The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

wasting time

Today Jonny has been wasting time. So he kept a 15 min log of everything. Renoly is out. Michael is lurking about. So is Paul. Well here goes.
6:45 wake up
7:00 dress
7:15 walk dogs
7:30 putter around the house
7:45 take Lorraine and Alberta to Alberta's school
8:00 take Lorraine to Marc Anthony's house
8:15 drive to work
8:30 work on project 16425 the umelig file
8:45 look up annarbor spark
9:00 get organized
9:15 talk to Matthew
9:30 relax and let go call a recruiter
9:45 oracle prep for certification exam
10:00 talk to Laurence the wives have pms
10:15 planning 16232 claim check input file meeting - meeting cancelled because Renoly is out
10:30 16425
10:45 same
11:00 post office a package for Ellen ...
ok the last 30 minutes have been crazy from 4 to 4:30 now.
11:00 ...Greene that is Mitchell's wife, Angelina's brother
11:15 16425
11:30 found the mais link and it works and Jonny can now learn Peoplesoft in his spare time
11:45 prepare lunch talk to Angelina
noon 16425
12:30 talk to Gary Howard Klar
1:00 talk to another recruiter, a technical phone screening, they are all Indians
1:15 relax and let go
1:30 read prayer book
1:45 sleep
2:00 sleep
2:15 sleep (lock keys in the car)
2:30 Matthew planning NPI testing project 16458 task 71
2:45 talk to Gary
3:00 turnover the 16425
3:15 same
3:30 discover keys are gone
3:45 call triple AAA
4:00 start blog
4:15 go outside when AAA calls
4:30 back here to blog.
Tipped them $2, all Jonny had. They didn't need to see the card either.
Gotta go eat dinner now.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It's snowing. Finished the movie The Rock. It was excellent. Angelina called "stupid appointment". Maybe Jonny was just in a mood for a good movie but he really liked the movie. It broke the tension of the last few days. Working on project 16232 planning. Planning for the great claim check file input creation. Picture taking going on here. Working on project 16425 umelig most of the day. Project numbers are like fake names. The program is done the testing is impossible. In the meantime studying oracle using the prep software. Oops Renoly just walked by. His daughter was sick yesterday. Followed up with All Media. Followed up with Pillar tech. One more recruiter called today and Jonny called him back. Now his man is going to call Jonny after 1PM on Jonny's cell phone from NJ. Worked on a tech review of a project by Jeff Harding. Rejected it because the design document wasn't signed in all four places. Wendy Gazelle was sick yesterday. She suggests checking out Blue Cross on Dice. Jonny even tried to linked in to his brother Richard Ziman. Angelina's brother Mitchell Nguyen - McCormich linked him in too. Mitchell has his own company. Played a game with Lorraine and Jesse last night - Life. The night before Chutes and Ladder. Tonight might be trouble or it's pseudoname witch escapes me. It ends with tion. One is a rip-off of the other. Jonny's wife bought both.

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Monday, January 29, 2007


It's Monday again. Another week of work. Jonny plans to continue updating the fake names page http://pittsfield-jew.blogspot.com/2007/01/fake-names.html. Well I also updated the template. Now this link is in the side bar. Jonny updated three more names. Facility is walking around. Jonny hears Paul too. And Michael. Trying to look busy. While they walk around. Too much levity. They are putting signs up. The facilty duties are being handed over bit by bit. Without looking at my notes free form thoughts flow into today's blog. The Miller family is getting passports next weekend.
Jonny accomplished the following. Got really bored today. It's quiet now at 4:26. Finished the novel The Fifth Profession 448 pages. Ran out of dental floss at work. Started the movie The Rock. Page 200 of Plain English at Work. Page 212 of Torah Commentary. A recruiter called. Another recruiter called. "Jesse couldn't take the test" - Angelina called. Max came over and gave Jonny and Jesse real buzz cut hair cuts. "Wait a little while before going outside Ann Arbor" - Angelina called. Reading Dec 06' alumni magazine. Sold a book and went to the post office. Found out stamps are now 39 cents not 37 cents. Wondering how all those letters sent with 37 cents made it. The post office guy said "they must be paying on the other side."
Started study for an Oracle certificate. Read Haaretz Flash News. Unfortunately there was a suicide bombing at a bakery in Israel. Picking up Margo and Lorraine today. Drove Margo, Lorraine and William on Sunday. Their dad Bill Mail gave Jonny's resume to his recruiter. That recruiter is one of the recruiters that called today. Gotta go call another recruiter. Whatever.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

