The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Friday, August 29, 2008


Over the weekend Jonny will finish painting the Living Room. It is a light, minty green. He has to get back into the routine of school work, stretching, nasal irrigation, going to bed early, and hand weights. Jonny just put up a wine glass rack in his house. On Wednesday night Jonny and Alberta stayed for the Minyan. The family met Annabella and Lyman for ice cream at Paula's Place. Then Lyman helped try to fix the steam cleaner. Jonny has been spending way too much time reading reviews of swiffer's, steam mops, and sweepers etc, on the internet. He was going to write something else but lost his train of thought. It started with Jonny just... and then he forgot what he was going to write. Maybe it was something to do with his chore list. Here goes. Oh yeah Jonny just finished listening to the chanting of Re'eh on the computer. No that wasn't it. The memory is dead. People keep interupting. Jonny's wife got a temporary job at the U in the flu clinic. It is only 6 weeks part-time, temporary. Somehow the Union Prayer book is no where to be found. Jesse got a new light at Ikea. Jonny put that up. Lorraine got a new clock and Jonny needs to put that up as well. He needs to fix the cabinet in the garage, the medicine cabinet in the girls' bathroom, and the hooks on the wall on the down stairs, stairwell. Finally the generator needs to be moved to the back of the garage so the minivan can fit. It won't be locked anymore, so don't steal it.


Thursday, August 28, 2008


This might be a recap of another post but here it goes anyway. Angelina purchased a home warranty with the new house on Q street. The house is near Packard and Stadium in Ann Arbor. Shortly after moving in she noticed that the refrigerator freezes food. It is the kind with a large bottom and a small top. The freezer pops open when the bottom is shut. These two problems were a pain. So she filed a claim. Sears came out to fix it. Some insurance company sends them out. They charge something like $95 to come out and look at it. The rest is covered. But after four trips nothing has been fixed. The leveled it and replaced parts. So Angelina called the better business bureau on the insurance company. Now they want to fix the problem. For some reason Jonny has no idea why they care, they don't want a bad mark in the better business bureau book. Now they want another refridgerator company to come out. Angelina won't play ball. She has been battling these people for a while now. She wants a refund of the full insurance premium plus the two copays on the repair visits. But she won't get it Jonny predicts.

Last night the whole family went to the temple. There was a bat mitzvah meeting. Even though Alberta had hers over the summer. They went anyway. There was a free meal. Like the meeting the thrust of this week's parsha Re'eh seems to be about doing the mitzvahs. Part of the bat mitzvah includes doing a mitzvah project. The group brain stormed ideas of using their hobbies to do mitzvahs related to their hobbies. Including some at Jesse's table were, legos and soccer. Jonny had dogs. He also answered the question of the new assistant rabbi. She is a woman by the way. How is Abraham was visited by G-D at the Oaks of Maume an example of visiting the sick. Jonny new it was because he was recovering from the operation of circumcision.

Jonny's family was in Maumee over the weekend too. They had an Ohio vacation. They went to Sandusky. But you have to cross over Maumme to get there. It was all the highways meet. There is a town like it in PA too, called Breezeway or something like that, the town of motels. In Ohio it is where 280, 80, 75, 275 and 23 meet. Ok maybe there is a bit of exaggeration here. They stayed one night in the Great Wolf Lodge. There is an indoor water park. Also they spent the next night at Ceder Point resorts and the day in the park. Angelina lost her glasses on the Magnum Force ride. Served her right for forcing Jonny to ride it.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

The number 5 bus

On the way home from Hollywood Jonny took the number 5 bus. He had to walk down 3rd and then down Madison. Then down Packard. While waiting another bus patron showed up. She looked really familiar to Jonny. And then two students carrying a keg of beer walked by. She started talking about the beer and Jonny and her got on the bus together and started talking. Jonny told her she looks real familiar. Of course she said she gets that all the time and that there must be a sister around here somewhere.

Last night Jonny helped Angelina apply for 4 more jobs at the U. Today is the big baseball game. Lorraine will be dropped off later by Angelina. Alberta seems to stay up later than Jonny and Angelina. Jonny has his camera here now. Lorraine is saving up to buy one. The family heads to Ohio tomorrow. Jonny called his aunt while walking to the bus stop yesterday afternoon. He is still on tape one of Monday the Rabbi Stayed Home. He is on page 287 of Union Prayer. Well time to get back to this huge clinic usage audit. It is a real pain to link up the data and check it for accuracy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The number 4 bus

