The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Started it before the trip and read the first page last night. Studied the verbs again in the car. So tired. My dog has a collapsed disk. He will be spending a few days in the vet and can't do stairs.
I'll answer here since I'm too lazy to go to comments. Bec thanks for the tip. I read The Source.  I really loved it.
Read a little of visual basic last night. The trip was fun. It was hot and I'm glad we were at a water park. The other day we were at an amusement park. It was fun to see our friends from Pittsburg too. We took our friend's kids to Akron. Sorta riders. Then he paid us back with Chinese food when we got back. When we got back there was a block party right outside two house away from our house. We couldn't go since we didn't pay.
Yesterday had a spicy chicken sandwhich and fries from Wendy's for lunch. I mailed a package and today I have to mail a package. The post office is right across the street. L has tennis today. R has soccer tomorrow. There is so much pressure here at work. I finished The Senator awhile ago. Then I read the reviews. It was a tell all or kiss and tell kind of book. Now up to page 120 in the inspirational Iacocca book. An autobiography.
Found out I have high blood pressure too. It is 147 over 87. 120 over 80 isn't even normal anymore that is considered borderline.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

who knows

Who knows what I'll write about next. After class tonight I called my parents. I spoke to my mom for 15 minutes. So I fulfilled that mitzvah. They agreed to pay me the $100 for the missed class when I went my brother Matt's wedding. We learned about making a web page in word today. Earlier tonight I had pea pods and chicken with curry powder. Now I feel really full. Before class I had eggplant lasagne from Hiller's. Everyone is asleep and I'm up to page 147 of The Senator. Not sure what book to read next. I think I'll start carrying around the autobiography of Lee Iacoca. If I read it I better learn how to spell it.Friedman seems to be offering his own brand of spiritualism in his book Torah Commentary. Today at work I got so tired I drifted off from 3 to 3:30. I was awoken by the sound of a policeman on a motorcycle pulling over a motorist who was going to fast. I removed some blog roll entrys and blog lines entrys. The only ones left are those who update. I hope I am not biased but I only want to read on a regular basis those blogs who are Jewish if only a little bit Jewish like mine. This morning I had time before work for oatmeal with strawberrys and dates. I added to my program right before I left. It now performs the 835 out of balance report. So next it is onto the general ledger report. The GL is due May 24 but it's a movable due date and besides I have Friday off. I listened to Democracy Now today two shows worth. I watered the plants in doors. S has watered the outdoor plants. The sunflower plants are being kept alive by this effort on her part. We are out of beer and lettuce. We sold another book, some econ paper back text book. I wrapped it in an amazon box I found at work. I organized the fiction shelf we have at work, it's really four shelves. I moved the shelves around and added a new shelf by adjusting the height. I walked with the ladies today. My feet hurt now. My nose has a cut inside. My back hurts. My legs feel chafed. Also I got hemoroids. Yesterday I was tired too and slept in my car from 8:30 when I got there to 9AM. We got a new dryer yesterday to match our new washer.

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Monday, May 22, 2006


Did you have a good weekend? We bought a new lawnmower. We also replace our washer and dryer. They were purchased in January and we returned them to Lowes. We had Maytag and now we've go Bosch. The new lawnmower is Troy-Bilt and the old one was Toro. It's funny because we have a guy working here named Troy. The soccer game in Novi was so cold. Friday afternoon I left early and mowed the lawn. The mower broke and I borrowed a neighbor's lawnmower. They had borrowed mine the weekend before. They said it was a head gasket and would cost $200 to fix. Add to that, the following 5 year old other parts, spark plug, air filter and blade never sharpened. The throttle adjuster was broken and repaired once, it's still broken. The handle was a bit unsteady and the base was cracked from a big rock. I was really tired over the weekend and didn't study any ôøùä. I feel bad about missing the Friday night dinner at the Jewish Community Center but the lawn needed to be cut. Everyone else in the family went. The play The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was nice. I spoke with my brother Matt but didn't speak with my parents. I spoke with my Aunt Sylvia but I didn't speak with my cousin Melanie. I rode my bike to my hair appointment. It didn't really make me late, but they were running late. I finished Apollo 13 and started The Senator My Ten Years with Ted Kennedy. I am up to page 124 in this tell all book. It was written in 1995 so everything has already been told but not to me. I did live in New England many years ago.

