The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bike ride

Today Jonny went for a bike ride - alone. His new friends at ABL wouldn't go with him. He'll probably go tomorrow again or take a nap. Olegar is on vacation. Sylvestor tried to apologize for being mean yesterday but Jonny just blew him off. Earlier today Jonny made sandwhiches for both Olegar and Harvey. They loved their sandwhiches and then went into Olegar's office and closed the door. So Jonny was on the ready mode from 2-5 today, by his choice and on 1:30 on Friday. He needs to call his AS2 customer Friday. He has an EDI customer that doesn't seem to care if the case gets closed or not. They have all heard these horror stories of cases that have been held open for years. An odd thing happened this morning Olegar asked Jonny for Laurence's resume. Angelina was just asking about this story. Of course she said "it would be a nice thing to do to warn Laurence about what went on today at ABL" Ok well that was a close quote to what she said, it was the gist of what she said clearly. Of course Jonny argued with her. Why is that? Hashem only knows.

Fussy? Opinionated? Impossible to please? Perfect.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The spies

Earlier tonight Jonny was reading about the spies in the book TC. Here comes Angelina. Jonny is working on applying for jobs her. He wrote a couple of thank you letters. He had a web developer phone interview in the rain today. They want him to come back for a two hour test. He will do that after work on Monday. Thank Hashem this is the first job interview where he can freely admit he has a job already. So that is why he is meeting to take the test after work. They agreed he is highly paid. Angelina is done with the dishwasher and went back upstairs. She is complaining about anything and everything. Her mouth is going on and on. Hopefully tomorrow Jonny can bicycle again and send his dad an email. Jonny's suit for the Bat Mitzvah is ready. Still no wedding ring. Oh well he can't have everything. He kinda got in a fight with Sylvestor over a case today. This job can get stressful. Bottom line if you're on the phones help the customer. This seems contrary to what the Indian girls: Juli and Brandi told him to do. Jonny's Indian friend from this other company Wendy is getting her green card soon. One of her coworkers John is getting his second adopted baby. Both are Chinese, he is white and the kids are brothers.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Tuesday

Yes it is hot today. Jonny is drinking his zoomer beer. Nice. He talked briefly to Richard. Richard is conserving cell phone minutes. Then he had to go help Angelina. Then Richard called back but Jonny has been busy doing school work and walking the dogs. Now he wants to read some TC and SWS. He read the Fax of ... Had to go tuck Angelina into bed. ... Life. It was about Chukrat. Of course Jonny is still on the section about the too much meat. Angelina just reminded him that he has more homework to grade. Angelina just reminded him to turn off Jesse's night light. Angelina is asleep. Jonny got an email he is out of the running for the job he interviewed for on Wednesday. Jonny bike rode 6 miles today in the heat. Olegar didn't want a sandwhich. Jonny has an interview tomorrow for a phone interview with a web developer position. Jonny sold a book last week. It was a cancer book. Angelina sent Jonny an email the Kiddush is gonna cost $3600 for Alberta's Bat Mitzvah.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hot Monday

Today is hot in Ann Arbor with Jonny. His family had an open house on Sunday. Jesse and Lorraine, the two dogs Lucy and Dexter and Jonny the driver went to the park by the river. It was Log Cabin Day. They were late for their curfew by the exact amount of time they spent exploring the exhibits. They had Jonny cakes, saw a log cabin that is always there, made corn husk dolls. Jonny had an interview today. It was hot. Angelina picked him up in their Blue minivan. She got lost and Jonny walked a ways before he caught up with her. The person who Jonny was supposed to interview with was sick. But three other programmers were able to find the time to interview him. Today one of the positions was filled. Olegar liked his sandwhich and Angelina is going to buy some more kosher deli. It looks like Angelina needs some more attention. She isn't happy unless she is watching tv and everyone else is running up and down the stairs serving her. She bought Jonny some Faroma salad from Hiller's for dinner. It was filling. Tomorrow Jonny is going bycle riding by himself. He is up to page 461 of TC. They were discussing the occurence of a one line poem in the middle of the bible.  

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good Shabbat

Jonny just finished reading page 458 of TC. He is getting sleeping. Unfortunately he and Angelina have been working all day. Someone came today to see their house. An Indian couple with and Indian wife and an Indian little child and an Indian realtor. Angelina's realtor came over briefly to check the house over. Sunday they are having an open house. Jonny had to write thank you notes for the four people he interviewed with earlier in the week. He will be on the phone Monday from 10 to 1. Then he has a job interview lined up for 1:30. Angelina is picking him up. Then they will go to the hotel and change.Olegar and Jonny started a lunch club. Jonny had Angelina buy some Best brand kosher salami. She also bought some hoagie rolls. Jonny will make the sandwhiches for him. He is the supervisor and Jonny agreed to 2.50 per day. He plans to heat the meat add the lettuce and cheese. Olegar want kosher meat but doesn't care about the cheese. As stated before he is obviously a moslem and is from Pakistan. Jonny has about 50 pages left in his novel SWS. Friday night at work he stayed really late and met Angelina at a graduation party at Burn's Park. Jonny got there around 8:30 or 9:00.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Another busy day for Jonny. He was one the phone with customers for hours and hours. He also spoke for 15 minutes with Kristina and Wendell. Jonny forgot to thank them for the generous anniversary present. Wendell said to call over the weekend. They are getting greedy. He spoke Sunday and Monday. And now Thursday and he wants the weekend too. Angelina has arranged for her house to be open on Sunday. Jonny is way behind in TC, they are up to Chukorat - red hefer when he is on something 40 pages back about the 12 chieftains all donating the same thing. Jonny is on around 5 open cases. The two interviews went well. One wants to bring him in on Monday. He has a web developer phone interview already scheduled for Wednesday. He has another PL/SQL 1 hour interview tomorrow.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lots to do

