 in the morning. They both went to Jesse's bed. Then at 5:30 Jesse woke up again. He said he wet the bed. Jonny got Jesse changed. Jesse went down and watch TV. Jonny went back to bed with Angelina. Later Lucy the dog threw up. Work has been very light for Jonny lately. He has been kicking the work out very quickly. He helped Lorraine with her homework in math. Alberta on the other hand is they typical annoying pre-teen. This weekend will be lawn mowing and pre-paint taping and painting.


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Jonny was reading Jeremiah yesterday. He was reading chapter 11. In chapter 9 it seems to talk about traitors. It also mentions Israel's neighbors. And says they will be punished. In chapter 10 the prophet's name is mentioned. In chapter 11 there is a warning about burning things to Baal. Later Jonny started listening to the parsha. In the parsha Nitzavim it begins they are all standing before Israel.

Jonny has about 9 more pages left in Union Prayer book. He will hopefully get Lorraine to pick out a fiction book to read next. The amazon reviews of Monday the Rabbi Took Off were favorable.

Later Angelina called and then Jonny got dysentary. They got in a fight over a doctor who takes care of Jesse. Although this has little to do with cancer it is related in a way. They think he has a cyst in his spine and an MRI would find out. But another person said neurosurgeons don't like to operate. So a 1.5 hour sitting still for Jesse for an MRI is bad. It is impossible. He would need general anesthesia. The other person Angelina called in a favor to says to try a simple MRI. This requires 2-3 minutes instead of 1-2 hours. This might work.

Angelina also took care of Jonny's car. The chasis needed to be fixed. The total bill was $357. This included oil change, tail light and tire rotation.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Jonny found a new website. It is called leftvsright it is pretty funny political commentary. It has comedians. Right now Penny is gone. So Jonny is thinking about leaving for the day. He rode his bike today. That make 5 documented times this month. He was really depressed about Wendell and Kristina. They sent an email to Angelina and she gave Jonny an earful. They want Alberta to commit to a visit to St John. It will include walking and swimming. Both are good knee activitivy recovery exercises. Wendell said "If your surgeon says such a trip in December is not in her best interest than so be it." So Jonny told Angelina that he had nothing more to add to that. They want an answer from her by September 30. Jonny feels like emailing the surgeon and asking if the trip is approved. If the shoe was on the other foot and Thomas and Sandra were taking a trip to the virgin islands with Alberta and ... this scenario ... Angelina would be on the phone with the surgeon is it ok for my daughter to go on a trip ... But this scenario played out with the summer camp Young Judea. And she fired them. Because they didn't want to be responsible for enforcing doctor's orders of no soccer or other knee breaking activities. Bottom line she doesn't trust Jonny's parents and doesn't like them. She won't get a rule until mid November for the next appointment. She won't write them back right away either because she is busy yelling at the dentist, car place, home warranty, vet and new flu shot job. In the mean time the kids don't behave and having three kids is a lot of work. Something Wendell sorta knows since he comes from a family of 4 kids. But he was the youngest a baby boomer.

Jonny is up to chapter 10 of Jeremiah. Jonny did finish Monday the Rabbi Took Off. So now would be a good time to check out the Amazon reviews. And now would be a good time to listen to the parsha. And now would be a good time to finish Union Prayer book. He only has 6 more pages to go. Richard called last night. He left a voice mail. Jonny what are you doing for the holidays? So Jonny is going to services and got passes already and Angelina isn't spending the 140 extra bucks for holiday services day care. Last year Jesse peed all over Jonny.

The VASE server is getting rebooted and Bill is leaving early since it is so slow.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

The long term plan

The long term plan is that Jonny lives day to day. He is all caught up on his homework as of 9 AM this morning. He is on chapter 9 of Jeremiah. Jonny is up to chapter 51 of On Monday the Rabbi Took Off. Jonny is up to page 330 of Union Prayer book. Today he forgot to put gel in his hair. So it is going to look a little like bed head. Jonny didn't watch much football over the weekend. He did go on a long bike ride with Jesse. Jesse and Jonny were hooked together on a tandem bike. Jonny was tired from the long, hard and hot bike ride. Jesse loved it. They rode down Stadium to Stadium Hardware. Jonny purchased ant killer, utility knife blades and painter's caulk. The kitchen is next on the painting agenda. The actual kitchen was painted during the renovation. This is the part that was deferred until after the bat Mitzvah. The area by the stairs and door and the frame to the living room. The problem is painting a door is tricky. So many areas to tape as the door has 1 foot square frame windows. Also people use the door and Lucy the dog could escape.