testing contract type error report

Finally the testing is almost finished. The HP 3000 matches the HP 9000. Jonny finished updating his resume. He called Kristina Krofft (his mother) last night. In other news.
Page 424 of The Fifth Profession by David Morrell. The book is finished and now all that is left is the epilogue. Page 21 of Union Prayer Book. Finished 13 a and 13 b of Grossman Talmud. Also listened to chanting of Bo. Went to the Lucky Kitchen and had General Tso's Chicken for $5.25 with hot and sour soup, fried rice and asked for the pork to be removed from the soup.

The fish are biting.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Project 16406

Yesterday Jonny was busy checking out linkedin.com and it took too much time. He is currently working on projects 16406 task 1, 15838 task 71, 16232 task 2 and 16425 task 1. Today Jonny went out to Burger King and did little of anything else. Project 16406 is the conversion project. There is a Crystal Report of the contract type errors. This is in the testing phase now. So he is waiting for the DBAs to get the database working properly. Jonny sent a letter to both Kristina and Elizabeth. He sent them pictures of his three kids Alberta, Lorraine and Jesse. Elizabeth lives in Florida and Kristina lives in Virginia with Wendell. Jonny is up to page 367 of The Fifth Profession a novel by David Morrell. He started reading a 1950 edition of a Jewish prayer book called Union Prayer Book. And he is on page 16 of that. Jonny recognized a few of the prayers, not many. This book contains new year and day of atonement prayers it isn't a daily prayer book. The story from Haaretz about the Israeli president sex scandal has finally after all these months made the US national news.

fake names

Jonny's Family
Jesse Bradford - Jonny's son. Had cancer and had a kidney removed. Starting Kindergarden late Fall of 07 at Burns Park.
Richard Ziman - Jonny's brother. Lives in San Diego. Married to Nancy Ticotin. Works as a salesman. Notice Angelina affectionately refers to Jonny's father as Mr P. That is since Wendell Pierce's last name starts with a P.
Kristina Kroft is Jonny's motherElizabeth Regen - Jonny's Aunt. She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. Ellen Greene - Angelina's brother's wife. Not a jew but still very nice. Jesse calls her and Jonny's parents. But Kristina gets mad when Jesse says Aunt Regen instead of Grandma Kroft. Someone emailed me and said to get rid of the fake names. They said it was really hard to read the blog. I disagree and I'm stubborn. I've got the real names written down on a piece of paper. Most times the only one in the story is Jonny. Here is a summary of the characters. Remember Jonny is just an amateur writer.

Fake Locations too!
Hollywood - Jonny's other work location near downtown
Hotel California - Jonny's office at the hospital
Death Valley - The long building where Jonny worked for four months for the acme bowling league as a tech support. Now Jonny's predecessors work there as yet another branch of the university
Bee Hive - a trilogy of buildings where most of the people's in information tech work in Jonny's department. They have various responsiblities throughout the hospital but work somewhere else imagine that. Finally Bee Hive is right next to Death Valley and both are located near where Jonny used to work for the insurance company another branch of the hospital that was eliminated.

Dolly Parton, Rob Schneider, Penny Fuller and Lea Thompson were all in Jonny's interview around spring of 2007. Dolly doesn't interact with Jonny much but she has the potential to give him work to do. Rob is his official boss. But Rob works 7 floors up in Hotel California. Penny and Jonny share an office. She supervises data managers. Lea is the Jonny's mentor for hospital billing programs and wants to retire when Jonny learns her job and performs as her back up.

