The first post says it all Shalom, This is the home of the Pittsfield Jew. Sure its neat to read about Jews in Brooklyn who are very observant but how about a not so observant Jew who lives in the Mid West?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When you'll go out

Jonny is reading a third of this parsha tonight. It is the best one because it is the one that talks about the shatzn which is the seperation of wool and linen. Tonight the family went to a party. The girls are out of town. Another rough day at work. Jonny has 11 open cases. He took lunch from 10 to 11. He read PC and now JFK is dead. Amazing how he got all the credit for civil rights, amazing. Even worse than Truman. Oh well Olegar was helping Jonny with this one case where the woman just wouldn't let Jonny go. She complained about everything wrong with the product. The party was the kick off meeting for the family centered experience meeting. The family got two new students, but they will only be with Angelina and Jonny for one year. Jonny is up to page 46 of HP.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

job offer

The job offer for Jonny from the U is very close. The manager called to say he is working on Jonny's offer letter. Hopefully this works out. Jonny had a really rough time at work today. Ricco wanted to know why he was smiling so much. Because Ricco announced there was a 6 month hiring freeze. Jonny thought it was funny who knows why he thought it was funny. Olegar was mad at Jonny because he had so many open cases. So Olegar took away all his critically impacting cases. It seems that Jonny is getting in trouble at this job all the time. Tonight he had Hungry Howies Pizza. He has been reading PC. It is amazing all the things the blacks went through. Like not even riding buses or eating at lunch counters. Jonny has a bunch of jobs to apply for for Angelina. She claims in a both she will let him know an answer about going to the beach with his son. But we all know the answer is no. Anyway so why wait. Why ask. Jonny is still one page away from finishing the parsha before Shoftim. This is an actual name of a post torah book as well. Shoftim means judges. It always strikes Jonny the name Shoftim because he must judge the students. Right now Jonny is drinking orange juice and vodka. They had Papa Romanos come in all the way from Brighton for the lunch today. It was some really stupid global launch of some fancy new products. All day Jonny has had a pain in the neck. He napped at work today and yesterday. It was too wet to ride a bike and he was too depressed about work to go out and take a real break.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Jonny agreed tonight to go to PA for Thanksgiving. This was done regretfully. Before Jonny could cry a river of his sadness toward the growing distance between him and his parents, Angelina started crying over the impending demise of her cat Spencer. She cried real tears on his fur tonight. Today in the open house Jesse and Jonny took the dogs Lucy and Dexter for a hike. They went down into a woodsy path and then into a meadowy valley. The valley ended with a drainage pipe large enough to walk through. It was almost a perfect 8 foot diameter. Jesses got scared part way through. He carried a small yellow umbrellas. Both hikers were encumbered with back packs. It rained the entire time. Jonny carried Jesse through the tunnel. All day today and yesterday Jonny has had a vicious pain in the neck. He has drunk tons of coffee. It is nearly midnight and Angelina is in bed. She fed Spencer some ice cream earlier. Dexter got viciously ill earlier too. He puked undigested food numerous times. Jesse got a bunch of lego toys worth around 150 dollars. He was putting them together after and before dinner.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Big Party

The whole family went to a big party last night. Bob, Liza, Blake, Penn and Felicity were there. The Grandma threw the big blast. Her house is huge and Lily Tomlin is very nice. She is Bob's grandman. The kids all watched the premier of High School Musical 2. They have a big TV room. There was wine and lots of people. Natalic was there with her husband, son and daughter. The son went to school with Alberta so did Bob. Another child from Alberta's class was there too. Lorraine and Alberta had a good time. Jesse had fun too. Tomorrow is the open house. The girls are gone to Pennsylvania. They are with Thomas and Sandra for the whole week. No visit to Kristina and Wendell though. Jonny has about 14 open cases. He went on an interview yesterday and had a fairly favorable performance evaluation. The day was stressful since his lunch break was so short. He also went on a very short bike ride on Thursday. Today since Home Depot was causing so many problems at work, Jonny got a shower head at Lowes. Jesse wanted a baby toilet cover. Angelina threw a fit. Oh yeah Angelina made the salad for last nights party. It contained many of the vegetables from the garden. Jonny finally finished the because parsha and started the see parsha. It is starting to rain. Angelina feels no one will come to the open house.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Three girls are down here now having a sleep over. Lorraine and her friend Annabella are on the bed that comes out of the couch. Angelina is in bed already. Jonny is now on page 14 of Harry Potter HP7. He finished another Kennedy chapter in PC. Over the weekend he found his book CH and read some of it. Midnight and no one is asleep. Well Jesse is asleep. Alberta is on the floor. Darn just lost the internet connection. The girls were playing with their wii earlier. Jonny had a P1 case today. He of course got in a big arguement about it with Olegar. Later Ricco wanted to know if the case was still a P1 or not. Arguably it wasn't even a P1.
Earlier Jonny picked up Alberta at the bowling ally. This was because she was bowling with Bob. Bob's grandmother was there too. Meanwhile Liza and Blake, two of Bob's three siblings were at Jonny's house playing with Jesse. Later Penn and Felicity picked them up. Of course Angelina made Jonny give them some vegetables from the garden. He gave them two tomatoes, two zucchini and one cucumber. Jonny put the cucumber in his pocket and said that really is a cucumber in my pocket. Felicity laughed and said magic trick.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This week's parsha may or may not be because. That is the one Jonny is up to now. He just applied for two more UM jobs. Another guy wants to set up an interview. Also the guy he phone interviewed with on Monday wanted to interview him this Thursday, but he is on the phones from 12-3 and the interview was supposed to be from 3-4. It would have been perfect but he didn't want to burden Ray with a trade for 9-12 or Harvey for 11:30-2:30. The family opened the wii system. Everyone loves it but Angelina who wants Jonny to go tuck her in now. She will scream about two more times. Jonny needs to shower. He has 8 open cases but they all want his attention and THD wants the case reopened. That is the Home Depot, if you can do it we can help. He started HP page 6 already. The meeting with the Rabbi was today and it went well. Jesse was in attendance. He was good and played legos. Wow Jonny is in the middle of 4 books including TC and Angelina says use your free time to study for the Oracle cert or do work from home to get ahead make life easier for the next day. Jonny hasn't rode the bike in awhile. Angelina bought some Trader Joe beer Bohemian Lager. That wii bowling is cool.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome the Jim Varney Family