From Jonny's list he has noted Angelina has called about a lot of things. It was only one phone call and to understand the list includes the background knowledge of what has been going on. Plus Jonny takes a wild short hand. Cell phone ringing now. It was Angelina again. Yes Angelina Jonny took his nap already. She went shoe shopping. She called the BBB about an invoice. She found 2 empty boxes of chocolate granola bars that Alberta ate. Angelina called to say she lined up the Altima's 7500 mile checkup. This includes tire rotation, oil change and rear brake light replacement. It has about 85K miles on it. It will cost Angelina $100 because she knows how to yell at the car place. She is thinking about calling her handyman and asking his opinion about fixing the windows. One of the storm window has a completely broken frame. So the glass is just barely staying in there. There is a hardware store called Jack's Hardware on Packard that might be capable of making the repairs.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Andrew the Gardner

Andrew the Gardner has been calling Jonny for sometime now. He has Jonny's money for water the grass. Now he wants Jonny to water some more and he will pay him even more money. Jonny has only to water the little bit of grass twice a week. He got a call from Andrew at 9:44. Andrew left a voice mail too. Jonny listened to the voice mail at 10:14. He called back at 10:15. Jonny left a voice mail. Andrew called back at 1:49 AM and left a voice mail at 1:50 AM. Jonny called Andrew this morning and left a voice mail. Jonny called again at noon. He spoke to the live gardner. They will meet after 6PM tonight. Jonny is picking up his bike before 6PM, since it will be ready today.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Penny staff meeting

Today Penny had her monthly staff meeting. Jonny of course was there as an agenda item for a VASE update. He followed a long boring 45 minute discussion of short codes, seven thousand codes, grants, gifts and general funding discussion. They resolved nothing. Jonny got to Hollywood by car at 8:20. Then he put his dinner in the refrigerator. Then he talked to Lea. Then he walked to the bus station called the Blake Transit Center or BTC for short. He took the #2 Plymouth to the neighborhood or something like that. A dining service employee who looked familiar and slept on the ride woke up in time to get off at the main entrance to Hotel California. Jonny had his empty cup of Hollywood coffee in hand. He was reading Union Prayer book page 318 or something like that. He pulled the cord and the bus driver drove right past his stop, and the next and the next. He was going along when Jonny got up and asked. The driver said didn't hear it. So Jonny walked to the staff meeting for about 15 minutes maybe it was 10. They had snacks too. Earlier Jonny had some chocolate scone at home. There in the meeting he had a pastry and mini muffins and orange juice. Right now he is plotting his sleep escape route. Perhaps take his dinner with him. Go to the car. Sleep. Drive to school. Eat dinner. Go into the school. Extra cranky. Jonny went to sleep at 2AM. Now he is tracing debugging a C# .NET program. He did read chapter 7 of Jerimiah.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lucy the dog

Lucy the dog is hanging in there. Sometimes she doesn't eat. Sometimes she pants. Other times she walks slow, throws up, pees or poops in the house. The poor dog is 15 years old.

Jonny is up to page 306 of Union Prayer book. Chapter 6 of Jeremiah. Tape 5 of Rabbi Small Monday the Rabbi took off. He listened to the parsha this week and will probably listen to the chanting version later.

A couple of night ago he called and spoke to both Wendell and Kristina for a total of 28 minutes. The night before he talked with Richard. Richard got a job. Jonny hadn't spoken to his parents in about 6 weeks.

He watched a lot of football over the weekend, including Monday night. Angelina went to the hospital to get blood draws so she can start the flu shot clinic helper job. Jonny watched two episodes of scrubs last night. The painting is done in the hall. The mirror was put back up. The smoke detector, ceiling fixture cover, light switch covers and shelf were all put back up. Jonny rode his bike to work today, for the 15th time since the middle of July. He keeps a log in a book so it says he didn't ride since the middle of September, long lay over. Today he needs to go to the bike shop to get the brakes fixed.