Tannis Benedict - Works in the QA department with Jonny at the U. Her boss is Raquel. Both of them have a year.
Natalic Portman - mom of a classmate of Alberta's. Set up a network lunch for Jonny
Kevin Brewerton - was Jonny's student back in 1999 and one of the programmers to leave to go work for MAIS. Left in early January.
Sam Douglass - Another class mate of Alberta's. Will go to Emerson in the Fall
Kal Weber - also in the tech team and left and went to another department at the U. The rest of the tech team is being transferred to Care Tech Inc on July 1.
Gary Howard Klar - works on the Electronic Commerce Gateway got transferred to work for Raquel and he and Kevin are the only ones who know how to do what they do. Got a year too.
William DeMeo - Son of Bill below. He always complains about being buckled into a car seat says he is too big for it.
Jeb Jandwerger - a Business Analyst one of the senior ones. At one time was Jonny's boss at M-CARE in an interim situation.
Mitchell Nguyen - McCormich - Jonny's brother-in-law, Angelina's brother. Lives in Philadelphia and own his own business.
Bill Maul - Jonny's neighbor they carpool to religious school
Walter Lewis - unix system administrator from Jackson. Got a year
Rawleigh Moreland - application support from Flint. Got a year
John H. Tobin - programmer got a whole year adopted a child
Thomas Hill - Angelina's Dad
Michael Gaston - Jonny's boss along with Renoly they both report to Paul. Jonny also lives in Jackson and got married again and has twins four years old.
Marc Anthony - sometimes carpools to Burns Park elementary with Lorraine
Penn Jillette - is the dad for a whole family. We'll call them the Jillette family. Penn works from home and he is from Israel.
Bob Session - son of Penn listed above. Goes to school with Alberta.
Blake Willett - youngest of the four Jillette children. He is a baby younger than Jesse.
Max Ligosh - Sometimes cuts Jonny and Jesse's hair. Has two children a single dad. One of the children goes to school with Alberta.
Paul Klementowicz - the heir apparent in the IS department. When the VP of IS left he was moved up. But alas the company got sold three months later and Paul is looking for a job like the rest of us.


running out of time

This was originally sent on Tuesday. Blogger sent it back to yahoo as this happens sometimes.
The time is now 4:52. Jonny is trying to get his Crystal Report project to work. It was due today. Took a 15 min nap. Called a recruiter from pillartechnology.com and she said he had to rewrite his whole resume. Try to emphasize more the Oracle. Just last night Angelina said his writing was improving. Jonny relaxed and let go three times today. The cell phone was found. He picked up Alberta at basketball practice last night after he found the cell phone. While Angelina was out at a birthday party watched part of a movie. She got the contact for the pillar company. I can't elaborate because I want to cover the basics here. Finished listening to Bo by Grossman and up to page 202 in Torah Commentary by Friedman. Read Isaiah chapters 28 and 29. Need pencils and toothpaste. Jonny's lungs hurt from all the coughing. Read chapter 21 choosing visual aids in Plain English at Work by Edward P. Bailey. Finished the movie Band of Brothers. Up to page 303 of The Fifthe Profession by David Morrell. The time is now 4:58.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

what to write

Not sure what to write about. Jonny had a roast beef sandwhich today. Over the weekend he spook briefly with Kristina, Elizabeth Regen and Richard Ziman. Richard is Jonny's brother. Wendell Pierce is his father. Elizabeth is his father's sister. And Kristina is his mother. Pfizer is laying off a bunch of workers. The QA job Jonny had a face to face interview for was cancelled. Also over the weekend Alberta had a basketball game and a soccer practice. The Miller's did alot of cleaning. Jonny steam cleaned the dining room and the family room. Today he has to pick up Lorraine and Margo. Later Alberta has basketball practice. Jonny has to drive to that too. Jonny is 36:54 into listening to Bo. He read some of Bo over the weekend too. The Nissan Altima is still awaiting a part. The $300 spring. The Miller's have had a rental car a Hyundai. Hard to spell that one. Jonny is up to page 272 of The Fifth Profession by David Morrell. He watched some more of the movie Band of Brothers. It is a series and he has parts 5 and 6. Jonny finished watching part 5. Angelina found a job opening at another university for a math teacher. This could mean the end of programming. Right now Renoly and Peter are chatting. Peter is rambling and it is quite boring. Jonny sold a book over the weekend and went to the post office today to mail it. He read the Haaretz Flash new before coming over here. He has a pimple on his nose. He lost his cell phone somewhere.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

