The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Claims Payable

We are still trying to get our claims payable system to work right after two weeks. I finished Windows 3.1 Programming for Mere Mortals. Now I am trying to sell it. There is roof construction here in Green Road the IS department side of the building. Finished the movie The Medallion.
The festival was nice. There was a live jazz band. It started to get chilly as the sun set deeper into the tree shaded horizon. The desserts were free too. They only wanted you to buy drinks to support the 5th grade graduation. We did contribute $4. This bought us a ring pop candy, a 12 ounce coke, a 12 ounce sprite and a nestle water. I was feeling really sick. The pizza and the water felt much better. We got salads too from Panera. L's friend and sisters and mother came over to our blanket. R was at her friend Eli's house. We were late to pick her up at 7PM. She ate dinner there. I sat down and read the newspaper and talked to Gary the dad. It was a short visit. Meanwhile back at the festival before we left the kids played on the playground.
I have to pick up at the religious school and then later I have to pick up at the soccer practice car pool. Then I have to take the other girl to the Ypsilanti area and then home by around 8PM.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I have been working really hard lately on the lo loshan hora. If you recall back when I went to a chabbad lunch I was trying to tune out the gossip. Back then it was easy. Now it is so much harder. It is natural to want to find the bad in everything. It is more than that you want to find the responsible person. You want to be the first to uncover the truth. You are right to want to be positive and upbeat. But we can't all be that way. Today I was reading west bank mama. Another great blog. I figure a lot of the good blogs will be down for awhile so I can catch up or pick up some new ones. I think it is ok to be down and negative and pessamistic. Here is why. It is ok to go to your friend and unload some bad events on them. And then they say wow I don't mind if you come here more often than not and tell me all the bad things going on for you in the past 6 hours or so. But what if I have a bad day and now I need you to cheer me up. Then what will I do. Sooner or later the really down person is going to find something to make them happy something they get really excited about and without the oops I just came back from taking a break with Tom and lost my thought. Oh yeah and they have fun not at the expense of someone else's misery. I tried to give this lecture to my daughter S this morning. For example when the media tries to go after a political figure. This is happening in Israel and my example was Clinton. The Jay Leno show did a great bit on Clinton last night. The girl says do you believe in Santa Clause and Clinton says yes I do. I have been trying to kill him. And then the girl of course starts crying. And then Clinton says no one has been trying harder than I have to kill him. And of course the girl cries even more.
Back to the update. The cat pooped on my black fleese jacket this morning. When I left the dogs out of their beds instead of running to their food bowls they ran to the smell. I said thanks Lucy you helped me clean some of this up. Forgot glasses. Started the movie Medallion. This morning is was up to page 470 of Windows 3.1 Programming for Mere Mortals. Now I am up to page 480. I am savoring the book. I am up to the second appendix. Starting to feel a cold coming on. Forgot tomatoes. S bought them to make sauce and they go well in sandwhiches. Bill says 835 error is due to a replacement. Explained to R how Bill Clinton almost go impeached. This conversation started when we passed her favorite signs near the Schule impeach Bush. S emailed and wants to know what I want from panera. I aked for Sierra Turkey. I might change to their crispiano. Headache took a tylenol. Got amazon feedback. Fall festival at L's school Burn's Park tonight.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Approved time off

