The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Monday, July 31, 2006

Catching up

I seem to have not written on Friday. Here are some notes from my notes. p 212 Wolves of the Calla. Softball game cancelled after 10 min. S getting a new cell phone. Fixed turnover 14140 task 51. S called me about weekend work. Took a walk with Bill. Bill asked me about eft cap run.
Wow where has the time gone another month is almost gone. We went to the Chabad House for Shabbat lunch. It was really fun. After it was over I help clean up. It was so hot. I was using a big broom and sweeping the carpeted floor where the buffet was held. Chasing after Z kept my food intake down and exercise burn off up. Before the buffet I went to the storage locker and dropped a lot of stuff into there. After the lunch we all went to the Salvation Army and dropped a lot of stuff into there too. We spent most of the day cleaning to get ready for Sunday. Also S took a nap and we had a late dinner. I had beef taquitos.
Sunday was Z's birthday party. It was also a lot of fun. It was a lot of work too. Our Israeli friends were there and so were some other Jews. I picked up bagels from Panera's Bread House. Last night I worked on my Hebrew Java program. I also read the last piece of the ôøùä called öå or tzav. I listened to the Torah chanting for this week's ôøùä today. I was able to recognize whenever he says og the king of bashan. Something like og ha melech bibashan. I steam cleaned the basement last night.
Today Z had an ultrasound. S is home now and very tired. I didn't have to go.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Today L is supposed to have softball practice. Last night I mowed, edged and trimmed the lawn. I wasted several minutes trying to locate the homelite part to fix the leaky weed whacker. I found it later last night. I saw skunks in the yard while I was talking to my parents. Mailed the book yesterday too. Went for a walk with Bill today. Yesterday we walked to Busch's grocery store and he picked up some food for the next four days. I had a roast beef sandwhich today. Probably tomorrow I will go to the Lucky Kitchen. I just finished the miscellaneous database tasks turnover. I brought some supplies today: toothpaste, tooth brush, bandaids and contacts case. This morning I was really late 9:12 and then I found my watch right before work at home. Also I read 10 pages of Wolves of the Calla and it brought me up to page 130. My brother called and left a message he is coming to Ann Arbor August 14, 15 and 16.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Since I missed writing on Monday, here it is. I was bored out of my mind. The CPP0301 was stuck on Friday and remained stuck Monday. Our Israeli friends slept over. Also over the weekend I went to the park by the river for over 4 hours. Z, L and I fished and biked. Then we ate and biked some more, and waded in the creek and I picked up some roses, long stems someone had left. I want to make soap out of the roses. Finally we biked some more and went home. We saw four trains too. Sometimes we were not near the train or it was behind the trees. We were starving and came to a picnic and didn't have our food within 2 miles of us. Later that night I went for a long bike ride. I went past rolling hills. I have the book mark for the route here. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=317584 I was up to page 70 of The Wolves of the Calla. The first 30 pages I read earlier as a teaser in the last book. I finished the VB 4 book. Finished Chapter 11 of PL/SQL. Finished Chapter 8 of Isaiah. Tech reviewed 15767 task 9. Finished turnover #14 and #15 for the string testing. There is construction on green road. I walked with Bill.
Last night I went with L to the Toledo Mud Hens game. It was fun. They lost 15-10. We were 45 minutes late and stayed until the bitter end. The score was 10-3 and the first inning was over. I stayed up late and read my book so now I finished the palaver chapter. I found the book Law without Values. I am up to the third tape of No Safe Place.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Sold A Book

Yeah, sold another book. Last night's chores were to lower prices, but I didn't have to because a book sold. L to bed 8:30 - I got her to bed at 8:50. Z to bed 9:00 act 9:25. Call parents 9:10 act 9:35 for twenty whole minutes. Then I steam cleaned the carpets for an hour. Didn't shave, clean kitchen, or brush dogs. Stretched, showered, walked dogs, read VB 4 book, nasal irrigation, situps and handweights. No one is working here it is driving me crazy. I got nothing to do, so I left early and L and I made pancakes. Chocolate, blueberry and plain. S got Z. She said we didn't make them crisp enough. I finished chapter 26 of the VB 4 book. Chapter 26 was the final chapter. I started the epilogue. Still reading the epilogue. No Torah last night. A little while ago S called, she feels sick. Last night she had some Zingermann's chicken soup. Tonight is L's softball game and our friend's are getting us dinner from Panera's Bread. I ordered a Tuscan Chicken Sandwhich. Other chores for tonight are brush dogs, walk dogs, water plants, steam clean basement, nasal irrigation, situps handweights, stretch, read VB book and clean the kitchen. Over the weekend we want to go to the art fair or the park by the river or clean the house.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nothing new