The Jonny Lee Miller family spent some time with the Jim Varney family. They are a very religious group from Israel. Jim Varney works at the hospital where Jonny is trying to get hired into. The wife is named Erika Eleniak and is a engineer. The daughter is named Cloris Leachman and went to school with Alberta. They also have a son Diedrich Bader who was playing very nicely with Jesse. Jesse got tired and fell asleep. Lorraine was playing with her non-Jewish friend Annabella. Jonny Lee is so happy because he find his TC and his CH books.  He started watching the movie The Bodyguard but it is all fighting. Karate type movie. He did some steam cleaning and fishing today. He caught a fish before Jesse fell asleep. Tonight he applied Angelina for three jobs from the newspaper.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Mixed feeling

Today Jonny has mixed feelings.He is very close to getting a job at the U again. The interview went well yesterday. He saw a doctor there who is the parent of one of Alberta's former classmates. Tonight was the Camp Gan Israel end of camp picnic. It was really nice. Alberta came back from camp in time to catch the magic show. Jesse loved the magic show. Earlier in the night Jonny spoke to the mystery woman from the Israeli scouts presentation dance number show was there again. She of course spoke to Jonny about his career. Her husband works for Ford and leaves her with the three kids most of the time. Tomorrow Jonny may get a call from the UM guy and then in a couple of days agree to a job offer. This is very exciting for him. But tomorrow is the ABL party. There are video games. Next week they meet with the Rabbi. Also he has another phone interview on Monday for a different UM job. He spoke to his parents last night. His dear father in law wants to know if he is using his parents because he wants to go to the beach. Also he wants to know if Jonny is coming to PA for Thanksgiving. Probably he will go to Florida this year.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Presidential Courage

Jonny has been reading this book and is past page 200. He is on the part where Truman was president. What a drip. He rode both sides of the fence. Yes he help found the state of Israel. But did he really. The Jacobsen family seems to have done more to help found the state of Israel than Truman did. Truman wanted to get reelected. He didn't want people to think the Jews bought him off. He helped the Jews so he would get reelected. Then he didn't help the state of Israel that much because he didn't want people to accuse him of helping the Jews to get elected which is exactly what he did.
Jonny has JAVA training tomorrow. Several people from another branch of the company are in town today and tomorrow for the training. The training is only one day. It is either on Thursday or on Tuesday. There will be 10 people in each session. It is run by the guy who went to another department. More on that later.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Forgot what to write

Early Jonny had it all figured out what to write. It went something like this. Today Angelina went to the Pediatric Urologist for Jesse. His scoliosis is getting worse. There but that doesn't seem like what was going to take a while to write about. There are other things to write about but there seemed like something more. Tomorrow Jesse graduates from Safety Town. Right now Angelina is talking on the phone with Thomas. Jonny has 11 open cases. For dinner there were 8 kids and 6 adults. Jonny and Angelina with Lorraine and Jesse; Felicity and Penn with Liza and Blake; and Janeane and Michael with their daughter and son. Make that 6 kids. Felicity didn't bring Denise or Bob. Denise is 15 and Bob is 11. He went to school with Alberta. The party was fun. Monday Angelina went to the oncologist for Jesse and he had an ultrasound. That is pretty much standard procedure. Jesse worked on sending a card to his Grandfather and Grandmother Wendell and Kristina. He wants a juicer, building legos, balloon pumper and a cell phone head set. Last night Jonny was working on Angelina's resume. He also got up way too early today because Angelina had to get up early to get to the hospital. He went on the smallest bike ride under 5 miles because there was SQL-SERVER training from 11 to 12 and ready mode from 1 to 4:30.

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