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Friday, May 19, 2006


Been very tired lately. Will try to recap last week's events. Got up at 6AM on Thursday May 11. No work that day. Took R and L to school. First R to school. L's school starts later. Stayed with her and played on the playground. She had to eat some of her breakfast and we waited in S's minivan while the playground filled up. One of L's friend's Henry's mother Lisa saw me give L and underdog. "I saw that very athletic of you" she said. I was excited about going to see my parents, and brother, they like being active too. Went home and played with Z a little bit. Too tired to wrestle him to the ground to dress him. We had to hurry up and go to the airport. So negotiated him into his clothes. Made a puppet out of his sleeve. He said "talk to me puppet" etc. By noon I was on my way to CA. Me and another lady had a three way seat swap and I ended up next to the English teacher. It was so much easier being by myself, no wife no kids. Until the plane landed in LA. Then it got hairy, scary, and unrelaxing. Landed around 2:20 or 20 minutes late to be there with an hour to spare for the 3PM flight. The puddle jumper went every thirty minutes so it was ok I missed it. Why I missed it was a personal failure to some extend it wasn't my fault.First there were no signs. The trip switched from NWA jumbo jet to American Eagle short flight. Next I left the airport. Took a shuffle for 2000 yards or so. Got in a huge line to get back into the airport. Then printed a boarding pass again. It was too late to print one. Showed this new boarding pass, since the old one was no good. Jumped ahead of line three times. Finally got through security. Took another bus into the bowels of the airport. At precisely 3PM arrived at the gate. Got ticketed for the 3:30 flight.  Sorry I got tired of writing. As in the scenario just described and now S called me four times. I said I'm leaving work early. She said why. I said ok I'll stay until 10PM. I said leave me alone I'm trying to work. Thursday I was angry at her about my parents.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Up late

Stayed up late 1:30. Z came into our bed just after I went to sleep. I went to sleep in the bunk bed because he was tickling me. Tonight I better check on my seeds. I downloaded some pictures my mother emailed me. There needs to be more organization done with these pictures on the computer. I have Prabha's code review at 11 and mine again third time at 3:30. Do I need to reprint my 47 page program and make 7 copies of it? More free associating here. I called S's mom last night and got gas while we spoke so the conversation was able to last 15 minutes or more. For dinner I had egg plant lasagna from Hiller's my wife bought for me. Today it is back to Sesame Beef flavored noodles from Hiller's.  I read some ôøùä last night. I'm still on the one called accounts. Friedman talked about a portion that was skipped and was only revealed in the dead sea scrolls. Then I jumped to another comment from the beginning of Shemot where he said the same thing about another passage. I read a little bit of it in Hebrew until S needed me to put her to bed. As usual after helping R with her homework it was late. Really it was more like hang out with R. A little Daddy daughter time. I taught her some fractions. She is writing a book in the genre of fantasy with Indians, wizards, dwarfs and dragons. I just had my oatmeal bar, then brushed, flossed and talked to Bill. Next I want to fill up my water, take a break, and relax and let go and probably go to the bathroom and finish Apollo 13. Actually I finished it yesterday before my nap. Now I'm in the epilogue. Spell checker is having as hard a time with that word as I am. Finally I did some more will close Hebrew words in the car.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Up late