Called my Aunt Sylvia last night. Parents sent me $150 for Mud Hen's game and babysitter. S got up and started yelling at me for no reason. Had a dream I was at Carnegie Mellon University again.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beach trip

My parents never quit with the beach trip planning. I know it is causing me high blood pressure. Got gas this morning, $35. Yesterday the Natasha turnover wasn't correct. Also the trading group turnover needs to be redesigned. I haven't gotten to it yet today. Been working on the 835 turnover all day. It is so hot here. I would so love to go to Bethany Beach, Delaware with my kids for Labor Day weekend but I know it isn't going to happen. My EFT turnover wasn't correct yesterday. This morning it wasn't correct and now it is. It fixed itself. Listened to Pinchas chanting online yesterday.  Earlier today the OOB wasn't right on the 835 and now it is. Still up to chapter 25 of the VB 4. On to tape 2 of No place to hide. Didn't start the Wolves of the Calla yet. Is Calla a Jewish reference? Listened to Amy Goodman ultra liberal on the computer, she makes me sick she is so anti-Israel. She thought it such a scoop to have the president of Syria on. Only the interview was a month old. Also he sounded like the biggest whiner I ever heard in my entire life. He is the "safety valve of the middle east" ha ha ha look whatever he is not. Signed up my parents for emailing R at camp and they are so ungrateful. They want to be able to have her email them. Well it won't work that way. Ooops I am too excited about my life I better go. 

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Uneventful life

Last night our AC died. S called a repair man she knows very well. He came right out at 10PM. Later I gave him a 30 min lecture on the Arab - Israeli Conflict. He replaced an $8 fuse and another one too since they had to go in pairs. S wrote him a check and added in a tip. She said now that's good service. I have to agree so I have no idea how much the tip was. I singed up both my parents to send emails to R at camp. She left early this morning. Yesterday on the way to picking her up from her day camp I stopped at the library. I finished Skinny Dip abridged on tape. Then I picked up Wolves of the Cala it is 707 pages! They had it held for me. It's almost as big as a Chumash or my Torah Commentary book. L had an Enodrcirnologist appointment yesterday and Z has an orthopedic surgeon appointment today. I went to L's appointment and not to Z's appointment. I also got stay home and sleep and miss the bus drop off for S. Hopefully this weekend Z and L and I can go to the park by the river. I must be thinking to the future so time to wrap this up. Last night we hung out at the neighbor's house for an hour and drank a beer, I drank the beer not S. They paid me for helping remove two couches from their family room. By morning someone had taken them so we didn't have to worry if the garbage would take them or not. My dad says I need to get a new job. Of course they are still going to badger me about the beach trip. I told them no vacation is allowed until October 1. It doesn't matter since sadly S and her dad think I am not mature enough to take 3, 2 or even 1 of the kids by myself to visit my parents. She also doesn't want Z too close to water. I started another abridged book on tape by Richard North Patterson called No Safe Place. What I like about the two books on tape I have mentioned is they bring back old characters yet they are not a series.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

More fighting in Israel's northern border

I finished watching the second movie of the Lord of the Rings. The book Skinny Dip seems to be getting better and better. My parents left a voice mail. I took a break from the movie and called my brother. This morning I haven't done much work. I got here a little late and I have had minimal responsibilities. Oops I spoke too soon. There is three small out of balance issues on the 835. I need to fix these. The program passed tech review and now it is in quality review. I probably need to make a bug fix to it though. My brother got a job with infotrieve and will no longer be working for dialog. The news in Israel looks bleak, but I am hopeful. I am not a warmonger but destroying rockets sounds like a good thing to me. Getting terrorist out of Lebanon sounds like a good thing to me too. An international spot light is being shined on the region. The enemies of Israel are now enemies of the United States. I don't want to see us attack Iran and Syria but I don't want the United States to give up on the war on terror either. We have already spent so much money and it goes to line the pockets of Haliburton. I have spent a lot of time reading haaretz.com it is a great site for Israel news. I am glad Chaim told me about it. If it wasn't for blogging I would know anything. It was an amazing coincidence that I read it on yahoo's site the same day as my Israeli friend told me about it the Israel newspaper haaretz. It was destiny I was to find this great information source.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Remembered the glasses