Yeah I got the day off for éåí ëôåø. I am up to chapter 10 of Windows 3.1 Programming for Mere Mortals.I just came back from the post office and mailed the book we sold. The book was a game design book. I found a new book on Thursday at school and forgot to put it up for sale. That will be tonight's chore. Still waiting for free time to watch the movie Medallion with Jackie Chan at least in two nights. My goal is to quit screwing around and get to bed before 12. Last night my BP was through the roof. Right now I am working on controlling a coughing fit. Time for spell check. It appears controlling has two l's go figure.
Forgot glasses. Over the weekend mowed the lawn with the neighbor's lawn mower. S made the holiday meal complete with her apple tart. I ate most of it myself. Took the mower to Lowe's to get it repaired, hopefully for free. Cleaned the toys and took a bunch of them to storage. Called my parents very briefly and they wished L and Z a Happy øàù äùðä. Used the new steam cleaner. Went to schule and Z wouldn't stay in his kid room so S missed the whole service. The part we caught together in the hallway was the sermon. Our Rabbi was on fire. He was talking about creation. S complained it was to long. His son was holding the door as usher and I was thinking he must be proud. I went down the hall towards the bathrooms so I could study/pray in my own way all dressed up listening to the sermon over the PA system. He was also complaining as usual about the anti-Israel protesters out on the street in from of our temple. They are there every Saturday for the last 3 years. Funny they take Sunday off. Ahh protesters is er not or. L went to her service. R went to her service. The kid's services/day care starts no earlier than 10:30 so a 10:45 arrival is the mode for the synagogue. The next day S stayed home and cleaned. R went to her service and the rest of us went to the family service. Immediately L said she was bored. They fought over who of them I would hold or carry on my lap. It is nice to be loved. Not that it is any big deal but to this day I have yet to go to a úùìéê service. On the way to schule S threatened again to remove the comcast cable. As we passed a 850K house right next door to the schule - ah my dream house. It will save $60 per month. This makes me happy. Forgot my vitamins. Skipped nasal irrigation. 2 contractors left on Friday.
Ahh our medical students visited us.

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Friday, September 22, 2006


This will be a quick update since I want to get out of here. Put together the Bissel steam cleaner. L pronounces it Biz el. or Mr Biz el. I worked in the afternoon so I went to the øàù çåãù úùøé and then went to our friend DP's house to get a hc. He cut Z's hair too. I took Z to burger king and regretably got croisantwhich's which are not kosher. I asked for no cheese and then had to go back through the drive through because they gave them to use with cheese. I had Jets pizza - plain - for lunch. The regents approved the sale of our company today for 240 mil. Shital was asking how long the membership by site report is supposed to take. I was supposed to be helping her with this since I don't have any other work to do besides supporting the claims payable. I was here until after 11 last night. Later Ken said Sheryl wants to know where in the Crystal Enterprise the reports can be found. I did checkin reviews and tech reviews for projects 14204 task 85 and 86 and project 16081 task 5. I talked to my brother Matt and he wants to move closer to the beach but staying in San Diego. R had no school today so I got here areound 8AM. I was up to page 601 of PL/SQL and now I am up to page 621. Tom and I went out for lunch - he bought. We went to his favorite place Flim Flam. And I had my usual French Toast with coffee. I did more tech reviews and check in reviews for projects 12458 task 8, project 15776 task 16 and project 14898 task 6.
Amazing I am starting a new paragraph as disjointed as it is http://www.thetartcart.com/videos/watch.aspx?Media=3358 From Tom of course. He was sick for four days this week and it was boring here with out him until today. Here is a Matt Damon clip  considering I just watched the movie Good Will Hunting last week. I hope to watch Jackie Chan The Medallion soon. We are having our usual brisket holiday meal. It is kosher from Hiller's and S is cooking it with her special recipe. There were 2 new application programming positions posted within the University of Michigan so if I can get one of those it would be great. I have to go home and fix the lawn mower - it won't start.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I am here working late. We are going to run our first claims payable today. I did a tech review of projec 16081 task 16. I did some trouble shooting for project 14897 the NP report. I did a tech review of project 15031 task 9. I also investigated project 16131 the member's by site report again. I forgot my lunch on Tuesday. I first went to Southfield to meet with CCI and women owned business. They are recruiters who told me to fix up my resume. Because of claims payable was supposed to run last night and it didn't I got to come in at 1 PM today and yesterday. Then I went to the hotel near by the office and changed and then ate some left over pizza. Last night S begged the neighbor to watch L. This was because R couldn't be trusted with both L and Z. This was because S went to L's back to school night. Tonight I worked on my resume in the morning. I went to the Wolverine tower after taking R to school. Then I went home. They couldn't help me with my job search until I get RIF. Which stands for reduction in force. Yesterday I read chapter 15 dynamic SQL and Dynamic PL/SQL. I also finished teach yourself PL/SQL in 21 days. It took me two and a half to three years though. After fixing up my resume I had my lunch at home and then came here. Did a bunch of nothing. Ken said to learn Tidal from Prabha since we are supporting it tonight. So I am up to page 583 in PL/SQL. Also up to page 430 in Windows Programming. Watched a movie about ninjas and drank vodka. Feeling a little bit Jewish. Read bec's blog about the conservative synagouge and then went to pick up L and a neighbor in 4th grade for our car pool at our conservative synagouge. Was feeling really lazy last night and didn't do sit ups. This post is growing in length. L and I walked the dogs instead of eating dinner her. Meanwhile Z, R and S dropped R off at soccer practice. L was supposed to eat and do homework. When I left S said L had 12 minutes to eat and they were leaving to pick R up at soccer practice. I seem to write better - in my opinion - when I have pre-written notes about what I want to write about. My notes are very skimpy for the two days.