Was up late 1:30 am stayed up in bed until 2 am. Didn't read any ôøùä so I'm still where I left off at Shemot. They were making the Mishkan and collecting the shekels. This theme is repeated at least once. Didn't take any pictures off the digital camera either. Sunday I took the pictures off the key chain camera. You can't see them until you load them onto a computer. Also there is no flash. I took the full roll 20 of different rooms of Matt's house like I was a realtor. Spoke to Matt last night while walking the dogs for 7 minutes. He had to go spend time with Aunt Linda. Trying really hard to follow Aunt Linda's advice and give my wife attention and she'll give me respect. I always ask divorced couples what went wrong. Even though she is reluctant to talk about it and it was so long ago this is her diagnosis of her 10 year marriage. There was some fighting and I was a little edgey as I was up late with lots to do. I say next to an English teacher on the way to San Diego so now I know lots, a lot, but, that and should are all ok. This woman doesn't use prescriptive grammar when writing. Got encouragement from her and the mother of the maid of honor to write my novel. Last night I fell when I was transfering the seeds. The peas are starting to puff up. Since we are planting this weekend it probably was a useless fall, is any falling injury really useful. I screamed and fell off a chair I was standing on the sides of. It was a couch chair. I fell onto a bucket of toys and tipped them. The water logged paper plate, wet paper towels, and seeds all fell over the carpet, treadmill, me and the toys. S said what kind of seeds are you planting. I said dumb ass seeds. This morning is round two of the code review. I need to fight tooth and nail with S about my Dad's 60th birthday party. They don't need to plan it around me if I can't even go. She said the exact two weekends they want to do it are the exact two weekends we can't go, I can't go. She wouldn't dream of going. Labor Day - probably a soccer tournament. The weekend before and the weekend after also probably a soccer tournament. I did manage to get R to school on time this morning. I worked on a few will close verbs in the car again. Did situps, hand weights, shower, shave, nasal irrigation and advair. Picked out my clothes the night before too. Dropped a few students from my blackboard list since they dropped the class. There were 14 people showing up last night. Some dropped some didn't.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

back from the trip

Yes I'm back from the trip. It's hard to detail everything that has happened but of course I'll try. Matt's friends Tony, Glenn, Brett, Julian, Andy among others were there. He had friend flying in from all over. I stayed with my parents at Matt's house. The ceremony was beautiful. It was in a Japanese Coy garden. The reception was in the Museum of Photographic art. Ahh no misspellings up to this point. I was up late. Read a little Isaiah and a little parsha. I'm still back in Shemot. Sorry I didn't spell it with Hebrew letters. My Aunt Linda gave me advice on my wife. She has become Orthodox. My Uncle Raymond was there too and he always was Orthodox. Today is my code review so I have to make copies of the code. I've been reading Apollo 13 and I'm up to page 320. Its cold and rainy here.
Over the weekend S and R went to spend a night in a hotel for the soccer game early Saturday morning in Midland Michigan. It was cold and rainy for them. They took a nap in between games. Z stayed at one house and L stayed at another. Saturday night S picked them up. Sunday morning they drove back to Midland Michigan for two more soccer games, with all three kids. This time they drove back and went home. Then they came and got me at the airport.
Last night I didn't do much so I just got back. I watered the plants, fixed the DVD player and printer. I also did situps, hand weights and nasal irrigation. S called me a couple of times and she is trying to settle on some kind of razor blades for me. I bought her a San Diego shot glass and commerative spoon. She decided to start collecting these things. It's so neat Matt and his wife Anna have all these friends. I've got none.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Third night

Tonight is the third night of school and I'm beat. Didn't read any parsha last night and a bunch of my other chores/hobbies. Of course I showered, shaved, used my Advair and walked the dogs. I started some seeds in a paper plate. The seeds in a decomposable containers were given up on after two weeks. Also the grass outside is starting to grow and it was planted from seed the same day. Therefore I figured it was time to give up on the seeds in the dirt idea. I don't like this hobby because the word for growing seeds is germinate. Can I really blame the Germans for this word? Oops the boss walked by. I've been looking for Tom to ask him if he wants to go somewhere for lunch and I can't find him. Prahba has moved two cubes over to sit across from me where Marilyn used to sit. Tom sent one more link before Marilyn left. It is about Mike Tyson and it's from the onion.


From: Tom
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 12:13 PM
To: Marilyn; Pittsfield Jew
Subject: Another good one...

he also sent one picture link to all the guys. It's a picture of a general looking at a woman in a tank top. I won't put it up here since it was an actual picture attachment.


From: Tom
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 1:20 PM
To: Pittsfield Jew; Greg; Patrick; Jim; Ken (one of the bosses); John; John (the phone guy); Mark; Jerry; Troy
Subject: Two good reasons to join the military
I am still reading Apollo 13. I am learning a lot about space. Wow I checked the previous sentence in word's grammar checker. I thought a lot wasn't an acceptable phrase I guess my 11th grade English teacher is rolling around in her grave or is even still alive. I never thought much of NASA. I always thought it was a waste of money. Sure it's neat all the stuff their doing. We have so many other ways to spend the money and we aren't really very advanced or efficient with the money we do spend on space. Also I've seen the first woman and first Israeli astronauts blow up in space. The woman has a memorial plaque at my school since she was an alumni.