learning Oracle

Jonny is waiting for a file to test the value options behavioral health shell script changes. The changes are so minimal. The program will now purge the input file at the end. Angelina seems to have a new crisis. She wants to hire a new PCP for her and Jonny. Jonny suggested interviewing three different doctors. They will interview two. One of them Jonny will be able to drive a couple blocks from work to meet Angelina at the interview. Jonny has been helping Terry with Crystal Reports. Terry has Jonny convinced he should pursue an Oracle certification. So Angelina agreed to spend the money for some training. The company is called www.selftestsoftware.com or self test software. The program is $109, the shipping is $12 and the test is $125 and it is in Ann Arbor. The big push is because Jonny finished all his Oracle books. The last chapter was External Procedure Chapter 23 of PL/SQL Programming by Steven Feurstein. For the record it was 936 pages. He is still reading Plain English at Work by Edward P. Bailey. The chapter he read this week was chapter 20 Designing Your Presentation. At work Jonny had to technical review John's program again. Over the night Julia has sent an email that the turnover didn't work. John fixed it this morning and then it still didn't work. She sent the original email to the following people: Renoly, Jonny, John, Matthew, Tannis Benedict and Raquel. She CC'd IS Operations, IS Process Scheduling and Walter Lewis. This is for the upgrade FSP0850 for 1099 changes, project 16398 task 1. Terry's procject was 16312 task 2 the accumulative negative balance report. Jonny worked on that one prior to Terry. Now it needs to be moved to a different folder. More paperwork. Jonny lost his tooth paste somewhere. Time is getting late. Now 4:31. Relaxed and Let go three times today. Also took a nap. Up to page 105 of The Fifth Profession by David Morrell. Also sold a book and took it to the post office. Took some books over to the other building and took one back here. Renoly just came over and gave Jonny two more technical reviews to do. These are of Darren's project. The project is the high deductible health plan. Cell phone. Angelina called. She has fixed Jonny's car. It will cost $300. She also bought a watch battery. Angelina says when it rains it pours. Alberta went to school today. Jonny dropped her off in the minivan. The altima needs some kind of spring. That is one heckova expensive spring. Laurence has had no electricity for two days. He wants to call Angelina's heating and cooling guy. This guy just put in a hot water heater for the Miller family. Laurence was thinking about calling him for a wood stove. Then he changed his mind. Jonny finished listening to Vaera and is now 28:09 into listening to Brachos 12a. He also read the Haaretz Flash news before coming over here to type.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

books reading

Jonny has been doing some reading. He also started watching a movie. Jonny watched about 15 minutes of Band of Brothers. Later last night around 12:30 Alberta woke up. She was crying and had a headache. She didn't go to school today. Jonny has been occasionally hacking or coughing away. It is some kind of allergy/post nasal drip. It is quite annoying and embarrassing. Read some of Vaera last night. Moved some documents for NPI. Tested Darren Lee's Crystal Reports turnover. Finished Oracle PL/SQL by Benjamin Rosenzweig. The book was 657 pages. Also read the appendixes. Appendix A Answers to Self Review Questions. Appendix B PL/SQL Formatting Guide. Appendix C Student Database Schema. Appendix D Answers to Test Your Thinking Sections. Appendix E Oracle 9i SQL New Features. Finished Chapter 19 last chapter called Records. Helped Terry Porter. She was making enhancements to the UM elig program that Jonny worked on last month. Up to page 916 chapter 23 External Procedures in the book Oracle PL/SQL Programming by Steven Feurestein. Up to page 75 of The Fifth Profession by David Morrell. Up to 40:31 of Vaera listening. Took a nap in the afternoon. Just read The Haaretz Flash News before blogging. There is always something interesting going on in Israel. As an American Jonny has the opinion that all Israeli's would be on the same side. It is not that way over there. There is lots of division of what should be going on who should be leading the country. It seems awful hard to be a politician over there because of so little support from the people. The IDF leader quit. Now people are calling for the Defense Minister to quit and of course they want his boss the Prime Minister to quit. The president is continuously harassed beyond Bill Clinton's level for some kind of indiscretions.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No school

