The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blog Digest

My weight is 144lbs. Lucy got her stitches out and she is as hyper as ever. S called is mad at Z for taking clothes out of the drawers. She me called again about this issue. And called about why can't the kids play with kids in the neighborhood. I have to pick R up at her friend Eli's house. Then I got school. I am giving a test. Have not fought with S in 9 days. She tried to about L's school situation. She said go call your mother and tell her all about it. I sold analysis of cooking techniques or something like that a textbook for $50 yeah. Maybe now I can treat myself to cooking some gelfilte fish.

Now for a blog digest. I read the blogs on the side. They are all frum blogs. They are each different covering many aspects of the frum world. Men, women, young, old, single, married. I think I have enough of them to keep me busy.

A Bas Torah's Point of View She is writing about hypothetical sex related issues for very frum women.

Lulei Demistafina He writes like the guys doing the weekly sermons on Chabbad. Very talented writer. Writes once a week.

AidelMaidel Has a big tragic surprise.

Ed's Special Blog Is really coming of age in Israel now.

Frum Dad is mia. Probably had a baby in the family.

hanging in there? Says she quit blogging.

Life in the Styx II Lost his blog and probably the interest in doing it too.

lost in bec's world Very frequent blogger. Also concerned with what is going on in Israel.

Monday, September 26, 2005

2nd grade principal

144 lbs. Forgot vitamins. S is going to see L's principal. R mowed the lawn. L & i checked in all the arrivals at the JCC event. Finished fixing the trading_grp table at work it was an easy project. Went to R's soccer game in hartland, MI the whole family. R went with her friend Z's family to a UM soccer game. DP cut my hair. He left his son with us for awhile while he got his daughter from his ex. I took the 4 kids to the pond and we did some fishing. We had our usual London Broil. I have not ridden my bike in 2 weeks. I finished reading April 2005 CMU Alumni magazine. I also finished chapter 3 of Angel Face. I think its a coming of age novel from a teenage boy's perspective. At 11 is the Evolution Benefits Design meeting. Forgot my glasses. Actually got my weight down to 143. Had oatmeal for lunch, mixed with coffee. Then S bought more oatmeal and made oatmeal bars, she burnt them. S went to Hiller's and dropped L off at Religious School. The point of the story is that we are saving gas. R went to the neighbor's house and they picked up L and then R went on to the UM soccer game, and L arrived home. Finished Ladder 49. I love the music video in it. The kids watched some of Harry Potter 1 DVD. Tried to call my parents and left a message on both their house and cell phone. They slept late. Then they left two messages. They went to the beach. R wiped out the PC using the ubuntu CD to install a fresh linux. Trying to get it to work with a program called pctel. Read the rest of the parsha on the way to and from the soccer game. L spent over 3 hours doing her homework. She needed among other things to write 12 topic ideas. The teacher specifically said don't write rainbows. She wrote rainbows. So we fixed it up. Torah trivia Moses cursed the jews to go back to Egypt. This came true and most people only focus on the Babylonia exile. I learned this in my Friedman book. I also am one chapter away from this prophecy coming true in Kings. What a coincidence. Talked to my Aunt Sylvia. She is back from a 2 week trip to Israel. Forgot my chip clip. Forgot to put my finished magazine into the magazine rack. Called S and asked about L and the 2nd grade principal. She got nasty with me so I said that's all I wanted to know was how was the meeting with the principal.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday September 23, 2005

144. Read some Friedman in the care before going into the office. R is reading a huge Peter Pan book by Dave Barry its over 400 pages. She was about 3 minutes late. We are going back to the JCC tonight. Barely had time to do anything. Got home at 10:30 and bed at 12:30. No dings in my weekly meeting. Got two Sally Foster customers. S wants more. Watched about 5 minutes of Ladder 49 audio commentary. New dental rinse called Chlorhexidine Gluconate. Problem with garage freezer. L and S are sick.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday meeting, Hebrew verbs