Jonny was riding buses again today. He went to Wendy's. He called Laurence but their schedules didn't work out so they could have lunch together. Richard Ziman called just now. He got his old job back with Thompson Corporation. They bought the company he used to work for but to make it less searchable Jonny is just mentioning the parent company. He is up to page 280 of Union Prayer. He is going to get paid at least $15 a week for the grass watering. Jonny just called Andrew the gardener. Jonny's family is going on vacation so he can't water those days. He also sent Wendell Pierce a birthday card from one of those e-card web sites. Jonny probably won't call him on his birthday. His dad is turning 62. Lorraine Bracco has a birthday this month too. She will be turning 10. It took around 10 years for Jonny's salary to double from the straight job from 27k to 54k. And passing 50k was a big milestone. He desperately wanted to make the goal of 100k. But now that would be more like 133k adjusted for inflation. Only 133 doesn't sound as nice. Angelina just called. She has lots of work for Jonny to do. Jonny is down to 145 pounds. She dropped him off at the bus stop today. Then he rode the bus to work. Then he rode the bus to Wendy's from Hotel California. He was heading to Hollywood. Jonny figured he could eat in 15 min and catch the next bus. But he missed it. So he walked 2 blocks to State Street, 5 more blocks to Main Street and then 4 more blocks to 3rd street. Now he has to walk a mile to catch the #5 bus to get back to Packard and Stadium and home. The steam cleaner broke last night again. It was never working for more than a few minutes. Angelina takes it in, the guy says it is clogged. It works again. Jonny uses it, he cleans it, Jonny puts it away and then it work for a few minutes the next time. Then Angelina takes it back. They fix it again for free. This time, Jonny took it apart. It might be time to ditch it.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Earlier Jonny was listening to that song. His brother Richard Ziman lost his job. Since what happened to Richard, Jonny has been more diligent than ever. Except now his friend Laurence Mason is back at HCIT Hotel California IT. So that is the bad influence per Angelina. Laurence's office is located in the Bee Hive. The CIO of HCIT sent Jonny a one month late birthday card. Jonny rode his bike to work today. Max Ligosh came over to see the new house. Jonny met Linda Carlson for Coffee on Monday. She is Leeane Hunley's boss. The CIO is working really hard to see to it that HCIT workers all have good office space. This means as soon as Jonny's business cards are printed he will be moving to a new office. Last night Jesse and Alberta and their Dad Jonny went to Target to spend some Bat Mitzvah money. They got an almost identical bike as Jonny's for Alberta. It cost $169 and then with tax $180. Angelina lost her license. Talk about irresponsible. Jonny got the fireplace working. Lorraine spent the night at Annabella Sciorra's house. Lorraine and Annabella's relationship has been a problem for the Miller household. She calls Jonny captain dofus. Angelina has coordinated a chimney sweep for $179 or $169 after her coupon for this weekend. Monday Jonny had to drive to work at Hollywood. Then he had to go home and pick up Alberta and take her to Death Valley for physical therapy. Yesterday Jonny had to go to Alberta's orthopediac appointment with the surgeon. It is a very complicated case. This week's parsha is Eikev. Jonny is on page 278 of Union Prayer book. He finished listening to Someday the Rabbi Will Leave. It was good. He needs to check out the reviews on Amazon. Tonight he needs to vacuum the rugs and then shampoo them or steam clean them. Now he needs to go and write Penny Fuller a long email telling her about the research audit.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Right now Jonny's stomach is rumbling. It is upset. Too much caffeine probably. Looking at the Angelina phone call notes: Miracle grow the tomatoes, water the grass down the street, 2nd opinion about the insurance plan home warranty, find a specific picture in my pictures, take off work on 25, 26, and 27, there is a check box to put together. Is Angelina talking about windows. forms.checkbox? Probably not. Jonny is working on a windows form with buttons. He wants the user (either himself of Lea) to be able to select the affiliate. This translates into which Sybase server to connect to. There is one here in Hotel California and several others around the State of Michigan. Over the weekend Jonny dug the drainage ditch. It took all weekend. He also fixed the light in the dining room. He also finished his grades. Theoretically he can bike to work everyday this week. He went to Lowes and Jonny went to another Lowes and Jonny went to Ace Hardware. Always running to various hardware stores, it is so much fun. At Ace he got dirt. At the first Lowes he got the downspot corrugated black pipe an accessories. At the second Lowes he returned the gutter connector that was too big. Jesse, Lorraine and the girl across the street helped plant some of Angelina's $40 bag of special shade only grass seed all over the yard. Jonny is up to 3 shelves built. His goal is 2 more for a total of 5 shelves and then he will call the shelf building business retired for a while. He already built two earlier. These were custom designed of course so are the new ones. The difference is the first set are tall enough and deep enough to hold a huge civil war encyclopedia and other 15 inch tall, 15 inch deep books. This new set of 5 are big enough to hold a standard paper back and another standard paper back in front of that if the user cares to hide what is behind the front set (yuck).