The public schools were closed today. There was some inclement weather. Jonny finished reading That Day the Rabbi Left Town by Harry Kemelman. For the record the book was 245 pages. He started reading The Fifth Profession by David Morrell and is on page 59. The minivan is going to cost $1200 to repair. Kinda makes you want to jump right on www.dice.com and find a job right away. Jonny went to the post office today and mailed a package to his mother Kristina. It contained two photos, a couple of birthday cards and a pen. The post office sent it priority mail costing $4.05. He used a padded envelope. The pen said Kristina on it and Lorraine bought it by mistake. She like the color. She didn't know that they had names on the pens. Kristina and Angelina have the same birthday. Jonny found this out about 3 minutes after he started talking to Angelina back in March of 1988.
Today there was a design document review meeting. In attendance were Renoly, Rawleigh Moreland, John H. Tobin and Jonny Lee Miller. Most people get John and Jonny mixed up. John Tobin got a year while Jonny Lee Miller only got 3 months. His last day is March 31. John Tobin is looking for a job too. Rawleigh smelled like gasoline and the meeting room started to stink. Everyone was gagging. Rawleigh is the one who won and managed the weight loss contest. He lost 2.9% and Jonny lost 2.8%. Rawleigh works for Raquel Mondin. Everyone just calls her Raquel and they usually know which Raquel you mean. Raquel wasn't here today so Rawleigh went in her place. Someone from the QA department is invited to attend a design meeting.
Jonny started listening to Vaera. He is now 3:29 into it. He also took a nice nap since there were a few people going out for lunch so he wouldn't be missed.

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Usual long list

This was sent on Monday
Today is the usual Monday long list of events to review. Alberta had a basketball game. She played in the game. Her team was a Tappan team playing another Tappan team. There is a basketball mom who looks like one of Jonny's students. Laurence still hasn't gotten his job offer. Nobody new has announced their resignation. Jonny read some more of the book That Day the Rabbi Left Town by Harry Kemelman. He is on page 221. Today at 11 he had to meet Lorraine, Alberta and Angelina on Catherine street. This is where the family goes to the dentist. Jonny was early and ended up doing alot of reading. Then he took Alberta to her friend Sam's house. As it turned out she didn't want to go there. She says her friendship is waning. Jonny says they were friends last week or something like that. This whole character list needs to be recopied it is ridiculous. This is the second character I tried to introduce twice. Sam's good friend Ravil Isaynov was there as well. As it turns out both boys might go to the same middle school - Emerson.

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Friday, January 12, 2007


Today here is where Jonny is at. Up to page 100 of That Day the Rabbi Left Town by Harry Kemelman. Finished chapter 22 Calling Java from PL/SQL of Oracle PL/SQL Programming by Steven Feuerstein. Listened to the chanting of Shemot. Went to the post office to mail three books. Applied for two more UM jobs. Almost finished with the other PL/SQL book, last chapter. Actually Jonny is on the last chapter in both of those books.
Angelina just called. Over the weekend Alberta, Jonny and Thomas are going to see the Detroit Ignition play soccer. Jonny has alot of homework to grade too. Angelina just called again. Today was the last day for Kal, Kevin and Lynn Blades. Lynn was the department secretary. She retired. Kal is still here making lots of noise. They are both going to other place at the U. Renoly went home. For some strange reason Michael is still here.
Jonny relaxed and let go three times today. He took his usual morning nap at 9:30. Most of the people went out to lunch at 11:30. It was very quiet here. Thomas, Jesse and Angelina went to Zingermann's delicatessen. Angelina made Jonny a corn beef sandwhich from there. Also he gave him their potatoe salad and their bread. Renoly gave Jonny his review yesterday. It was favorable or adequate. No glaring problems like last year. Laurence and Jonny feel this will help when UM hiring managers look at their personnel records. They will see the review on top not the 2005 review. The retention bonus came today too. Three months salaray yeah.
Jonny helped Terry with a crystal report project today. He also read the Haaretz Flash news. He spent of the day working on a design document for a crystal report project. This was project 16406. It was a report that was never converted from the HP 3000. They stopped using the HP 3000 in September of 2005. The report was first modified in 1995. Its origination date is unknown. It is a contract type error report. Well back to the Oracle books.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

New character

Note I fixed this today because Sandra Bullock was introduced as a character awhile ago.