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Monday, September 15, 2008


Alberta and Jonny went to the Sunday night Minyan again. They said Kaddish 8 times in the Mencha and Mairiv services combined, in a total of 20 minutes. Jonny will be listening to the KiTavo parsha shortly. Oops he just got an email. Ah it was junk mail. Lea Thompson's program emailing that it didn't work correctly. Then another email saying it is now working correctly. They always come in pairs like that. Jonny is so tired. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to see how many words long this post is as it is being typed. Jonny is a tape and a half away from finishing Monday the Rabbi Went Away or something like that title. He is on page 311 of Union Prayer book. Last night Lorraine wanted to read to him for 30 minutes. It was the Pendrick sisters. He was so sleepy and fighting sleep. He wanted to doze off. The daughter wouldn't let the dad sleep. So after she read and went to bed he drifted in and out of sleep on the couch from 9:30 to 10:30 pm. Then he awoke and immediately stepped in dog pee. The shark. Oops email again. Penny Fuller saying she got to work late. She said it took longer to find parking than it did to get here. Another email. The timesheet for the month of September is due. Jonny used the Shark a lot. All these emails are a bit distracting. Jonny has a bunch of them to file. He did painting over the weekend. Jonny is so tired he just might go to his car now and take a nap. Then after that eat an early lunch. Jonny just discovered another web invention. There are so many to waste time on. This one is called weblogs.com. It has a scrolling marque of every blog updated. It is a little behind since it says 1:30 PM. Is Jonny rambling or is there a point to all this. Hopefully he can get to bed earlier than last night. He plans to drink no coffee today either. Jonny got DBA's to delete 49,000 duplicate records out of the database. There are another 49,000 in another table. And there are 800 related records in two other tables. These will all be deleted today on Jonny's say so. See code below.

FROM epat.person
WHERE pk_person >= 7017
AND pk_person <= 56435;

49134 <- delete

SELECT pk_person, person_code, fk_form
FROM epat.person,
WHERE pk_person >= 7017
AND pk_person <= 56435
AND pk_person = id;

807 <- delete

FROM epat.person,
WHERE pk_person >= 7017
AND pk_person <= 56435
AND pk_person = fk_per;

49134 <- delete

FROM epat.person,
WHERE pk_person >= 7017
AND pk_person <= 56435
AND pk_person = fk_per;

807 <- delete

These are all records that were loaded by the migration from the Ingress database to the Oracle database. The front end was called Horton. The new front end is called VASE. Penny always calls the old one Horton hears a Who.

Jonny has a garbage encounter with his neighbor to the immediate West. This guy last week it started to bother him that the garbage sits in front of his house. Jonny said ok. But this guy put his garbage there and so he and his son in law had to look at their garbage out their window. Jonny put his garbage can all 96 gallons of it right on the line. It was behind a huge oak so Jonny couldn't see it but the guy could. He has his puny 64 gallon dumpster 6 feet from Jonny's then his single green container recycling bin. Next was his 96 gallon brown compost dumpster. Jonny had no compost this week. It was too wet to rake leaves. This isn't the kind of compost like making a compost pile in your house. This is more like yard waste. You could make a compost pile but Angelina doesn't like the idea of throwing waste like mellon rinds in your back yard.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lunch out

Today Jonny had lunch out with his old friend Laurence. They went to Flim Flam. Jonny had the potato pancakes. Laurence did too but with meat. The meat was bacon. Angelina went shopping and got Jonny the Shark and the Bissell. The Shark is pretty neat. It cleans using only steam. Angelina needs to buy some distilled water, Ann Arbor water is very hard water. The Bissell cleans the carpets pretty well. But stubborn stains don't come out. It gets very dirty. It had a disturbing lump of dirty that Jonny eventually got out using a bent up coat hanger. Of course for $80 the shark is disturbingly flimsy. But it is only 3 pounds. Nothing really works well on slate floors anyway. Jonny is up to page 303 of Union Prayer book. He is on tape 4 of Monday the Rabbi Stayed Away. He keeps forgetting what the title is. He is on chapter 5 of Jerimiah with Rashi commentary. Currently he is listening to the parsha chanting in Hebrew. Earlier he went to his car for a brief 20 minute cat nap before driving to the Bee Hive to pick Laurence up. Then he drove back to Hollywood. Hopefully Jonny can beat last night's record of getting to bed before 1AM. He beat the night before. So last night the target was 11 PM but he blew it miserably. Later at 2:30 Jonny has to drive back over to Death Valley for a governor's meeting of the VASE product. Then back to Hollywood for a buritto. Now is that one t or two? Then off to teach a class. Ah the whole thought is making Jonny sleepy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bike to work

Today Jonny rode his bike to work. Yesterday was a lot of festivities at Hotel California. Jonny got his picture take with the CEO of the hospital. He was also holding the trophy the hospital won for quality from the American Hospital Association. He had a Dov bar and later an ice cream sundae. Jonny didn't ride his bike to work yesterday because it was raining a bit in the morning. Today it was close to 40 degrees. A black man rolled down his window and asked Jonny if he ride his bike in the winter. They were both first in line at a traffic light. Angelina refused to help Jonny find a pair of gloves this morning. He told the man that it was too cold to ride even today. The man said he admired Jonny for riding his bike. Jonny was modest and said it was only 2 miles. Unfortunately all Jonny wants to do is sleep. He had 0 cups of coffee yesterday and yet managed to stay up until 1:30 AM. A big mistake. Just now he fell asleep watching a training video on violence in the workplace. He has a UAT due. But he doesn't want to do it. Jesse came into his bed again last night. Jonny let him and fell back asleep. Ten minutes later Angelina woke Jonny up when Jesse fell asleep so Jonny could leave and go sleep in Jesse's bed. Then he had some weird dream about the college admission process.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Recycling a waste of time?