145 lbs. Cold sore on my inside upper lip hurts. Trying a new medicine for it. It is a rinse from the dentist. Studied Hebrew verbs for almost 15 minutes last night. Went to Lucky Kitchen and had Hunan Beef. Helped R with her Hebrew spelling test. After I got home from the CIS 117 class at around 8PM, L was still struggling with her homework. She is in 2nd grade at Burns Park. I have to sell Sally Foster wrapping paper for L's school. Now I am reading CMU Alumni magazine April 2005 edition. I have had no fights with S (my wife) since I cam home on Monday except the one in the car on the way home from the airport on Monday. Lucy (my dog) did have a localized cancer on her leg. My Uncle the vet whose son got married was wrong. But it will be fine now and will only come back if at all in the same spot. Sold Wall Street DVD. Still reading Angel Face. It is a little racy for kids so they will have to wait but it is a teen book. Everyday feels like the same old boring day. I need lots of coffee to stay up through it. S says I am an anorexic nut case. I gained a pound. I said I look in the mirror and all I see is fat. Today is my meeting with Lapdog and Skellator. Still watching Ladder 49 audio narrative edition. Drank a beer while I watched last night. This was after the kids went to bed and after fighting with the computer to grade papers for CIS 117 and CPS 171, prepare for class and check WCC email. Cleaned some toys this morning. They were in my way when I was getting the dogs up. The toy in the garage is facing the trash can and is supposed to face the other way. S says there is nothing on the calendar for this weekend except one soccer game. We are going to the JCC for Friday night dinner. Well Tom is almost done with his meeting so my turn comes up next. I really deserve a double ding for my last two turnovers but they won't know about it so I am not that honest to bring it up.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Jewish Schools

144. Lettuce is frozen. Soap dispenser in North Green road building has been fixed. Today two bottles of hand soap in their own stand alone dispensers were found along with the four built in kind. Up to 38 completed projects. Today L is walking with S today to Beth Israel religious school. No internet connection at CPS 171 class last night. I still taught but there are challenges involved. Cold sore on my upper inside lip and matching pimple on upper outside lip both in the direct very painful center of the lip. It hurts to smile. Started a new teen romance novel - Angel Face. Forgot chicken for dinner. Watched ladder 49 special features. Fell asleep watching the narrated audio version. My question is this part as long as the whole movie? Went to Lucky Kitchen at 11. Had Hunan Beef. The hot and sour soup I had with no pork.

Read lots of blogs yesterday. My two favorites are listed on the side. One is about a Jewish woman who is very religiously observant and I think lives in a Chasidic community. The other is also about a Jewish woman who is very religiously observant in thought. She is also very religiously observant in practice. I think you know who you are. So now I am Jewish blogged out. What I found interesting was on the first blog I mentioned was the comparison between 4 different Jewish preschools (using pseudo names). I told R about this and she said Z goes to a Jewish preschool. I said but the JCC is doesn't speak only in Yiddush. I intend to go back there and print out her descriptions of the four schools for R to pick the one she would choose. I also told her that my mother thinks my cousins have led sheltered lives. And R asked me what that means. It is the usual argument against being isolated in a religiously observant sub-culture. This is exactly what R wants. She is 9 and next year is her last year at a Hebrew Day School. So she wants to know what about a Hebrew middle school. I told her my cousins went to Hebrew middle school, high school and college. They went to Yeshiva and even 6 months to study in Israel. R is funny because, we don't keep kosher or sabbath. I also told her about the no touch rule. She read about it in a book. Of course she is only 9 but even then that would me no wrestling with her boyfriends. Well maybe it doesn't apply until your 13. The other blog talks about not knowing that 3/5 of the Jews went out of Egypt instead of all of them. She is comparing this to the people who don't leave the US to go to Israel now. I only learned about this bit of Torah trivia a few years ago too. I didn't know about the Korach rebellion until just a little while ago. After I woke up from the movie I did actually study some Hebrew verbs for 10 minutes last night.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Went to a wedding in Staten Island

146 lbs. Justice For All - movie. Darling Obstacles - bk. Smart Girl - bk. Lone Eagle - bk. Sold Lion King VHS and Xenosaga PlayStation. Forgot water container. Forgot coffee cup. S called "everyone is in the place where they need to be". Reading Friedman Torah book as the parsha's come along. Read last week's parsha in there. No one at the wedding asked me about the parsha. There were several men with black hats and black suits there. I was pretty drunk on absolute vodka, ice and diet coke long before the wedding even started. We got back to my parents house a little after 1AM. Monday I was back home and in the afternoon doing lots of driving kids around to different places. I flew to Dulles airport in Virginia on Saturday and flew back to Detroit on Monday.

R didn't want to go because she wanted to go to Apples and Honey at the JCC. She ended up buying a Shofar from the Chabad rabbi. Tonight I have class. I plan to teach them about while loops to read from a file. All day Sunday I was traveling. We drove from Arlington, VA to Rockville, MD. Then took a bus to Staten Island. After the wedding we took the bus back. The ride was four hours each way. I slept on the way back and talked to my parents on the way there.

I just came back from the post office. My workload seems really light today. There are so many forms to fill out to get this Crystal Enterprise project finished. I have another tech review to do today. I went over to the Michigan house building to pick up two turnover that got signed while I was gone. I also traded a book from the book exchange in this building with one over there. The one over there is called Hospitals and the Aged, hopefully I can sell it for a couple of dollars. Then I took John Grisom's book Summons over there since Tom says we have too many mysteries over here. Over here I put in Darling Obstacles since we don't have enough romance novel over here. I had to pull Summons off the shelf to make room for the romance novel.