Another new character. Angelina's dad Thomas Hill is coming to visit. Her parents are divorced. Thomas married Sandra the year after Angelina and Jonny got married. So it is predictably a strange relationship between Angelina and her step-mom Sandra. Sandra is sick and not making the trip. Probably she has an upper respiratory infection another words a cold.

Jonny is 7:12 into tape 12b of Grossman's Brachos Talmud. The day before yesterday I forgot to mention that Jonny and Angelina sold a book and Jonny took the book to the post office yesterday. Yesterday they sold four more books. Jonny was very busy last night. Only one book got wrapped. They are quickly running out of boxes for wrapping. The one book was a priority mail so it was easy to wrap. All you have to do is put it into a priority flat rate envelope. Renoly left already and it is 5:17 PM already. Most people are going to the good bye drinking party at Guy Hollerin's for Kevin. There are many people leaving this week.

Jonny is up to page 60 of That Day the Rabbi Left Town by Harry Kemelman. He went to Wendy's and got the double combo with no cheese, no ketchup and no mayonaise. This runs a whopping $5.71. The book was $4.05. Jonny was told to borrow $10 from Alberta. Alberta made him sign an agreement to pay back $12.50. At this point Jonny only has $5.00 and change so it will be up to Alberta to collect from Angelina. Finally the book on tape is finished The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. There is a movie too.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Jonny called Kristina this morning. She was trying to encourage him to look for a job outside the University. Jonny finished listening to The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams. It was a book on tape. There is a sequel called The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Speaking of sequel, Jonny started a new book a sequel to The Day the Rabbi Resigned by Harry Kemelman called That Day the Rabbi Left Town by Harry Kemelman. He got the book at the library and didn't realize it was a sequel. Today he went to the Evergreen. He got General Tso's chicken. Jonny also took a nap today. He was beat. The new semester is starting up. The job hunt continues. Matthew had a phone interview today. Laurence hasn't gotten the job offer he awaits. His contact contacted both Renoly and Michael. Renoly just came and talked to Jonny. He told him a hamster is loose in his house. Jonny told him to get a snake. Renoly took the hint and went to talk to Michael. They are more compatible conversationalist both being managers. Jonny finished listening to Grossman Shemot. Now he is listening to tape 11b of Talmud Brachos. Last night Alberta had a scrimmage against another basketball team. Jonny read the Haaretz Flash news. He is up to page 27 of That Day the Rabbi Left Town by Harry Kemelman. He relaxed and let go three times today. Diane needed help again with the members by site report crystal turnover. She had an interview in Farmington Hills. Fisher had a phone interview with BCN. I don't feel like introducing any new characters today.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today is Tuesday. Jonny finished reading Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen. This book was for the record 411 pages. It was different and similar to his other books. The difference is that it wasn't so dramatic. It was toned down a bit and more realistic. If that is possible. Read chapter 19 Using Example Plain English at Work by Edward P. Bailey. Meanwhile Jonny is pretty depressed about the job search. Angelina was working on getting the minivan fixed at Ann Arbor Nissan today. It had a brake light go on. The night operator came by to chat her name is Julia Pearlstein. She is looking to get another operator job soon. Jonny finished the 835 NPI turnover. Renoly gave him another project in the meantime. It is project 16287 the high deductible health plan duplicate records issue. Sometimes they call this hdhp. A bunch of people are going to Guy Hollerin's to celebrate Kevin's last day. Jonny also read the Haaretz Flash news today. He is up to 36:43 of the Grossman, Shemot. He is on the last side of the last tape of The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I knew if I just sit here long enough more news would come up. Angelina got her maintenance man to put in a new hot water heater. The old one was from September of 1993. This means it is 13 years and four months old. For a hot water heater that is pretty old. Tonight Alberta has a basketball practice in "the bubble." This is a place on Carpenter Road. Jonny might start his new book from the Rabbi Small series. This morning Angelina had a fasting test. Because of the test Jonny took Lorraine to school. They were about 5 minutes late and Jonny was about 40 minutes late. He managed to relax and let go 3 times. On the last break at 3:45 he drifted off for ten minutes. It is so cold out too. Earlier he went to the post office because they sold two more books. Now he has two dollars in his pocket. He did win $20 last week from the weight loss challenge, 2nd place lost 2.8%. The winner was 2.9%. The money went to pay part of the cleaning lady fee - cash. Also two old social work books went over to the other building. These were books not worth selling. Plus he found two bible books and dropped them off as well. They were about Deborah and Joshua. But they weren't Jewish books. In exchange he took a book from the other building and brought it over here to this building.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Stomach problems