Friday, August 08, 2008

Union Prayer page 258

Jonny is closing in on finishing this book. He has finished the Yom Kippur morning service. And is now reading the afternoon portion. He is listening to the parsha devarim. This is where G-d says to the people of Israel, to stop circling this mountain. G-d is of course referring to mt Sinai. So the 40 years of wandering will be coming to an end.

In Oracle news, Jonny is at his wits ends trying to get the hosp census discharge report. It is a mysterious black hole that no one knows how it works. Jonny can't find the code anywhere. He finally wrote this that sums it up without reiterating what he wrote here it is.

Exactly. Look on page 8 of the document I sent you after 12. exit. Where is this happening in Oracle? Maybe mr xyz knows or VASE themselves know it since it is not in Oracle anywhere. It might be embedded sql in a C# on the VASE server dumping it into form 1844.

Janeanne told Jonny that she bought him a prayer book. This is a 40th birthday present and will be arriving in the mail. Recall Jonny is reading this mostly English, reform 1950 prayer book.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Today Jonny had lasagne for lunch. It was purchased by Angelina for about $5 at Hiller's and only contains egg plant, no meat. At about 3/4 of a pound it was a good lunch. Today's plans got all messed up. Leann Hunley, emailed and canceled the meeting. There was to be a VASE UAT MTG to kick it off. Beware of all projects that begin with a kick off meeting. Especially those where UAT stands for User Acceptance Testing. Version 8 of VASE is getting deployed. Jonny was supposed to go to Death Valley this afternoon for the meeting. He was planning to leave around 11 or so. Then the meeting was at 2PM. So he could, nap, eat, smooze with the other programmers in VASE whatever. He has been working on Penny's monthly enrollment adhoc query issue all day. He was on the phone with her and then got the email canceling the meeting. So he went to his car and took a nap. Then he worked and worked. Just now Penny and Jonny have been exchanging emails. Finally she decided Jonny was getting cranky. Tomorrow when he is in Hotel California they will revisit the issue. Jonny was of course admittedly getting testy. Why? Because he was right of course. There are so many intricacies of administering the VASE product. And Penny is all things not computer related.

Right now Jonny is on page 207 of Union Prayer book. He is on tape 3 of Someday the Rabbi will leave. There is now a dead body in the story. The point of the books is not the mystery it is the Jewish religion. Jonny has been working hard all day, except for ten minutes to blog and an hour to sleep and about 10 minutes to heat up his food. He even ate while working. Why is he so diligent? Is it because he turned off his cell phone and won't answer the phone? Oh no how will Angelina call him? She has left one message of which Jonny promptly deleted it without even listening to it. Jonny is momentarily scared. Richard's situation is what has prompted this seemingly uncharacteristic dedication to work. Richard was fired for performance. This guy Jonny's brother, the work at home salesman in San Diego apparently wasn't selling enough stuff. Richard Ziman declares he was laid off. Pursuing deeper it was something else. The VP of sales is new and want his own people. Jonny's brother was looking already. But now he has to really look. His original stated reason was they were cutting his salary. Richard claimed it was a commission restructuring resulting in a dramatic pay cut. He could always sell the BMW.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Today is Wednesday. Jonny took a nap. He is slowly reading the Union Prayer book. And he has been lax and hasn't listened to the parsha at all this week. There is so much work to do on the house. Last night he was building shelves. This will store more of the books. This way some of the books will move out of boxes and onto shelves. Then there is the drainage ditch that needs to be dug. The dining room light still needs to be fixed. Angelina wanted Jonny and Alberta to start going to the Sunday night Minyan. That didn't happen over the weekend. Today Jonny had a turkey sandwich. He might go to nicolas books and collect on his coupon. Jonny got a coupon from Angelina for $8 off a book. The coupon says get a free paperback. It is a birthday coupon. Jesse has pooled his birthday money and will be buying a $100 lego set. The weather has been hot and the grass isn't growing too well. Janeanne and her family are gone. They stopped over to say good bye. Angelina wasn't there because she was grocery shopping. Tomorrow is the last class for Jonny. They are getting a test. Then he has tons of homework to grade. He took the day off yesterday. Jonny went to the JCC to meet with the principal of the Hebrew Day School so that she could discuss their needs for a webmaster. Angelina said she would do it, without any skills, ha ha. But well good luck to them. They don't have much money and want the moon of course. That is how it goes in life and all things computers.


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