At the wedding I met a guy who is my Dad's cousin. This guy babysat me in Providence. He was in high school and my dad hired him. Now he has 8 kids of his own. One of these days I'll get back into my many other hobbies: family tree, java Hebrew program, practicing my Hebrew, photos printing and organizing. I don't want to write any more. It is a fine line between writing too much and not writing enough. At first I was planning to stop after the first paragraph. I could write several more. Well writing has put me in a better mood. I can't believe I can write this much in 20-30 minutes and have more to tell still. Hopefully I will have time to finish the Ladder 49 deleted scenes/special features.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bike routes

I forgot to bring chips. K.S. gave me three small tomatoes. 147 lbs. R was about two minutes late for school again. L was watching Pocahontas and Z was watching Man and Boy. I fell asleep watching the second half of Ladder 49. I saw a small segment of the game and then switched to the movie. I have been working very hard on school. I passed page 400 of Lone Eagle. I picked up R at soccer practice last night.

Found a cool website. With it and another cool website I can map the bike routes I have been describing. The route of my Saturday ride is located at http://www.tinyurl.8a3op.
The route of when I got lost at the Ypsilanti Post Office while S was out of town is located at http://www.tinyurl.7d4ht, http://www.tinyurl.7f682 is when R and I went on a bike ride back in August which I described earlier. For now on I will just say the last 5 digits of the link to save typing.

My records show I haven't finished a project since August 9. I finished another project on September 6 and that hasn't been recorded yet since it is not closed. We haven't gone to Saturday morning services because R has soccer all the time. Practice Monday and Thursday. Goalie practice Friday and Games Sat and/or Sun. L started Sunday school. Tonight I have to make up a hw assignment for CIS 117.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend September 12, 2005

I am back down to 146 lbs. Went for a long bike ride. Called my parents while i was riding. My Mother In Law is leaving today. Watched Manchurian Candidate with my Mother In Law. Forgot to put Mousse in my hair this morning. I was running around trying to find my contact lenses. Past page 300 of Lone Eagle. Went to Livonia for a soccer game. EMU won, UM lost, the Detroit Lions won. My player Tom Brady had a good game. I have not checked the stats on line yet. Been practicing for CIS 117 my Windows Class on my Mother In Law. Also taught her more interesting stuff. For example what she wanted to know like how to look at orbitz.com and amazon.com. We also looked at walmart.com. This morning I showed my boss how to make section breaks in a report by week. The other boss said I have too much time on my hands and need more to do. Project 14388 - change source of claims_detail.carrier_cd is due today. Project 14089 - Value Options data load - new format is due tomorrow. Project 14495 - Error on UofM Eligibility File is due Thursday, but it was finished last Friday. Project 14394 - Mcaid logic fix in util mmos is due Friday. Project 14627 - Accumulators for @bovehealth was due September 6 and it is still working its way through the turnover process. Project 10863 Implement unique ID vs SSN modify counts/speed - 837 activity is due October 1, 2005 and there is nothing left for me to do on it.

We ran out of gas on our gas grill. I borrowed my neighbors tank. After dinner I went to the gas station and got a new tank. The IS department is making baskets to raffle off. Baskets so far:
- IS Appl Support baskets
- Coffee Lovers basket
- Chocolate Lovers basket
- Green Thumb (gardening) basket
- NASCAR basket
- Bread basket
- Car Wash basket

Ideas: Barbie, Pokemon, Game Boy, Bath-n-Body Works baskets.... Cookie Monster basket???, Lottery basket

My neighbor gave me some baskets to bring in. I brought in two baskets i had used for plants but they were in bad shape. I have to make up a homework assignment for CIS 117 based on CH1-3.

Another guy at work gave me a suggestion about writing on the neighbor's lawn with wasp killer. The stuff can be sprayed from 20 feets. It wouldn't be right to do and besides he has camera's monitoring his yard. Here is the email from the coworker anyway.

When I was about 10 years old, there was a kid that lived down the street named Andy. Andy and I didn't get a long, at all. He was standard trouble maker that was always causing problems but had parents that were rather strict. On rare occasions, we'd include him in ball games to make the teams even but by no means would I consider him a friend.

A pleasant Saturday afternoon I was playing with a friend, taking turns towing one another on a skateboard behind a bicycle. Well, as we rolled in front of Andy's house he ran out into the street with a pair of scissors and cut our rope. Now is the quote of Bugs Bunny (who probably quoted someone else) "Of course you know, this means war!" So, I went home and scavenged my father's garage shelf and found the wasp killer. Somehow I knew that it would kill grass permanently, I don't know where I picked that up, but hey- let's have some fun.