Jonny was reading a blog after blogging. He does this for long term inspiration. He was so fired up after reading about recycling is a waste of time. So he is putting his response here. Recycling isn't a waste of time. Angelina paid extra money to have a huge dumpster garbage bin. The city gives you one. It is something like 96 gallons. If you pay a one time fee of like $25 you get the like 116 gallon version. Also she got a compost bin for a one time fee also around the same size 116 gallons. In addition there are four bins for recycling. 3 are brown for paper and cardboard. The 4th is green for containers, plastic, metal, glass, and cans. Most bottles go back to the grocery store for the $0.10 deposit. Sometimes if the beer comes from Trader Joes then it isn't worth it to return it for $0.60, so instead a homeless man usually picks it up out of the recycling bin. Understanding the system takes time but not really like your gonna bill the city for your time. Sure a diesel fueled bus is no more expensive than a bio-diesel fueled bus. Per Lyman Ward. He said you are satisfied that it is cleaner. The city uses these. Many people in Ann Arbor ride prius. They are more expensive and get the same fuel economy. They are cleaner. You can build a deck with fake wood. The fake wood is more expensive. It comes from #2 plastic. It will last forever. The idea of recycling a contact lens container into deck material is fantastic. In fact if Abraham was alive today Jonny is convinced he would be an environmentalist. There is a physicist doctor here in the UM who throws out nothing. He recycles it all. Every single piece of garbage isn't really garbage. So guess what his footprint on the earth is small. Jonny doesn't go to that extreme. Angelina would throw out all paper and cardboard cereal boxes right into that huge dumpster and the city would care, but wouldn't fine her. They aren't going to go threw the garbage and fine people for throwing out glass. They won't force you to recycle a can of tomatoe paste. They won't fine you if there is a teaspoon of milk in the #2 plastic milk jug. It is against state law to throw yard refuse into the trash. No one will catch you if a piece of wood with nails in it makes it into the trash can or saw dust or a couple of leaves. The hardest part about recycling is fitting it all into those bins. Occasionally Jonny takes a utility knife a cuts down the cardboard to fit into the boxes. Yes one truck picks up the recycling, one truck picks up the garbage and a third truck picks up the compost. See http://www.recycleannarbor.org/ and read essays on how recycling stops global warming and read essays on why recycling is important.

Jonny did stretching last night. Jesse started soccer yesterday. This weekend is another football game and a trip to Wiard's orchard. Kristina sent Jonny an email.

We haven’t heard from you in a month now! Let us know if all is ok. I guess you must be busy with the kids all going back to school and you are probably starting a new semester of teaching too.

Love, Mom

He wrote her back a twenty minute email.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

A long nap

Jonny hardly slept at all. It felt like he was awake the whole time. Today he went out to his car from 10 to 11. And the same thing happened. Tonight is the first night of class. Jonny will be using the new MyItlabs product. It grades homework. So no Jonny hasn't managed to get back into the routine of going to bed early. He hasn't been doing the hand weights, stretching, nasal irrigation and situps. But he did ride his bike to Hotel California yesterday and back. On Sunday Alberta and Jonny walked to the Minyan. They do two services. So you hear the Kaddish 8 times. Angelina's call on the cell phone woke him up from the nap. Then he came back to Hollywood. There he ate a cheesy, chicken and brocoli lasagne from Hiller's. The painting in the living room is complete. Jonny forgot to shave. He had been using an electric but Angelina threw it out. He is out of floss over at the Hotel California office. One night this week Jesse came into his parents' bed. So Jonny slept on the bunk bed. Two days ago Angelina sold a book on Amazon. So Jonny wrapped it last night and she mailed it today. Jonny is on page 292 of Union Prayer book. He is deeply immersed in the VASE clinic audit. Or the clinic audit and struggling to use VASE with Access ODBC connection to the back end of the Oracle tables behind VASE. Jonny had a weird dream. It was the usual recurring night mare about being back in school at CMU in pgh, PA. But this time Laurence Mason was his roomate. Even though Jonny got a one week head start on Laurence, he was still behind from the moment of his friend's arrival. Will Jonny ever get his BS degree without feeling it was all due to good luck and not real hard work?


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