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Monday, May 08, 2006


Today is the first day of school. I'm making progress on my program at work. Finished my book and started another a few minutes ago in the bathroom. I put the Jurassic Park book on our book shelf here at work. Read some parsha over the weekend. I'm about to start a new parsha and it's still in shemot. Hopefully Tom and I can ride our bikes together on May 19th. I'm not really looking forward to this wedding. It's an obligation and it's not costing me much $. Gas to the airport, gift and dog sitter to help S. It's debatable if the dog sitter is a result of the wedding. S got uncheap and spent $20 instead of $10 and bought the gift for me instead of making me do it, $3 gas just to get to Bed Bath and Beyond, she was going anyway. She got the memory slippers and had to get two pairs since they were on the registry as two pairs. So $40 for the gift. Tom sent me a few links. Marilyn is gone now.


From: Tom
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 1:47 PM
To: Marilyn; Pittsfield Jew
Subject: Spiritual inspiration of the day

Headphones are mandatory  J
Marilyn sent us the reason she is moving to Georgia, her boyfriend Vince.


From: Marilyn
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 3:58 PM
To: Tom; Pittsfield Jew
Subject: Vince's resignation letter

This one is so dirty so be warned, I didn't even see the whole thing and it's hilarious.

From: Tom
Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 12:42 PM
To: Pittsfield Jew
Subject: Nice work if you can get it


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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Here at work again. Went with L to the Burns Park Run. It was fun. They all went to a R's soccer game this afternoon. I won't be home until 6 again. This project is killing me. I wrote 1968 lines already. Suddenly it went from taking 2 minutes to run to taking 12 minutes to run. I ran all the explain plans. Nothing shows where the bottle neck is. I am running the program now. Just had a sand which I made at home and took with me. Talked to my brother on the way over here. Talked to my Mom yesterday. She yelled at me for not bringing my family to my brother's wedding. The lawn got mowed this weekend. Next weekend will be tough since I'll be out of town. Also school starts again tomorrow. Lucy and Dexter my dogs are getting old. Recently I've taking advair and it has destroyed my sense of taste. This coke tastes like water. I'm so sick of my relatives knocking me for the way my life is. I don't care about them. I want to care, enjoy and love my own family. One of the jobs I planned to get an interview for was canceled. Only 22 more pages to go in Jurassic Park. What I like about it is the sense of danger when the dinosaur wants to kill someone. This is the ultimate stress, running for your life from a saber tooth tiger. The book hasn't got that particular type of animal but the concept is similar. All the stress books mention how humans learned adrenaline and stress from this flight or fight situtation.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

11:11 work finished

It's late and all my work is finished. Been working on the set up for next semester. Read my parsha page, nasal irrigation, cleaned the toys, walked the dogs, sit ups, shower, shave, hand weights. Picked up R at soccer at 7:40. Picked up L at ballet at 5:40. Up to page 74 of Jurassic Park. Got the due date extended to my project the 835 for May 17 from May 3. Watered the seedlings. Hopefully they will sprout in a couple of days. It has been a week or so. I planted grass outside and it hasn't sprouted yet either. There have been big immigration rallys. Not sure how I feel about it all. Most of my relative escaped the Tzar and the and the Tzar's army draft to come here in 1920's. If they had waited they would have perished in the 1940's. I read a little bit of the Visual Basic book up to page 74 in it too, while waiting for the computer here at home to move a little faster. Z went to an allergist today. Nothing really happened. Except I get tired of hearing about it. How this visit will be a waste of time. Oh this visit was a waste of time. Yeah I get tired of hearing about it. Z's worms are still alive. We sold a book so I took it to the post office to be mailed today. Tom and I saw the wandering nomad today with the dog. I gave him the six black toad's from Trader Joe's since Hiller's won't take them back. He gave us some coffee he found in the Trader Joe's dumpster. Like the Jews prefer not to use the term orthodox he prefers not to use the term homeless man. My kids call people like him the hummus man. Tomorrow I need to pick up stool samples from the dogs. Over the weekend S wants me to shampoo the kid's bedrooms. She also wants the vegetable garden, flower garden, vegetable garden fence and vegetable garden door put in. The lawn needs to be mowed, weed whacked, weeded, fertilized and edged.

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