As usual I will put in the subject after I see what it is I wrote. I worked on my JAVA Hebrew program some more. I had written notes two years ago and couldn't find them so I'll have to re-create those notes. I want to shuffle the words instead of randomly picking one word from the dictionary. I also moved the cursor so it is at the far left when entering Hebrew words. My dad emailed me about the beach trip again. I just know this going to raise my blood pressure. But I refuse to discuss it with S. Since she pretty much makes the decision. Also I can't take any vacation until they take back the order we can't take vacation from now until September 18. I just dropped off a turnover in my other bosses box. Everyone is coming back from lunch now. I plan to leave since I am getting hungry and need a break. The turnover was to fix the problem with the 835 files not getting mapped. Have you heard the latest in Israel? They attacked Lebanon. Those arabs are really stupid to take the Israeli soldiers as prisoners. No softball for me tonight they have enough players. Also I went to L's softball practice last night and I helped coach. My brother Matt who is getting a new job in Ann Arbor called. So I told him I was working, and I didn't want to use up my minutes. So I have to call him back and miss watching Lord of the Rings again. I remembered my glasses today. I plan to go to Lucky Kitchen and take a walk and a nap later. Tough job I know.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Israel at war (almost 2X)

Forgot my glasses again. Worked on Hebrew program for the first time in 2 years. This is a program I am writing in JAVA. It made me feel like a real programmer for once. Our Israeli friend came over for dinner. Two of their children spent the night. Their oldest daughter is the same age as R. Their next child is a boy and is the same age as L. Their son slept in the bunk bed below L. R and her friend slept in the couch bed in the family room. So no Lord of the Rings movie for me. Even though I had to fix the television Z broke in the morning yesterday before I could get to work. The dad isn't biking to work so maybe Friday I can bike with him. Every day is something anyway. Tonight L has softball practice. I just checked the yahoo news, can you believe it more war in Israel. Learned about exception propagation in my PL/SQL book. On page 630 in the VB 4 book. Up to tape 2 of Skinny Dip. Went through old calendar pages od Dec 2004. I used to write down things S complained about. We had free fried chicken for lunch here.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

bored at work

Not much has happened in the last 24 hours. I forgot my glasses. I changed a shower curtain. I balanced the check book. I did some charity work on my computers. Z didn't sleep well. We think it is due to sun burn. Yesterday I mentioned I listened to Balak. This is my favorite ôøùä as I always say. In this one there is the curses from Balam. And the donkey who talks to him. It would be so easy to turn this into an evangelical story but the Jews don't. We think of it more like come on buddy it is so obvious you need to turn back from this evil path even a donkey knows it. I think our Israeli friends are coming for dinner tonight. I better change my shorts. Here at work everyone is commenting on them. I wonder if it is because they are too short. Also here are two onion links from Tom. One is a different spin about teachers being bribed for grades http://www.theonion.com/content/node/49846 and the other is a crack on the christian religion http://www.theonion.com/content/node/49844. I am still reading VB 4 and up to around page 630. I am still on the first tape of the skinny dip book on tape. Here at work we aren't allowed to take any vacation in July, August or September. So no Wisconsin Dells for me with the family. I finished the 835 turnover over the weekend. i walked around the block with the walking group today. I walked by myself around 4:30 yesterday because I was bored.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Left leaning