Angelina believes Jonny's stomach problems are due to a virus. Today he has a pain in the neck. He ran out of chips. Jonny has listened up to 21:34 of Grossman Shemos. Loarraine is sick and won't be going to religious school. Neither is Margo. They are both sick. For awhile Margo was over at the Miller house. Jonny asked Renoly for more work to today. He got a new project 16231 task 9. This is almost finished. Laurence gave Jonny a bunch of dreidals and Chanukah puppets from Rite Aide. Jeff Harding asked Jonny for some help today. Jonny had to look over some code Jeff wrote. Jeff used to be the DBA. So now he gets to work on special DBA like programming projects. This was project 16386 task 1. Earlier Angelina called and wanted Jonny to pick up some green grapes, green apples and strawberries. The brake light on the minivan went on. Jonny got a massage at the Great Wolf Bear Lodge Resort. They went for a three day weekend. Angelina was complaining the kids lose stuff. Jonny is up to page 372 of Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen. He sold a book over the weekend and took it to the post office today. He also closed a book today since it is worth too little. The sweater is going to close today too. Up to tape four of four of The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 6 UM jobs Jonny applied for were filled. He received automatic notification of this fact along with 2 other that were cancelled. The stomach problems will probably work themselves out. Jonny is more comitted to relaxing and letting go exercise. He went twice already today and will be going again in a few minutes. He was teaching the massage therapist how to do this relax and let go exercise. It was too hot for there to be any snow. All the ski places were closed. It has been a bad winter for them. Wow just got an email from Jennifer in her new job. She wants us to write to her at her new email address since the M-Care one will be going away soon. Laurence still didn't get a job offer and he is getting pretty edgy about it. Jonny read the Haaretz Flash news today.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Still sick

I know it's getting to be old news. Jonny sick again. This diarrhea is getting painful. It's also troublesome to spell. He took a bath shower last night after midnight. This took awhile to accomplish. He went to bed at 1:30 and was quite tired today. But he finished the 835 programming. He took a nap too. Jonny went to school today and got around 10 books. Then he went to a different part of school to check email. There he dealt with a student from 3 semesters ago who believes his grade needs to be changed. Believe me the situation is even more outrageous than it seems. These gastric disorders could be due to stress? Guess who Alberta and Jonny saw at the basketball game. Yes that's right the Rabbi of our Synagogue. Drat I still can't manage to spell that word to save my soul. Jonny came right around and confessed to sneaking in a water bottle to the game. Between 10:30 and midnight it was work on follow-up to jobs applied for. Today's lunch was a simple bagel, Vernors and banana. Cell phone ringing. Ahh being annoyed by Angelina. Makes it hard to spell the word annoyed. Jonny is an amateur speller. Maybe this inhibits his writing ability. Meanwhile I plan to add these to my Franklin planner spelling section. Hold on. Renoly looks like he is getting ready to leave. Maybe Jonny can leave early. Tomorrow is the big vacation day. Off to Great Wolf Bear Lodge, Crystal Mountain, Grand Traverse, Traverse City something like that.
The list of my most misspelled words in Jonny's Franklin planner already includes:
Funny he had to copy them down not to misspell them.
Words from today's blog entry are already in the spellers dictionary.
Basket Case on page 194 at the end of the day and now on page 204. That guy from the Winter of 2006 wanting his grade changed got Jonny running to the school bathroom. Finished listening to Grossman Vayechi פרשה it was around and hour's worth as it usually is. Mailed a package because a book was sold yesterday. Going home to pack, do chores.
Kal Weber got a job offer. He is going to another department. He is one of the network administrators. Totally lost any train of thought. Oh well printed out a couple of page and annotated an old organizational chart for Angelina.

Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Yes Jonny is tired again. It's a vicious cycle. Nap, stay up late etc. Today there was no nap for the sleepy Jonny. Now Angelina wants the job postings checked daily at 4PM. They were checked and there are some jobs for her none for him. Tonight is basketball with Alberta. UM is playing Illinois. At this point Jonny is up to page 162 of Basket Case. He loaned Matthew some VB .NET books since Jonny won't read them at work. Matthew is a BA but he wants to learn. And Jonny is a teacher and he wants to teach. That is sorta what Jonny's 10:30 AM errand yesterday was all about - teaching. He received an email on the 21st stating he was removed from teaching a class. Jonny didn't check his email since right before receiving that email. Poor Jonny went over two weeks without responding back that yes he would indeed like to teach another class to replace the one he was removed from. There that took a long time to explain, yesterday's news and I didn't want to get into it then and now it has seemed to be a nuisance. Kinda like learning how to spell the word nuisance. Jonny took a bath last night shortly after Angelina went to bed around midnight. Next it was 1AM and he was still hungry for more food. He stayed up eating and reading until 1:30 AM. Then he happily lay in bed thinking about the author and the book. Up to 31:35 in the Grossman Vayechi פרשה . Up to the third of four tapes of the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Got a 3% raise. Haven't had the performance evaluation review yet. Now the lashon hora sorta. Laurence and Jonny got screwed over last year - to make a long story short by none other than Renoly, Michael and Paul. Now Laurence has been waiting for an offer from another department but they got a hold of that review. The hiring manager wants to talk to Renoly or Michael. Laurence was totally taken by surprise. Today he told Jonny this. Today he told Renoly this. Jonny is perplexed mainly since Angelina as you know knows none of this. Naoko made her decision to leave. Her last day is Friday. She is going to another department.

Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Unfortunately - sick

Jonny has taken seriously ill. This time he ate a burrito at noon on New Year's Eve. He was watching Jesse at the time. Later that day he got severe cramps. To the time of this writing he still has severe cramps. Jonny drank a whole bottle of pedialyte on New Year's Day. Plus he had toast and vernors ginger ale. Well enough of this sickness. Jonny did do a bit of reading at work. He also took a nap. Unfortunately he went out for a one hour errand as well. Luckily his work is getting done. The book is a library book Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen and he is on page 72. He finished Paperback Original by Will Rhode. And just for the record it was 453 pages. Yesterday Jonny had severe hiccups. They went away once while falling asleep watching Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Last night they came back at 2 in the morning. So he went and read Torah Commentary by Friedman for the Vayechi פרשה also read some of Basket Case. Today's lunch was a very simple canada dry ginger ale and a banana. In addition to different half slices of bagel severely toasted. One was sesame and the other a mixture of chocolate and something else. Can you tell severe is the adjective of the day. Not by choice it just worked out that way. Here at work Jonny found out that Kevin Brewerton is leaving. And were giving him a name anyway. He sits across from Gary. Gary is tall and Kevin is short. Jennifer is leaving today and Gary is leaving January 15. Matthew found out about Gary at the good bye lunch for Jennifer. Funny how that works out. Ok back now. Jonny went to check out the graveyard. Unfortunately Michael and Paul are not on it. Alot of the top management are planning to be gone. Most of them have transferred to other departments. Jonny hopes to do that too. Again sorry if this blog isn't interesting and skips around from topic to topic or discusses the wrong topic. Friday the Miller family went to the Chabad Friday night dinner. It was fun. Over the weekend Jonny spoke to Wendell and Kristina briefly. They are on vacation in the Virgin Islands. Renoly is still here in his office. He thinks Jonny is working. Jonny still has 5 antibiotic pills left to take. He has stomach cramps like a woman on her period. He bends over double in pain. He has listened to 24:42 of Grossman's  Vayechi פרשה . And he fixed a bug in his 835 program. 2 sweaters sold on ebay. 3 books sold on amazon. No mail today because Ford died. Read the Haaretz flash news today. Going to pick up Alberta at her friend Sam Douglas's house. She went there after school. His dad is a doctor. But Angelina would be mad if Jonny asked him about his Jonny's cramps. Jonny maxed out on anti-diarheal medication. Then he took some pepto and some zantac. Still in pain. He also talked to Richard and Aunt Sylvia over the weekend. Richard still has his listed for 640k.

Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.
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