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Monday, September 18, 2006


Not much going on. Usual busy weekend. Just finished listening to ôøùä the week. Maybe someday I can write that in Hebrew. Up to page 572 of Teach Yourself PL/SQL in 21 days. S bought a Bisell Steam cleaner. It is the kind that heats up the water. She said she won't let me use the new one on the basement floor. We had free breakfast to celebrate the end of the HP 3000. I got a couple three recruiters to call. Also waiting for the free lunch. Tomorrow I have to work late. I get to come in late to stay late for the claims payable run. L is working on the MEAP test preparation. I am so glad she learned about not gossiping as the main focus of Sunday's Hebrew school. Z helped me take apart the old steam cleaner. S had to work the booth this weekend because they had no one else. One of my neighbors has moles. The moles eat the grubs. I didn't have time to watch any movies. Was in Hearland yesterday for traveling soccer. Then Saline for a soccer team pool party. All parents needed to be there to watch their kids not drowning.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I still feel miserable. Hopefully I can go home and get some rest. There is very low morale here at work. L has a new Hebrew school teacher. She wrote a bio and gave it out the first day. Tonight I was supposed to pick her and the neighbor's child but I feel ill. So we will owe them one. This teacher came from a reform background. But even though this is a Conservative synagogue. She is in college now and wants to do this job. Sometimes the reform can be more "into it" than me. So I don't really care. I also have next to nothing to do here. I did the tech review for project 15816 task 2. I forgot my vitamins at home. Z woke up the whole house an 1 1/2 hours early. Went home at 2:45 and instead of resting had to watch Z. Still feel miserable sick. Got DVD remote to work by switching batteries. I battery tested it and the battery was weak. But it still worked in my other DVD player's remote. And that battery was full strength and it worked in the remote that got left out in the rain. Forgot to bring fruit for lunch. No time for nasal irrigation this morning. Didn't feel like it last night along with hand weights, stretching, or sit ups. Finished chapter 10 of Isaiah while helping R with homework. Spent a lot of time doing job hunting last night. And wrapped the package stone age to christianity book that sold. Checked out this website dice for jobs.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Uncertainty at work

Here at work we had a meeting as to the future. The company will be sold. If we stay until the sale date we get 1/4 salary as a bonus. Most of us will be fired on that day and given a further 2 month severance. If the sale doesn't happen until my 10 year anniversary June 19 then I get 3 months. My workload is very light and my throat is killing me. My students last night were about as clueless as clueless gets. But I guess that is what I signed up for I just was running low on patients considering everything going on here. I called my dad and walked the dogs. We sold another book something called Christianity from the stone age. I am up to day 14 of teach yourself PL/SQL in 21 days. I found the DVD remote control at the park where we left it over the weekend by mistake during the field hockey game. That was the highlight of my day. I went to the post office before 11 and mailed the statistics book. It was $3.99 postage. I then went to an EAP meeting. It evolved into a more explanation of the big layoff the big sale. I emailed my student whose Dad retired from the department I want to switch to. I also emailed my friend who works for the company who is buying us. He really wants me to go work with him 50 miles from here, with worse benefits. He also teaches at the same school as me so I will see him Thursday. I applied for two jobs last night within our company.