Our friends from Israel are back in the US for the summer. They dropped in yesterday and we chatted for awhile. The Dad was still working for the U so he had to work that day too. I asked how is the politics? When I discussed this with Chaim before he was all for the giving back of the Gaza strip. Now his wife seems to have leaned not so far left any more. Her answer, it's hard to sympathize with the Palestinians when they elected Hamas. I couldn't agree more. So I guess we have to wait and see what is going to happen over there. My thoughts are, it's hard to execute someone else's plan. When Sharon gave back Gaza, I too was all for it. Now he is not in power so someone else is doing his plan and who knows what Sharon would have done in any one of the situations since his retirement. I went for a bike ride so the ladies could chat. I also when for a bike ride Saturday night. Both times I rode around some of Pittsfield townships remote roads. I got a blood pressure pump and my pressure seems to fluctuate. It was as low as 121 over 68 while we were waiting for our friends to show up. They were late and my wife was cursing them. It is just S's nature, she can't help it she really is a good person, except when it comes to my parents. My parents just returned from Montana. So I need to call them sometime soon. I called my Cousin Melanie who I saw at Matt's wedding. I called her while I was bike riding. Today I forgot my glasses. Last night I saw half of Two Towers movie. Listened to Balak ôøùä chanting online. I had to work over the weekend. So I made money and missed the wife and kids. It was the last of it. I finished the 835 turnover and Ken bought me lunch at Evergreen. Another Chinese restaurant. I finished listening to Airframe abridged tape. Friday I watched Z and went to L's softball game. We stopped at the library. I lost him. That sent my BP way up. I found him. He was sitting quietly reading a kid's book in the adult section. I got two more abridged books on tape. Skinny Dip and a Richard North Patterson one. I was going to ride bikes with our Israeli friend to work but they never called last night. I hate to talk about the past and I hate to talk about the future until it happens. I have two months worth of check books I need to balance. I also have some charity work to do on my computer. I have not started the BP meds yet. S wants to monitor it for awhile and go with me to the followup appointment. My brother is thinking about a job with an office in Ann Arbor.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006


On July 3rd I went to the library and got a book on tape. They held The Wolves of the Calla for me since it was supposed to be there and wasn't. The book Airframe is one of those corporate novels. He writes with a lot of technical jargon. I have the book so this is one more book I can get rid of. Still reading VB 4. I read some of it in the Doctor's office of my PCP. She was checking me out for hypertension. It was 147 over 87. So she decided I needed drugs for the condition. S wasn't pleased. I also got some more desoximetazone refilled, since my two tubes expired a long time ago. She frowns on Advair too bad since it was working for me. She was happy to hear about my experiment with nasal irrigation. There is as usual so much to tell and so pressed for time. Even writing here is taking time away from doing what I need to do. I need to blog since it helps free expression. Even taking the time to make paragraph breaks and create a subject is reluctantly available. For instance here it is 6 days into the month and I just now turned my three Jewish calendars from their secular end of months to their new pages. Whatever I am not making any sense. My 835 takes most of my time. School is over but I was at the doctor appointment at 7PM. I went to the lab this morning so I had to fast. Z and I had a special day together on Monday July 3. We went to the park by the river and he rode his bike. So did I. I unfortunately worked over the weekend another 7.5 hours. We sold a book but I had to refund the money because I couldn't find it. Law without Values. Sold another book and went to the post office after my 1-1 claims payable work group testing meeting. Me and Ken were the only ones there. Tom sent me a couple of onion links but haven't had time to check them so they will get here in the next post. Ok I guess I covered it all.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fixed my bike

It's Sunday and I'm at work again on the 835. The files don't match for the out_cr_amt_array field. It's probably some misunderstanding. My head is aching right now. Later we plan to go to an indoor pool if it rains and an outdoour pool if no rain. S took my Torah Commentary into her room, so I'll probably get it back when she goes to camp. I spoke with my Mother and Father. They were beating me up pretty bad about S. She won't let me take the kids to the beach with my parents. I sold a book. I went to work and picked up a few more books for the next book sale. On the way I spoke to my Aunt Sylvia. Also I called my Cousin Michelle. I spoke to her step son Bruce. He is called little Bruce since her husband's name is Bruce. We had a nice chat about life as I was driving. He sounds just like his father but is older than my cousin's two kids. Back in the 80's when I was living in Reston he just appeared one day. I think he went away, came back, went away and is back now. My cousin's other kids are older than mine. Benny is in art college in NY and Manny is a senior in the same High School I went to. Wow it was only 20 years ago when I graduated. I fell pretty badly on my bike. I was showing Z a trick. I wish I had something to say about L. But she is the middle child and it is hard to find a way to include her. L had a softball game Friday. I watched her make a hit and later she scored a run. But I was watching Z and I was late because I had to take me and R to subway and meet Z and S and L at the game after it started. I told me dad life was getting peaceful since I wasn't fighting with S everyday about taking the kids to my parents' beach house. The good news is I got a haircut with Z and then we went to get my bike fixed while we waited and it was $12 each for the haircuts and $15 for the bike.

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