Later that night, just before my curfew I snuck down the street, wasp killer in hand, and I was going to payback that asshole. After a littler pondering I knew exactly what to write in Andy's lawn. The next day, I got on my bike after church down the street. Andy's family attended the same church so the timing was perfect. They pulled into their drive just a few moments before I arrived and I got to witness Andy's father walk down, look at his lawn and then walk up and smack Andy right in the back of the head. "How old are you?!? Why on Earth did you destroy my grass like that?!?" Andy, upset by getting smacked looked over and walk to the curb to see in giant 3 foot letters, "A N D Y" spelled out in dead grass.

I had a pleasant afternoon.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

No dings today!!

Here at work they are bantering back and forth about the 837 activity report. i got a new project at 3:30 PM yesterday. i got another new project today at 11:40. My meeting today i got no dings. That's two weeks in a row.

R started reading Prince Caspain book 2 of the Chronicles of Narnia series. i am glad and sad about this book. Glad because she is reading a good series and its a book i found and a book i read and enjoyed. Katie at work gave me the whole boxed set. i finally convinced R to pick it up again. She started book 1 The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe awhile ago. i said go ahead and skip the first book, because the first 2 chapters are the same in each book of the series. She didn't want to have to re-read book 1. My problem is in book 7 C.S. Lewis shows his Christian side in my opinion when they make some kind of messianic references. Other than that the book is a great fantasy book series. She and i were reading together at 9:15 PM last night. i helped her with homework after my windows class. i am having problems in the class demonstrating fast user switching.

S is getting a stone chip fixed on the van tomorrow. So this means Shital at work is going to have to give me a ride home. i might have mentioned this before, she has a crush on me. She used to be my student and followed me to this job.

Today i am 149 lbs. i at Szechuan chicken at Lucky Kitchen wednesday. This is why my weight went up. Wednesday i started reading the collections chapter in Oracle PL/SQL Programming book by O'Reiley. i am up to chapter 5 in Lone Eagle. Sold Data Structures book for 1.89. S's mother is coming today. Fantasy footbal starts tonight.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Long post nothing to do at work

Today i got no work to do. Went to the post office and mailed a package. Sold the Secret of Roan Inish. Last week sold organzing behavior or something like that. i now weigh 147 lbs. The lottery is $150 million. Some people at work are collecting money for a pooled lottery ticket. What a waste of money. Started a romance novel. The book is called Lone Eagle and its by Danielle Steele. Wanted to have a garage sale and have the proceeds go to the red cross. Friday i listened to רייה inventive spelling. i have two more chapters left in מאלוכם ב inventive spelling. Return of the King had a 140 pages of appendicies and if weren't for that i would have finished the book a week and a half ago. At least its finished now.

I watched the movie the 5 heartbeats and the movie man and boy. Both were movies about black people. man and boy was the rare G movie in my archives. Instead of selling it i have been trying to get the kids to watch it. Z is the likely candidate even though he is a cross dresser. We are working on fixing that. i like movies about black people. 5 heartbeats is about a band. Kinda like the Harmonists. Well not really. That movie the Harmonists was about a band in WWII Germany. i try to watch my yearly one Holocaust movie quota. i donated it to the JCC. They are ungrateful. They want movies from their film festival.

i keep rewriting this post since i have time and its the order that i can't settle on. Well who cares because i know i am not a litterary genius anyway. ok going off the deep end spending 45 minutes on this instead of 10 or 15. i better go.

Feeling better today. Even thought last night i got 5.5 hours of sleep and Monday night i got 7.5 hours of sleep. Before there was too much stress and it caused physical pain. Headaches, cold sores and a pain in my shoulder and arm. i know everyone has problems.

At work the @bovehealth turnover was given to the BA. The value options project is on hold. All the investigation to the 837 activity report is complete. The mcit eligibility response file program fix is complete too. Ken promises me more work and nothing is delivered to me. Thursday is our usual meeting. Last week there were no dings. S dropped off a bid form for me to apply for a job at a different part of the University of Michigan. Here we just call it the U. The job is with the Medical Services Administration department i think. Its the exact same new title i have now. My old title was Programmer Analyst II. No i was not demoted. The U changed everyone of its 18,000 employees' titles. The new one is 101902 Applications Programmer/Analyst Intermediate.

My neighbor has been complaining because of my dogs going onto his right of way. "You better watch yourself because I am going to put my foot in your ass".

Lifting a phrase from Lord of the Rings "Sir you're the steward of this property and you're not the owner"

"I take care of it don't I?"

"Thats what I just said"

"You better watch yourself because you think you are a fucking smart ass"

"Dad its best to just forget it when something bad happens"

"Thanks L that's good advice"

Now i try not to get as angry with my own family as this man did with me. i also walk my dogs a different way.
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