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Monday, September 11, 2006


Yeah I sold another book. Statistics. Third time I sold this book. This time for the most money. It is a real hit seller. P 412 of Window Programming. Chapter 9 Isaiah. Saw the movie Good Will Hunting. Went to Pet Supplies Plus and spent $76. Talked to parents and Aunt Sylvia. Our company is going to be sold to another health insurance company -- Blew Xross Blew Sheeld of Mishigan. This is the same company that just took one of our programmers. Everyone is looking for jobs. There is a big meeting about it tomorrow at 9AM. I read another chapter of Plain English at Work, Chapter 7 Abstractness. I had to redo the General Ledger turnover. And now I am bored. So I was reading the procedures chapter in Oracle PL/SQL. What will I tell my kids? They might hear about this company sale. I need to find another job within this company. I was planning to do that today as a matter of fact. After I get home from teaching school. I am in such the mood to gossip with all the other employees but I know it does no good. Ring Ring. Wife calling.

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Friday, September 08, 2006


I am so happy it is Friday. Today I spent most of the day getting the GL rpt fixed. Once I was able to see Natasha I was fine. Last night class went ok. One of our programmers quit and is going to work for BCBS of MI. Went out to eat with a few programmers to the Syrian Bakery. I had turkey kafta. Last night was pancake night and I missed it. S is complaining about the food service prep job. It is giving her carpal tunnel. No one helped me walk the dogs today. The middle east food is giving me a stomach ache. Tom sent me this link "Finally -- something you and the conservatives can agree on" It is too long and complicated about politics. The website asktherabbi.org is neat. Check out question 644 it makes me so mad there is such blatant ant-semitism in the US and the South.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

cliff hanger

Still trying to learn to write in active not passive voice. It takes practices though. Word has a grammar check for it. I would like to demonstrate this to my class. I have to wait until next week when we get to word. I can't believe it Bill's daughter is coming back from school in Northern Michigan after only being there for two weeks. He said he was going to make her stay for a year and then let her transfer. I will have to wait and get the full story. I sold two books. One on accounting and one on photoshop. Been working all day on the SL compression. This is for the late claim filing program. The development environment is different than the production environment. The car was fixed. Sorry for the cliff hanger. But S was here to pick me up. It was a dead battery. Labor was $95 per hour. Total bill after the discount was $175. Very reasonable price. S says she is tired of working her food service job 2.5 hours per day. It is the fatigue and the loss of free time. Listened to Ketese. Checked in the negative balance report. Up to page 370 of windows programming. Read Torah, Torah Commentary and chanting one page two nights in a row. Been doing hand weight sporadically. Been doing nasal irrigation. Better put the Advair into the mix since I am still hacking up luggies at the most embarrassing moments. Finished a really long tech review. Been doing sit ups according to yahoo it's sit ups not situps. Been stretching. Been sleeping, napping occasionally. Also trying to improve my spelling. I put in a big word and wham I spell it wrong. I have a spelling guide in my Franklin. R wants to learn more about the civil war. So I gave her Gone with the Wind. She finished a Jewish civil war novel called War Within. She asked me how come they had slaves. I made Hebrew noun flash cards for her. She is running for school president. L has been getting up early and helped me walk the dogs. Unfortunately Z helps in the afternoon. And Dexter threw up last night violently and grossly covered the floor with grass. Then he ate some of it before I could get down there. Meanwhile the kids played happily ignoring everything so they wouldn't be spotted staying up past their bed times.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Car trouble

Over the weekend I was in Troy for the soccer tournament. Also my parents came to Michigan to see it and the kids. We went to the Bass Pro Outlet and got a couple of fishing books. R read one already. I am bringing her home a Babylon 5 book maybe she'll like it. When we left the hotel the car wouldn't start. Everyone says a 2001 Nissan Altima I have is so wonderful. It was clean and well maintained. The battery looked good too. Well AAA came out and jump started it. Later we got all the way back to Ann Arbor and it died right as we got to a red light off the highway exit ramp. I got some stranger in the parking lot nearby to walk up the hill and push the car down the street to the parking lot of a closed restaurant. Meanwhile my parents were expecting to meet me at home at 1PM. The soccer game was at 7:30 AM and the player had to be there at 7AM. So R and I stayed in the hotel so we could get up in the morning and go. The town of Troy is over and hour away about 50 miles. My parents then went to Hiller's on the way to meeting us back from the tournament. My Dad wanted to bring back to Virginia a piece of filet of

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