Today Angelina hosted another open house. There is so much to do. Jonny started teaching a new semester this week. He talked to Kristina and Wendell briefly. This weekend was Father's Day. Thomas and Sandra were in Ann Arbor this weekend. They went to Alberta's graduation. Alberta had soccer tryouts for the fall. She made the premier team. Angelina had a job interview for Utilization and the U. Jonny has a phone interview at the U and a 90 minute interview at the U back to back tomorrow. He has another interview at the U Friday. He'll stay late. He brought his bike to work and left it there. So he rode 6 miles on Sunday, Monday and today. What the heck is going on in Gaza? Jonny has been reading TC, SWS, Plain English and XML. Lorraine had a softball game today and Jesse has tee ball games on Monday's. Thomas, Sandra and Jonny went to Van Boven and bought a men's suit. No word yet on the insurance policy on the men's wedding band. Last night Jonny drank two beers. None yet tonight. He had to write Angelina's thank you email.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tee ball

Tonight was Jesse's tee ball game. Jonny has to make an effort to take some photos. He took a bunch at Jesse's graduation. Monday at ABL Inquira went live. The water fountain was broken. Jonny needs to set up next semester at school on blackboard. Angelina wants a plant trimmed. Jonny started watching the movie Beverly Hillbillies. He also started the book Presidential Courage. Sunday after the JCC events Lorraine and Jonny went to Burger King and then to softball practice. Jonny was having trouble setting up a mailbox browser. Alberta needs an oral surgeon. Jonny needs a 1/2 day off Monday for Lorraine's endocrine appointment.
Tuesday Jonny was up to page 440 of TC, P 482 of SWS. Harvey gave him a new case. Kristina sent pictures from the weekend. Angelina needs to drop Jesse off at pre-school. Angelina got dentist forms. Olegar said to schedule time off 8AM to 5PM. Tonight was Jesse's tee ball.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

It just gets worse

Just to recap Tuesday: Wendell emailed Jonny about beach trip. Jonny called parents the night before. Harvey gave Jonny a case. Jonny called Angelina at 10:50. He emailed back and forth with his parents. Then he took a nap. He closed a case. Harvey gave him a new case.
Just to recap Wednesday: Thomas emailed Jonny. Car was making a noise. 9:08 Jonny closed a case. Olegar forced Jonny to close another case. 11:30 was the second case closed. Later he closed 3 cases total.
Just to recap Thursday: Jonny brought two plants to work. He sold an accounting book. He closed a case. He worked out. He was on page 424 of SWS and page 143 of XML.
Just to recap Friday: Harvey gave him a case. He closed a case. He was on page 153 of XML. He was on Chapter 25 of Plain English at Work: Involving Your Audience was the name of the chapter. His neighbor said to put a trickle on the cherry tree. He watered the house and caused a leak in the basement.
Today he lost his wedding ring. Jesse and Jonny were laying down sleeping and not watching Alberta play soccer. Then Jesse took the ring off Jonny's finger. He put on Jonny's  hat and the ring in the hat. He woke up Jonny 2 minutes later and said the ring is gone. All hell broke loose. Jonny later came back to the field and looked with a metal detector. No luck. On the way to the game he gave the homeless man a candy bar.
Earlier he spoke on the phone to his cousin who hadn't talked to in 15 years. This morning Jonny got up early and went for his usual 6 mile bike ride.  

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chapter 32

Jonny has been reading Yeshayahu and has read chapter 32. He is up to page 431 of TC and there is only 4 pages left in this week's parsha. He is up to page 365 of SWS. No new progress on Presidential Courage, a movie or XML. The ABL people have been keeping him quite busy. He made a few calls on behalf of the sunset of support. Ironically they will soon honor follow the sun support. Ricco mentioned in today's meeting that they would soon be taking internal emails for Brazil. Olegar was gone all last week and he looked really tired today. No workout today so Jonny snoozed around 2PM. Jesse had teeball and Jonny and Lorraine frooze while watching. Wendell and Jonny emailed back and forth a few times. Jonny emailed Thomas again and again got no response. Angelina needed a wake up call at 10:50 for her snooze. Jonny closed a case and Harvey gave him another one. Jonny called and spoke to both his parents last night. His father really wants his family to come to Bethany Beach this summer. Jonny had pizza plain Little Ceaser and bread sticks for dinner. Lucy gave Jonny a case Friday which he closed today. Gabrielle helped convince Jonny to move his fiction library of "just four books" to on top of a metal hutch outside Sylvestor's cube.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Parent's weekend

The teacher graded alot of homework. Over the weekend Kristina and Wendell were in Ann Arbor. They left Jonny's house early Sunday afternoon to catch the last throes of the Ann Arbor tastefest. Jonny was glad Jesse didn't go. Will this typing wake up Angelina. It might. Jonny is up to page 429 of TC and 334 of SWS. Angelina's mother-in-law got her husband a book called Presidential Courage by Bechloss. When Jonny got to work he sent out an IM about brownies. Overnight his parents left him a VM. Today he closed a case. He read upto page 131 of XML by example. He forgot to bring apples to work. Tomorrow Angelina wants stamps and a package mailed. But the post office at ABL won't take credit cards. Will Angelina trust him with that much money? Alberta hurt her hip. Jonny spoke to both Kristina and Wendell tonight. Angelina called Jonny at work and told him Aetna's insurance is a pain among other things she spoke of. Jonny is out of breakfast food at work but Angelina got him a bagel. Jonny's son Jesse and his dogs Lucy and Dexter were needed out of the house for an open house. They went to the dinosaur museum with Kristina and Wendell in the rain.

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